Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks

Darnell Hayes… Kenan Thompson

Keeley… Sasheer Zamata

Shanice… Leslie Jones

Doug… Tom Hanks

[Starts with Black Jeopardy intro]

Announcer: This is Black Jeopardy.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes in the stage]

Darnell Hayes: Yeah, wad up? Wad up, wad up, wad up? Welcome to Black Jeopardy, the only TV game show where the audience is in church clothes. I’m your host Darnell Hayes. Our contestants are Keeley.

[Cut to the contestants]

Keeley: Hi.

Darnell Hayes: Shanice.

Shanice: Okay now.

Darnell Hayes: And Doug.

[Doug is wearing Trump’s ‘Make America great again’ red hat]

Doug: How are you doing, sir?

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Oh, man! Doug, you sure you’re ready to play Black Jeopardy?

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: They told me a fellow can win some money, so let’s win some money. Get it done.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Well, I admire your confidence. Let’s see our categories. We got [cut to the game screen] ‘Big girls’, ‘Mm… I don’t know’, ‘You better’, ‘I’m gonna pray on this’, ‘they out here saying’, and as always, ‘white people’.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Okay, Keeley, you’re our returning champ. You pick.

[Cut to Keeley]

Keeley: Okay. Let’s do ‘you better’ for $200.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay, to answer there, you need hot sauce, duck sauce, soy sauce and safety pins. [buzzer sound] Keeley.

[Cut to Keeley]

Keeley: What is ‘you better take your ass to the kitchen and look in the packet drawer’.

Darnell Hayes: Yeah. [Cut to Darnell Hayes] Yeah, the packet drawer, yeah. Ha-ha. Yeah, every kitchen’s got one. You know.

[Cut to Keeley]

Keeley: Okay, let’s stay with ‘you better’ for $400.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay, the answer, your job wants to take $40 a month out of your check for a 401K. [buzzer sound] Shanice.

[Cut to Shanice]

Shanice: What is, ‘you better give me that money so I can buy me some scratch offs’.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Yeah, you damn right. You dam right. I mean, why do I need a retirement plan when I got monopoly millionaire’s club?

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: Yeah, I play that every week.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Well, that’s good for you. Okay, the board is your’s, Shanice.

[Cut to Shanice]

Shanice: Let’s go with ‘they out here saying’ for $200.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay, the answer, they out here saying, the new iPhone wants your trumbprint “for your protection”. [buzzer sound] Oh, okay then, Doug.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: What is, ‘I don’t think so. That’s how they get you.”

[Cut to t]

Darnell Hayes: Yes! [Darnell Hayes is surprised] Yes! That’s it.

[Cut to the contestants]

Keeley: Yes, I don’t trust that.

Shanice: Me neither.

Doug: I read that goes straight to the government.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Well, that is not bad, Doug. The board is your’s.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: Well, let’s go to ‘mm… I don’t know’ for four.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay, the answer there, he says his dog doesn’t bite. [buzzer sound] Shanice.

[Cut to Shanice]

Shanice: What is, mm, I don’t know, he got teeth, Downey.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Yeah, that’s it. Anything with teeth, you know. Anything with teeth.

[Cut to Shanice]

Shanice: Let’s stick with ‘mm… I don’t know’ for six.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay. Caitlyn Jenner says she belongs to the cover of essence magazine. [buzzer sound] Keeley.

[Cut to Keeley]

Keeley: What is, mm, I don’t know, you can’t do everything.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Yeah, yeah, that’s right. You know. I mean, there was a time.

Keeley: Absolutely.

[Cut to the contestants]

Doug: Oh yeah, I remember. Yeah.

[Cut to Keeley]

Keeley: Okay. Let’s go to ‘they out here saying’ for eight.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay. The answer there, they out here saying that every vote counts. [buzzer sound] Oh, Doug again.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: What is, come on, they already decided who wins, even ’fore it happens.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Yes! Yes! Yes! Man, the illuminati figured that out months ago. That’s another one for Doug.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: Okay, we’re doing it. Let’s try ‘they out here saying’  for six.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay. They out here saying, this movie doesn’t deserve an Oscar. [buzzer sound] Keeley.

[Cut to Keeley]

Keeley: What is, Tyler Perry’s “Boo! A Madea Halloween”?

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. You know, when that man puts on a moo-moo, I’m just transpoted.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: You know, I gotta tell you, I love those movies. I bought a box set at Walmart and if I can laugh and pray in 90 minutes, that is money well spent.

