The Dream Guy

Rochelle… Kim Kardashian

Host… Alex Moffat

Chace Crawford

Tyler Cameron

Blake Griffin

Chris Rock

Amy Schumer

Jesse Williams

John Cena

Zeke… Kyle Mooney

[Starts with show intro]

Male voice: One mansion full of cool single guys and one eligible lady hoping to find her very own, the dream guy.

[Cut to Rochelle and Host at the show stage]

Host: Welcome back. Rochelle, you’ve had a week full of exciting dates with the guys. But now, it’s time to make a decision. Whenever you’re ready.

Rochelle: Wow. In front of me are some of the best guys I’ve ever met my whole life. I mean, you are all so amazing. [cheers and applause] When I look at you all here, there is no doubt in my mind that my husband is in this room. In fact, I wish I can marry each and every one of you, but that would be way too many husbands. When I call your name, please step forward and accept your token. First up, Chase C.

[Chace Crawford walks forward] [cheers and applause]

Chace, I had so much fun at the Go Cart track with you. Thank you for telling me all about your gigantic hit show Gossip Girl.

Chace Crawford: My pleasure, Rochelle.

Rochelle: Do you accept this token of my love?

Chace Crawford: Sure, thank you. I’m also on “The Boys”, FYI. Okay, bye.

[Chace Crawford walks out]

Rochelle: Next up, Tyler C.

[Tyler Cameron walks forward]

Tyler, thank you so much for showing me your perfectly hot body. That was really vulnerable of you. Do you accept this token?

Tyler Cameron: I do, Rochelle. Thank you. I’ll see you on the hot tub.

[Tyler Cameron walks out]

Rochelle: Power forward for the Brooklyn Nets, Blake G.

[Blake Griffin walks forward]

Blake G., I’m gonna be honest, your behavior at the luau barbecue was inexcusable.

Blake Griffin: Yep, you’re right. It was.

Rochelle: But you’re also a six time NBA All Star and that intrigues me. Do you accept this token?

Blake Griffin: Yeah, absolutely, Rochelle. And you know what? I’ll work on that.

Rochelle: Thank you.

Blake Griffin: Thank you.

[Blake Griffin walks out]

Zeke: [shouting] Way go, Blake! Way go, Blake!

Rochelle: Next up, Chris R.

[Chris Rock walks forward]

Chris R., thank you for making me watch your nine HBO specials and the new one on Netflix while you sat next to me and you mouthed all of the words. I had a blast.

Chris Rock: We can watch Chappelle next time.

Rochelle: Thanks. Do you accept this token?

Chris Rock: You know I do.

[Chris Rock walks out]

Rochelle: Okay, this might be against the rules, but I’ve really connected with one of the producers on the show. Amy S.

[Amy Schumer walks forward]

Amy S., even though I’ve never dated a woman before, I just feel like there’s something that–

Amy Schumer: [taking her fingers to Rochelle’s mouth] No, shh. Shh. I feel the same.

Rochelle: Do you accept this token?

Amy Schumer: With both of my holes.

[Amy Schumer walks out]

Rochelle: Okay guys, this is where it gets really, really hard. Jesse W.

[Jesse Williams walks forward]

Jesse W., I didn’t talk to you one single time this entire week, but you literally are the most attractive human I’ve ever seen. So, will you accept this token?

Jesse Williams: Oh, I do. [looks back at the two gentlemen left] You guys are my best friends.

Zeke: You’re the man, Jesse! Yeah!

[Jesse Williams walks out] [Host walks in]

Host: Alright, Rochelle. You have one token remaining. It’s down to record breaking WWE superstar John Cena or Zeke. Whenever you’re ready.

Rochelle: Okay, I’m sorry guys. I just need a second.

John Cena: It’s okay.

Zeke: Take your time. Take your time, sweetheart. All good. Take your time.

Rochelle: Okay. Okay. You are both amazing. I mean, John C., you’re kind, considerate, mega jacked and very, very rich.

John Cena: Thank you.

Rochelle: And Zeke, although you’re not my normal type physically…

Zeke: Hmm, okay.

Rochelle: I was really attracted to your silly vibe and your sunny demeanor. I mean, I particularly enjoyed meeting your original character Sherlock the Cat who was hilarious.

Zeke: Elementary, my dear fur ball.

Rochelle: That being said, I don’t think you asked one single question about me our entire date.

Zeke: You sure?

Rochelle: And then at the pool, you were afraid to go swimming.

Zeke: I wouldn’t say afraid. But yea, scared.

Rochelle: And John C., I don’t love that you have a wife.

John Cena: That’s fair. That’s very fair.

Rochelle: But now, I have to make a decision. Zeke or movie star and 16 time WWE champion John Cena. I’m just gonna follow my heart. John Cena.

Zeke: Wait, what?

John Cena: Thank you.

Rochelle: John C., I’m really gonna need you to figure out your wife situation. But first, do you accept this token?

Zeke: [yelling] This is crap!

John Cena: Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. Thank you. I really thought it was gonna be Zeke.

Host: Sorry, Zeke. You did not receive tonight’s token. Say your goodbyes and walk into the pit.

Zeke: Wow. Um, this one hurts. I’ll definitely miss being in the house with the guys… and Amy Schumer. And Rochelle, you’re a sweetheart. But you really F’ed up today. So long.

