After High School

[Starts with students enjoying their senior prom]

DJ: All good things must come to an end including this prom. But we got a couple of songs left, so let’s make a count. Class of 2002, how are you all feeling?

[everyone cheering] [slow guitar plaing]

Andrew: Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since that night. After graduation, we all went our separate ways. But I still like to think about my old friends and smile.

Shelly Heinz graduated first in our class, then went to Harvard, where she graduated dead last. I guess our high school just wasn’t that good.

Tessa White got married, and two beautiful daughters and one fat ugly son.

As for Rachel Finster, well, the less said about her the better.

Dana Miguel made good on her promise to hike the Appalachian Trail. She remains missing to this day.

Trina dash played D1 soccer in college and won a national championship. She should have been happy, but she never got over Rachel Finster sleeping with her dad.

Darius Caldwell eventually made it to the pros. Professional pornography. He’s worked with all the greats, even Rachel Fenster.

As for Carly Hill, she moved to West Virginia after high school and married a minor. A coal miner, who was 16 years old.

Billy Wendell followed his dreams. Unfortunately, he only dreamed about killing his grandparents.

Dougie Finnegan never stopped inventing things. And eventually, one of those inventions made him rich. Fentanyl. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Rachel Fenster Sure has.

Class sweethearts, Becca and Robbie made a vow to lose their virginity that night. And they both did to the DJ.

Some people are happier stories like Natalie Turner, who was granted the first gay marriage license in the state. We all went to the wedding. Even Rachel Finster, who was there protesting with their hateful church. Some years later, Jeff Ahmed reached out to Rachel to try to talk some sense into her. And it worked. They started dating and eventually moved in together. His body was never found.

Some of our friends surprised us. Carla Andretti followed her mother’s footsteps all the way to the US Capitol building on January 6th.

And how can we forget Amy faltan? Well, I’m not sure how, but we all did. Just completely forgot about her. Like she didn’t exist.

And then there’s Peter Liu, who left a huge mark on Broadway after he threw himself off the roof of the Winter Garden Theatre to protest the governors.

Herschel Williams, he became a writer. His first book, “Friend of the devil: Growing up with Rachel Finster: was a best seller.

Time took us all in so many different directions. For a brief moment, we were all there together, dancing the night away, with our whole lives ahead of us. Except for me, I was murdered by Rachel Finster, and my soul cannot cross over until she is brought to justice.

High School Graduation

Principal… Alex Moffat

Chris Redd

Punkie Johnson

Kenan Thompson

Keegan-Michael Key

Ego Nwodim

Aidy Bryant

Beck Bennett

Andrew Dismukes

Mikey Day

Heidi Gardner

[Starts with a student playing violin. She finishes. Everyone claps.]

Principal: Thank you for that wonderful solo, Melissa. Life is indeed a highway. Now, I’d like to ask the class of Chris0ChrisPrincipal to rise as you receive your diplomas and reminder to the families, I’ll be reading a lot of names. So please, hold your applause till the end.

[Principal starts calling names and students start walking to the stage]

Madison Abbott. [light claps]

Quintin Addison. [family shouting for him]

Another reminder, please hold your applause.

Chris: I’m not applauding. I’m yelling.

Punkie: Ay! My baby had a speech prepared.

Principal: I’m sorry. No speeches.

Kenan: Wait, just let him talk as he walks across.

Principal: Sorry, can’t do it. Michael Albright.

[parents yelling]

Keegan: You did it boy. I swear, we didn’t think he was going to make it.

Ego: No. He didn’t read a single book. Should I not say that?

Principal: Like I said–

Ego: [yelling] Michael! Baby. Lift up your robe. I bought him a whole new outfit and he up there dressed like everybody else.

Keegan: Lift up the robe, big man.

Ego: Baby, show them the new belt. I bought him a new belt.

Keegan: It’s Gucci. It’s Gucci. It don’t say it, but it is. My man’s a baller, man. Look at he graduating magnum like his father. Magnum cum louder.

Principal: Please. Let’s move on. Danetta Andrews.

Kenan: Ay, that’s our little cousin.

Punkie: Danetta, you better smile, girl. You did it. Oh, she embarrassed because she ain’t got adult teeth growing yet.

Chris: Go ahead. Smile, girl, It’s your day. Show the world them tic tac teeth.

Kenan: She sad because she got more gums than she got teeth.

Chris: Looking like a race horse, like a little cap and gown sea biscuits.

Principal: Okay. Thank you. Let’s keep going. Simon Alexander.

Ego: Whoo! That’s my little godson.

Keegan: Simon, my man. Ay! Simon. Ay! Do the backflip. Big man, do the backflip. He’s probably going to do the backflip.

Ego: He did. We’d like to call him Simon Biles, because he’s a gymnast.

Keegan: Ay. This boy never stop backflipping. This boy can flip his ass off.

[The student is embarrassed and signals them to shut up.]

Keegan: What? Are you scared? Oh, you want to punk out? Oh, damn, man. See, all that backflipping for what?

Ego: Okay. Simon, you better stop playing with me. He making me look bad. I never for a godson that’s a non-flipping little bitch.

Principal: Please. Please. Okay, can we keep our comments to minimum. We’ve got almost 200 names here. Now, before I read the next name, please remember to keep quiet. Here we go. Leticia Allen.

Kenan: Oh! White girl name Leticia?

Punkie: I did not see that coming.

Chris: Upset of the year.

Principal: Once again. Please no comments. Specially these two families over here.

Ego: Hold on, is he really pointing at us?

Keegan: I know he ain’t pointing at us in this day and age.

Principal: Tiffany Atwood.

Beck: Tiffany!

Aidy: Whoo! You did it. You graduated!

Andrew: We are so going to David Buster’s after this.

Principal: Please. I just asked for silence.

Aidy: Well, sorry sir. She’s a first one in our family to graduate.

Beck: Yeah, we’re going to get a Bentley.

Principal: I highly doubt that.

Aidy: Excuse me, but our daughter got a prestigious internship with PF Chang.

Principal: That’s a restaurant.

Aidy: Well, did you get in?

Principal: I have been there. Yes.

Aidy: Okay, then. So, you know it’s good.

Beck: Ay! You remind me of this guy back home who used to touch kids. What’s his name? Trevor. Hey, is your name Trevor?

Principal: This is not a Q&A sir.

Mikey: Well, if I had known that nobody was going to follow the rules, I would have cheered.

Ego: Sir, go ahead then. You can cheer. Hey principal! Let this man’s child go again.

Principal: No. It doesn’t work that way.

All: Come on! Man!

Principal: Fine. Madison Abbott.

Lauren: Wow!

Mikey: Whoo!

Heidi: Good job, Madison.

Lauren: Nice one, girl.

Keegan: For real? What the hell was that?

Ego: Ya’ll are embarrassing.

Kenan: Boo! We fought for you.

Punkie: Baby, you come live with us.

Chris: That’s right, little white baby, we’ll feed you biscuits and cheer while you eat.

Beck: I think everyone just freaked out because principal’s a kid toucher.

Principal: Okay. No! You know what? I think we’re done. I’m just going to arrange for the rest of the graduates to get their diplomas in the mail. Okay? Thank you

Keegan: I like that man. Keeps things short. That’s good.

Ego: I ain’t even mad. Gives us more time to celebrate.

Beck: Great idea, kid toucher. Now, where do we pick up the Bentley?