[Cut to everyone. Darnell Hayes walks to Doug]

Darnell Hayes: Oh, you know what, sir? I really appreciate you saying this. I like you.

[Darnell Hayes tries to shake his hands with Doug but Doug gets scared and puts his both hands up.]

No, no, it’s alright. It’s all good. [they shake their hands] It’s all good. Okay, yeah, yeah. It’s all good.

[Darnell Hayes walks back]

Darnell Hayes: Okay. Keeley, it’s your pick.

[Cut to Keeley]

Keeley: Let’s go to ‘you better’ for six.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay. The answer, the mechanic says you owe me $250 for new brake lines. [buzzer sound] Doug.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: What is, you better go to that dude in my neighborhood, he’ll fix anything for $40.

Darnell Hayes: Wow! You know Cecil?

Doug: Yeah, yeah. My Cecil’s name is Jim and he fixed my refrigerator, my air conditioner, and my cat.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Yeah. Everybody’s got a guy. Wow, you alright, Doug. Oh! Let’s just take a moment in here about today’s prizes. Johnny!

[Cut to Black Jeopardy intro]

Announcer: Thanks, Darnell. Today’s Black Jeopardy winner will receive ‘The good chair’. Grandaddy needs somewhere to sit. Give him the good chair. And Car Tape. The best tape for fixing your car. Car Tape. It’s duck tape. Back to you Darnell.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Well, Doug, I don’t know what’s going on but the board is your’s.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: Well, thank you so much Darnell. You people are fun. Can I say that? Is that okay?

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: [smiling] We’ll give you a pass this time.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: Okay, let’s go to ‘big girls’ for $200.

[Cut to the game screen]

Darnell Hayes: Okay, the answer there, skinny women can do this for you. [buzzer sound] Doug.

[Cut to Doug] Doug: What is, not a damn thing.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Yeah, you got it right. Yeah.

[Cut to the contestants. Keeley and Shanice are cheering for Doug]

Doug: My wife, she’s a sturdy gal.

Shanice: That is my man right there.

Darnell Hayes: Go Doug.

Darnell Hayes, Keeley and Shanice: Go Doug. Go Doug. Go Doug.

[banging sound]

Darnell Hayes: Oh! Oh! Oh! The sound of the broom hitting the ceiling below us means that the party has to stop. But, Doug. I have to say it has been a pleasure.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: Yeah, alright.

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: Alright well, let’s take a look at our final Jeopardy category, ‘lives that matter’.

[Cut to the audience. No one is pressing the buzzer and Keeley and Shanice is looking at Doug] [smiling] Well, it was good while it lasted, Doug.

[Cut to Doug]

Doug: I know, I got a lot to say about this…

[Cut to Darnell Hayes]

Darnell Hayes: [interrupting] Yeah, I’m sure you do. When we come back, we’ll play our national anthem and just see what the hell happens. We’ll be right back.

[The End]


Daniel… Alex Moffat

Tod… Mikey Day

Melony… Emily Blunt

Cara… Leslie Jones

[Starts with Daniel and Tod in a hotel suite]

Daniel: Dude, I’m so nervous. Ah!

Tod: Dude, why? They’re escorts. We’re paying them to like us.

[door knocking]

Alright, they’re here. Let them in.

Daniel: Okay, yeah.

[Daniel opens the door. Two women walk in]

Melony: Well, hello. We’re dates from elegant evenings.

Cara: May we come in?

Daniel: Yes, of course. Come in.

Melony: Thank you.

Cara: Executive suite, impressive. You two must do well for yourselves.

Melony: Or their daddies do.

[Daniel and Tod laughing]

Daniel: Well.

Melony: Nice to meet you. What’s your name? Daniel?

Daniel: I’m Melony. Don’t forget to breathe, sweetie.

Cara: So that makes you Tod. I hope you like what you see.

Tod: Oh, I love what I see. You’re even sexier than your picture on the website.

Daniel: Yeah. Ah, listen, we’ve never actually done this before. So, like, what do we do first?

Melony: Well, first we have a little chat. As you know, elegant evenings provides high class ladies as such, there are some rules. First kissing. I will kiss but only with this amount of tongue.

[Melony takes little of her tongue out and shows it]

Cara: I allow kissing with full tongue but only on the cheek.

Tod: Alright. Good to know. Good to know.

Daniel: So, um, what now?

Melony: We’re not done. Certain laundry detergents cause me to break out into an itchy raged rash and so you will have to strip all the sheets off the bed and we’ll enjoy each other’s company on the bare mattress.

