Weekend Update Robert Durst Dies New Maya Angelou Quarter

Colin Jost

Michael Che

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set. There’s a picture of Robert Durst at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: Robert Durst, the New York real estate heir who murdered his friend and dismembered his neighbor has died in prison. Durst will be remembered as New York’s fourth worst real estate heir. [picture changes to three children of Donald J. Trump] [Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of a coin at right top corner.]

Michael Che: The late Maya Angelou has become the first black woman featured on the quarter, which is not what black people mean when we demand change.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of a phone at left top of the corner.]

Colin Jost: Google is claiming that Apple’s practice of using blue bubbles in their iMessage app to highlight other Apple users leads to peer pressure and bullying of Android users. While Apple says Android users could easily solve the problem by not being so dumb and poor.

[Picture changes to Prince Andrew at left top corner.]

Prince Andrew who faces charges of sexual abuse has been stripped of his royal duties by Queen Elizabeth. It’s an unprecedented case of an adult stripping Prince Andrew.

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of Domino’s chicken wings at right top corner.]

Michael Che: Yeah, royal duties. Domino’s is reducing the number of chicken wings included in their meals and I really wish I’d known that before I had my delivery guy fired for stealing.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of Uber logo at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: A man in Virginia is being called the greatest Uber driver ever after he and his teenage passenger got stuck in a snowstorm and he got a hotel room so she would be safe. Coincidentally, the worst Uber driver ever also brought his teenage passenger to a hotel.

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of a bar at right top corner.]

Michael Che: A lesbian bar in New York City is now offering on site COVID tests for customers. They plan to use a much less invasive technique where they sort of just grind around the outside.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of Taco Bell logo at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: Taco Bell– This is a terrible transition. Oh god. Taco Bell has introduced a subscription service that lets users get one taco every day for $Colin Jost0 a month. Which kind of sounds like an insult in a rap battle. This bitch so fast he got a subscription to tacos.

Weekend Update Elmo and Rocco

Michael Che

Elmo… Chloe Fineman

[Starts with Michael Che in his set]

Michael Che: Elmo was trending last week after clips of his feud with a pet rock named Rocco went viral. Here to comment is Elmo.

[Elmo slides in]

Elmo: Hey. Hi, everybody’s. Hello, Michael. [singing] La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, SNL, yeah!

Michael Che: Well, thank you for being here, Elmo.

Elmo: Oh, of course. SNL is my favorite. Maybe one day Elmo can host?

Michael Che: Maybe. Yeah. Now, Elmo, everybody has been talking about your beef with your friends Zoe’s pet rock, Rocco. You know, there’s all these clips of you going on crazy, unhinged rants about how Rocco’s not real.

Elmo: Okay, okay. Look. Elmo admit Elmo overreacting. And Elmo has already apologized in a long Instagram post. Elmo really can move on.

Michael Che: Well, that’s great to hear Elmo, because we were actually about to bring out a surprise guest. Ladies and gentlemen, Rocco.

[Someone bring in the Rocco (a small rock placed on a chair) on the Weekend Update table]

Elmo: What? Why does Rocco get a chair?

Michael Che: Because Rocco’s our guest, Elmo.

Elmo: Rocco? Rocco doesn’t need a chair. Rocco doesn’t even have legs. Rocco’s a rock. What is Rocco doing here?

Michael Che: Well, he was in the building getting the COVID test.

Elmo: What? How? How is Rocco getting a COVID test? Tell Elmo. Rocco doesn’t even have a nose. Rocco doesn’t even have a respiratory system.

Michael Che: Ay, look. SNL requires all visitors to get tested.

Elmo: Why is Rocco visiting SNL?

Michael Che: Oh, we wanted him to get a feel of the place before he hosts next month.

Elmo: What?

[An Instagram post of SNL appears where it’s written “FEB 19, Rocco, Rocco”.]

Michael Che: Oh, you see? Yes.

Elmo: Rocco is host and musical guest? [yelling] How?

Michael Che: [pulls Rocco near] Hold on. What’s that Rocco? [giggling] Yeah. That’s kind of true. Elmo do be doing that.

Elmo: Don’t gaslight Elmo. Come on, Mike. Elmo feel that Elmo going insane here.

Michael Che: You know, I really like this dude, man. Here, man. Have a cookie. [Michael Che puts a cooking on the small chair or Rocco]

Elmo: Can Elmo have a cookie?

Michael Che: Nah, I’m sorry man. That’s my last one.

Elmo: The last cookie? [starts shivering] The last cookie! It’s happening again. [shouting] Ah! Okay. That’s it! Paper covers rock. Prepare to die Rocco! [puts a paper on the rock and pushes it away]

Michael Che: Oh! Come on, man! Rocco’s family is here. [Cut to few rocks placed on audience seat]

Elmo: Elmo give up. I’m sorry.

