Romano Tours | Season 44 Episode 19

Joe Romano… Adam Sandler

Alex Moffat

Kate McKinnon

Kenan Thompson

Aidy Bryant

[Starts with video clips of Italian architecture and food]

Joe Romano: Culture. History. Spaghetti. These are things of a country called Italia. Hello, [Cut to Joe in his set] I’m Joe Romano from Romano tours. For two generations my family has provided high quality tours of Italy to people from all over the world. But mostly Long Island and Jersey.

[Cut to Alex and Kate. There’s a tag of ‘Real Customers’ at the bottom.]

Alex Moffat: We saw all of it in a bus. We ate everyday incredible.

Kate McKinnon: I got to look at the pope and he even told me happy birthday. Thanks, Romano tours.

[Cut to Joe]

Joe Romano: Explore the old country with our award winning ten day vacation package. [Cut to video clip of Venice] See Venice, the city of wetness. [Cut to video clip of Leaning tower of Pisa] Point and laugh at the tower of Pisa. [Cut to Aidy and Kenan playing with dough] And play with some dough in Napoli. [Cut to Joe] People love us. But, every so often, a customer leaves a review that they were disappointed or didn’t have as much fun as they thought. So here at Romano tours, we always remind our customers, if you’re sad now, you might still feel sad there, okay? Do you understand? That makes sense? Our tours will take you to the most beautiful places on Earth. [Cut to video clip of Amalfi coast] Hike to cliffs off the Amalfi coast. Fish with the nets in Sorrento. [Cut to video clip of a woman yoga posturing] Do this, I don’t know.

[Cut to Joe] But remember, you’re still going to be you on vacation. If you are sad where you are, and then you get on a plane to Italy, the you in Italy will be the same sad you from before. Just in a new place. Does that make sense? There’s a lot a vacation can do. Help you unwind. See some different looking squirrels. But it cannot fix deeper issues like how you behave in group settings or your general baseline mood. That’s a job for incremental lifestyle changes sustained over time.

[‘Can’ and ‘Cannot’ chart appears in the screen]

I want to be very clear about what we can do for you. We can take you on a hike. We cannot turn you into someone who likes hiking. We can take you to the Italian Rivera. We cannot make you feel comfortable in a bathing suit. We can provide the zip line. We cannot give you the ability to say Whee and mean it. You’re not your sister.

[Cut to Aidy and Kenan enjoying wine]

We can provide you with a wine tasting tour of Tuscany. [Cut to Aidy drinking whole glass of wine at once] We cannot change why your drink. Or the person you become when you do, okay? [Cut to Joe] I’m sorry, but it’s true. And our friendly tour guides are happy to take your picture, but remember, the pictures of you [Cut to Aidy and Kenan posing for a picture] are going to have you in them. And if you don’t like how you look back home, [Cut to Joe] it’s not going to get any better on Gondola.

[Cut to Alex and Kate. There’s a tag of ‘They saw the Vatican’ at the bottom.]

Kate McKinnon: Right before we went in the Vatican, he took my face in his hands and he said, if you feel bad about yourself in a church back home, the Vatican is 100% wall to wall church.

Alex Moffat: So, we went for 20 minutes and then we went back to the hotel and watched ‘Paddington 2’.

Kate McKinnon: The best.

Alex Moffat: Love the Vatican.

[Cut to Joe]

Joe Romano: This may sound rude, but I’m trying to temper expectations. I hate seeing people beat themselves up on my tours, it really gets to me. And please, if you and your partner are having trouble connecting, we guarantee our tour will not help. If you don’t want to touch each other at home, be reminded, in Italy you’ll have those same bodies and thoughts. Look, a day is long time to feel happy for all of it. Most of us get 45 minutes if we’re lucky. And that’s our motto at Romano tours.

[Cut to video bumper]

Narrator: Romano Tours.