Koohl Toilet by Kohler

Leader… Mikey Day

Benedict Cumburbatch

[Starts with people walking in line like in jail]

Leader: My fellow conformists. [Cut to everyone sitting on the toilet bowls and Leader speaking on a big screen] There is only one approved way to sit on the toilet. It has been designed to make you look stupid and feel foolish. It is against regulation to look cool or feel confident on the toilet. This is the way it has always been and must always be.

[Cut to Benedict walking in wearing a black suit and sunglasses] [Benedict pulls out a hammer. He is standing in front of a box.]

Benedict: No!

[everyone looks at Benedict]

Leader: What is the meaning of this? Go sit on your designated toilet and feel shamed.

[Benedict swings the hammer and hits the box open. There’s a black nice looking toilet bowl.

That toilet is different! What is that?

Benedict: the future!

[Money For Nothing by Dire Straits starts playing.] [Benedict opens his pants and sits on the toilet bowl facing the opposite direction.

Leader: Impossible! No citizen can look cool while sitting on the toilet! This changes everything! [screaming] No!

[Leader is disconnected from the big screen]

Female voice: Introducing the Koohl Toilet by Kohler. A sweet reverse bowl toilet that you sit on the cool way. Backwards with your arms casually draped over the top. The craftsmanship you expect from Kohler coupled with revolutionary design that brings confidence into the bathroom.

[Benedict stands, wears his pants back on, flushes the toilet and lights a match. The light from his match stick reflects on a glass and lightens everyone in the room.]

Vanessa: Nothing will ever be the same.

Female voice: The Koohl Toilet by Kohler. Coming spring Benedict0Leader7. Already available in Japan.