5-hour empathy

[Starts with Beck in his home speaking to camera]

Beck: All these protests and civil unrest. It’s clear that people are hurting. But how can I help when I don’t even understand what some people in this country go through everyday. I wish there were an easier way.

Male voice: Well, now there is. [There’s a small bottle in front of Beck] With new 5 Hour Empathy.

Beck: 5 Hour Empathy? What’s that?

Male voice: From the makers of 5 Hour Energy comes with brand new formula that provides 5 full hours of complete intimate understanding of years of systemic oppression and ever present racism.

Beck: Wow, all that in one little bottle?

Male voice: That’s right.

Beck: That’s great. [Beck looks at the bottle and puts it on the table]

Male voice: So, are you going to try it?

Beck: Try what? The stuff?

Male voice: Yes. The stuff I just told you about.

Beck: You know it. I mean, yes.

Male voice: Well, do you want to do that now? You did say you wanted to understand what was making people so upset.

Beck: I do. Did you say it lasts 5 hours?

Male voice: That’s right.

Beck: Oh, yes. I can’t. I–

Male voice: You’re not scared, are you?

Beck: Scared? No. Alright. [he opens the bottle and drinks all of it.] Oh, wow. I get it now. I need to do better.

Male voice: The cap is still on.

Beck: Come on, man. I’m not a racist. I already vote Biden. What more do you want?

[Wife walks in]

Wife: Honey, what’s wrong? Are too many NFL players kneeling again?

Beck: What? No. I wish more would. Look, here, she’ll take it.

Wife: Oh, no. I don’t need that because I’m a woman. That’s the same.

Male voice: She said what?

Beck: Hey, man. We get it. We’re good here. They fired uncle Ben. Everything’s fine. Now, get out of my house.

Male voice: Or what? You’re going to call the police?

Beck: Oh, you’re trying to– I’m not going to. Okay. Fine. I’ll take it.

Male voice: Great. Do it.

[he throws the bottle away and jumps out of the window]

Beck: I’m sorry.

Male voice: That makes sense.

Female voice: 5 Hour Empathy, throw when you just don’t get it.