Kool-Aid | Season 44 Episode 10

Kyle Mooney

Chris Redd

Heidi Gardner

Alex Moffat

Beck Bennett

Colin Jost

Michael Che

[Starts with Kool-Aid commercial. Kyle and Chris walk inside the house. They are wearing Lakers jersey]

Kyle: Doing sports together is awesome.

Chris: Totally, I’m thirsty.

[Red giant Jar Kool-Aid breaks the wall and comes in] [Cut to the Jar]

Jar: Oh, yeah.

Kyle: Whoa! [Cut to Kyle] He just burst through the wall.

[Cut to the Jar]

Jar: Who’s thirsty for some Kool-Aid?

[Cut to the Chris]

Chris: I am.

[Cut to the Kyle]

Kyle: Yeah.

[Cut to Jar, Chris and Kyle]

Jar: Slap me some skin. [They have high-fives] Oh, yeah.

[Cut to Kyle and Chris]

Kyle: I want to be like Kool-Aid.

Chris: I want to be like Kool-Aid.

[Cut to Jar with his thumbs up.]

Narrator: Is this a Kool-Aid man? [Cut to TV playing Kool-Aid commercial] Oh, yeah. More like oh, no. We can’t laugh it off.

[Cut to three kids on a couch watching TV]

Kids: We don’t even want Kool-Aid.

[Cut to TV playing the Kool-Aid commercial, red jar breaking the ceiling, wall and everything to come in]

Narrator: Its time for us to set a better example.

[Cut to Heidi Gardner giving her presentation in the meeting hall]

Heidi: All our cost by 60%.

[Alex Moffat in red suit breaks the door and comes in with a jar of Kool-Aid in his one hand]

Alex: Oh yeah!

[Cut to people in the meeting cheering at Alex]

Narrator: It’s been going on far too long.

[Cut to Beck in his read outfit walking][Cut to across the street two men are carrying a glass slab][Cut to Beck]

Beck: Oh yeah.

[Beck starts to run towards the glass slab to break it] [Cut to a kid breaking a playhouse]

Kid: Oh yeah.

[Cut to Colin Jost]

Colin: You tell them, son. Oh, yeah.

[Cut to Kid. Kid kicks a wall of playhouse]

Kid: Oh, yeah.

[Cut to adults in a line with a glass of Kool-Aid]

Parents: Oh, yeah.

Narrator: But something finally changed.

[Cut to news reporter in her news set]

Reporter: The Kool-Aid man is in hot water after allegations of bursting through walls. [The screen is filled with the news reports against Kool-Aid]

Narrator: And there will be no going back. Because we believe in the best in a Kool-Aid man. [Cut to Beck Bennett running towards the glass slab] To say the right thing.

[Cut to Michael stops Beck from breaking the glass slab]

Michael: No, no, no, no, no man. Not cool.

Narrator: And to act the right way.

[Cut to Colin Jost teaching his kid manners]

Colin: You got to knock first, and then ask if you can enter, okay bud?

Kid: All right, dad.

[Cut to Heidi and Alex in Heidi’s meeting hall]

Alex: I didn’t realize you were doing something important. I am sorry.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: Okay, well as I was saying— [Alex leaves the room] [Cut to Colin Jost]

Colin: Times are changing.

[Cut to Colin and his kid. Colin holds his kid’s shoulder]

Narrator: Because the Kool-Aid boys watching today will be the Kool-Aid men of tomorrow. Who’s thirsty for some Kool-Aid?