Weekend Update Trump Leaves the Hospital

Colin Jost

Michael Che

[Starts with Weekend Update intro]

Announcer: It’s Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che.

[cheers and applause] [Cut to Colin Jost and Michael Che in their new set]

Colin Jost: Thank you. Good evening everyone.

Michael Che: Welcome to Weekend Update. I’m Michael Che.

Colin Jost: I’m Colin Jost.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of a calendar marking second week of October at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: This week was mental illness awareness week and trust me, we’re aware. [Picture changes to Donald Trump] Present and active bio-weapon Donald Trump took his doctors hostage and broke out of the hospital like Sarah Conor in Terminator II. And I guess he must have been in a Coma and thought that year was 2016 because he started demanding Hillary’s emails and for the feds to arrest Obama. And then he released series of odd videos from the White House that started like this.

[Cut to a video of Donald Trump speaking]

Donald Trump: Perhaps you recognized me. It’s your favorite president.

[Cut to Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Actually, I barely recognize you because your make up artist seems to have given you the Dolezal. And also, why does it look like there’s a green screen behind you? It’s a little suspicious when you green screen yourself into the place where you already are. It looks like you’re shooting a commercial for Staten Island wedding venue. “Make all your romantic dreams come true at the White House. Wanna do a big ass wedding with no masks? The White House.”

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of Donald Trump at right top corner.]

Michael Che: President Trump claimed to have survived the coronavirus. [disappointed] Yay. I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed, but it kind of feels like when there’s a car crash and the only survivor is the drunk driver. Trump said him getting covid was “a blessing” from god and I bet even god was like, “Hey, we tried, guys.” Actually, maybe we should be more optimistic about this. I mean there’s two ways we can look at it. Either Trump’s telling the truth and we finally have a cure for covid. Or Trump is lying and he’s still gonna die. I’m not gonna say that’s a win-win but it’s definitely not a lose-lose. No?

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of Donald Trump at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: I also have to say it’s amazing to watch a guy have a near death experience and learn nothing from it. It’s like watching someone smoke through the hole in their neck. In fact, Trump is now trying to convince Americans that covid actually makes you stronger and that it made him feel better than he did 20 years ago. So he went from ‘covid is a hoax’ to ‘covid will disappear one day like a miracle’ and now he’s like ‘actually, covid is the miracle and it was inside of us all along.’ But hey, if getting covid is good, then his supporters are in luck because this was him in a rally last week when he had corona.

[Cut to Donald Trump throwing off hats at his rally.] [Cut to Colin Jost]

Colin Jost: Come on, look at him. He’s like an evil Oprah. [Cut to Donald Trump throwing off hats at his rally.] You’re getting covid. You’re getting covid. You’re getting covid. [Cut to Colin Jost] And look under your seats, it’s a ventilator.

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of Donald Trump at right top corner.]

Michael Che: It was a dark show. President Trump said that  therapeutic drug from Regeneron which is derived from stem cells is a cure for covid, which seems unlikely unfounded irresponsible and I can’t wait to buy thousand shares of Regeneron baby juice stock. I call it baby juice. It’s kind of funny that these old republicans are so anti-abortion when it comes to everybody else, but then they do a complete 180 as soon as stem cells can save their lives or when I get their daughter pregnant.

Weekend Update Pete Davidson on J.K. Rowling’s Transphobic Comments

Colin Jost

Pate Davidson

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: Well, over the summer, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was wildly criticized for comments that were perceived as transphobic. With more on this is Pete Davidson.

[Pete Davidson slides in] [Cheers and applause]

Pete Davidson: Yeah. Alright. Thanks, Colin. Thank you so much. I just learned it’s mental illness awareness week. So, I wanted to make everyone aware, we out here and we crazy. Go Giants! Season starts tomorrow.

Colin Jost: Yeah. This is Giant’s year. Everyone says it. So, what do you think about this J.K. Rowling controversy?

Pete Davidson: Um, I think I’m never getting another tattoo for the rest of my life. Don’t get tattoos. I got a Harry Potter tattoo years ago coz I’m not psychic. I didn’t know J.K. Rowling was gonna go all Mel Gibson on us. I have a Game of Thrones tattoo. Now, I’m terrified one day George R.R. Martin’s just gonna be like, “Hey, if you enjoy what I had to say about dragons and dire wolves, wait till you hear what I hear about Puerto Ricans.” I also have Winnie the Poo tattoo. Am I gonna have to find out he was diddling piglet the whole time? This is madness. It’s crazy times we live in. It’s not fair.

Colin Jost: Now, how did you feel when you first heard that Rowling said something transphobic?

Pete Davidson: It really hurt. Because I have a close connection to those movies. I even look like Dobby the house elf if he became a TikTok rapper. That wasn’t very nice. It is scarily accurate. But the only difference between me and Dobby is I am a real person and his movies get released in Theaters.

Colin Jost: Alright. So, you found what J.K. Rowling said disappointing.

Pete Davidson: Very disappointing. Yeah. I long for a few years ago where the worst thing she ever did were those ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movies. No discrimination there. Those films harmed us all equally. I mean, what’s wrong with her, Colin? She creates a seven book fantasy series about all types of mythical creatures living in harmony with wizards and elves, and the one thing she can’t wrap her head around is Laverne Cox? She’s a national treasure.

Colin Jost: Yeah. Did you find what J.K. said surprising then?

