Enough Is Enough

Benjy … Beck Bennett

[Starts with 1 on IGTV]

Benjy: Hey, guys. It’s me, Benjy from the hit show ‘The Bodies’ on Nintendo TV. I’ve also got a fun auditions and really cool stuff coming up. But I’m here today because the state of the world is so awful. Now, I can’t just sit back and be an actor anymore. Not with this incredible platform ‘The Bodies’ has given me. So, Mr. President, hear me when I say…

[music playing]

[singing] Look out the window, there’s kids and cages
bet you can’t see them from your golfing ranges
you’ve had three wives, you don’t care about our lives
well enough is enough is enough Mr. Trump

You’re a puppet from Mr. Putin

You’re the one who’s doing all the looting
You’re no up to the task, you don’t even wear a mask
so enough is enough is enough Mr. Trump

I won’t sit back like everything is fine
I can’t sit back with so much on the line
you may be president, but you’re not mine
enough is enough is enough Mr. Trump

I tag Leonardo DiCaprio,
Trevor Noah and Jason Momoa
let’s get this video to a 100 million views by midnight
so we can finally send Donald Trump the message

that enough is enough.

[Cut to 1 pulling his phone out of the tripod in his house.]

And posted. I did it.

[1 goes to the the toilet. This phone starts ringing.]

[answering the phone] Hey, Kevin. How’s it going, man? Did you see my video? Yeah, I just felt like I couldn’t sit by any longer and not say something, you know? In order to make my voice heard– I should take it down? Take it down immediately? Uh-huh. No one needs this from me.

[phone vibrating] You know what? I gotta go, Kevin. Kelsey’s calling me.

[answering the phone] Hey, Kels. Did you see my vid? Yes. Yes, I just– You know, I wanted to use my platform as an artist to– I should take it down? I should take it down right now? Yeah. But here’s– I really think that this is such an important election. And I feel like I need to do my part as an actor to make it different. I’m not famous enough? Just a desperate career move? Could actually mobilize his base? Okay. Kels, you know what? I actually gotta go.

[1 walks to his roommate’s door]

Hey, roomie. Just wanted to say sorry about the mess in the living room. I don’t know if you saw– Take it down? Yeah, well, I know it’s a little embarrassing coz I realized it after I shot it that I forgot to put a shirt on– No one’s buying that? You heard me doing pushups before?

[doorbell ringing]

Oh, sorry. My girlfriend’s here.

[1 opens the door]

Hey, baby. You’re not coming in? And this is what? A box of all my stuff.

[phone ringing]


[Jason Momoa is on FaceTime]

Jason Momoa: Is this the guy from Enough is Enough video?

Benjy: Yes. I–

Jason Momoa: Don’t tag me from that pathetic piece of [bleep].

Benjy: I–

Jason Momoa: That was the saddest weakest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m watching it and I’m thinking myself, “How the [bleep] did this guy even get to that age without dying?” You need to take it down coz it’s pathetic and you’re loser. [hangs up the phone]

Benjy: It worked. Jason Momoa knows me.