Weekend Update Andrew Dismukes Amazing Animals

Colin Jost

Andrew Dismukes

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: We here at Update sure do love animals. Dogs, cats, love those guys. Here to do his new animal segment and these amazing animals is their own Andrew Dismukes.

[Andrew Dismukes slides in. He has his face painted like a tiger.]

Andrew Dismukes: Hey! Yeah! Hey there, Colin. Rawr! I’m just goofing.

Colin Jost: Oh, yeah. No, I knew. Hey, Andrew, I really love the face paint.

Andrew Dismukes: Thanks.

Colin Jost: Yeah, it’s really cool. And I understand you also brought some animal friends with you today

Andrew Dismukes: Oh, that’s right, Colin. Animals can do some incredible stuff. And today, I brought my smartest friend Bongo, the octopus. [brings in an octopus in an aquarium]

Colin Jost: Oh, yeah.

Andrew Dismukes: So, Bongo here is actually somewhat of a psychic. In fact, he’s correctly predicted the winner of the last three World Cups. And today he’ll be predicting the winner of Sunday’s game between the Packers and Bears.

Colin Jost: Wow. Very cool. So, how does it work?

Andrew Dismukes: Well, when I say go, Bongo will use his sharpie to check off which team he predicts is going to win.

Colin Jost: Okay. Well then, I guess let’s get started.

Andrew Dismukes: Alright. Are you ready Bongo? Begin. [the octopus is raising its tentacle] You know, Colin, octopus are highly intuitive. They can anticipate stressful situations and even experience complex emotions.

Colin Jost: Wow, that’s pretty cool, Andrew.

[bell rings]

Andrew Dismukes: Oh, time’s up. Okay, Bongo. What is your prediction?

[Bongo has written “You will die in 7 days” on the board]

Wait, what?

Colin Jost: Does that say you’re gonna die in seven days?

Andrew Dismukes: Bongo, what are you saying?

[Bongo has written “I’m sorry my friend. It is what I see.” on the board]

Colin Jost: I don’t think an octopus can just–

Andrew Dismukes: Shh! Shh! Shut up, Colin. Bongo. You see what man cannot. Therefore I will accept my destiny.

[Bongo has written “Farewell sweet prince” on the board]

Bongo the octopus everyone.

Colin Jost: Wow. That’s really–

Andrew Dismukes: Wasn’t that amazing, Collin?

Colin Jost: Andrew, are you okay?

Andrew Dismukes: Yeah. I just thought he was gonna pick the Packers but I guess instead I’m gonna die.

Colin Jost: Do you want to stop the segment?

Andrew Dismukes: Nah, nah, nah, I’m good. We all gotta die sometime, right? My next furry friend is one talking is pooch. It’s Taco the talking dog. [He pulls in a dog] Here he comes. Okay, taco. Let’s get Taco.

Colin Jost: There’s Taco.

Andrew Dismukes: Yeah, Taco here communicates by pushing on these buttons. He can even solve some pretty complicated–

Colin Jost: [as the dog is not getting his head above the table level]Pretty shy.

Andrew Dismukes: Yea, pretty shy. He can even solve some basic math problems.

Colin Jost: Oh, basic. Oh good, I love basics.

Andrew Dismukes: Taco, tell the people what’s four plus four?

[the dog starts pressing buttons and a computer sound is playing]

Dog’s sound: Are you going to die?

Andrew Dismukes: Yeah, bud. I think so. But you don’t gotta worry about that. Just tell me what’s four plus four?

[the dog starts pressing buttons and a computer sound is playing]

Dog’s sound: Are you scared?

Andrew Dismukes: Of course I’m scared. But Bongo says it’s gonna happen, so it’s pretty much a done deal. Taco, what’s four plus four?

[the dog starts pressing buttons and a computer sound is playing]

Dog’s sound: I love you.

Andrew Dismukes: [sobbing] I love you too, Taco. For old times sake, tell me w four plus four?

[the dog starts pressing buttons and a computer sound is playing]

Dog’s sound: Three.

Andrew Dismukes: No, that’s not it, Taco.

[the dog starts pressing buttons and a computer sound is playing]

Dog’s sound: Three.

Andrew Dismukes: No. No, Taco. It’s not three, bud.

[the dog starts pressing buttons and a computer sound is playing]

Dog’s sound: Just messing. It’s eight.

Andrew Dismukes: You son of a bitch. You got me again.

Colin Jost: Andrew’s amazing animals, everyone.

Andrew Dismukes: I’m gonna die.

Colin Jost: For Weekend Update, I’m Colin Jost.

Michael Che: I’m Michael Che. Goodnight.

Weekend Update- Andrew Dismukes on Great-Grandmas

Colin Jost

Andrew Dismukes

[Starts with Colin Jost in his news set]

Colin Jost: This week, a great grandmother of of three received a college degree from Samford University at the age of 78. Here to talk about his great grandmother is Andrew Dismukes.

[Andrew Dismukes slides in]

Andrew Dismukes: Hey, Colin. How are you doing?

Colin Jost: I’m good. How have you been?

Andrew Dismukes: I’ve been good. This pandemic has been crazy.

Colin Jost: Yes. I was just saying that to someone the other day. So, tell us about your great grandmother.

Andrew Dismukes: A little bit of context for anyone who hasn’t read my photoless wikipedia page, I’m from Texas. Great. Got to play the crowd. Look, I don’t ever want to seem like I’m bashing on the place that I’m from or how it’s brought up because I’m a proud Texan. I’m Texan through and through. I love Texas barbecue, I love Willie Nelson, and well into my adulthood, I thought that Frazier was British. I was telling everyone that I knew confidently that Frazier was British. And then one day someone was like, “Actually, no. He is just fancy.” It blew my mind. Anyway, I feel like Texas gets ragged on a lot just because of what it does and the laws it passes and the way it’s people are, which isn’t fair. But I’m very grateful to everyone down there who helped raise me including my great grandmother.

Colin Jost: Oh, cool. Well, I’m glad we finally arrived at the topic that you came out to discuss. That’s great, man.

Andrew Dismukes: Well, I wanted to do my Frazier joke which crushed. Good call, Andrew. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get to grow up most of my childhood while my great grandmother was still alive and getting to know her was really cool. Her name was ‘Old Maw Maw’. That’s what we called her to her face. Much to her protest. I guess we thought that ‘Maw Maw’ on its own wouldn’t properly convey how old this woman was. But every now and then, you’d have to go sit with Old Maw Maw. It wasn’t my favorite thing to do, but I do have one good memory from sitting with Old Maw Maw. She had cable. We did not have cable. So, one time Old Maw Maw and I watched the Disney channel original movie ‘Brink’. Yeah! Got some Brink-heads in the house.

Colin Jost: I cannot believe people here have seen Brink.

Andrew Dismukes: Yeah. Brink Nation is huge. You’ve seen Brink?

Colin Jost: Oh, love it. Definitely know what it is. Love it.

Andrew Dismukes: Well, for those of you who don’t know, Brink is a movie about in-line roller blading gangs who battle it out. And I watch that movie with a woman who was born in the Colin Jost800s. It made zero sense to her. She was like, “What is a Disney channel original movie?” I was like, “I don’t know! Usually it just means it’s like bad. Usually, they’re just not that great. And they’re all about how, “Ah! Middle school stuff! But also, I’m a mummy.” That’s what they’re all about.

Colin Jost: Wow. Did you really yell at your grandmother like that?

Andrew Dismukes: No. I ignored her and I think eventually she forgot I was there.

Colin Jost: Andrew Dismukes, everyone.