Pete Davidson: Yeah, at first. But then I started thinking about the ‘fantastical world’ she created. The woods are controlled by centaurs. The schools are run by wizards and ghosts. But who controls the banks? Jews, obviously. Little giant nose Jew goblins. And I could say that because as you can see, I’m half goblin. I mean, come on, if this isn’t Jews run the banks reference, why do they all look exactly like Alan Dershowitz? The Dersh! You can Dersh, Dersh! I’m having fun.

Colin Jost: I’m having fun tonight. So, Pete, will you stop reading the books?

Pete Davidson: I never read any of the books and I saw part of ‘Azkaban’ on the plane once.

Colin Jost: Pete Davidson, everyone.

Pete Davidson: Hey. Vote for Biden.

Weekend Update Dr. Wenowdis on Trump’s Televised Health Exam

Colin Jost

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis… Kate McKinnon

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: Last night, president Trump received a medical evaluation on FOX News. Here to give his second opinion is Weekend Update’s resident medical expert, Dr. Wayne Wenowdis.

[Dr. Wayne Wenowdis slides in] [cheers and applause]

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Hello. Hello.

Colin Jost: Hello, Dr. Wayne Wenowdis. We know you’re highly respected in your field.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Yes, we know this.

Colin Jost: And thank you for helping us make sense of this because having a televised medical exam is highly unusual.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Yes. We do know this.

Colin Jost: Right. And on FOX, Trump answered some questions from a doctor.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: We know this.

Colin Jost: But he still won’t say if he’s had a negative test yet.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: This, we do not know this.

Colin Jost: So, he might technically still be contageous?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: We know this.

Colin Jost: But he feels so good, he said, “I may be immune.”

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: [puts his feet on the table] What is this?

Colin Jost: And now, he’s holding rallies.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Yeah, who does this? He do this. We know this. We hate this. He do this. We know this.

Colin Jost: I’m sorry, Dr. Wenowdis.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Yes.

Colin Jost: Are you saying “We know this”? Or are you just saying your last name?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Oh! Okay. ‘Wenowdis’ is Greek. In English, it translates to “We know this.” Like “We’re aware of this.”

Colin Jost: Okay. Okay. I think I got it. Alright. So, is there a risk of Trump infecting more people now that he’s gone back to the White House?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Um-hmm. It’s very complicated. How can I say this so you can get it? A room have air, right? We know this. Everybody have a nose. We know this. Everybody’s face, it have a hole. Everybody get the virus. [bangs the table] We know this. Okay.

Colin Jost: Uh-huh. We know this. Yeah. Now, Trump did say he’s gonna give the covid drug he got to everyone who needs it for free. Is that possible or true?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: No.

Colin Jost: I thought you were gonna say a little bit more. [Dr. Wayne Wenowdis shakes his fingers gesturing no] Okay. Alright. Well, Trump is clearly itching to get back on the campaign trail and I’m just wondering, now he’s planning to hold a rally in Florida on Monday, is it safe for him to go to Florida?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Oh, this, we don’t know this.

Colin Jost: Right. Right. Because he still might be contageous?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: No. Just coz Florida seems like a freaky place.

Colin Jost: Alright. Well, thank you very much for stopping by, Dr. Wenowdis.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Oh, no, no, no. While I’m here, I’ll have to give you an exam.

Colin Jost: That’s okay.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: I gotta take your blood pressure

Colin Jost: That’s okay, doctor. I’m in amazing shape.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Yes. We know this. But we’re gonna do it anyway.

Colin Jost: Thank you. Okay.

[Dr. Wayne Wenowdis puts the blood pressure measurer on Colin Jost.]

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: Blood pressure. [Dr. Wayne Wenowdis presses the air blower of the measurer. But it makes the squeak toy noise.] Blood pressure. [Dr. Wayne Wenowdis puts the measurer on Colin Jost’s neck.] Blood pressure. Blood pressure.

Colin Jost: Kate, Kate. Are you okay?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: I’m obviously not.

Colin Jost: What is going on?

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: I’m sorry. It’s such a crazy time. And this is something I started doing to cope. I have a lot of wigs and mustaches at my disposal. And it’s a nice way to escape. It’s refreshing to play a character who know this.

Colin Jost: Oh god. Okay.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: It’s like, I mean, who will win the election. We don’t know this. When will the pandemic end, this, we don’t know this. What will happen to the world, we do not know this. But Colin, [squeak toy noise] the one thing that we do know is that– No, we don’t know this.

Colin Jost: Well, listen. I know that it is very stressful. I know this is very hard right now. And I know that a lot of people are being very resilient about it. So, I know even though it doesn’t seem good, don’t worry, we can figure this out, we can do this.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: We can do what?

Colin Jost: We can do this.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis: We know this. We know this.

Colin Jost: Dr. Wayne Wenowdis, everyone.

Weekend Update COVID-19 Protests & Sexy Hand Sanitizer

Colin Jost

Michael Che

[Starts with Michael Che in his set. There’s a picture of a news article titled ‘Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods protest restrictions’ at right top corner.]

Michael Che: Orthodox Jewish in New York city lashed out at a newly impulsed coronavirus restriction in their neighborhood by setting fires and burning mask. And it’s a miracle because the mask burned for eight nights.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of a news article about Goldman Sachs at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: Come on, dude!

