Cut for Time Jason

Jason… Harry Styles

Scotty… Kyle Mooney

Colby… Chris Redd

[Starts with a video clip of a school] [bell rings] [Cut to the students at their lockers] [Scotty is at his locker. Jason and his friends walk near him.]

Bryan: Hey, Jason. Look, it’s your lame older brother.

Jason: Hey, come on, man! That’s not cool. What’s up, Scotty?

[Cut to Scotty]

Scotty: Nothing. Okay?

Jason’s friend: So, Scotty, does it suck to know that your little brother is more popular that you?

[Cut to Scotty]

Scotty: I don’t care about popularity.

Bryan: Then, [Cut to everybody] I guess you don’t care about this.

[Jason’s friend pours his drink on Scotty’s head]

Jason: Take it easy, Bryan! Hey, Scotty, mom asked me to take out the trash, but we’re going to go watch that new action movie with all the girls. Will you do me solid?

[Cut to Scotty]

Scotty: Sure, Jason. Have fun.

[Cut to everybody]

Jason: Thanks! I owe you big bro.

[Jason and his friends leave] [Music stars] [Cut to the music video]

Scotty: Jason thinks he’s so damn cool,

he’s a freshman, I’m a senior at school

‘friends’, I guess he’s got quite a few

I don’t have many but it’s nothing new

because I’m unique, and I’m on my own path

I draw castles, write stories in class

to me that’s cool, I’m not causing trouble with the buddies

or kissing girls and being cute and funny

the wrestling team is also a source

but he made Varsity, I did not!

It hurt me, and I feel so alone,

and the worst thing is, Jason lives at my home.

I hate my little brother, I wish I had another

J-J-Jason, you’re not that cool

I hate my little brother, I wish I had another

you should go to another school

Jason thinks he’s cool because he tried beer,

but I got news for you, right here!

It’s not cool! Because you’re under age

Follow rules like me and stay safe

Now, that’s cool, so is reading for pleasure

imagining the world, now that’s a treasure,

also, I’m pretty sure mom loves you more than me…

anyway, here’s a rap by Colby

[Colby enters]

Colby: Ya’ll know me.

Scotty: Colby!

Colby: L-i-t-t-l-e brother, another boy that came from your mother

but me? I only have a dog and a kitty cat

they’re my brothers but you think about dad

Scotty: What? No! The song isn’t about animals. It’s about my little brother. And why was it so short?

Colby: Sorry man! I was really busy this week.

Scotty: Forget it! Let’s just do our flows.

Colby: Alright!

[Colby and Scotty start somersaulting]

Jason: Yo, Scotty!

[Cut to Jason walks to Scotty in the school]

I’m sorry about my friends. Do you want to come and see the movie with us? It’s supposed to be the most exposed they’ve ever had!

Scotty: No way! Don’t you get it? You and your friends are bad people. Sometimes I wish you had never been born.

Jason: Oh! Okay!

[Music starts] [Cut to the music video of Jason]

Jason: Scotty, can’t you see?

you’re the guy I wish I could be

stories and drawings and all of your books

I take it all over my good looks

the pressure to be the coolest of class

it’s not worth it and I know it won’t last

yes, I’ve had sex and it feels great

the girl’s body, butt, the shape

it’s amazing, a ride like no other

except for when you’re hanging with your brother

but back to sex, such a good feeling

call me pig-boy because you know I’ll be squealing

back to you, number 1 big bro,

I love you Scotty, just had to let you know

[Cut to the school]

Jason: So, what do you say? Movie?

Scotty: I guess my answer is…

[Cut to Scotty’s music video]

Scotty: Yes!

[Cut to the school]

Jason: Great!

[Colby joins with his cat and dog]

Colby: What about me?

Jason: Yeah, right! I’m going to go with Colby instead.

[Colby passes his dog and cat to Scotty] [Jason and Colby leave] [Even the cat Colby left pours a drink on Scotty’s head] [Bell rings]

Tasty Toaster Tarts

Melissa Villaseñor

Heidi Gardner

Mikey Day

Jason… Chance the Rapper

[Starts with four friends walking in the house]

Melissa: I’m starving.

Heidi: Yeah, I need a snack, pronto.

Mikey: Yeah, got anything good to eat Jason?

Jason: I don’t know, let’s find out.

[Cut to Jason opens the cupboars]

Let’s see. We’ve got chips, popcorn, cookies, fruit snacks.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: Awesome!

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Chocolate snaps, crispy cakes, nut Fudgies.

[Cut to Melissa]

Melissa: Snack-a-licious!

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Pretzel Rods, Cheddar Chunkies.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: Any of those sound awesome.

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Gummy Tummies, Chocko Rings.

[Cut to Mikey]

Mikey: That’s a lot of snacks.

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Corn Nuggets, cheese Balls.

[Cut to Mikey]

Mikey: Maybe too many snacks.

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: We’ve got Dingle Doodles, Candy Beans.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: Your parents buy you all that?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Yep. Fig twisties, Banana ramas.

[Cut to Melissa]

Melissa: I thought you parents were like super strict?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: They used to be. Not anymore.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: Don’t they make you go to church like twice a day?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Not anymore. We’ve got lemon sours, lime sours, cereal bars.

[Cut to Mikey]

Mikey: Where are your parents?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: On vacation. Roasty toasties.

[Cut to Mikey]

Mikey: Without you?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Yep. S’mores snacks, Wingo Dingoes? [Cut to Mikey looking around suspiciously] Prune Poppers, Mini Miffins, Pizza pieces, Yummy Crunchers, Razzie Tassies, Tatsy Terbies. [Cut to family photo of Jason. He has scratched out his parents’ faces.] Corn Crispies, Cocoa anybodies, Munch Mix. [Cut to Mikey sees the floor with the blood mark and a brush that cleaned it] Corn Crispies. Cocoa Anobodies. Rough and Puffies.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: Smells kind of weird in here, right?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: No. Crunchy Cake, Nom Noms.

[Cut to Melissa]

Melissa: It’s coming from the fridge.

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: No, it’s not! [Cut to Heidi looks at the fridge. Jason has taped around the fridge in a way that it can’t be opened.] Wacky tacky tangoes.

Heidi: Why is there duct tape around your fridge door, Jason?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Mango Munchers. Cherry Berry bars.

[Cut to Mikey]

Mikey: What’s in the fridge, Jason?

[Cut to Jason]

Jason: Nobody is.

[Cut to Mikey]

Mikey: What do you mean, “Nobody?’

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: What did you do to your parents?

[Cut to Jason turns around towards his friends]

Jason: Tasty Toaster Tarts.

[Cut to everybody getting excited]

Everybody: Awesome! [Everybody start celebrating]

Announcer: Tasty Toaster Tarts are the treats kids crave.

[Cut to Mikey]

Mikey: Jason’s house is the best.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: Got anything to drink?

[Heidi walks to the fridge to get a drink]

Jason: No!

[Cut to a clip of Tasty Toaster Tarts outro video]

Announcer: Tasty Toaster Tarts. Keeps kids happy.