Weekend Update- Pete Davidson on Kevin Love

Colin Jost

Pete Davidson

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love is getting a lot of praise for an article he recently wrote about mental health. Here with his take on Love’s article is Pete Davidson.

[Pete Davidson slides in] [cheers and applause]

Pete Davidson: Thank you. Thanks, Colin. Thanks. I think I speak for all crazy people when I say, [screams].

Colin Jost: That was good.

Pete Davidson: It made me laugh earlier.

Colin Jost: It was good. Had a crazy feeling.

Pete Davidson: So, last week Kevin Love, one of the least hatable white guys on the planet, he opened up about a panic attack he had during a basketball game. And he said, it opened his eyes to how no one should be too proud to talk to a mental health expert if they needed. The article was commendable. It was praised. But quite frankly Colin, I didn’t care for it very much.

Colin Jost: You didn’t like it?

Pete Davidson: No, it was fine. He’s a good guy. Bla-bla-bla-bla. Whatever. It’s totally cool that like, he had a panic attack. But if you’re gonna write an article about being unstable, leave it to the big boys, alright? I’m sorry you missed your three pointer, Kev, but I’ve been in therapy since I was six years old. And I wanted to kill myself when I was eight. Tough news about your rebounds though.

Colin Jost: Wait, I’m sorry. Are you like, bragging?

Pete Davidson: So what if I am? So what? I love being mentally ill. I’m so relieved, you know, that everybody knows that. Now I don’t have to hide anything. it’s amazing. if I’m like, out somewhere and I’m acting like a dick, everyone’s like, “Oh, no, he’s mentally ill.” You know? And if I’m happy, they’re like, “Aw, good for him.” But now, Kevin Love just waltzes in with his little panic attack and he just waters the whole thing down.

Colin Jost: I gotta say, Peter, it sounds like you’re jealous.

Pete Davidson: I am jealous. Like, Kevin Love is a handsome rich baseball player, okay? His uncle’s a beach boy. Alright. The worst one, but it’s still sick. He’s got it all, man. He doesn’t need my one thing, you know? Like, let me have that. Or trade me uncles. Your uncle’s out there touring, making the world the better place. When I was six, my uncle took me camping and then it started raining, and I heard thunder and I crapped my pants in the rain and then I told my uncle what I did and he punched me in the face. And then my mom told me not to tell my dad because my dad would kill him. And then my dad died like, a month later. But again, sorry about your free throw percentage.

In Kevin’s defense, he is right. No, I gotta say that so people don’t get mad. You know? I gotta pretend like I care about this guy. If you ever have a panic attack, you should see a mental health professional. No matter how minimal the episode. But just do me a favor and stay in your lane. Alright? I can’t stay on my late because I’m on a ton of Klonopin right now. Colin, are my eyes crossed?

Colin Jost: No. Pete Davidson, everyone.

Pete Davidson: I got new teeth.

Colin Jost: He got new teeth.