Michael Che: That’s a good one. Come on. Stop it. Stop it.

Colin Jost: Goldman Sachs is reporting that if Joe Biden wins the election and democrats regain the control of congress, the economy will recover faster. I don’t have a joke for that. I just wanted to point out that Trump’s only thing he says he’s good at is the economy, and the economy itself was like, “I’m voting for Biden.”

[Picture changes to a woman holding a sanitizer.]

This is worse. A new Halloween costume being sold this year is for sexy hand sanitizer which I think is just lube.

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of McDonald’s new breakfast items at right top corner.]

Michael Che: McDonald’s announced that for the first time in a decade, it’s adding new items to it’s breakfast bakery menu, including an apple fritter, a blueberry muffin and cinnamon rolls, all for the low-low price of one of your feet.

[Picture changes to Whitey Ford]

Yankee’s legend Whitey Ford died this week at the age of 91. Ford reminds us of a simpler time when you could just name your kid ‘Whitey’.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of Sizzler logo at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: It is dark. Sizzler restaurants have announced that as a result of the impact from covid, they are filing bankruptcy. Which is probably a good idea since the Sizzler buffet is the closest thing America has to a Wuhan wet market.

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of a shark at right top corner.]

Michael Che: Researchers in Nova Scotia have found a 50 year old great white shark that they’re calling queen of the ocean, because he gay as hell.

[Picture changes to a horse]

Pennsylvania police arrested a man who tried to rent a horse online so that he and his wife could have sex with the animal. But the man had no idea that the whole time, he was actually chatting with a police horse.

VP Fly Debate Cold Open

Susan Page… Kate McKinnon

Mike Pence… Beck Bennett

Kamala Harris… Maya Rudolph

Joe Biden… Jim Carrey

Jill Biden… Heidi Gardner

Scientist… Kyle Mooney

[Starts with vice-presidential debate intro]

Male voice: And now, the thing that will change everyone’s minds. The vice-presidential debate.

[Cut to Susan Page in her set]

Susan Page: Good evening. I’m Susan Page and I missed book club for this. Tonight, we’ll be discussing who cares number of topics, each lasting I couldn’t tell you minute. But one thing is for sure. If anything’s gonna be trending on Twitter tonight, it’ll be one of the humans involved in this debate. Let’s welcome them now. Vice president Mike Pence [Mike Pence walks in] and senator Kamala Harris [Kamala Harris walks in spraying sanitizer] [cheers and applause]

Kamala Harris: Oh! Oh! Oh! That’s right. The scent-tator from Kamala-fornia is present.

Susan Page: Thank you, senator. And tonight, you’ll notice that between the candidates, we’ve installed buffet-styled sneeze guards on account of one of you works for patient zero.

Mike Pence: It’s actually fine by me, Susan. Susan PageMike Pence feet apart and separated by plexiglass is how mother and I sleep.

Susan Page: Mr. Vice President, my first question is for you.

Mike Pence: Thank you.

Susan Page: The topic is coronavirus.

Mike Pence: Dammit.

Susan Page: Now, you were in charge of the coronavirus task force, and since you took charge, over Mike Pence00,000 Americans have died. How do you explain that?

Mike Pence: Well, Susan, I’d like to begin by stalling hard. We’re in Utah, wow, what a magnificent state. Even though their basketball team is named after my greatest fear, Jazz. I yield the remainder of my time.

Susan Page: Alright. Senator Harris.

Kamala Harris: You see, this is what they do, Susan. They avoid taking any responsibility–

Mike Pence: We do not.

Kamala Harris: Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking. I’m speaking.

Mike Pence: Yeah. Well, I’m just trying–

Kamala Harris: I’m speaking.

Mike Pence: Yes, but–

Kamala Harris: Yeah, but I’m speaking. See, I’m speaking right now. Estoy hablando Nevada, Arizona, some parts of Texas. I’m speaking.

Mike Pence: I understand that. I understand.

Kamala Harris: Yeah. I don’t think you do. Because you talking and I’m speaking. See, this administration has consistently lied to us about the virus. They said they wanted to keep us calm, but let me ask the American people this, how calm were you when you didn’t know where you were going to get your next roll of toilet paper? Huh? How calm were you when you were staring at that cardboard tube when you finished the roll and you thought, “Well, it’s technically paper.” And how calm were you when even that tube was gone and you looked at your old t-shirts and a pair of scissors and thought, “Are we doing this?” Now, I’d like to hear the vice-president’s response, and while he speaks, I’m gonna smile at him like I’m in a TJ Maxx and a white lady asked me if I work here.

[Kamala Harris is nodding her head and smiling]

Mike Pence: Look, I promise you, the president has taken this virus seriously since the very beginning of last week.

Kamala Harris: Okay, now Susan, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna switch to more of a Clair Huxtable side eye.

[Kamala Harris is looking at Mike Pence with her side eye]

Mike Pence: President Trump puts the health of all Americans way ahead of his own personal and financial gain.

Kamala Harris: Okay. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna fix my face so you have no idea what I’m thinking, but black women at home knows exactly what I’m thinking. And a few of the white women. And all of the gays.

[Kamala Harris acts like she’s wearing makeup]

Mike Pence: But enough of covid. Lets on the two issues Americans do care about. Swine flu and fracking.

