SNL Musical Guest Sara Bareilles’ Favorite Sketches | Season 44 Episode 17

[Starts with Sara Bareilles speaking]

Sara Bareilles: Hey, I’m Sara Bareilles and I am musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week.

[Video Bumper of Top Five Favorite Sketches] [Cut to Sara Bareilles]

My top five favorite sketches of all time are not in chronological order. Got you! But starting with Gilda Radner doing anything Judy Miller related.

[Cut to a video clip of Gilda Radner playing Judy Miller] [Cut to Sara Bareilles]

Running into the door in the wedding dress, come on, I definitely reenacted that sketch a few times.

Speaking of reenacting, I may have reenacted the ‘Spartan Cheerleaders’ in high school.

[Cut to video clip from ‘Spartan Cheerleaders’] [Cut to Sara Bareilles]

It didn’t get better than that.

Number three on the list, is ‘Coffee Talk’ because I just want to talk about anything coffee related at anytime.

[Cut to a video clip of ‘Coffee Talk’] [Cut to Sara Bareilles]

Number four is a skit that became kind of famous in my household and it was Eddie Murphy and James Brown’s ‘Getting Hot In the Hot Tub’.

[Cut to a video clip of ‘Getting Hot In The Hot Tub’] [Cut to Sara Bareilles]

So, Getting Hot In the Hot Tub is one of my favorite ones. Hi, dad!

Number five, Kristen Wiig’s ‘Gilly’. Gilly!

[Cut to a video clip of ‘Gilly’] [Cut to Sara Bareilles]

Thank you so much for watching and I will see you on Saturday. SNL!