Horror Movie Trailer

[Starts with Mikey and Chloe watching movie at night]

Mikey: I’m gonna get some more popcorn. You want some?

Chloe: Sure.

Male voice: Sometimes a familiar face can be the most terrifying.

Speaker on TV: In political news, President Biden has said he intends to run for reelection in 2024.

Chloe: No.

Male voice: You trusted him once.

Mikey: I know he’s a little old, but he could still win. Right? He beat Trump

Chloe: But can he beat DeSantis?

Mikey: I don’t know. [screaming] I don’t know.

Male voice: Can you trust him again?

Punkie: [researching on the internet] He’s 79 now. Election is in two years. So that means— [Punkie does the calculation and gets scared with the result]

Male voice: When it feels like nothing’s going right.

Bowen: Gas prices are still kind of high.

Male voice: Even though it kind of is.

Chloe: Why are we so worried? He’s done so much. Student debt relief. Holding NATO together. Infrastructure bill.

Mikey: But he fell off his bike once.

[The TV turns on by itself. There plays a vide of Joe Biden falling off his bike.]

[everyone is screaming]

Heidi: Wait. According to this article, he’s not actually going to run in 2024. He’s just saying he is to present a united front before the midterms.

Punkie: What a relief.

Bowen: Yeah. I mean, I love the guy but he did his part.

Chloe: If Biden’s not gonna run, who will?

Male voice: Just when you thought the terror was over.

Bowen: [panicking] I don’t know. I don’t know. Kamala?

Chloe: [slaps Bowen] Wake up.

Male voice: You realize it’s just beginning.

Bowen: There’s gotta be someone.

Heidi: Cory Booker.

Chloe: He’s corny.

Heidi: Mayor Pete?

Chloe: [holding Heidi tight] Listen to yourself.

Male voice: The producers of Smile and the twisted minds of Morning Joe.

[door knocking]

[Everyone looks at the door but no one goes to open it. Someone slides in ‘Beto 2024’ brochure.]

Punkie: Guys.

[Theres ‘Bernie’ written on the wall with blood]

Chloe: Not again.

Mikey: [looking at the wall] [in scary voice] I have the perfect candidate.

Chloe: Babe?

Mikey: A superstar who can go all the way. [He turns around. He’s got blood in his mouth.] Hillary.

[everyone is screaming]

Male voice: Sometimes, your best option.

Mikey: I’m with her. I’m with her. I’m with her.

Male voice: Is the one you fear the most.

Chloe: There has to be someone.

Bowen: Biden maybe? Are we back to Biden?

Punkie: Yeah, I like Biden.

Chloe: Yeah, Biden. So, Biden?

Mikey: Biden’s great. Right? He’s Biden.

Male voice: 2020 Part 2, 2024, coming in 2023.