Kamala Harris: Now if anyone should be talking about fracking, it’s my guy Joe Biden. Joe Biden fracks in his free time. Joe Biden will frack you so good, Pennsylvania, and while I personally wanted to ban fracking, now that I know Pennsylvania loves it, I just want to say this. [in accent] You guys can bet your wawa cheesesteak hoagie and all the water in the Schuylkill river, then Joe Biden need to be fracking. Go Wagles!

Susan Page: Now Mr. Vice President, I have to ask this. What is the current health of president Trump?

Mike Pence: Thank you for asking, Susan.

Susan Page: Oh, I wasn’t asking out of sympathy, Mike. I was asking with a shimmering rage for his incompetence in a sadistic hope that he is not well.

Mike Pence: Unfortunately for you then, the president is doing amazing. Thanks to his team of terrified doctors. As you heard from his primary physician Dr. Handsome Liar, Trump is in peak physical condition.

Susan Page: [with disappointed face] Uh-huh. And to be clear, what medication has the president taken?

Mike Pence: Almost none, Susan. He has taken Asprin which he’s always taking, an injection of experimental monoclonal antibodies, a macho man Randy Savage amount of steroids, a woman’s pro-biotic for balance and 60 cc of helium into his skull, so his head doesn’t fall over on TV.

Susan Page: So, like a balloon head?

Mike Pence: That’s correct. Like a balloon head. He is also taking viagra for morale and some horny goat weed he bought at a gas station, because the president believes in medicine. Unlike senator Harris who said she wouldn’t even take a vaccine.

Kamala Harris: Look, if Dr. Fauci says a vaccine is good, I will be the first in line like it’s an Ann Taylor sample sale. But if Trump says it’s safe, I will throw that vaccine in the trash like last week’s shrimp pad thai. Besides, mama’s got all the vaccine she needs right here. [she pulls her martini glass in.]

Susan Page: And senator Harris, if elected, would you pack the supreme court?

[Kamala Harris spits out the martini]

Kamala Harris: Susan, instead of answering that exact question, I would like to tell you the story of when Joe picked me to be his running mate. Joe told me we were just going out for dinner. Then he got down on one knee and that’s when I knew that he needed help up. After that, he gathered himself and said, “Kammala, let’s do this.” And I said, “it’s Kamala.” And he said, “I will never ever, ever get that right.”

Susan Page: That’s very sweet. And vice president Pence, how did president Trump ask you?

Mike Pence: He texted me “Oh my god. I can’t believe those religious psychos made me pick Pence.” And then he texted, “Oops, wrong person.” Then he hasn’t texted me since. Oh, except in March when he wrote “coronavirus is your’s now.”

Kamala Harris: And what did you do to stop that virus? Because Joe Biden and I have a plan.

Mike Pence: Oh, like swine flu?

Kamala Harris: What?

Mike Pence: Swine flu. 2 million dead.

Kamala Harris: 2 million?

Mike Pence: 2 million if you include the swine. Those poor little piggies.

Kamala Harris: Okay. This fool’s up here talking about dead pigs.

[Cut to Joe Biden in his home with his wife watching the debate]

Joe Biden: Lord, love a duck. Kamala can’t get a word in edgewise. This joker drops more road apples than a bull eating a bran muffin.

Jill: Calm down, Joe. It’s okay.

Joe Biden: No, it’s not, Jill. I need to do something. [stands] I need to teleport to that debate and save the soul of this nation. [feeling dizzy] Woah! Got up way too fast.

[There’s a scientist at Joe Biden’s home]

Scientist: But sir, the teleportation machine is not ready yet. M-tracks says it needs at least six more months.

Jill: You heard him, Joe. It’s too dangerous. And what about COVID protocols?

Joe Biden: Don’t worry. I’ll wear a mask… on my eyes.

[The teleportation count-down begins. Joe Biden gets inside the machine. There’s a fly in the time machine too.] [Cut to Mike Pence speaking at the debate. There’s that fly on his head.]

Mike Pence: And that is how president Trump will make the economy better by making it worse.

Susan Page: I’m sorry to interrupt vice-president Pence. There’s a–

Mike Pence: War on police in this country? I couldn’t agree more.

Susan Page: No, no. There’s a giant–

Mike Pence: Lack of respect for militias? You’re darn right.

Susan Page: No. Senator Harris, help me out.

Kamala Harris: Oh, no. I’m good. Looking real good, Mike. Keep it up.

[Cut to Joe Biden as a fly on Mike Pence’s hair.]

Joe Biden: Let me at him! Buzz, let me at him!

Susan Page: Mr. Vice President, do you not feel that at all?

Mike Pence: I’ll tell you what I feel, Susan. I feel for the businesses that are going to be crippled by Joe Biden’s tax cuts.

Joe Biden: Yes, yes. Your economy is so on the toilet, I wanna lay my eggs on it. What? What?

[Cut to Jill Biden in her home watching the debate]

Jill: Oh, no. There must have been a fly in the teleportation machine. That’s why Joe turned into a fly.

Scientist: Yeah. But that doesn’t explain why he sounds like Jeff Goldblum.

[Cut to Jeff Goldblum playing Joe Biden as the fly]

Jeff Goldblum: God created dinosaurs. Dinosaurs became republican. Republicans created Trump. Trump destroys god. Oh!

[Cut to Jill Biden in her home watching the debate]

Jill: Oh, no. Now he’s gone full Goldblum.

Scientist: He even has the glasses.