Host: Thank you, Zeke. Pit’s right there.

[Zeke opens the door. It’s a real pit. He jumps into it and burns.]

Host: Well, Zeke lost fair and square and paid for it with his life. We’ll be right back with more “The Dream Guy”.

Where’d Your Money Go?

Charles Barkley… Kenan Thompson

Rob Gronkowski… John Cena

Conor McGregor… Alex Moffat

John Daly… Bobby Moynihan

[Starts with stage of the game ‘Where’d Your Money Go?’]

Male voice: It’s Where’d Your Money Go? With your host Charles Barkley.

[Charles Barkley walks in]

Charles Barkley: Alright, hello. This is Charles Barkley. Hey there, pro athletes and welcome to Where’d Your Money Go? Where we try to teach financial security to some of the world’s most ignorant millionaires. Look, I’m not making judgements. If I managed my money well, I damn sure wouldn’t be hosting a game show. Alright, let’s meet our contestants. First, we got an all star tight end for the New England Patriots worth $15 million, it’s Rob Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski: What’s up, bro? It’ so awesome, haha.

Charles Barkley: Alright. Now, you’re a football player and your body is your paycheck, but once a year you trash it on a cruise called Gronk’s party ship.

Rob Gronkowski: So awesome. Just me, my five brothers, 800 friends doing lemon drop shots wearing huge sunglasses. Hit!

Charles Barkley: Oh, man! You’re like a Dave and Busters if it was a person. Next, we got a man who wears $10,000 suits and just bought $350,000 Rolls Royce, UFC fighter, Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor: Charles, I’m not going broke, so you can take your patronizing tone and shove it up your ass.

Charles Barkley: Alright, I know you’re not broke now, but let me ask you a question. How many high school friends work for you?

Conor McGregor: Six.

Charles Barkley: Well, you better get yourself a Roth IRA, Conor. You know what that is?

Conor McGregor: Yeah. I’ve been in the IRA since protestants moved into my neighborhood.

Charles Barkley: And finally, a golfer who has lost $90 million over that past 15 years. He is currently ranked 991st in the world. It’s John Daly.

John Daly: [smoking] I’m still in playing shape, man. I’m loose as a goose.

Charles Barkley: Yeah, you’re playing golf. It’s the only professional sport where people carry your stuff. Alright, let’s take a look at our ‘Where’d Your Money Go?’ categories. They’re the usual four. I spent it. I sniffed it. I lost it. She took it. Okay, the game is simple. I’m going to throw out some scenarios, and the answer to every one of them is ‘No’. You got it? Okay, good. Gronk, I’m gonna let you pick first.

Rob Gronkowski: Awesome, bro. Let’s go with the spinning.

Charles Barkley: Okay, the first question in that category. Buy a cheetah. Scenario: You’re looking for a pet but the seller warns you that this pet might eat your family. Do you still buy it?

[buzzer sound] Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski: Hell, yeah. Cheetah would be awesome bro. Put some sunglasses on it and feed it Cheetos.

Charles Barkley: Gronk, let’s try to remember the rules. The answer is always ‘No.’ [buzzer sound] John Daly.

John Daly: Hell, I’ll buy that son of a bitch. It can be buddies with my shark.

Charles Barkley: That is incorrect. Once again, the answer is always ‘No.’ Remember, if you own an animal that used to belong to a drug dealer or middle eastern dictator, that’s a red flag. Okay, pick again, Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski: Ah, let’s move to I lost it.

Charles Barkley: Okay, the question there. Own a restaurant. Scenario: A man in a nightclub wants you to invest in an Asian fusion restaurant even though you have absolutely no restaurant experience and you don’t know what Asian fusion even is. Do you do it? [buzzer] Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski: Absolutely, bro. Write him a check. Wings all day.

Charles Barkley: Gronk, this is about investing. Do you know what that is?

Rob Gronkowski: Yeah, dude! I just invested $2 million in Solo Cups.

Charles Barkley: Oh, okay. How did you do that?

Rob Gronkowski: Bought a boatload of Solo Cups.

Charles Barkley: Alright, Gronk, I think you’ve eaten too many wings. Your head is full of thigh meat. Anybody else here know how to invest?

John Daly: Hell yeah, man. I just launched my own alcoholic sports drink. It’s called Smirnoff Sport. Smirnoff Sport. It’s just blue vodka.

Conor McGregor: Invest? Pfft. Why should I invest in some silly bank for years when I can go to Vegas and double my money in an hour? All I do is win, Charles.

Charles Barkley: Okay. Last time you went to Vegas, what happened?

Conor McGregor: I lost.

Charles Barkley: Conor, gambling is an addiction. I still have my issues myself. Yesterday I bet Michael Jordan $10,000 that I would get a hole in one.

Conor McGregor: the odds of that is fairly long, man.

Charles Barkley: I know. Specially because we was playing poker. Gronk, nobody got us, so why don’t you pick again?

Rob Gronkowski: Let’s go over to ‘She took it’.

Charles Barkley: Okay, the question there, Trust a Stripper. Scenario: A stripper you just met follows you home, sits you down, and then says put on this blindfold and count to 1,000. Do you do it? I’m going to give you a hint. You don’t do it. [buzzer] Conor.

Conor McGregor: I like that. She’s freaky, right? Yeah, you bloody go for it.

