MasterClass Quarantine Edition

Timothee Chalamet, Jojo Siwa, Carole Baskin… Chloe Fineman

[Starts with clips of people bored in the house]

Male voice: With the nation on total lockdown, now more than ever you’ve got time. That’s why there’s Masterclass Quarantine Edition. [Cut to Timothee Chalamet looking her mirror] Classes like Timothee Chalamet teaches fashion.

Chloe: I’m really passionate about clothing and fashion and all the clothes. Ha-ha. Hey, what’s up Masterclass? I’m Timothee Chalamet and your mom has sex dreams about me. Ha-ha. La-la-la-la. Ha-ha.

[Break message reads “Learn the keys to his success.”]

Hoodies are pretty much my favorite form of street wear. I’ve about 75 hoodies. All in different shades of navy blue.

[Break message reads “Find out his secrets.”]

Lesson number two is layering. Ha-ha. Put on a hat. Ha-ha. I put it like so. And literally just gonna take your hoodie and put it over your hat. Ha-ha.

[Break message reads “Our first class available in two languages.”] [speaking in foreign language. Subtitle reads “I’m like a boy king.”]

I’m in my hoodie. I like to wear my hoodie like this. Or I can wear it like this. Ha-ha-ha. Na, na, na.

Male voice: And viral wild child Jojo Siwa teaches tiktok.

[Cut to video clips of Jojo Siwa doing tiktoks] [Break message reads “Meet your new instructor.”]

Jojo Siwa: Whoa! What’s up Masterclass? It’s your girl Jojo. That’s right, it’s me Jojo Siwa here to teach you how to tiktok.

[Break message reads “A voice like a wooden roller-coaster track- Time Magazine.”]

Now that I’m in quarantine I make a point to do 24 tiktoks per day. Lesson number one, and I’m gonna go fast because I’m technically supposed to be in home school.

[Break message reads “In her first ever online class.”]

Learn from me as to why exactly for no reason I do not understand why I have 17.7 million followers on tiktok.

[Break message reads “Master her unique techniques.”]

To make a tiktok, you can literally do anything.

[Cut to Jojo Siwa’s tiktoks.]

Tiktok is super simple, super easy. Put on your damn shoes.

Male voice: And Carole Baskin teaches bike riding.

[Cut to video clips of Carole Baskin riding bike]

Carole Baskin: Hello, you cool cats and kittens. Come, bike with me.

[Break message reads “Learn directly from the source.”]

Now, don’t go too fast. Where are all the kitties? [laughing] Good thing I’m not covered in sardine oil.

[Break message reads “Carole Baskin like you’ve never seen.”] [music playing] [rapping] Hey, you cool cats and kittens, come bike with me.
riding my bike on the big kitty lake around the kitty cat preserve
and I didn’t kill my husband
I like to ride by the big, big kitties and the little baby kitties

Male voice: Masterclass Quarantine Edition

Carole Baskin: Also, I didn’t kill my husband.

Male voice: Still, just as expensive.