[Cut to Jeff Goldblum playing Joe Biden as the fly]

Jeff Goldblum: apartments.com. The most popular place to find a place. No, no. Yes, yes. Because life finds way.

Susan Page: Mr. Vice President.

[Now there are two flies on Mike Pence’s head]

Mike Pence: Yes.

Susan Page: Mr. Vice President, there’s another one.

Mike Pence: Another Antifa rally? No surprise there.

Kamala Harris: Oh, honey. At this point, I’m just enjoying the show. [Kamala Harris pulls out and starts eating popcorn] [Cut to two flies, Jeff Goldblum and Herman Cain]

Herman Cain: Man, what kind of nonsense is Mike Pence trying to pull?

Jeff Goldblum: Do tell, do tell. Wait, I’m sorry. Friend, you look familiar.

Herman Cain: Well, I better. I’m Herman Cain reincarnated as a damn fly. And these fools, Trump and Pence killed me, man. They invited me to a rally with no mask. Said, “Everything is fine, Herman.” I catch corona. Trump tell me, “Everything is fine, Herman.” The White House doctors, they checked me out and they said, “Everything fine, Herman.” Three days later, I’m gone. If you watching this at home, don’t trust this white devil about corona.

Susan Page: Yes, vice president Pence, I think one of your flies is screaming at you.

Tiny voice: Whity’s gonna give you the corona.

Susan Page: Okay, I think we need to shut this debate down for the good of humanity. Senator Harris, would you like to do what everyone at home wants to do?

[Kamala Harris is holding a fly killer racket]

Kamala Harris: Oh, I would.

[Kamala Harris hits on Mike Pence’s head]

Susan Page: Flies, anything else you’d like to add?

[Cut to the two flies. Herman Cain is injured by the hit.]

Herman Cain: Oh! Am I dying again?

[Fly Jeff Goldblum pukes]

Jeff Goldblum: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Herman Cain and Jeff Goldblum: And live from New York, it’s Saturday night.

Sports Debate

Michelle Compton… Ego Nwodim

Kevin Dozier… Kenan Thompson

Gill Scott… Bill Burr

[Starts with ‘The Blitz’ intro] [Cut to the set]

Michelle: Good morning. Welcome to ‘The Blitz’. I’m Michelle Compton. With me as always is Hall of Fame receiver Kevin ‘Cash’ Dozier and the incomparable Gill Scott. How are you gentlement?

Kevin: Well, I’ve been better, Michelle.

Gill: I’ll tell you. I am fired up today, Michelle, because how about them bears?

Michelle: Okay. I see. Gill is excited to talk about Chicago’s win over Tempa.

Gill: No, no, no. That wasn’t just a win. That was a statement to the rest of the NFL. And I specifically remember my esteemed colleague, Mr. Hall of Famer here not only called me a stupid idiot for believing in Chicago, but you even bet me a steak dinner at Lombardo’s that they’d lose. Don’t even try weaseling out of it like you always do.

Michelle: Okay. Alright. Gill seems very happy here.

Gill: I am– I am more than happy. Last night was like, the best night of my life. I’m gonna put my bears gear on here, huh? I haven’t eaten all day to make room for that steak you owe me, buddy. Oh, I see Mr. Quiet over there doesn’t have much to say, do you? Look at you. You’re about to cry or something.

Kevin: No, I just– I didn’t actually watch the game.

Gill: Oh, I bet you didn’t, coz you owe me a steak.

Kevin: Well, as I was saying, I didn’t watch the game after hearing about Kareem Jenkins, the black man who was shot by police last night. It was a terrible tragedy.

Michelle: Yeah, me neither, Kevin. Football, sports in general, everything just feels so small after yesterday’s tragedy.

Kevin: Yeah. I totally agree, Michelle. All I can watch was the news coverage of the ongoing protest and riots.

Michelle: Oh, yeah. And that speech from his parents, it was truly heart breaking.

Gill: Yeah, yeah. I mean that was truly heartbreaking.

Michelle: Gill, but since you watched the game last night, if you–

Gill: I mean– I mean I watched some of the game. But I was flipping back and forth between the news. But I was mostly watching the news.

Kevin: Ah. You’re stronger man than I am, Gill. Coz I couldn’t stomach one second of football last night.

Michelle: I went out and spoke with some protestors.

Gill: And just to be clear, there was a ticker score at the bottom of the news. I mean, that’s what I was watching. You know what? I think I should take this crap off. [pulls off his bears hat.]

Kevin: Actually, I’m sorry to cut you off, Gill, but I just have to say this into the camera. As a black man, I wanna know when is this all gonna stop?

[A waiter brings in a steak to Gill that he won on bet]

Michelle: I’m sorry to stop you, Kevin, but there’s something going on here.

Gill: Okay. This is awkward. But I thought Kevin might welch on our steak bet like he always does, so I thought it would be fun to have Lombardo’s send the stuff directly to the studio as a joke. So, I’m sorry. Please continue.

[There’s another waiter holding a big baby bottle by Kevin’s side.]

Waiter: And for the big baby.

Gill: That’s my fault. That’s my fault.

Kevin: What the hell? What is this?

Gill: It’s a baby bottle. Coz I thought you were gonna make excuses for the Bucks losing. It was supposed to be funny.

[Waiter walks in with a pepper crusher]

Waiter: Fresh crack pepper, sir?