Charles Barkley: No! You angry little leprechaun. Remember, there’s only one answer. Anybody else? [buzzer] Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski: Sounds like a trick question. Nobody can count to a thousand, so I’m gonna go for it.

Charles Barkley: Gronk, you know the rules when it comes to strippers. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, my wife senses a pattern. Oh, man, this is terrible. I really believed that you guys would get at least one question.

Rob Gronkowski: Sorry we let you down, bro.

Charles Barkley: No, no, it’s not just me. Personally, I bet the Phoenix sons Gorilla, that one of you would get one answer right. And now I’m down $50,000. Okay, let’s just take a break. When we come back on ‘Where’d Your Money Go?’ we will ask, cocaine, is it your friend?

John Daly: No, it’s your family.

Charles Barkley: No, you shut it, John Daly.

The Karate Teen

Jeffy Lahart…. Mikey day

Sammy Knocks… John Cena

Referee… Alex Moffat

Coach… Kenan Thompson

[Starts with two kids at a karate match]

Announcer: Well, it’s almost over here at the San Fernando Karate Championship. Jeffy Lahart. taking his licks in the final round against defending champion and human freight train, Sammy Knocks of the Wolf Claw Dojo.

Referee: Fight!

[Sammy Knocks punches Jeffy Lahart and Jeffy Lahart falls]

Referee: Watch your knocks. Keep it legal.

Sammy Knocks: Ah! Sorry, I got dork on the floor. Yeah! Wolf Claw! This kid’s a virgin. Ha-ha-ha. That will teach you karate, yeah!

[As Jeffy Lahart struggles to get up, he sees his coach show him a coin.] [Cut back to Jeffy Lahart’s memory where he is training hard with Coach]

Coach: Catch only the penny.

[Coach shows a handful of coins where one is a penny]

Jeffy Lahart: Okay.

[Coach gestures him to cover his eyes]

Mr. Johnson, that will be impossible. I won’t be able to see.

Coach: Listen to the wind.

[Jeffy Lahart covers his eyes] [Coach throws all the coins. Jeffy Lahart successfully catches only the penny.]

Coach: I think you’r ready.

[Cut back to the championship. Jeffy Lahart gets back up.]

Sammy Knocks: After this, I’m going to have sex with that guy’s girlfriend. Aha- Yeah!

Announcer: And look at this. Jeffy Lahart back on his feat. I don’t know if he is brave or crazy.

Sammy Knocks: Bad move, dweeb.

[Sammy Knocks gets ready to fight. Jeffy Lahart covers his eyes with the bandana.]

What’s he doing?

[as Sammy Knocks punches Jeffy Lahart, he blocks it]

What the butt?

[Sammy Knocks punches again, and Jeffy Lahart blocks it agian]

How the hell is he doing this?

[Jeffy Lahart does a different stance position]]

Jeffy Lahart: Listen … to … the wind.

[Sammy Knocks punches Jeffy Lahart on his stomach. Jeffy Lahart flies by through many walls behind him.]

Announcer: Oh, my god! Knocks punched Jeffy Lahart out of his pants and through four walls.

Sammy Knocks: Yeah, I just punched that kid through four walls.

Jeffy Lahart: Hey Knocks! [Jeffy Lahart trying to get back through the wall] Is that all you got?

Sammy Knocks: You got a death wish, dork?

[Jeffy Lahart is crawling back] [coach is telling Jeffy Lahart not to do it]

Jeffy Lahart: I guess you don’t know about a warrior. Coz when a warrior gets knocked down, he–

[Sammy Knocks punches Jeffy Lahart again. This time, Jeffy Lahart flies to the parking lot and hits a car. The car breaks.]

Referee: Knocks.

Coach: I got a thing I got to get to.

[Coach leaves]

Announcer: Well, unless Jeffy Lahart can get back up from sailing through hsi fifth wall and a car door, this looks like another victory for Wolf Claw Dojo.

[Jeffy Lahart wakes up] [Sammy Knocks walks in with a trophy. He is all dressed up already. Jeffy Lahart is still in his karate gee.]

Sammy Knocks: What the hell?

Jeffy Lahart: Oh, my god. How long have I been out here?

Sammy Knocks: What did you do to my car? You’re going to get it you little fart wipe!

Jeffy Lahart: Wait!

[Sammy Knocks punches Jeffy Lahart again and he black out]

Talent Competition

Damien Knox… Beck Bennett

Rachel Bell… Cecily Strong

Tay-Tay Dubbs… Kenan Thompson

Yoet Klovok… Mikey Day

Bogdan Klovok… John Cena

[Starts with United States of Talent intro] [Cut to Damien Knox and Rachel Bell at the stage]

Damien Knox: Welcome back to United States of Talent.

Rachel Bell: It’s time for our last act to take the stage and hope it’s blowing away our studio audience and our judge, entertainment industry professional, Tay-Tay Dubbs.

Tay-Tay Dubbs: Holla!

Damien Knox: Alright, let’s bring out our final act. Brothers Yoet and Bogdan Klovok and their act, The Mighty Owl.

[Yoet Klovok and Bogdan Klovok walk in with a big owl]

Yoet Klovok: Hello.

Rachel Bell: Now, guys, we are so excited to have you here. For years, you’ve wowed audiences all over Europe. But we understand this is your first time performing in six months.