Michael Che: Rocco, everybody.

Elmo: Rocco? But Elmo was the one who was your guest.

Michael Che: For Weekend Update, I’m Michael Che.

Colin Jost: I’m Colin Jost. Goodnight.

Weekend Update Bidens Agenda Stalls

Colin Jost

Michael Che

[Starts with Weekend Update intro]

Announcer: It’s Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che.

[cheers and applause] [Cut to Colin Jost and Michael Che in their new set]

Colin Jost: Thank you. Good evening everyone.

Michael Che: Welcome to Weekend Update. I’m Michael Che.

Colin Jost: I’m Colin Jost.

[Cut to Colin Jost in his news set. There’s a picture of Joe Biden at left top corner.]

Well, just like everybody else, President Biden’s New Year’s resolutions fell apart in the third week of January. The Supreme Court struck down his vaccine mandate, the Voting Rights bill got blocked and his approval rating is so low, it’s gone into power save mode. But I will point out there was another president who had a disastrous start to his first term. Yet he became an inspiration to generations of Republicans even to this day. I’m talking of course about Jefferson Davis. President of the Confederacy. And there are still statues of him and 10 different states, which come to think of it probably explains why the Voting Rights stuff isn’t working out. The bottom line is I think Biden just needs more time. He might be more of an acquired taste. Unfortunately, most Americans recently lost their sense of taste. [picture changes to covid rate chart] [Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of Joe Biden at right top corner.]

Michael Che: President Biden gave a speech in Atlanta where he called on the Senate to pass two voting rights bill saying, “I am tired of being quiet.” And the prove it, he took a 20 minutes standing nap.

[Picture changes to Mitch McConnell]

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell seen here losing the battle with his breakfast burrito, criticized President Biden speech on voting rights calling it beneath his office. Coincidentally, beneath his office it’s also where McConnell buries the homeless men he hunts for sport.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of republican elephant logo at left top corner]

Colin Jost: Fun fact. Republicans are being criticized for blocking the Voting Rights bill but of course Republicans don’t want voting rights because if voting was fair, they’d lose. It’s the same reason I keep my basketball hoop lowered to eight feet. Because with the help of a small ladder, I can dunk. But if there’s any silver lining to voter suppression, it’s that we’ll never have to hear Republicans try to appeal to black voters. Because no one wants to hear Ted Cruz say “Fo Shizzel”. Frankly, no one wants to hear me say it either. But it’s too late. It’s already a GIF.

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of Stewart Rose at right top corner.]

Michael Che: Leader of the Oathkeepers Stewart Rhodes has been arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6 attack. But I don’t know. He looks pretty remorseful. Hopefully he can patch things up. That wasn’t an eye joke. I was being genuine. Rhodes is being accused of messaging his right wing group with instructions on how to use force to attack the Capitol. Authorities knew that messages were from Rhodes because they all began with [like pirates] “Arr Mete”. That’s not what that was. That wasn’t an eye joke at all.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of Anthony Fauci and Roger Marshall at left top corner.

Colin Jost: It wasn’t an eye joke.

Michael Che: No, it wasn’t an eye joke.

Colin Jost: During a Senate committee hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci was heard on a hot mic calling Senator Roger Marshall a moron. Replied Marshall, “Hey, what’s that word mean?”

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of Pope Francis at right top corner.]

Michael Che: Pope Francis said this week that getting vaccinated against COVID is a moral obligation. Especially since priests work so closely with kids. That wasn’t an eye joke.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of an airplane at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: Delta Airlines said that this winter’s COVID surge cost them more than $400 million in canceled flights after 8000 employees caught Coronavirus. Which would never happen to Spirit Airlines employees because when you fly Spirit, they keep the windows open.

Winter Formal

Donna… Sarah Sherman

Ron… Pete Davidson

[Starts with Ron And Donna’s Lacatza’s Formal Emporium commercial]

Donna: Oh-oh, there’s a nip in the air and everything’s dead. You know what that means?

Ron: It’s time for the most important day of your daughter’s life, her high school winter formal.

Donna: And if you want her to have an amazing time, call us Ron and Donna’s Lacatza. Our formal Emporium is your one stop shop for all your daughter’s school dance needs.

Ron: We’ve got corsages fresh from our garden.

Donna: We’ve got dresses that are as pretty as she is, depending on the girl.

Ron: And if you’re worried about your daughter having sex after the dance, don’t be. We have the perfect solution.

Donna: She can take our Shawn Donovan. Because Donovan…

Donna and Ron: Wouldn’t know where to start.

Shawn: Aw, come on.

Donna: We’ll also provide her with a photographer who will take gorgeous photos.

