Sticky Bun

Cecily Strong

Beck Bennett

Kelsey… Vanessa Bayer

Scott… Mikey Day

Jackie… Octavia Spencer

Kat… Melissa Villaseñor

[Starts with Cecily briefing the trainees]

Cecily: Hey guys, it’s the last phase of your training. After this, you’ll be able to start working shifts at Sticky Bun. Holla! So, today we’ll be doing mock customer transactions, to get a feel for a typical shift.

Beck: This is Kelsey, the actress who will be playing our customer. Anything we might have seen you in, Kelsey?

Kelsey: Um, let me think? No.

Cecily: Cool. Alright. Um, Scott, how about you take the register? Jackie on prep and Kat on pickup counter.

Beck: Alright! just use the stuff we went over in the handbook. Okay? You’re going to be fine. You ready, Scott?

Scott: Hell, yeah!

Beck: Ah! That’s what I like to hear, bud. Go for it.

Kelsey: [acting like a customer] Hi, there.

Scott: Hi, welcome to Sticky Bun. Will you eat?

Kelsey: What?

Beck: Hey, Scott, don’t start like that. Remember, greet the customer and try to make a personal connection. Ask them how their day is going? How they’re doing. Something that shows you care.

Scott: Right! Hi, welcome to Sticky Bun. Are your both parents still alive?

Kelsey: I’m sorry?

Beck: Try a different question, Scott.

Scott: Hi, welcome to Sticky Bun. How old were you when you first lost your virginity?

Beck: Hey, Scott, forget the question, bud. Say something nice and take her order.

Scott: Hi, welcome to Sticky Bun. Merry Christmas. Will you eat?

Beck: Alright. You know what Scott? Why don’t you take a breather. Let’s switch it up. Jackie, you want to give register a shot?

Jackie: Yes sir, I do. I know that manual front to back and I’ve been practicing in my mirror all week.

Cecily: Hey! Now that’s a Sticky Bun attitude. Go for it.

Kelsey: [acting like a customer] Hi, there.

Jackie: Go away, we’re closed.

Kat: [speaking in mic] Attention Sticky Bun customers, we are closing early for the Christmas Holiday.

Cecily: No. Guys, guys, it’s not Christmas. And Jackie, we are not closed.

Jackie: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I panicked.  It’s different when talking to a real person and not myself in the mirror.

Cecily: Well, that’s why we do this. Alright, just start again, please.

Jackie: Ley, lady, what will you eat?

Kelsey: Um, what do you recommend on the menu?

Jackie: I don’t eat here. This food is trash.

Cecily: Oh, Jackie! You know what? Don’t tell customers our foo is trash. Just remember, personal connection. Alright? Ask her a question.

Jackie: Right. Right. Hi, welcome to Sticky Bun. Do you like being white?

Kelsey: I’m– I’m sorry, should I answer that?

Cecily: Nope. Please don’t actually. Why is this friendly question throwing everyone off? Just ask her how her day is going.

Jackie: Well, I know the answer. Not good. She’s alone in a Sticky Bun on Christmas.

Beck: You know what? How about we give Kat a shot at the register? And things to remember, we’re open, the food isn’t trash, and it’s not Christmas.

Kat: Welcome to Sticky Bun. What will you eat?

Kelsey: Um, can I– Can I have a classic sticky bun and a milk?

Jackie: Sticky bun and a cold cow piss, coming up.

Kat: Okay, name for the order?

Kelsey: Kelsey.

Kat: Oh, wow. I had a teacher Ms. Kelsey.

Beck: Nice, Kat.

Kat: Yeah, sophomore year, the janitor found her dead in her car. That will be $5.15, please.

Jackie: [speaking in mic] One Sticky Bun and a cold cow piss for Kelsey.

[Kelsey takes her order]

Kelsey: Thank you.

Scott: You’re welcome. I love you.

Beck: Alright. Let’s cut it there. We did it. And Kelsey, nice perk here, you can eat that Sticky Bun if you want.

Kelsey: No, thank you.

Cecily: Alright. So, lots to unpack here. Scott, don’t tell customers you love them.

Scott: Okay, um, do you have a pen and paper?

Beck: Um, you shouldn’t have to write that down. Jackie, please don’t refer to the milk as cow piss.

Jackie: Sorry, that’s what we call it in my house.

Cecily: And Kat. Don’t tell customers stories about dead people.

Kat: I’ll try.

Cecily: Nope, that’s required. Okay? Oh, guys, and let’s do, “Can I take your order”, instead of “Will you eat?”

Jackie: So, we have to know, are we Sticky Bun material?

Beck: Well, normally, we recommend another week of training, at least. But this is an airport. So grab a timecard and get to work!