Yoet Klovok: Um, that’s right. Six months ago our own Majesty flew head first into a stone wall.

Damien Knox: Oh, gosh!

Yoet Klovok: But vets were able to rebuild parts of his brain with healthy tissues from his intestines and rear end.

Bogdan Klovok: And now, Majesty has fully recovered in tip top shape. Right Majesty?

[owl growling]

Damien Knox: Well, good luck, boys.

Tay-Tay Dubbs: Alright, let’s see it, fellows.

Yoet Klovok: On our command, Majesty will fly from my arm and soar over you all.

Bogdan Klovok: Then, he will swoop through these hoops and retrieve this scroll from my mouth.

Yoet Klovok: Then he shall brave death by gliding through the ring of flame to deliver the scroll into that tiny mailbox.

[Tay-Tay Dubbs is holding a tiny mailbox]

Tay-Tay Dubbs: You sure that owl can do all that?

Yoet Klovok: Oh, Majesty will succeed because Majesty…

Yoet Klovok and Bogdan Klovok: [giving a pose] Is a mighty owl!

[the owl poops and pees on Yoet Klovok and Bogdan Klovok]

Yoet Klovok: Oh, god!

Bogdan Klovok: Oh! Oh! Oh!

Yoet Klovok: No, no, no, no. Majesty!

Bogdan Klovok: Disgusting! He pie-pied all over my show coat. Tell you, he’s not ready.

Yoet Klovok: He is!

Bogdan Klovok: Apology to you all. Majesty had a small issue. But now, behold the mighty owl.

[The own pukes all over Bogdan Klovok and Yoet Klovok’s faces.]

Yoet Klovok: No! No!

Bogdan Klovok: No, Majesty. Majesty!

Yoet Klovok: Majesty up. Majesty up.

Bogdan Klovok: He’s not ready.

Yoet Klovok: Thank you. And now you have experienced the Mighty owl.

Rachel Bell: Okay. The mighty owl with quite a performance. Bud did it fly with our judge? Tay-Tay.

Tay-Tay Dubbs: I mean, let’s just say it. Your owl is wack. Your owl is out of order. I mean you said it. It’s got ass in his brains. Well, it shows fellas. Tip-top shape? Don’t lie to a man. That owl is sick!

Yoet Klovok: Okay.

Bogdan Klovok: Okay.

Yoet Klovok: Right.

Damien Knox: Okay, any areas of improvement?

Tay-Tay Dubbs: Yeah. Get a new owl. Look, I work in Hollywood and that owl is not a star. That owl is and I can’t prove this, but I know it’s true, that owl is the worst owl in the world.

Bogdan Klovok: Thank you. Thank you.

Rachel Bell: Okay. Let’s bring out our other acts. Three incredibles acts. Which one will be leaving tonight? Will it be bling juggler Max Insight who Tay-Tay called the ninth wonder of the world?

Damien Knox: Will it be 17 year old opera prodigy Erika Le’Saw who Tay-Tay said would win it all?

Rachel Bell: Or will it be the Mighty Owl to which Tay-Tay said got ass in it’s brain.

Damien Knox: Three incredible acts and we’ll find out who is going home after the break.

[The End]

Science Presentation

Aidy Bryant

Ray… John Cena

Beck Bennett

Kenan Thompson

Miles… Mikey day

Heather… Vanessa Bayer

[Starts with students getting ready for project presentations.]

Aidy: Our applied science’s 101-A final projects continue today with three more students who will present their findings and field questions from our panel.

Ray: Um, professor, before we begin can I say something? Alright, let’s be real. I’m in Alabama mostly because of my abilities in the football field. But I take my academics incredibly serously.

Aidy: Oh, that’s very admirable, Ray.

Ray: That’s why I said unless I got A+ on all my finals, I will voluntarily sit out that bowl game against Washington.

Beck: Well, we uphold our end by judging you just like any other student. And also, thank you for signing my hat.

Ray: No problem.

[Kenan has painted his face the color of Alabama jersey]

Kenan: Absolutely. Don’t you expect any favors from us.

Aidy: Wonderful. Now, would you all please state the topics that we assigned to you.

Miles: Um, yes, Quantum entanglement impaired particles.

Heather: Ionization in the gas phase.

Ray: Bananas.

Aidy: Fantastic. Now, please display your projects.

Kenan: Miles, I found you small particle accelerator while crude, to be quite clever.

Aidy: Yes, and Heather, your cloud chamber was equally as impressive.

Heather: Thank you.

Miles: That’s very kind. Thank you.

Beck: But Ray, we were all blown away by our bananas nailed to a piece of plywood.

Ray: Thank you, sir. It was hard to make.

Miles: Um, I’m sorry, bananas nailed to a piece of plywood? I just don’t think this is very fair.

Kenan: Please concentrate on your own project, Miles.

Coach: Hey, can we move this along? He’s got practice at three.

Ray: Hey, Coach, I have practice if I get an A+.

Coach: Oh, yeah, yeah. A+, yeah. right.

Ray: [clearing throat] May I read my findings?

Aidy: Oh, of course, Ray.

Ray: [clearing throat] Sorry, nervous. Banana is a yellow snack that monkeys eat. These five types of bananas [showing bananas he has nailed on a plywood], yellow, brown spotty, very brown, green and round. [The last one is an orange]

Heather: I’m sorry, there’s an orange on his banana board.