Ron: And a limousine that we made out of two gorgeous Toyota Corollas.

Donna: And we our sweaty Shawn, your daughter is guaranteed to remain un-penetrated.

Donna and Ron: And that’s a La-Costa promise.

Shawn: Um, maybe one day.

Ron: He’s not gonna try anything. The dude gets nervous shaking his grandma’s hand.

Donna: And he’s a lazy wiper. You can smell it.

Ron: And if you’re worried about what might go on at the after party, don’t be. Donovan’s got you covered. He medically can’t stay up past Donna0PM.

Shawn: When I get tired, I freak out.

Donna: Yum! Donovan’s just one of those kids who’s got one huge computer and two ugly friends.

Shawn: Shout out Scotty and Gavin.

Ron: Enough about off putting baby boy. Let’s talk to some satisfied customers.

Heidi: I rented a dress and I got a compliment from Jason Brzezinski.

Melissa: I rented a limo and me and my friends felt like rockstars.

Ariana: I rented Donovan and on the way there, he sat up front with the driver. And he had crowns on his lips the whole night.

Ron: Yes, you see, our boy’s always got something on his lips.

Donna: Gary, Gary, zoom in on those lip.

Ron: Yeah, yeah, zoom in. [camera zooms in to Donovan’s lips] Oh! That white stuff. What is it? Is it cream cheese?

Shawn: No. Let’s just say my mouth is like this.

Donna: Who’s giving you Cream cheese, huh? I’m sorry, sweetheart. Were you still going on about some over there?

Ariana: Oh, um, yeah. Well, he didn’t dance the whole night and then he went nuts to get low.

[Starts shouting and dancing]

Shawn: To the sweat drop down in my balls!


Ariana: And then he got too hot and changed into like, a Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt. Like, what even is that?

Shawn: I told you a million times. It’s the restaurant from Breaking Bad.

Ron: And if you’re somehow you’re still not convinced that our son is some secret Casanova, may we direct your attention to his clinical swamp ass.

[Shawn’s pants are wet]

Shawn: Oh, no. Don’t spin me around.

Donna: Gary, zoom in to his wet little ass.

Ron: Yeah, zoom in, Gary. Look at his ass.

Donna: Gary, zoom.

Ron: It’s so soupy.

Donna: It’s wet, Gary.

Ron: It’s so soupy. We don’t mean to embarrass you, Donovan, but it looks like you pissed yourself from the back.

Donna: How did he end up like this?

Ron: Well, parenting is so hard.

Donna: And I drank while I was pregnant.

Donna and Ron: And that’s a Lacatza promise.

Shawn: What is? w

[music starts playing]

Ron: Oh my god. That’s my boy’s song.

Shawn: Ay, I love this song.

Donna: So, stop by today. We do not have a website and we barely have a phone

Urkel Reboot

[Starts with video clips from the trailer]

Male voice: This week Peacocke dropped the trailer for Bel Air. Executive producer Will Smith’s modern dramatic reimagining of the Fresh Prince story.

Smith: This time we’re trying to make you forget where you came from.

Male voice: Now, we’re proud to debut the trailer for the next 90’s show about the black experience to be given a serious high stakes remake.

Urkel: Chicago. People from outside call it Chiraqu. But I call it home. Around here, ain’t no good news in the newspapers page. Only advantage I got, my mind. That don’t count for much nice streets. Because out here, you gotta make your own name.

Male voice: From executive Producers Jaleel White and  Kevin Fenley, writer of The Family Matters episode, “Urkel accidently switches bodies with the president.”

Kyle: Ooh! Ay! Look at Tina, she thick.

Urkel: There’s only one girl for me, y’all. Who Laura Winslow? That bougie neighbor girl?

Male voice: The Goofy characters you loved in the 90s with absolutely none of the fun or charm.

[Urkel is on Laura’s door]

Urkel: Flowers my pet.

Laura: Steve, it ain’t like that between us. I’m not your pet.

Urkel: I love you.

[Laura’s dad interrupts]

Laura’s Dad: What are you? Deaf, Steve? She ain’t interested. Now, get the hell out of here.

Laura: You hard on that boy dad. No life ain’t been easy for him. Father’s gone. Mothers are drunk.

Urkel’s mom: When are you gonna stop working on that stupid robot and make some money for the family?

Urkel: What family?

Urkel’s mom: I raised a damn nerd.

Male voice: A young genius alone in the world.

[Urkel seeks Laura in the bed with Andrew. He destroys the robot he’s making.]

Urkel: [at Andrew’s door] You don’t love her!

Andrew: No. But I love how she makes it clap. [Urkel punches Andrew] Oh, you broke my nose.

Urkel: Did I do that? [Urkel starts beating up Andrew] Did I do that? [Urkel pulls up a gun] What if I shot you in the face? Should I do that?

