Politics Nation- Voter I.D. Disaster

Al Sharpton… Kenan Thompson

Cristie Jacobs… Sasheer Zamata

Charles Richards… Al Sharpton

[Starts with Al Sharpton in his set]

Al Sharpton: Good Sunday morning. I’m Reverend Al Sharpton. The New York primary is this Tuesday and states across the country has set up this voter ID laws. But it’s the real purpose to diss in french fries, people. Let’s talk about this.

[Cut to Politics Nation intro] [Cut to Al Sharpton]

Al Sharpton: Joining me now to talk about the new laws is a senior blogger for the Daily Kos, Craisty Jacobs.

[Cut to Christie Jacobs]

Christie Jacobs: Ah, hello Reverend. My name is Christie, not Craisty.

[Cut to split screen]

Al Sharpton: Not in my church. Now, is the real purpose of these ID laws to suplex– excuse me, suppress the minority vote?

Christie Jacobs: Absolutely. Why do they need IDs all of a sudden? Usually they just skip that step and say, “Ma’am, please step out of the vehicle.” They say that these laws will stop fraud. Is voter fraud that big of a problem in this country?

Al Sharpton: Sure it is. I have mothers calling me all the time, saying “Help me Reverend¬†Sharpton. My son is out there on the streets committing voter fraud.”

Christie Jacobs: Really?

Al Sharpton: No. But thank you for joining us, Craisty Jacobs.

[Cut to Al Sharpton]

Now on to the democratic primary. Despite Bernie Sanders win this week in Wisconsin, it’s not secret that Hillary Clinton is raising nits– excuse me, resonating more with black voters. Here to give us some insight is my personal statistical analyst, Mr. Charles Richards.

[Charles Richards walks in the set]

Charles Richards: Good morning Reverend, please don’t take this the wrong way but I expected you to be a little skinnier. I know you work really hard to lose all that weight. It’s a shame to see that you seem to have gained it back.

Al Sharpton: Well, frankly Charles, I like myself this way. People say I look younger. Now, black vote is crucial this election. And you’ve created an algo… rhythm to show our community it’s meaning.

Charles Richards: That’s right. My algorithm is called the black approval rating scale. Each candidate gets a number between one and 10 based on their standing in the black community.

Al Sharpton: Okay then, let’s start with Hillary Clinton.

Charles Richards: Secretary Clinton gets a 7.2 rating with black voters because her husband is Bill Clinton, who despite recent outburst is beloved in the African American community.

Al Sharpton: Oh, absolutely. Bill Clinton could walk into the BET awards after party, sit at Rihanna’s table and order a bowl of Mac & Cheese and everybody would say, “That seems right.” What about Bernie Sanders?

Charles Richards: Senator Sanders gets a score of 6.3. Yes, he was active in the civil rights movement, but for some reason he seems like the kind of person who still calls Mohammad Ali, Cassius.

Al Sharpton: Absolutely. Also, he’s from Vermont. It’s a beautiful state but never has a black person said, “Hey, I got time off this weekend. Anybody want to go to Vermont?” Let’s go over to the republican side. How about Ted Cruz?

Charles Richards: Senator Cruz gets a 2.1 on the black approval scale rating, because look at him. You just know he’s up to something.

Al Sharpton: Indeed. He’s a sneaky little mouse. And how about Donald Trump?

Charles Richards: Come on now.

Al Sharpton: Come on now.

Charles Richards: Come on now.

Al Sharpton: Come on now.

Charles Richards: Right now, Donald Trump has a black approval rating of -1,048. But that could go down.

Al Sharpton: Absolutely. Black people should never trust a white person who’s hair is more processed than their’s. And how is Obama doing?

Charles Richards: Not bad. His numbers continue to rise. He was at 16. But he just went up to 22. I don’t even know what he did.

Al Sharpton: Well either way, it’s phantom nominal.

Charles Richards: It’s pronounced ‘phenomenal’. What’s going on with you today, Al? You’re usually a very smart person.

Al Sharpton: I don’t know. I think all this weight fluctuation is messing with my brain. Let’s take a break. More with Charles when we return to Politics Nation.

Ninja Shanice Goodwin

Shanice Goodwin… Leslie Jones

Sensei… Bobby Moynihan

Vanessa Bayer

Vlad… Russell Crowe

Taran Killam

Gregor… Kenan Thompson

Jon Rudnitsky

[Starts with Shanice’s picture as a child]

Shanice: First they said, “Your’e too small.”

[Picture changes to Shanice as an adult]

Then they said, “You’re too big.” They said, “You’ll never make it.” But I didn’t listen to them because I knew one day I would become a ninja.

[Cut to video clips of Shanice wearing a ninja costume with a sword]

Male voice: The adventures of Shanice Goodwin, Ninja.

[Cut to Shanice and Sensei. Sensei is wearing karate uniform and a black belt.]

Sensei: Shanice, the ambassador’s been kidnapped by the Russian mob. These are professional Shanice, bad dudes. All your training has come to this moment.

Shanice: Don’t worry sensei. I’m going to do some ninja stuff.

[Shanice walks away] [Cut to Russian Mob headquarters] [Four men have Vanessa tied up in a chair]

Vanessa: What are you going to do to me?

Vlad: Alas! We are Russians. it’s gets more easy we get the rules, you live. If they don’t listen, maybe Russians will have to do something… terrible.

Vanessa: I’m warning you. My father knows some very dangerous people.

Vlad: Very dangerous? She say very dangerous.

[The men laugh] [Shanice comes behind them and leaves sommersaulting.] [Cut to Taran and Gregor]

Taran: Gregor. Did you feel, [Gregor is coughing] you okay?

Gregor: No.

Taran: I felt it too. Something breeze.

Gregor: I don’t know. I didn’t feel nothing. I think maybe you have been drinking.

[Gregor gets hit by a suriken and falls down]


Taran: Gregor!

[Jon runs in]

Jon: Where did that come from?

[Shanice is sneaking behind them] [Cut to everybody]

Vlad: Be still. Someone is among them. I can feel it. Show yourself!

[Shanice is pretending to be reading a newspaper behind them]

Everyone, be very quiet. Silence is their enemy.

[Shanice runs behind them and hits Jon with a bottle and walks away. Jon falls down.]

What was that?

Taran: I don’t know. I saw only blur.

Vanessa: You want to know what that was? I’ll tell you. I think there’s a ninja in here.

Vlad: Check the door.

[Taran walks goes to check the door and comes back]

I swear to you on my life, we will find this ninja and kill him. Where is he?

Taran: I don’t know, Vlad. I’ve looked everywhere.

[Taran is walking around. He is putting his hand on Shanice’s face as a support but has not seen her yet.]

There is no where it could be. It seems comprehensive.

Vanessa: I was right. Somewhere in this room, there’s definitely a ninja.

Taran: He’s almost like ghost. There is no–

[Shanice jumps in and breaks Taran’s neck]

Vlad: Show yourself. Fight me face to face or she dies.

[Shanice comes behind Vlad]

Shanice: I am the wind.

[Shanice runs away]

Vlad: You are the wind, yes. [Shanice brings in the ladder behind Vlad] I am stone. You see, I am Russian. And a Russian stone does not move. The Russian stone stays in place through thousands of winters. [Shanice is climbing the ladder] It does remain very solid.

[Shanice jumps and hits Vlad. Vlad falls down.] [Shanice cuts the ropes tying Vanessa on the chair]

Vanessa: Oh, my goodness. You saved my life. Who are you?

[Cut to Shanice’s face.]

Shanice: Me? I’m a ninja. And a cashier from Cole’s.

[The End]