Kenan: Hey! That is a round orange banana.

Miles: I promise you that is an orange.

Beck: Are you trying to make us lost the game, nerd? God! Continue, Ray.

Ray: I used to not like bananas because they look like boys’ wieners, but now I like them because they’re yummy. Thank you.

Aidy: Brilliant. Truly brilliant, Ray. The floor is open for panel questions.

Beck: Um, Miles, why did you omit the effects of entanglement swapping from the calculations?

Miles: Um, I did not have the proper research in that area.

Kenan: Very disappointing.

Beck: This is important, guys. Science is in the details. How, Ray, what’s the outside of a banana called?

Ray: [thinking hard] The… crust?

Beck: Bingo!

Aidy: Heather, look at the monitor please. Is this an integral or differential condensation curve?

[There’s a curve with many details on the monitor]

Heather: Um, it’s a– well, it’s- it’s weird. I- I haven’t– Um, I haven’t like, seen one like that.

Aidy: Okay. Are you, uh, like, um, like, like, so sure?

Kenan: Now Ray, direct your attention to the monitor and your question is, is that funny?

[A cartoon banana is dancing on the monitor]

Ray: [laughing] Peanut butter jelly time. Peanut butter jelly time.

Miles: I’m sorry. This is insane. I haven’t slept in a month building a particle accelerator and Ray just gets to laugh at a banana GIF?

[Kenan jumps to attack Miles but others stop him]

Beck: It’s okay.

Kenan: I’ve had it with this kid!

Beck: Alright. You know what? We’re ready to announce your grades. Nerd, you’ve scored a 20%.

Miles: [disappointed] What?

Aidy: Heather, 70.2%

Heather: [disappointed] Uh! I hate this school.

Kenan: And Ray, I’m happy to say you scored 100%.

Ray: Woo-hoo! Oh, Coach! I did it!

Coach: Hah? [using his phone] Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re the smartest kind in the world.

Beck: Looks like you can play in the bowl game after all.

Ray: I’ll just have to get A+ on my English Lit final first. But I ain’t worried, coz I know the hell out of the very hungry caterpillar. [opening children’s caterpillar book] [The End]

Romance Bookstore

Vanessa Bayer

Mitchel… Beck Bennett

Carol… Aidy Bryant

Kenan Thompson

Dan… John Cena

Melissa Villaseñor

[Starts with Vanessa and Mitchel entering a bookstore]

Vanessa: Oh, sexy. Baby, it’s an erotic bookstore.

Mitchel: Anything to help our dumb ass dry spell.

Vanessa: Mitchel!

Carol: Aw! Welcome to the Scorched Corset, where fantasies delight.

Kenan: What my friend Carol is trying to say is let us know if you need anything.

Vanessa: Yeah. We’re just browsing. Do you have something by Jacquelin Livo?

Carol: Hmm, have you read the Ranch hand and the Row?

Vanessa: I have not.

Carol: Okay, well let me retrieve it for you. Our stock boy should know where it is. Jon George!

[Dan walks in. He is a big man with long silky blonde hair.]

Dan: Yes.

Carol: Assist me at once.

Dan: Sure. Let’s get that book.

[Carol and Dan walk away]

Kenan: She’ll be right back.

[Cut to Carol and Dan behind the shelfs]

Carol: Oh, Dan. Oh, you want me, I know it. But we’re at work. We can’t. A woman of my stature with a brut accustomed to manual labor?

Dan: Oh, yeah. I’m a big boy. I have a thick neck, big hands. I’ve been waiting you so bad in this store.

[Cut to the store. Carol and Dan are just one shelf behind Vanessa, Mitchel and Kenan]

Vanessa: I’m sorry. What’s going on back there?

Kenan: Oh, that’s just Carol and Dan. She calls him Dan.

Mitchel: Why?

Kenan: I don’t know. But don’t worry, they never do anything. It’s all show and no go.

[Carol walks in with a book]

Carol: I found it. Here you go. I hope this teases and pleases. Now go, free of charge.

Kenan: No, no, no. It’s $5.

Mitchel: Here. [paying the money] It better be five bucks of bedroom magic. Come on.

[Vanessa and Mitchel walk out] [Melissa walks in]

Melissa: Hi. I’m looking for a fun light read for a long plain ride?

Carol: Ah! Perhaps you’ll like the work of Feather Dubreaux. Dan!

[Dan walks in]

Dan: Yea.

Carol: To the bookcase.

[Carol and Dan walk away]

Kenan: Let’s hustle Carol.

[Cut to Carol and Dan behind the shelfs]

Carol: Quick, take me away to a fantasy. I’m on an Irish cliff. My hair is red and very wide.  It’s blowing in the Irish wind and I’ve known only as Lady Velvet.

Dan: And I’m the guy who puts the horse food in the horse bucket. Yes, I’m dirty, and strong.

Carol: Yes! You woke up my estate.

Dan: And I have fix, stake hands, right?

Carol: Yes.

[Cut to the store. Carol and Dan are just one shelf behind Melissa and Kenan]

Melissa: So, are they a couple?

Kenan: No, they’re damn not. They just work here. I mean, she does.

Melissa: And he doesn’t?

Kenan: No, he works for her.

Melissa: What do you mean?

Kenan: She pays him out of her paycheck.

Melissa: But she’s the owner?