[Laura’s dad comes. He’s a police]

Laura’s dad: Drop the gun, Steve.

Male voice: RollingStone writes “Family matters is the number one worst choice for a sitcom to modernize like this one.” Entertainment Weekly adds this gift of Kevin Hart. Looking horrified.

Laura’s dad: You pull a gun out on kid, Steve. Steve Urkel I know is way too smart for that hood nonsense.

Urkel: Y’all don’t know what it’s like down here.

Laura’s dad: Son, I’ve been a Chicago cop for 20 years.

[Cut to Laura’s dad interrogating Mikey]

Laura’s dad: Where’s the girl?

Mikey: Go to hell, pig.

Laura’s dad: Pig? [he hurts mikey] Oink, oink, bitch!

[Cut back to Laura’s dad with Urkel]

Laura’s dad: If you continue down this path, you’re gonna wind up dead or locked up by your 18th birthday.

Urkel: Ain’t nobody gonna care if I’m gone. I ain’t got a family.

Laura’s dad: You’re wrong, Steve. The Winslow’s are your family. And family [bleep] matters.

Male voice: Urkel, streaming this spring on Peacock.


Mikey Day

Joanne Drunk…Kate McKinnon

Reena Merlyn…Ariana DeBose

[Starts with Mikey speaking on a podium]

Mikey: Welcome, everyone. On behalf of the classic studies department here at Cornell, thank you for joining us at this highly anticipated sold out free lecture. And thank you again for the grant from our corporate sponsor Fage yogurt. Fage, Be careful when you say it. Our guest lecturers today are here to enlighten us about Sappho ,ancient Greek poetess from the Isle of Lesbos. Welcome Joanne Druk and Reena Merlyn.

[Joanne and Reena walk in]

Joanne: Until now, Sappho’s poems about lesbian love have survived only in incomplete yet tantalizing fragments,

Reena: For example, “Lavender fields, weeping she left me.”

Joanne: Or my personal favorite, “I have of girls.”

Reena: But now, thanks to a recent unearthing of a buried scroll room on the Isle of Lesbos…

Joanne: Caused by the tragic crash of a rogue Rosie O’Donnell family cruise all survivors…

Reena: We now have Sappho’s complete poems, which capture the timeless beauty of love between women.

Mikey: Oh, hazhar. Any lover of ancient Greek literature is as hard as a statue of Adonis right now. Give us the translations, please.

Joanne: Will do. We begin.

“Wind in mountains.
Eyes of goldenrod.
We broke up, Helena.
Please get your sandals out of here.”

Reena: And now…

“Golden raisins.
River banks.
Nancy, we just met
You’re scary and a bitch.
Move in with me.”

Joanne: And then there’s this of course.

“Olive juice drips.
Sun touched.
We cannot get another dog.
We are maxed out on dogs.
That being said, I found a pregnant feral cat behind the grocery store. Pleeease?”

Mikey: Wow. Her work is timeless. Does anyone have any questions?

Chris: It feels like maybe your personal lives are influencing the translation.

Joanne: No. No. I don’t know anyone named Nancy.

Reena: No. Me either. Not anymore. Let’s continue.

Joanne: Thank you.

“You satisfy our passion.
The Aegean beckons.
Why don’t gay guys invite us to their events?
Are we not fun?
Don’t answer that.”

Reena: “Woven garlands.
Greek tree.
Nancy, you moved in three weeks ago.
It has been hell.
Marry me.”

Joanne: And we found this one the most stirring of all.

“I don’t care if Helen of Generes was mean.
She did a lot.
You think James of Corden is a walk in the park?”

Chris: I’m sorry, has this been peer, reviewed or published?

Joanne: Uh, yes, we were married.

Chris: That’s not what I asked.

Reena: Well, now, the cave not only contained poems, but also artifacts which help us recreate Sapphos life.

Joanne: An ancient drinking vessel.

Reena: A toga with suspenders.

Joanne: And here’s a vase with the face of some kind of ancient Greek goddess, we think of hotness.

Chloe: That is Gillian Anderson from the X Files and I think you’ve made that.

Joanne: What? What? What do you want me to do? You want me to prove I can speak ancient Greek? Fine. Gog Kakaako. Go omega omega. Maria Menounos. Sakala Karna keys Omicron Omicron. And so on.

Mikey: I’m sorry to say, that was not ancient Greek at all. Folks, these translations may not be legitimate. So show me a fragment. I’ll translate it myself.

Joanne: All right.

Mikey: “I went to the doctor,
I went to the mountainous,
I looked to the children,
I drank from the–”

You know what? They were right.