Gill: No, no, that’s fine. That’s fine.

Waiter: Fresh crack pepper for your steak, sir?

Gill: No, no. I don’t even want this. I don’t even want this.

Waiter: Is it not the right temperature, sir?

Gill: No, I can tell by looking at it, it’s perfect. Just get it out of here.

Michelle: You know, Kevin, why don’t you finish what you were saying while Gill enjoys his juicy steak.

[Now, a baby face filter is applied on Kevin]

Kevin: Yeah. So, as I was saying, as a black man, I am sick and tired of asking– Ay! Is that a filter on me?

Gill: I told the booth to do that. Cut it out, guys. Please. Just get this stupid steak out of here, man. Please.

Waiter: Sorry about that guys. I’ll just throw that right now.

Gill: Just wrap it up or something.

Waiter: It’s no problem. We can throw it away.

Gill: Can you please get rid of it? Well, might as well wrap it up now that you have it.

Waiter: Okay. Whatever you want.

Gill: Keep it out in the open. Look, I just want to say what happened–

Kevin: Why don’t you just eat the steak, Gill?

Michelle: Yeah, get over it.

Gill: I don’t want to eat the steak. Okay? I just– We shouldn’t waste it, right? I mean, it smells so good. So, let’s just wrap it up and put it in the break room. Someone will eat it eventually.

Michelle: Gill, you don’t have to pretend, okay? You don’t have to pretend you’re upset, okay? You clearly are not.

Gill: I am upset. Give me a camera. [looks right into the camera] I want to make this perfectly clear that I do not support nor will I be defined by the comments of a couple of trolls. What happened last night is completely unacceptable and it breaks my heart what happened to that guy.

Michelle: What guy?

Gill: The guy you were talking about.

Kevin: Yeah, but what’s his name?

Gill: You said it earlier.

Michelle: And?

Gill: God, you know, there’s so many guys to it’s name. [looking and pointing at the camera] And that’s the problem. You know what? Give me the steak. I saw a homeless guy. I can give it to him.

[Waiter walks in with a packed paper bag]

Waiter: Alright, here you go, sir.

Gill: Thank you.

[The waiter walks to Kevin with a bill]

Waiter: I was told that you’d take care of the bill?

Kevin: Man, I ain’t paying the damn bill.

Gill: [shouting] See? See? I knew he was gonna welch on it. Every time! Come on, man. Deal’s a deal. Chicago Bears, baby!

Sam Adams

Heidi Gardner

Kevin R. … Alex Moffat

Jonathan E. … Beck Bennett

Sean S. … Bill Burr

Kori A. … Ego Nwodim

Daria C. … Lauren Holt

Son… Mikey Day

[Starts with Heidi serving the beer in glass and speaking.]

Female voice: Sam Adams has brewed signature beers in the heart of Boston since 1984. So who better to try out our Jack-O Pumpkin Boston Ale than real Bostonians?

Kevin R.: You know, it’s got that great Sam Adams taste, but the pumpkin flavor. Really kicks it up a notch.

Jonathan E.: I love Sam October fest, but I think this might even be better.

[Seas S. takes of sip of beer and spits it out.]

Sean S.: Jesus Christ. What the [bleep] is that?

Kori A.: Okay. This is the perfect beer for sweater weather.

Sean S.: Okay, let’s try this for real. [Sean S. drinks a whole glass of beer at once.] I don’t like that.

Daria C.: I’m not a really beer drinker, but this might change that.

Sean S.: This is a kind of beer somebody brings to a party at your house and then just sits in the fridge for like, 8 months. And then one day, your buddy comes your home and he’s like, “Hey, you got a beer?” And I’m like, “Well, you know, I got this pumpkin shit.” So, you drink it. And, you know, gets you a buzz.

[His son is behind him shopping]

Son: Pop, come on!

Sean S.: [yelling] I’m coming!

Son: You’ve been sitting there for half an hour and I have to work.

Sean S.: I’m enjoying myself. You know, you’re just like your mother! [son walks away] Oh, there you go.

Kori A.: You guys should sell this year around. Seriously, it’s so–

[Sean S. walks behind Kori A. interrupting the video.]

Sean S.: Sorry, sorry. Just grabbing one more. [He opens the bottle and spills the beer everywhere.] Oh, watch it. My bad.

Jonathan E.: I can definitely taste the hops.

[Sean S. is shopping his groceries being very loud with his son.]

Sean S.: Hot Tots, Reese’s Puffs? What are you, eight? Go get some stop & shop corn flakes in the Welfare Bag. [his son is staring at him] What’s that look? Are you gonna take a swing at me? Is today the day? Hah? Is this the day that you swing at your old man? Is that what it is? Come on, you a man now? [son walks away] Didn’t think so.

[Son throws a bag of corn flakes at him. They start fighting.]

Female voice: Sam Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Ale, real Bostonians agree.

All: It’s a winner.

Sean S.: You know, it’s kind of sweet and [bleep] but, you know, there’s nothing else to drink. You guys called the cops?

New Normal

Chloe Fineman

Kenan Thompson

Ego Nwodim

Kyle Mooney

Jeannie…Kate McKinnon

Don… Bill Burr

[Starts with three adult couples enjoying barbecue at backyard.]

Chloe: Thank you so much for doing this. It’s so nice to have to have a reason to get out of the house.