Kenan: No, I am.

Melissa: So, he doesn’t work here?

Kenan: Right.

Melissa: And that doesn’t bother you?

Kenan: I mean, it really does, but what am I gonna do? You know?

[Cut to Carol and Dan]

Carol: My tiny pink nips scream in the howling wind.

Dan: And my thick stake hands reach at those.

Carol: Oh, but we shan’t touch because I’m a lady of gold coins, satin gloves and tiny decadent cakes.

Dan: And I am a dirt man that knows only sex.

[Dan opens his shirt]

Carol: Oh! Teach me!

Kenan: Get the book! Get the damn book!

[Carol walks in with a book in her hand]

Carol: Here, here. Take it as a gift. Now go.

Kenan: No, you must pay.

Melissa: This isn’t Feather Dubreaux. This is Tanya Whitmore. She writes filth.

Kenan: Carol, fix this.

Carol: Oh, I shall. Dan!

[Carol runs out] [Cut to Carol and Dan]

Dan: I’m a cave man with a big gun.

Carol: Oh, and I’m horny wealthy ghost with full throttle knockers. [Carol shows her bra]

Dan: And I grab your ghost butt with my ten pound hands.

[Cut to Kenan and Melissa]

Kenan: I’m really sorry. This is embarrassing. Just one moment please.

[Kenan goes behind] [Cut to Carol, Kenan and Dan]

Kenan: Look, you two. Stop it and listen to me. I am on horseback. Leather chaps my skin as I ride atop the red rocks of Sedona.

John Cena Monologue

John Cena

Santa… Bobby Moynihan

Leslie Jones

Kenan Thompson

[Starts with SNL monologue intro] [Cut to SNL stage] [Band is playing music]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena.

[John Cena walks in and to the stage] [cheers and applause]

John Cena: Thank you guys. Thank you. Thank you very much. My name if John Cena and to those of you who voted for Hillary, I’m a wrestler. [crowd laughs late] Yeah, well, late bloomers but that’s okay. Normally on TV, you see me in the ring throwing down all the other WWE superstars, and I love it. But it’s exciting to get away for a week and do something a little different. And now, I’m gonna need someone to help me sing. Get out here, New York Santa!

[Bobby Moynihan in Santa outfit walks in]

Bobby Moynihan: Ho, ho, ho. I’m locking it.

John Cena: The normal Santa travels by a sleigh. [Bobby Moynihan starts opening his Santa costume] But the New York–

Bobby Moynihan: [interrupting] No! Cena! You think you can do comedy and wrestling? Well, two can play that game. Get ready to feel the pain of… The Waddler.

[Cut to intro video of The Waddler as a wrestler. John Cena’s entry music is playing.] [Cut to the SNL stage. John Cena is on stage but Bobby Moynihan is standing very far.]

Bobby Moynihan: Yeah!

John Cena: How did you get over there?

Bobby Moynihan: I waddled! [running towards the stage] Oh! I’m coming for you, Cena.

John Cena: Okay, well you do.

Bobby Moynihan: Oh, I just move real weird. [moving around John Cena’s behind] What are you gonna do when The Waddler’s coming for you, Cena? Hun?

John Cena: [laughing] I mean, that’s actually really cool. Did you make that outfit?

Bobby Moynihan: I did.

John Cena: That’s– I actually think you could be a great WWE superstar.

Bobby Moynihan: Oh my god, wow. Um, thank you, John. You did not have to say that.

John Cena: Bring it in here, man!

Bobby Moynihan: Okay.

[John Cena and Bobby Moynihan hug each other. John Cena mistakenly breaks Bobby Moynihan’s bones while hugging.]

Ah! Okay! That’s a rib. That’s a full rack of ribs right there.

[Bobby Moynihan walks away limping]

John Cena: Okay. [music playing] The real New York Christmas.

[Cut to Leslie Jones a the back of the audience.]

Leslie Jones: [yelling] John Cena! You coming here to tell jokes on my turf? I’m bout to whoop your ass!

John Cena: Wait, what’s your wrestling character supposed to be?

Leslie Jones: Wrestling character? I’m Leslie Jones, bitch!

[Cut to intro video of Leslie Jones as a wrestler. John Cena’s entry music is playing.] [Cut to SNL stage. Leslie Jones walks to John Cena]

Leslie Jones: That’s right and I’m bout to get in your– Ooh! [checking out John Cena’s body] Damn! Ooh! You is very fine. I did not know. Ooh, I can put my whole tongue in your chin nipple deep. [takes her card out of back pocket and gives it to John Cena] Just meet me at the hotel room, John.

[Leslie Jones walks away]

John Cena: Okay guys. This isn’t a challenge. [Kenan Thompson is sneaking behind John Cena with a steel chair] We’re in it together. I actually worked really hard on this song. Seriously. I spent all week writing with a couple of nerds, so please–

[Kenan hits John Cena with the chair. The chair breaks but John Cena doesn’t move at all.]

Kenan Thompson: Yeah! Got you, Cena!

John Cena: Alright! Alright. [John Cena opens his coat. He is wearing sleeveless shirt.] I’ve been trying to be nice to you guys all you wanna do is challenge me. So, if you really want some, come get some.

[Cut to John Cena’s intro video as a wrestler.] [Cut to the SNL stage]

Kenan Thompson: Oh! I made a grand error in judgement.