New Governess

Maria… Kate McKinnon

Ariana DeBose

Sarah Sherman

Bowen Yang

[Starts with a clip of mountains in Austria, 1938] [Cut to Maria giving instructions to the children in home]

Maria: Now children, as you know, I recently moved in with your neighbors, the Von Traps, and I instantly made all of their children perfect. And your father says you’re in need of the same thing.

Sarah: Oh, Maria, you’re going to be our teacher too?

Maria: Well, no. Not quite. See, between concerts and puppet shows and fleeing the Nazis, I’m already stretched quite thin.

Bowen: But then who’s going to be our new governess?

Maria: I’m delighted to say I found someone perfect. She’s quirky and fun. And just like me, she just got kicked out of a nunnery for erratic behavior. Flous Menken.

[Flous Menken comes in dancing and singing]

Flous Menken: [singing] The hills are alive

Andrew: Oh, wow, Maria. She loves the outdoors. Just like you.

Flous Menken: Oh, no. I’m saying the hills are alive and do not go out there.

Maria: Okay, she’s not exactly like me.

Flous Menken: Well, now, children. If Maria has taught me anything in the car ride over here, it’s that you can solve all of the family’s emotional problems just by singing.

Chris: Singing. What’s that?

Flous Menken: Oh, it’s easy. I’ll teach you, with Maria’s permission. Of course.

Maria: Yes. Pretend that I’m not even here. You can be great.

[music playing]

Flous Menken: [singing] Let’s start at the very start of the song
It’d be crazy to start in the middle
When you read you begin with do-re-mi
and singing is exactly the same

How am I doing Maria?

Maria: Good. You’re doing great.

Andrew: But we still don’t know how just sing.

Flous Menken: Hmm. Well, how can I make this simpler? Ah, yes. Like this.

[singing] Do- a thing that Homer Simpson says
Re- A movie with Jamie Fox
Me- like Me, Myself and Diary
Fa- like fought without a T

Maria: Okay. Just stick to the–

Flous Menken: So- an album by Peter Gabriel
La- what people call Los Angeles

Ti- the shape of an IUD

Maria: They’re children!

Flous Menken: And when Homer gets mad he says “Do!”

Alright children. I think it’s your turn.

Andrew: This might surprise you but we didn’t catch all that.

Flous Menken: Don’t think. Just sing.

Bowen: Alright, I’ll try.

Do- the last name of a body found in a river

Sarah: Re- Romano everybody loves here

Andrew: Me- A kid who pees in the sink

Chris: Fa- like the end of queen Latifah

Flous Menken: So- how children make our sneakers
La- the start of Queen Latifah
Ti- like the middle of Queen Latifah

All: And when Homer gets mad he says Do-oh-oh-do!

[Sarah is holding a picture of Homer Simpson]

Maria: Where did you get that?

Flous Menken: Oh, I stole it from the Vatican. Please don’t tell anyone.

Maria: Okay. Listen. I really, I must object to some of your lyrics. You’ve used Queen Latifah three times.

Flous Menken: Well, what did you say for La?

Maria: I said “La- the note that follows So”

Chris: Damn, that’s so lazy.

Sarah: Yeah. Queen Latifa is way better than that.

Greta: Flous Menken, can I try?

[everyone is shocked]

Andrew: Greta spoke!

Bowen: Yes! For the first time since witnessing mother’s gruesome death.

Flous Menken: Now, that’s the power of song. Sing Greta. Oh, seeing you beautiful angel.

Greta: Do- a deer, a female deer 

Flous Menken: Okay, stop, stop, stop, sweetie darling. I really hate to correct you. I know this is a big moment for you. But a female deer is not called to a Do. It’s called a lady deer.

[Kenan walks in]

Kenan: What is all of this noise? Singing in my house?

Sarah: Oh, papa, don’t be mad.

Kenan: Mad? quite the opposite. As a young man, I was considered something of a sham– And I would take my inspiration from the most beautiful thing in the world. Fast food.

[singing] Curly fries, waffle fries
every Tuesday at RVs
Jalapeño bites, taste so nice
grease on the crotch of my khakis

Sing with me, children.

All: Gravy fries, crispy fries
every Tuesday at RVs


Ernie Johnson…Alex Moffat

Charles Barkley… Kenan Thompson

Kenny Smith… Chris Redd

Yao Ming… Bowen Yang

Hannah Dolton… Heidi Gardner

Riley Beckwith… Mikey Day

Alicia Miller… Ariana DeBose

Patrick Bemis… Kyle Mooney

[Starts with NBA TNT intro] [cut to Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith in their set]

Ernie Johnson: Welcome back to NBA on TNT halftime. Nets and Kings Ernie Johnson joined by my pals Charles Barkley and K Smith. Shaq is unfortunately out sick.

