Star Wars Toy Commercial

Bobby Moynihan

Taran Killam

Kyle Mooney

[Starts with video clips of Star Wars toys]

Male voice: New Start Wars: The Force Awakens toys and action figures are here.

Two kids: Cool!

Male voice: Are you ready to bring the adventure of Star Wars universe into your home?

Two kids: The force is with us.

[Two nerd adults walk in]

Bobby: And us.

Taran: Yeah! Us too.

Male voice: New action figures and play sets for ages six and up.

Three nerd adults: [holding the toys] Way up!

Male voice: Battle the evil Kylo Ren.

Kid: I’m gonna get you in my light saver.

Taran: Or leave it in the box!

Kid: Storm troopers, attack!

Bobby: Or leave them in the box and never touch them.

Male voice: All your favorite Star Wars heroes and villains.

Kid: I have Rey and Finn.

Kyle: I have three of each. One to display, one to open and one just in case.

Kid: Why?

Male voice: Nonstop Star Wars action. Like Chewbacca with a clip-on forest armor.

Kid: Time to suit up!

[Taran stops the id]

Taran: Or, just look at it! Radical!

Male voice: Launch into hyper-space with Battle Action Millennial Falcon with real movie sounds.

Bobby:  It’s completely movie accurate! [A kid is playing with his ship] No, what are you doing? [He takes the ship toy back and shows the kid] That’s not how it lands. It goes [making sound of ship] pssssss, arrrrrr, khssssssss, phssss, phssss.

Male voice: You control the force. You control the action.

[A kid is hitting two figures on each other]

Kyle: They don’t fight like that.

Kid: Yeah, just lid Dug Vador.

Kyle: [angry] Dug Vador?

Male voice: The power is in your hand.

[Taran is playing the toy while a kid is watching him]

Kid: Does your wife like toys too?

Male voice: Collect them all and the fun never stops.

[Bobby is cleaning his action figure to put it on the shelf for show, while three kids are watching him do that.]

Bobby: Awesome!

Male voice: Start Wars: The Force Awakens action figures. Each sold separately for children and adult collectors.

Kids: Star Wars!

[All the adults run in with their toys]

Adults: May force be with you!

[The End]