John Cena: You can’t see me.

Kenan Thompson: [scared] Oh, I’m done with the flower.

[Kenan Thompson runs away]

John Cena: We have a great show for you tonight. Maren Morris is here. Stick around, we’ll be right back.

Joanne & The Tree

Mr. Jenkins… John Cena

Joanne… Aidy Bryant

Cara… Cecily Strong

Beck Bennett

Leslie Jones

[Starts with office colleagues preparing for Christmas party]

Mr. Jenkins: Okie-dokie gang. Start the Yankee Swap in a second. First, I want to thank Cara for getting us such a great tree this year. So, all we need is a volunteer to put this crazy little angel on top of that tree.

Joanne: Oh, I’ll do it Mr. Jenkins.

Mr. Jenkins: Joanne from accounts stepping up. Nice initiative. Here you go. Get it done.

[Joanne stands on a chair to put the angel on top of the Christmas tree. The tree is in front of a window.]

Joanne: Oh, I’m a little excited.

Cara: Go, Joanne

All: Joanne! Joanne! Joanne!

Cara: Little higher Joanne.

[Joanne falls out of the window with the Christmas tree.]

Mr. Jenkins: Did Joanne just fall off the frigging window?

[Everyone goes to the window to take a look]

Cara: Oh my god!

Beck: We don’t even have the tree anymore.

Cara: Christmas is ruined.

Leslie: Look, there she is.

[Joanne is hanging by the side of the window. She is still holding the tree.]

Joanne: Oh! Stupid Joanne. this is what you get for trying to step into spotlight. Guys, I’m not dead. Co-workers, I’m sorry. I’m not dead. I’m sorry for the drama earlier, but I’m out here.

Cara: Oh my god, Joanne. And she’s got the tree.

Beck: Everything’s going to be okay.

Leslie: And you saved the tree, girl.

Mr. Jenkins: Two for two on the initiative, Joanne.

Joanne: Okay, well, I think I’m losing my grip. I think I need to drop the tree.

Beck: Don’t do that Joanne. Without the tree, there’s no party.

Mr. Jenkins: We can save you both. I know it.

Cara: Alright, let’s bring the tree in first so we know we have it.

Joanne: Okay. Or could I suggest that we bring in my human body first?

Mr. Jenkins: Joanne, stop trying to control everything.

Cara: Alright, look, I have an idea. Joanne, start whipping that tree round, okay? Get a nice windmill action going. Then use that momentum to fly upwards through the window.

Joanne: Okay, I don’t think I can do that. This tree has got to go.

Beck: Don’t drop that tree, you frigging grinch! Okay, new plan. I’m going to pour this Monster energy drink in your mouth. YOu’re going to go all Popeye on us and throw that tree up to us like it’s nothing.

Joanne: Oh, please don”t do that.

[Beck pours Monster energy drink all over Joanne’s face]

Leslie: It’s working! It’s working!

Joanne: No, it’s not working. It’s really only in my eyes. Please, Mr. Jenkins. Just pull me up. You’re the strongest man I’ve ever seen. I can see you muscles through your business shirt like every damn day. Just grab my wrist.

Mr. Jenkins: Love to, Joanne, but I can’t. I got in a lot of trouble around here for grabbing women’s wrists. But I do want to give you something. It’s a pair of women’s Isotoners. I got your name in the Yankee Swap.

Joanne: Oh, oh, thank you Mr. Jenkins. They’re really nice.

Beck: Okay, but here’s where Yankee Swap gets interesting. I’m gonna steal the women’s gloves and I’m going to give you the 30 pounds kettle bell that Felicia gave me.

Joanne: Oh, that will do it.

[Joanne slips her hand and falls]

Cara: Oh, no! Well, we tried. Poor Joanne.

Beck: Poor tree as well.

Mr. Jenkins: Alright, somebody is going to have to scoop her off the sidewalk when the party’s done.

Leslie: I’ll do it. Just remind me.

[Cut to Joanne falling down]

Joanne: [screaming] Ahhhhh!

Male voice: Ho, ho, ho, Joanne, it’s me.

Joanne: Santa, you’re here to save me?

[Santa just takes the tree away]

Santa, no!

Dyke & Fats Save Christmas

Dyke… Kate McKinnon

Fats… Aidy Bryant

Chief… John Cena

[Starts with Detective TV show schedule]

Male voice: You’re watching Detective TV. At nine PM, it’s ‘Keith: Black Detective’. But first, it’s a brand new holiday special with your favorite crime fighting duo.

[Cut to a video clip of Santa walking]

Narrator: What happens when Santa is kidnapped by one of Chicago’s most notorious gangs? Is Christmas canceled? Not with these two on the case. [Cut to two women officers running with guns in their hands.] They are hard as iron. They are rough as guts. And if you’ve been naughty, they won’t be nice.

[women officers catch lab guys throwing the Christmas garlands. It’s Dyke & Fats, Save Christmas. Starring Dutch Plain as officer Les Dykawitz. And Velvy O’Malley as officer Chubbina Fatzarelli. [Dyke finds a bomb. Fats takes it and eats it. The bomb blasts inside Fats’s stomach but nothing happens to her.] They are getting Santa back by any means necessary. Even if they have to kick every butt in town. It’s Dyke and Fats: Save Christmas.