Charles Barkley: Yeah, he said he got some the cold Shaq flu. But let’s call it what it is. The man has COVID.

Ernie Johnson: Hey, Charles, you don’t know that for sure. Filling in for Shaq is another big man. Yao Ming.

Yao Ming: Yes, you’re always here. Hello?

Charles Barkley: Yao, you are enormous, man. Before the show, I watched his man eat an entire pumpkin. Stemming on.

Yao Ming: It’s just a snack for Yao.

Ernie Johnson: Well, speaking of COVID, before the game the Kings entire team tested positive along with most of their coaching staff and trainers. And they were forced to find replacements very quick. But they did, and that the half, it’s Nets lead the Kings to 68-1. Charles, why can’t Sacramento get anything going tonight?

Charles Barkley: Well, in my opinion, the biggest thing to me is that the Kings don’t have any NBA players on their team. Whereas the Nets do.

Kenny Smith: Yeah, I wrote down the same thing. And you can see how the Kings’ lack of NBA players is reflected in the score.

Ernie Johnson: Yeah, the Kings players tonight are all fans or arena support staff. Any thoughts? Any thoughts? Yao?

Yao Ming: They’re tiny people. Too small.

Ernie Johnson: Well said, Yao. Let’s look at a matchup here. At forward, we have James Harden for the nets and equipment manager Duggie McCormick for the Kings.

Charles Barkley: Okay, look at those numbers. McCormick’s just getting outplayed out there. And the two asthma attacks didn’t help.

Ernie Johnson: That’s been the case for many Kings players tonight. Hannah Dolton is court side with one of them now. Hannah.

Hannah Dolton: I’m here with Riley Beckwith. [Riley Beckwith is all bruised and bleeding] What position did you play tonight?

Riley Beckwith: Oh, left side.

Hannah Dolton: Not the best first half for the Kings. And what was it like out on the court?

Riley Beckwith: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Kind of winded. Working hard out there. You’re tall. How tall are you?

Hannah Dolton: 5’7”

Riley Beckwith: Okay. Tall. Yeah, look, I mean, Brooklyn came to play tonight. I was confident going in, because I played pickup B-ball at my gym with a bunch of white guys my size. But being out there against the Nets, I realized that basketball is an impossible sport played by giants and gods.

Hannah Dolton: Well, good luck in the second half.

Riley Beckwith: Oh, thank you so much. I won’t be here. I’m scared. So, I’m going home. Thank you so much.

Ernie Johnson: Well, not every Kings player has been shut out. Alicia Miller managed to put one on the board for Sacramento. She joins us now. Oh, Alicia. I understand you came to the game with some friends and then you were asked to play.

Alicia Miller: Yeah. Now, this is like the craziest girls night ever.

Ernie Johnson: And you made a free throw.

Alicia Miller: I did. It was underhand too.

Ernie Johnson: Cool. Now, you’re also called for traveling 39 times.

Alicia Miller: I know. I keep forgetting to bounce the ball.

Ernie Johnson: Yeah, well then you got ejected for taking a selfie with Blake Griffin during the game.

Alicia Miller: Okay. But I had to. I didn’t know if I would see him again. You know you gotta like, shoot your shot.

Ernie Johnson: Well, speaking of shooting shots, you guys are an astounding 0-3 from the field with 184 block shots.

Alicia Miller: I don’t really know what that means. But you know go SACs.

Ernie Johnson: well, thank you Alicia.

Kenny Smith: Couple of NBA records tonight. Most points scored by a player in the first half, Kevin Durant with 178. And most players crying on the court at once, six kings players were crying at the same time.

Charles Barkley: Hold on. I’m sorry. But I just got a glimpse of Yao’s hands. It is huge, man. Put it up to mine. Let me see. Look at it. Man is like the iron giant. No! No! Not on my face, man. Get out of here.

Ernie Johnson: Well, let’s go right to the source of the Kings issues tonight. Temporary coach Patrick Bemis joins us live. Now, you coach at little dunkers day camp.

Patrick Bemis: That’s correct. I coach my son’s team. He was actually drafted too. He’s been guarding Kyrie Irving.

Charles Barkley: Oh, yeah. I think we got a picture of that.

[cut to a picture. His son is just a kid who’s under seven years old.]

Patrick Bemis: Yeah. He actually got kind of hurt there. We kind of hope we both get COVID so we can leave.

Ernie Johnson: Sounds about right. Thank you Coach. Kenny, how can Shaq town pull off a win tonight?

Kenny Smith: No, I’d say if Kings player has some sort of Space Jam like Mike magical shoes situation, they might be able to salvage a win. Charles?

Charles Barkley: Well, my prediction is I’m out of Ernie Johnson00 grand because I bet on these clowns to win. Why do I do this to myself?