Kenan: Well, we thought that we could at least get together out here so we can social distance on the deck.

Ego: Yeah. As much as we wanna see people, I know it’s still a little nerve wrecking.

Kyle: Jeannie and Don, we haven’t seen you this whole time.

Jeannie: Oh, no. We’ve been really, really deep in our bubble. You’re the first people we’ve seen in six months. I hope you remember how.

Don: Ha-ha. Yeah. I’d say we’re a little freaked out just seeing people in 3D, but you know, I am so glad that we did this.

Jeannie: Yeah, me too.

Kyle: It’s such a weird time.

Jeannie: Um-hmm, it really is. It’s a cliche, but it’s unpresidented.

Kenan: Yeah, that’s funny.

Ego: That is funny.

Don: What? What’s funny?

Kyle: Well, you said ‘unpresidented’. That does a joke, you know? Like, we don’t have president.

Jeannie: Oh, no. I just said the word.

Don: Yeah. Like, you know, they say it at the ending of every commercial. Like, “In these unpresidented times.”

Jeannie: “In the unpresidented times, you need snickers” or whatever.

Chloe: Oh. Okay. Well, I guess we had it confused.

Ego: Yeah. Because the word is actually–

Kenan: You know, you don’t have to actually do that.

Ego: I mean, but I would want to know.

Kenan: Or you can just let it go.

Don: No, no, say, say. Let what go?

Chloe: No. It’s just the word you’re thinking of is unprecedented.

Jeannie: Is it really? Unprecedented. Unprecedented.

Don: Unprecedented. Okay.

Jeannie: I guess we said that wrong. I guess.

Don: Hah. Unprecedented. Okay. Thank you.

Jeannie: Yes. Unprecedented? Yeah.  Thank you.

Kyle: Well, you know what’s unprecedented? These wings.

Kenan: Ha-ha. Okay.

Ego: Ha-ha-ha. Do you like em’? I bake them.

Kenan: Yeah. I actually think they taste better than the fried one.

Don: You know, I’m sorry we said the word wrong. Okay?

Kenan: I’m sorry. What was that?

Jeannie: I’m sorry we said the word wrong in your house. Or on your deck. Sorry, we’re on your deck!

Don: It was nothing. Watch it, Jeannie. Don’t say you’re in the house when we’re on the deck. You wouldn’t want to say the wrong place.

Jeannie: Yeah. We made so many mistakes tonight and I am sorry.

Don: Hey, sorry. Sorry, we had to make– we have a nerve to make so many mistakes on your deck.

Kyle: Don’t get upset. It’s nothing.

Ego: Yeah. You know, the other day I said ‘Dua Lipi’ instead of ‘Dua Lipa’.

Don: Look, we have not been out of the house in six months.

Jeannie: We’ve had show many COVID scares?

Don: I don’t know. I get–

Jeannie: [yelling] Kenan0! Kenan0!

Don: I get fevers. I don’t even know why. Okay?

Jeannie: So, I’m sorry we’re a little on edge. It’s just where we’re at.

Don: Okay? This is just our noon normal. Okay?

Kyle: New normal?

Don: What?

Kenan: Don’t correct him. You ain’t got to correct him.

Don: No, no, no, no, no. What did you say? I said noon normal. What did you say?

Chloe: The phrase is ‘new normal’.

Jeannie: He said noon normal.

Chloe: I know, but it’s new normal. What is noon normal?

Don: You know, it’s like when the day’s going great and then at around noon time, it just– [yelling] [Don throws his wine glass at the wall]

Kyle: Good god!

Jeannie: We are all we have. You see? We only see each other every day.

Don: Things get repeated. Our brains get confused.

Jeannie: We don’t have a deck. We don’t have outdoor lights. Well, we don’t have baked wings. We’re not rich.

Don: We drink our money.

Jeannie: Our money goes to drinks. [Jeannie throws her wine glass on the wall too]

Kyle: Oh good Jesus!

[Jeannie kicks the wings away]

Jeannie: I’m sorry. I have kicked the wings. I’m sorry.

Don: Yeah. And I might have broken a glass. And I think she broke one too. So, we owe you two glasses. Alright? For all intent and porposes, I’m sorry.

Jeannie: I’m sorry we’re bad.

Kenan: Jeannie, Don, calm down. Come on. It’s okay. The world is really stressful right now. You don’t have to be sorry for anything.

Ego: My wings are everywhere, but the important thing is that we’re together.

Kyle: And we’re safe and healthy.

Ego: Yeah. And thank god, no one has COVID.

Jeannie: I think you mean COVIN.

Kenan: [whispering to Ego] Girl, we’re gonna run out of glasses if you say something.

Ego: That’s right. It is COVIN. I meant to say COVIN.

All: Here’s to the end of COVIN.

Gospel Play Promo

Kenan Thompson

Bill Burr

Chris Redd

Heidi Gardner

Ego Nwodim

Chloe Fineman

Beck Bennett

Pete Davidson

[Starts with short clips of the show]

Male voice: North Carolina come on down to the Raleigh Praise Center to catch the opening weekend of Kim Fitzgerald’s new play, ‘God, don’t let Whitey take the house’. The Cole’s are a good Christian family.

Kenan: Now, y’all kids know you ain’t got nothing that can touch your temptations.