Weekend Update Garth And Kat Sing Hanukkah Songs

Michael Che

Kat… Kristen Wiig

Garth… Fred Armisen

[Starts with Michael Che in his set.]

Michael Che: Tonight marks the 5th night of Hanukkah and here to pitch us on their idea for great last minute Hanukkah gift, please welcome celebrated song writer, Garth and Kat.

[Kat and Garth slide in putting on make up.] [cheers and applause]

Kat: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Garth: Sorry. So sorry about that. Yeah, it took me longer than usual to man-escape. So sorry.

Kat: And I was taking down our Christmas tree.

Michael Che: Wait, taking down? Christmas is a week away.

Kat: No, I wasn’t taking it down like that. I was taking it down like, ‘You suck, you don’t look right.’

Garth: Yeah, it deserved it.

Kat: It really did.

Michael Che: Okay, so I understand you have a brand new Hanukkah album.

Kat: Yeap!

Garth: Yeap! We sure do.

Kat: We sure do, yeap!

Michael Che: Okay, well I’m really excited to hear some of your new Hanukkah songs. What’ the name of the album?

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Garth: The name of the album?

Kat: Oh, thanks for asking.

Garth: It’s called…

Kat and Garth: “Hanukkah is one of the only things that you’re assure to know. And don’t we all?”

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Michael Che: Okay, you have actually written an album, right?

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Garth: Yeah!

Kat: Uh, yeah! And guess what? It rocks!

Garth: Yeah! It rocks… the Jews all night long. And here’s a song from my– this one’s called…

Kat and Garth: Simon’s dreidel.

Kat: Song is cool.

Garth: It’s pretty cool, I have to say. Ready?

Kat and Garth: [singing] Oh-wo-oh-wop!
there he had an idea
an idea
an idea for everyone
and they told it as a secret
and they told it as a secret

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Michael Che: [interrupting] Hang on, guys. That does not sound like a written song.

Kat: Sir, don’t sir.

Garth: Come on! Don’t do that.

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Sir, we’re begging you.

Kat: We have sung that song for the past four months on our national tour.

Garth: Yeah! We were in Alan town.

Kat: Pennsylvania.

Garth: Pittsburgh.

Kat: Harrisburg.

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Michael Che: Wait! I thought you said it was national tour. These all places are in Pennsylvania.

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Garth: Well, we also do Hawaii.

Kat: Yes, we do one night in Hawaii and then one night in Pennsylvania, then we go back to Hawaii, then we go back… Urgh!

Garth: It’s exhausting.

Kat: But our next song is really good. I think you’re gonna like this one.

Garth: Yeah! This one’s called…

Kat and Garth: “Every time you wanna know the real, real truth, the best thing to do is ask yourself, coz, whoop!”

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Michael Che: Wait! Can you say it again? What is it?

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Kat and Garth: “Every time you wanna know the real, real truth, the best thing to do is ask yourself, coz, whoop!”

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Garth: It’s just an old song. Here we go, ready?

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Kat and Garth: [singing] Oh, there was a dreidel I saw in the snow
and the snow was in the pile
the snow was in the pile
pile of mud
pile of mud
dig through the mud and get it with a shovel–

Michael Che: Alright! [Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth] Stop! Stop! You clearly have not written anything. I don’t think there’s an album at all.

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Garth: Oh, you don’t think so, huh? [Garth takes his CD out.] Well, I guess I’ll just show you this.

Kat: What’s that?

Garth: What do you call this?

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Michael Che: I call that the Hunger Games soundtrack. You guys gotta go.

Kat: No, please.

Garth: Come on! Please.

Kat: We came all the way from the creation museum.

[Cut to Kat and Garth]

Garth: Yeah! Moses had a dinosaur, did you know that?

Kat: Did you know that?

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Michael Che: Okay, you guys have ruined Hanukkah and you wasted my time. You have to go.

Garth: No, no. Please. [Cut to Kat and Garth] Please, we mean it. For real.

Kat: Yes. We have one song.

Garth: We prepared it and everything.

Kat: Yes, it has music. Yes. We’re ready to go.

Garth: It’s very funky.

Kat: Yeap!

Garth: it’s called the…

Kat and Garth: Nora in the window.

Kat: Yeap. Here we go. Ready? Hit it.

[funky music playing] [Kat and Garth start rocking their bodies.]

Kat and Garth: Hanukkah is just eight nights
but our joy will last all year

[Cut to Michael Che, Kat and Garth]

Michael Che: Okay, now this sounds like a real song.

[music stops]

Kat and Garth: And I saw my uncle
I had couple of uncles with grey, grey hair
couple of uncles with grey, grey hair
and they celebrate, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate

Michael Che: Garth and Kat, everybody. [cheers and applause] For Weekend Update, I’m Michael Che.

Colin Jost: I’m Colin Jost. Good night.