Ernie Johnson: I don’t know. All right. Well, we got to take a break. Yao, you want to throw us to commercial bud?

Yao Ming: Goodbye.

Charles Barkley: Yao, I love you, man. You know what? Come on. Let’s get this man another pumpkin. We’ll be right back.

Kitchen Staff

Jana… Ariana DeBose

Grady… James Austin Johnson

Miss Samua… Heidi Garner

Chef… Andrew Dismukes

Floyd… Alex Moffat

[Starts with Jana and Grady working in the kitchen of a restaurant]

Jana: Man, I cannot believe I’m working on double the night. Ain’t no one in Texarkana spending a New Year’s Eve at Longhorn steakhouse

Grady: I know it sucks. But at the end of the day, it’s gonna be working.

[Miss Samua walks in]

Miss Samua: Dana, Grady, what y’all doing back here ler?

Jana: We’re just prepping the salads, Miss Samua.

Miss Samua: Why y’all preppin Salads when I found two empty A-Janas in the dining room ler? This is Longhorn steakhouse. People expect to be dazzled ler.

[Miss Samua walks out]

Jana: I can’t stand Miss Samua. You ever notice how she says ‘ler’ after everything? Like, what the hell is ler?

Grady: I don’t know. But end of day, she is the boss.

[Chef walks in]

Chef: You’re talking about ler?

Grady: Oh yeah.

Jana: You know, I don’t know what you talking about, Rene.

Chef: Oh, nah, nah. I heard you talking about how Miss Samua always says ler. I ain’t never heard ler in my life.

Grady: Guys, guys, guys, come on now. I just want to get through the shift so I can get up early. And take my girls kids to the trampoline place tomorrow end of the.

[Miss Samua walks in]

Miss Samua: Rene, where is your apron? It is New Year’s Eve. My ass is on the line ler.

Chef: Ay, Miss Samua. What ler?

Miss Samua: Excuse me?

Chef: Ler. What is ler?

Miss Samua: Rene, I can never understand you. Now, get back ler. To work, ler. Or ya’ll be in big trouble, Jana.

Jana: Hmm! Why she got to single me out? Huh? I can just– Oh! No!

Grady: Chill Jana, chill. You know she ain’t worth it end of the day. End of the day, you can’t let her get to you cause end of the day, that’s what she wants end of the day.

Chef: End of the day, Miss Samua, she was on me by some bow. I just had to walk away end of day.

[Floyd walks in]

Floyd: Y’all talking about ler? Ha-ha-ha. Last week she got on me about how I wasn’t sweeping the parking lot end of the night. End of night, I don’t sweep the parking lot. She said, “Yes, you do.” Like end of day, I don’t know what I’m going to do end of night. End of day but it’s end of night. I know what that do at the end of the day. End of day, I do what I do end of night.

Jana: Floyd, I couldn’t have said it any better end of day. Umm-umm.

[Miss Samua walks in]

Miss Samua: Oh, Jana. I have had my limit with you. If you don’t get to working, you will be done at the Texarkana Longhorn Steakhouse in Texas, I will have you transferred to the Texarkana Longhorn Steakhouse in Arkansas ler.

Jana: Okay. Miss Samua, you done done it now. You and me. Let’s go.

Miss Samua: Oh yeah? I’ll kick your ass.

Chef: Hey! Everybody got their own going on going on. Grady gotta go trampoline place tomorrow. Floyd got to sweep end of night. And Miss Samua say ler. End of day, I ain’t the reddest Mudbug. But we are family. Like my mama say, to people don’t be dead don’t don’t want to be dead dead don’t be dead dead when de way. Peace.

Miss Samua: Jana, I know I ride you hard. But it’s just because I see so much of myself in you lar.

Jana: End of day, Miss Samua, I hate you. Coz I lur you.

Eric Adams Press Conference

Emily Hernandez…Ariana DeBose

Eric Adams… Chris Redd

[Starts with Emily Hernandez speaking on a podium]

Emily Hernandez: Good morning, everyone. I’d like to welcome everyone to City Hall. As you know, it’s been a tough few years for New York but we have a new mayor now. And he hungry. But I will warn you the mayor does not like chaos. If y’all act up, I will come for you, okay? Now please clap for your new mayor, the friskiest uncle at your barbecue, ladies and gentlemen, Eric Adams.

[Eric Adams walks in]

Eric Adams: Okay. Yeah, I see you New York. Oh, smile everybody. It’s New York. It’s January, baby. [Emily Hernandez and Eric Adams dancing] Ay! Ain’t no contact but she knows I’m there. You know what I’m saying?

Emily Hernandez: Knock yourself, sir.

