Weekend Update Peloton Heart Attacks Alcoholic Mountain Dew

[Starts with Colin Jost in his news set. There’s a picture of Peloton logo at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: Peloton is concerned after the TV show Billions became the second series in recent weeks to show a character having a heart attack while using their exercise bike. And they’re extremely worried about how they factor into Season 2 of Squid Game.

[Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg at right top corner.]

Michael Che: Item from the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s personal library are being auctioned off. They’re selling the books and the desk, but to honor Ginsburg’s legacy they’re gonna hang on to the seat for way longer than they should. [he puts on the glasses similar to Ginsburg’s] I’ll put on the glasses.

[Picture changes to a news article that says “Horse that played seabiscuit dies”]

The horse that played Seabiscuit in the 2003 film has died at the age of 24. So let’s pour one out for a legend. [Picture changes to a pouring glue] [Cut to Colin Jost. there’s a picture of a Full House mansion at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: The creator of Full House is selling his Beverly Hills mansion which was built on the site of a Manson Family murder. Wow, it is crazy to think that house has connections to a sick twisted criminal. I’m sure she’s fine.

[Picture changes to a burger]

McDonald’s has introduced a new sandwich that combines beef, fish and chicken that they’re calling the land air and sea. Wait is air the chicken? Does McDonald’s think chickens fly? Or do they think this is a chicken? [Picture changes to pigeon] [Cut to Michael Che. There’s a picture of a dolphin at right top corner.]

Michael Che: A new study of female bottlenose dolphins suggests that their clitoris can experience pleasure during sexual stimulation. But sadly their fins can’t reach.

[Cut to Colin Jost. There’s a picture of a new can of drink at left top corner.]

Colin Jost: It was announced that Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast is being converted into a new alcoholic Seltzer, which is then being converted into your third DUI.