Daniel: Just a bare hotel mattress? Isn’t that a little gross?

Melony: It’s not nearly as gross as the rash, Daniel.

Cara: And Tod, um, we need to come up with the safe word.

Daniel: Oh, um, I think I can handle it. I don’t need a safe word.

Cara: Um, yeah, you do. I’m a powerful woman, understand? I mean, stand up.

Tod: Okay.

[Tod and Cara stand up next to each other. Cara is very tall.]

Cara: Just look at our size difference. I’m gonna rag doll you, man. It’s gonna be like a sneaker in a dryer.

Tod: Yeah. Okay, yeah. Let’s pick a safe word.

Cara: Good. Our safe word is, “I’m scared, please stop.”

Tod: Okay. Um, question. What if I want to role play?

Cara: That’s fine. But I can only role play Stewie from the Family Guy.

Tod: [laughing] Stewie from Family Guy is my only option?

Cara: Yeah. It’s the only voice I can do but I’m really good at it. [in deep voice] “Hello Bryan. Look at all these imbeciles.” What do you think? You want some Stewie tonight?

Tod: Yeah, let’s play it by ear.

Cara: Yeah.

Melony: And Daniel, if you want to role play, I only do Patty Pendri Gast.

Daniel: Oh, um, I don’t know who that is.

Melony: Oh, she is an original character. She’s a clumsy maid and she has a catch phrase, [in British accent] “Oopsie doopsie, I mufffed you up again.”

Daniel: Wow, that’s really creative.

Cara: Tod, I need to separate business from personal. So tonight, I will be wearing these Lindsey Vonn oakley alpines. [puts on a skiing goggles]

Tod: Okay, you’re gonna wear those the entire time?

Cara: Yes, sir. The clothes come off, these come on.

Melony: And Daniel, I have a vitamin D depletion disorder. I’m require an extreme sort of a mountain milk on a daily basis. So while we’re being intimate, I will take several sudden milk breaks. I’m telling you this now so that you’re not scared because I will scream something like, “Get off me you douche, I need milk.” And I will sort of consume milk frantically.

Daniel: Thanks for the heads up.

Tod: Yeah. Um, do you ladies mind if we just talk for a second?

Melony: Not at all.

Tod: Excellent. Thank you.

[Daniel and Tod walk to the corner of the room.]

Daniel: Dude, I wish some of these stuffs had been in the website?

Tod: I mean for $5,000 each, I just kind of wish it said like, “Only role play as a Stewie and is kind of bad at the voice.”

Daniel: Right. Or, “Will stop sex to chug milk.” I mean, you’re still into this?

Melony: House keeping. [Cut to Melony] Patty Pendri Gast at your service. [Melony falls down] [Cut to Daniel and Tod]

Daniel: Oh, man! That is so not a turn on.

[Cut to Melony]

Melony: Oopsie doopsie, I mufffed you up again.

[Cut to Cara. She is wearing oakley goggles and has Stewie costume ready.]

Cara: Bryan! Do you want Stewie to put this on now or later?

[Cut to Daniel and Tod]

Daniel: Well, we’ll make a good story.

Tod: Yeah. Alright. Let’s lose our virginities.

Daniel: Boom!

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open

Martha Raddatz… Cecily Strong

Anderson Cooper… Alex Moffat

Donald Trump… Alec Baldwin

Hillary Clinton… Kate McKinnon

Patrice Brock… Leslie Jones

Ken Karpawoods… Beck Bennett

James Carter… Michael Che

Ken Bone… Bobby Moynihan

Carl Becker… Kyle Mooney

[Starts with The Presidential Debate intro] [Cut to Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper in their set]

Martha Raddatz: Hello and welcome to the second and worst ever presidential debate. I’m Martha Raddatz.

Anderson Cooper: And I’m Anderson Cooper. And before we begin, we just need to do one last thing.

[Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper takes a shot of tequila.]

Martha Raddatz: Ah, much better. Now let’s get this nightmare started. Please help us welcome the candidates. Republican nominee Donald Trump and can we say this yet?

Anderson Cooper: Probably fine.

Martha Raddatz: President Hillary Clinton.

[Cut to the stage. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walk in to their chairs.] [cheers and applause] [Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walk to the middle and then start staring at each other and walking around.] [Cut to Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper]

Martha Raddatz: Okay, thank you both for being here.