Eric Adams: I’ll watch you, girl. Go ahead and cut that track. What’s up, New York? It’s your homeboy, your hometown hero, Eric Adams. You feel that? New York is back baby. The city’s never had a mayor with so much swag before. I mean, y’all see me outside. The pea coat, the scarf, the shine of baldy. You can tell I have swagger. It keeps me healthy. See? The city’s been suffering for what I like to call a swagless existence. Y’all had no swag. That’s why you get sick. No offense. Let’s just be real. I haven’t been sick in over 60 years. I’m muscular. I’m vegan. And I get that dang thing every day before breakfast. You can start the day without finishing first, you understand me? I’m just playing, unless you like that. Okay, now let’s get to some questions so we can fix this city. Bishop from New York. Let’s go.

[Cut to press raising their hands to ask questions]

Ah! Ah! Ah! No, I do not do chaos in my city. Okay. I told you all that I was a police officer for over 70 years. If I get startled, I start beating people’s asses. I don’t want to do that.

Emily Hernandez: And excuse me. But this man, he is not Bill DeBlasio.

Eric Adams: No, I ain’t that weak ass.

Emily Hernandez: Now, he will kick your ass.

Eric Adams: Okay, now she’s joking, but she’s from the Bronx. So, is she? Okay, questions. Let’s start with the squirrel up front. Go ahead, squirrel.

Mikey: Me? Okay. Mr. Mayor, you said you intend to keep schools open despite skyrocketing COVID numbers and outcry from teachers? Does that still make sense?

Eric Adams: Thank you, nut nut. Little squirrel man asked a really good question. Yes, kids need to stay in school. Learn about life. There are too many swagless parents out there giving their kids no swag at home and as a mayor that is so saucy, just dripping in swag goo, it hurts my heart. It’s dangerous to have your kids out there with no swag. Let me tell you a story about a boy I went to school with, little Timmy now. The boy had no swag. Dumbass shoes, dumbass shirt, dumbass pants. One day little Timmy walks his dusty ass up to the finest girl in school. Tiffany DoBarton. Whoo! she was fine, you know. Now, little Timmy look to her right in the eye and boom, drop dead, right there, the lack of swagger stop the boy hard. It was so sad. You know what Shakespeare says? “If doth lack of the swagger, woth for art thou, heart shall beat no more” or something like that. Bitch, I’m from New York. Does that answer your question?

Mikey: Not really. No.

Eric Adams: Good. Next question.

Mikey: Oh wait, Mr. Mayor.

Emily Hernandez: No, no, no, no. Excuse me. Let me ask you one more question. No, no, no, no, no. That’s how y’all sound? This ain’t the C train. Okay? We have here. Proceed.

Eric Adams: Alright, then. Miss lady, go ahead.

Heidi: Mr. Mayor, last week you said low skill workers don’t have the skills to sit in an office. Do you really believe that?

Eric Adams: I’m glad you brought that back up, Princess Peach. And congrats on escaping that castle. Look, that quote was taken out of context, obviously. Let me clarify. But unskilled workers, I mean folks with trash jobs, I mean, trash lives– Wait, no. What I mean is if you were better at life, you would have a desk. No. I’m sorry. Y’all miss hearing me and it’s making me misquote myself. Listen, we in a society, okay? And there are kings and there are queens, and then everybody else below that. The dirty people. Is that better for you? Hey, I don’t like the way you making me feel right now? Man, I was a cop for 97 years. You understand me? Show me some respect. Next question. Weird Eminem.

Bowen: Mr. Mayor, what qualifications does your brother have to be head of your security detail? Isn’t that nepotism?

Eric Adams: Thank you, cyka cyka Slim Shady. Now, y’all keep asking me about my brother like y’all could kick his ass or something. Listen, I was a cop for over 222 years. I trust my brother. We got a lot of secrets together. Bad too. Plus y’all forget, JFK appointed his brother. Why? Because the man had swagger. I could be your JFK, New York. And I’m out here looking for my Marilyn Monroe. Shout out. But look. But unlike JFK, I’m not gonna get popped in the head. I’m gonna receive some. Okay. That was my staff waving at me saying I should not have made that joke and that’s fair. I do apologize. Unless you like that. Now, I’ll leave you with this, New York. Y’all in good black Boolean hands, alright? And we’re gonna beat this virus together and I believe that. Plus you know what rhymes with cough? Tough. And I mean it doesn’t but it should. And New York is tough as hell. And I dare COVID to run up on me. Please COVID, come to Brooklyn bro! Walk right up to this ass whooping! Okay? I’ll leave the light on for you dog. COVID is welcome anytime in New York. You can print that.

Emily Hernandez: Okay. Well, maybe let’s not welcome the virus. But thank you everyone. Seriously.

Eric Adams: Alright. Well, let’s have a great four years everybody. Bishop from New York, let’s go.