Weekend Update- LaVar Ball

Michael Che

Lavar Ball… Kenan Thompson

[Starts with Michael Che in his set]

Michael Che: The NBA season is two weeks in and the Los Angeles Lakers are off to a good, but not a great start, led by rookie Lonzo Ball. Here to give his take is Lonzo’s outspoken father, Lavar Ball.

[Lavar Ball slides in]

Lavar Ball: Whoo! [Colin Jost laughing] How you doing, Michael? I told you it would happen. The Lakers are the best team ever. Never lost.

Michael Che: They’re not the best team ever. They are only like 5 and 7. And you already promised that Lonzo would be bigger than Kobe Bryant?

Lavar Ball: You damn right.

Michael Che: Lonzo is averaging just over eight points a game. I mean that’s not bad, but that’s not up to the level of Kobe Bryant.

Lavar Ball: Man, don’t talk to me about no Kobe Bryant. [Cut to Lavar Ball] My offspring is going to rule the world. Just look at me. I’m a giant. Full head of hair. 12 fingers. I can pull a tractor trailer 20 miles over a mounting using using only my junk! And I’m the only man on earth who has ever eaten just one lays potato chip.

[Cut to Michael Che and Lavar Ball]

Michael Che: So, I’m assuming you still think Lonzo is going to win MVP?

Lavar Ball: Oh, man, he is going to win more than that. [Cut to Michael Che] He’s going to win the dunk contest, the three-point shooting contest, every single power ball jackpot and he will be named America’s next top model, all while wearing the signature ZO twos.

[Cut to Michael Che and Lavar Ball]

Michael Che: Oh, I forgot that Lonzo already has his own sneaker that cost $500. How are those selling, by the way?

Lavar Ball: None of your business. Right now, I’m focused on my TV show ‘Ball and the Family.’

Michael Che: Oh, yeah. Is that the show that airs on Facebook?

Lavar Ball: You’re damn right it’s on Facebook. [Cut to Lavar Ball] Coz it’s the biggest show in the world. A million likes. A half million surprising faces. It’s the only show you can watch while you look at you friend’s kids halloween costumes. The whole ball family is on there. Lonzo, Liangelo, La Mellow, and my long lost Mexican son, Letaco.

[Cut to Michael Che and Lavar Ball]

Michael Che: You know, I saw Liangelo got into a little trouble this week when he was caught shoplifting in China.

Lavar Ball: What? Come on! [Cut to Lavar Ball] Why my boy need to do shoplifting for when he’s just about to put out his own million dollar sneaker? Introducing Liangelo’s Legeno 20s.

[Lavar Ball pulls out a pair of sneakers to show] Each one cost $700,000. That’s right. Each sneaker. You can only buy one of them at a time. Never a pair. [shouting at Michael Che’s ear] Never a pair!

[Cut to Michael Che and Lavar Ball]

Michael Che: Why are they so expensive?

Lavar Ball: Coz each Legeno 12 comes fully loaded with power laces, [cut to Lavar Ball] a Bose 24 sound system, and the world’s finest chicken rotisserie cooker.

[Cut to Michael Che and Lavar Ball]

Michael Che: A rotisserie cooker?

Lavar Ball: Chicken rotisserie.

Michael Che: I also heard that you pulled La Mellow out of school and you are home schooling him now?

Lavar Ball: Oh, that’s right. And the results are amazing. [Cut to Lavar Ball] I worked with the boy only two hours and he opened his own successful business. A French restaurant called La Mellow’s La Magnificent. Michelin 10-star rated. And the best rotisserie chicken cooked to perfection by the new Ligelo 20s. [Michael Che laughing] [microwave bell sound]

Oh, it’s ready, Michael. [Lavar Ball pulls out a chicken drum stick out of the shoes and gives it to Michael Che]

Michael Che: Oh my god!

Lavar Ball:  There you go.

Michael Che: Thank you.