[Dyke and Fats rescued the Santa] [Cut to the police station]

Chief: Yeah, you two did it again. Rescued Santa Clause, saved Christmas.

Fats: I guess we did a pretty good job, Dyke.

Dyke: Hey, I think you mean great job, Fats.

Chief: Yeah, she’s right. Thank you, officer Dykawitz and Farzarelli.

Fats: Oh, Chief, thanks for using our names.

Dyke: Yeah, that shows a lot of respect.

Chief: Of course I respect you. You’re two damn fine cops for Broads.

Fats: [yelling] Wait, what?

Dyke: [yelling] Back to the women thing?

Fats: We’re back to that?

Dyke: No, we’re past that.

Fats: [screaming] Now! Now! We’re past it!

[The End]

Dating Show

Michelle… Cecily Strong

Dustin… Beck Bennett

Jared… Kyle Mooney

Frank… Mikey Day

Ryan Mack… John Cena

[Starts with MTV show schedule]

Male voice: You’re watching MTV. At six, it’s ‘Teen Mom’. At seven, it’s ‘Teen Wolf’. And at eight, it’s ‘Teen Wolf Mom’. But first, it’s time for all new, ‘Hook a Hunk’.

[Cut to the Hook a Hunk stage. There is a lady and three guys on the stage.]

Female voice: Tonight, things are heating up. We got one lucky girl.

[Cut to Michelle]

Michelle: I’m Michelle. I’m 22. and when it comes to love, I’ma all about it.

Female voice: Who gets to hook one of three hot hunks.

[Cut to the hunks]

Dustin: I’m Dustin. I have two cats and I think you’re purr-fect.

Jared: I’m Jared. I love hotdogs. And if you are, I’d relish you.

Frank: I’m Frank. I’m a magician. And if you give me a chance, I think my penis could do the trick.

Female voice: Who will she choose? Let’s find out now on Hook a Hunk. With your host Ryan Mack.

[Ryan Mack walks in]

Ryan Mack: Hey, everyone. Welcome to the show. Let’s get started.

Michelle: Oh, my god. You’re– you’re the host?

Ryan Mack: Yeah, I’m Ryan.

Michelle: Oh, I’m– I’m Michelle. I’m the contestant.

Ryan Mack: I know it. I know coz I’m–

Michelle: You’re the host. Of course. I’m– That was stupid.

Ryan Mack: No. No, it was cool. You wanna play the game?

Michelle: Yeah. I’m sorry. I’m just– I’m nervous.

Ryan Mack: You’re gonna do great. Just be yourself and relax.

Michelle: [flirting] Yeah, easy for you to say. You run this whole place.

Ryan Mack: Shut up.

Michelle: You shut up.

[Cut to the hunks]

Jared: Ha-ha. Ready whenever you are, Ryan.

Dustin: Yeah, this hunk is ready to get hooked.

Frank: Forget these bozos, Michelle. I know you’re going to hook me.

[Cut to Michelle and Ryan Mack. Michelle is feeling Ryan Mack’s biceps.]

Michelle: My god, your arms are so big.

Ryan Mack: Too big?

Michelle: No, no, no. Like, I bet you could pick me up so easily.

Ryan Mack: You want me to try?

Michelle: Right now? You are so crazy, Ryan. Um, but… what are you doing tonight?

Ryan Mack: Well, I just have this thing to do for an hour. Then I’m free. You wanna grab some food?

Michelle: Yeah. Sure. What kind of food do you like?

[Cut to the hunks]

Jared: Well, for me, my favorite food is strawberries because I’m sweet and, yeah, I like to jam.

Dustin: And I like toast because I want to toast to you, Michelle, and the rest of our lives together.

[Cut to Michelle and Ryan Mack. Michelle is holding Ryan Mack’s hand.]

Michelle: Babe, it’s okay, you can tell me what it is.

Ryan Mack: Well, I had a younger brother but he died.

Michelle: Oh, no. I’m so sorry.

Ryan Mack: His last words were ‘Find the right girl.”

Michelle: We should visit his grave. Oh my god, I’m sorry. That was so forward of me.

Ryan Mack: No, it’s not. You’re a family now.

[Cut to the hunks]

Dustin: And if I was on a desert island, the two things I would bring are my guitar and you, Michelle.

[Cut to Michelle and Ryan Mack. Michelle is leaning her head on Ryan Mack’s shoulder.]

Ryan Mack: I feel like we’re the only two people alive.

Michelle: Hey, how did you get that scar?

Ryan Mack: I don’t want to tell you. I would just scare you away.

Michelle: Look at me. Nothing is scaring me away.

[Michelle and Ryan Mack start kissing] [Cut to the hunks]

Jared: [looking around confused] And for me, if I was on a desert island, I would bring you, Michelle, and one dozen roses.

Dustin: That’s a really good answer.

Jared: No, it wasn’t. They’re not even listening. I feel so stupid.

Dustin: Hey, you’re not stupid. You’re smart.

Jared: Thanks.

Dustin: Yeah. I mean, that thing you said before about the strawberries, that was awesome.

[Jared hits Dustin in a playful way]

Jared: You’re just saying that.

Dustin: [staring at Jared] I’m not

[Dustin and Jared start kissing]

Female voice: This is been another episode of ‘Hook a hunk’. Until next time, stay horny.

Frank: Um, so, should I just go or…?