[Kenan starts laughing]

Male voice: Watch as they take not one, not two but all the white devils for this epic three night event. Enjoy all your favorites like Chet Roth as evil white landlord “Merriwether Windbanks”.

Merriwether Windbanks: Now you give me that rented A or you and your family have to be homeless.

Kenan: [yelling] Why?

Male voice: The Coles are gonna beg but Whitey just don’t give a damn.

Kenan: [speaking on the phone] I collect all orders from Jesus.

Male voice: But no worries. God’s got their back and he’s willing. Returning to the stage, we have stunning Charlotte Amory as Mrs. Baker, the guidance counselor.

[Cut to Mrs. Baker and Ego at school.]

Mrs. Baker: You expect me to believe he got these scores with no help?

Ego: He did have help, from Jesus!

Male voice: Introducing Topher Beatty as a devious white mayor ‘Williams Kingsbury’.

[Cut to Williams Kingsbury and Derome at veranda]

Derome: You can’t just come in here and take the house that my daddy built.

Williams Kingsbury: Derome, is it? Son, I’m the mayor of this town and I’m rezoning this property for a haunted house. But there is a way for you to stop the construction.

Derome: What is it? Whatever it is, I know god will help make it happen.

Williams Kingsbury: I want you to sleep with my wife while I watch.

Derome: Now you know I can’t do that. I’m a Christian man.

Williams Kingsbury: Boys! Tear it down.

[Bulldozer sound]

Derome: [crying] Jesus!

Male voice: New comers Tanesha Jenkins and Rebecca Longfellow blaze the staze.

[Cut to Tanesha and Rebecca at an office.]

Rebecca: Why can’t I have the job, Ms. Waterberry? I need it to save my momma’s house.

Tanesha: It’s your butt. It’s too much.

Rebecca: [looking at her own butt] Damn!

Male voice: And you know you don’t want to miss Saturday’s matinee. For Kenan night only, SNL’s Pete Davidson joins the cast as 90’s R&B star John B.

[Cut to Pate Davidson singing to Ego]

Pete: [singing] Don’t listen to what people say

I know I’m white, but I go to black barber shop, I love church, and I got my own business doing yacht work. Will you marry me?

Ego: Yes! Thank you Jesus.

[Williams Kingsbury walks in]

Williams Kingsbury: Not so fast.

[gunshot sound]

Male voice: Don’t be the only person who doesn’t know how it all goes down. “God, don’t let whity take the house.]

Enough Is Enough

Benjy … Beck Bennett

[Starts with 1 on IGTV]

Benjy: Hey, guys. It’s me, Benjy from the hit show ‘The Bodies’ on Nintendo TV. I’ve also got a fun auditions and really cool stuff coming up. But I’m here today because the state of the world is so awful. Now, I can’t just sit back and be an actor anymore. Not with this incredible platform ‘The Bodies’ has given me. So, Mr. President, hear me when I say…

[music playing] [singing] Look out the window, there’s kids and cages
bet you can’t see them from your golfing ranges
you’ve had three wives, you don’t care about our lives
well enough is enough is enough Mr. Trump

You’re a puppet from Mr. Putin

You’re the one who’s doing all the looting
You’re no up to the task, you don’t even wear a mask
so enough is enough is enough Mr. Trump

I won’t sit back like everything is fine
I can’t sit back with so much on the line
you may be president, but you’re not mine
enough is enough is enough Mr. Trump

I tag Leonardo DiCaprio,
Trevor Noah and Jason Momoa
let’s get this video to a 100 million views by midnight
so we can finally send Donald Trump the message

that enough is enough.

[Cut to 1 pulling his phone out of the tripod in his house.]

And posted. I did it.

[1 goes to the the toilet. This phone starts ringing.] [answering the phone] Hey, Kevin. How’s it going, man? Did you see my video? Yeah, I just felt like I couldn’t sit by any longer and not say something, you know? In order to make my voice heard– I should take it down? Take it down immediately? Uh-huh. No one needs this from me.

[phone vibrating] You know what? I gotta go, Kevin. Kelsey’s calling me.

[answering the phone] Hey, Kels. Did you see my vid? Yes. Yes, I just– You know, I wanted to use my platform as an artist to– I should take it down? I should take it down right now? Yeah. But here’s– I really think that this is such an important election. And I feel like I need to do my part as an actor to make it different. I’m not famous enough? Just a desperate career move? Could actually mobilize his base? Okay. Kels, you know what? I actually gotta go.

[1 walks to his roommate’s door]

Hey, roomie. Just wanted to say sorry about the mess in the living room. I don’t know if you saw– Take it down? Yeah, well, I know it’s a little embarrassing coz I realized it after I shot it that I forgot to put a shirt on– No one’s buying that? You heard me doing pushups before?

[doorbell ringing]

Oh, sorry. My girlfriend’s here.

[1 opens the door]

Hey, baby. You’re not coming in? And this is what? A box of all my stuff.

[phone ringing]


[Jason Momoa is on FaceTime]

Jason Momoa: Is this the guy from Enough is Enough video?

Benjy: Yes. I–

Jason Momoa: Don’t tag me from that pathetic piece of [bleep].

Benjy: I–

Jason Momoa: That was the saddest weakest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m watching it and I’m thinking myself, “How the [bleep] did this guy even get to that age without dying?” You need to take it down coz it’s pathetic and you’re loser. [hangs up the phone]

Benjy: It worked. Jason Momoa knows me.