Lavar Ball: That’s for you. That will be $750,000, please.

Michael Che: Lamar Ball, everybody. For Weekend Update, I’m Michael Che.

Colin Jost: I’m Colin Jost. Goodnight.

LaVar Ball on LeBron James’ Criticism – Weekend Update | Season 44 Episode 6

[Michael Che on news set]

Michael Che: The NBA season is one month old, and one of the biggest stories is the Los Angeles Lakers, who are off to a slow start. Here to talk about it is the father of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, Lavar Ball.

Lavar Ball: [Lavar slides on a chair into the screen] All right. What’s up Michael?

Michael Che: How are you doing?

Lavar Ball: How are you doing, Michael? Me? I’m incredible.

Michael Che: You’ve been outspoken about your son Lonzo playing more minutes. How is he doing?

Lavar Ball: Amazing! [Cut to Lavar] He ain’t no rookie no more. Now it’s his time, his team, he’s the king of L.A. Standing reservations at Spago. Best friends with Jack Nicholson. And he was just named Best New Starlet at the adult video awards. Never lost. [Cut to Michael and Lavar]

Michael Che: Well, I heard rumors that LeBron James thinks you’re a distraction and doesn’t want you around the team.

Lavar Ball: [Cut to Lavar] Man! Don’t you tell me about no LeBron James! Me and LeBron are best friends, BFF-esses, picnics in the park, brunch on Sundays, always from a respectable 500 feet away. Would I never violate the restraining order, never with the violations?

Michael Che: [Cut to Michael and Lavar] I mean even with LeBron, the Lakers are still off to a slow start. Do you think they need maybe more experience?

Lavar Ball: [Cut to Lavar] Hell no! What they need is a great coach, and I’ve got the perfect choice, me!

Michael Che: You?

Lavar Ball: [Cut to Michael and Lavar] That’s right. I would be an incredible coach, man. [Cut to Lavar] The first thing I’m going to do is make some personnel changes. Yeah, we’re going to be unstoppable with the starting lineup of LeBron, my older son Lonzo, my middle boy Liangelo, my youngest Lamelo, and my other son who was recently rescued from the matrix, Lemorpheous. [Cut to Michael and Lavar]

Michael Che: Now, your actual sons Liangelo and Lamelo just spent a year playing in Lithuania on a team you created.

Lavar Ball: You’re damn right, The Big Baller League.

Michael Che: How did they handle it?

Lavar Ball: What?

Michael Che: How did they handle?

Lavar Ball: Oh, [Cut to Lavar] they loved it. They could be rich teenagers in L.A., but instead, they were in lovely town of Villous, living the big baller lifestyle. Pierogi for breakfast, pierogi for lunch, and for dinner the burneyest cabbage dessert of Bucharest. It will run right through you like the China’s Huji river.

Michael Che: [Cut to Michael and Lavar] That sounds rough, man.

Lavar Ball: Oh you jealous? That we be ballin out every day. We just signed [Cut to Lavar] a Lucrative three-figure deal with the biggest video game console in all of Lithuania, the PlayStation 2 and the baller just had their grand finale game against the London Lions in Britain’s number one sport venue.

Michael Che: Wembley Stadium?

Lavar Ball: [Cut to Michael and Lavar] No, the Cover Box Arena in Stratford. This week, basketball. Next week, a production of “Sweeney Todd.”

Michael Che: That’s a long way from coaching the Lakers.

Lavar Ball: How dare you? [Cut to Lavar] My son owns that team. He owns the city. And he also owns the patent to the only sneaker that tracks your genealogy. Introducing the 23-SO3Es.

Michael Che: [Cut to Michael and Lavar] Track your genealogy, how does that even work?

Lavar Ball: Easy. You just get your grand mama to fill the shoe up with spit and in five to eight weeks will tell you her heritage with up to 14% accuracy. Never fully sure. Never fully sure.

Michael Che: Lavar Ball everybody. Weekend Update, Michael Che.