[Cut to Hillary Clinton]

Hillary Clinton: Thank you for having me. I’d like to begin tonight by attempting a casual lean. [Hillary Clinton leans on the chair that she’s supposed to sit on] Got it!

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: Martha, tonight I’m going to do three things. I’m going to huff. I’m going to puff. And I’m going to blow this whole thing.

[Cut to Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper]

Martha Raddatz: Now, tonight’s debate is a town hall which means we’ll be taking questions from voters in the audience. They are undecided, uncommitted and not remotely camera ready.

Anderson Cooper: Secretary Clinton, we’ll start with you. Your question comes from Patrice Brock.

[Cut to Patrice Brock in the audience]

Patrice: Hello. My question is do you feel that you’re modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth?

[Cut to Hillary Clinton]

Hillary Clinton: Hi, Patrice. Let me start by walking over to you just as I practiced. [walking near Patrice] Right, left, right, left. Speak. Now, Patrice, you’re a teacher?

Patrice: No.

Hillary Clinton: You have kids?

Patrice: No.

Hillary Clinton: You like kids?

Patrice: No.

Hillary Clinton: You’ve seen kids?

Patrice: Yeah.

Hillary Clinton: Okay, great. We’re bonding already. Oh, my friend Patrice. Patrice, I strive to be a positive role model for all children. Children like my daughter Chelsea and my granddaughter Chelsea Jr.

[Cut to Anderson Cooper]

Anderson Cooper: Mr. Trump, same question. Do you feel like your’e modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth?

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: No. Next.

[Cut to Anderson Cooper]

Anderson Cooper: So, you don’t care about the kids?

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: Listen, I love the kids. I love them so much I’d marry them. I’ve been helping kids my whole life and in 1992 I helped a kid named Kevin McCallister to find the hotel lobby. You might remember the documentary Home Alone II: Lost in New York.

[Cut to Martha Raddatz]

Martha Raddatz: Okay. Moving on, Mr. Trump, we received a lot of questions online about the audio tape that was released last week bragging about sexually assaulting women.

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: Listen, what I said is nothing compared to what Bill Clinton has done, okay? He has abused women and Martha, Anderson, hold on to your nips and your nuts because four of those women are here tonight. Four of them.

[Cut to Hillary Clinton]

Hillary Clinton: Wait, I’m sorry, who’s here? [sobbing and mocking] Mistresses? Bill, how could you? I would like to water the debate, now I’ll never be able to remember my facts and figures now. Oh, Donald, no! Get real. I’m made of steal. This is nothing. Hi girls.

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: Martha, she is trying to silence these women but they need to be respected. They need their voices heard.

[Cut to Martha Raddatz]

Martha Raddatz: What about the all the women accusing you of sexual assault?

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: They need to shut the hell up.

[Cut to Martha Raddatz]

Martha Raddatz: Alright, let’s move on. Our next question is from Ken Karpawoods.

[Cut to Ken Karpawoods in the audience]

Ken: Thank you, I’ve got the boring one. The affordable care act is not affordable. What will you do to bring the cost down and make coverage better?

[Cut to Hillary Clinton]

Hillary Clinton: Well, Ken, that’s a great question. I agree that Obamacare can be improved Ken, but it does have it’s benefits. [Donald Trump walks behind Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton doesn’t know it.] Number one, insurance companies can’t deny your coverages because of preexisting condition. [Donald Trump slowly walks near Hillary Clinton as she speaks] Number two, no lifetime limits which, you know, is a big deal if you have serious health problem. And number three– [Donald Trump runs behind Hillary Clinton and gets back to his place. Hillary Clinton doesn’t know about it.] Sorry, I thought I– And number three, women can’t be charged– [Donald Trump pass walks behind Hillary Clinton again. Hillary Clinton is looking around having no idea what’s going on.] Thought I– Women can’t be charged more than men for health insurance. Okay? And number four–

[Donald Trump jumps in and shouts at the mic. Hillary Clinton gets scared.] [Cut to Martha Raddatz]

Martha Raddatz: Okay, let’s take another question. This one comes from James Carter.

[Cut to James Carter in the audience.]

James: Good evening, Mr. Trump.

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: Oh, no!

[Cut to James]

James: My question is do you believe you can be a devoted president to all the people?

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: That is a great question, Denzel. Thank you for this question about the inner cities.

[Cut to James]

James: My name is James and I didn’t ask anything about no inner cities.

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: The inner cities are a mess, okay? Just last month I was in Detroit and everywhere I looked, there were violent, crazy people and lot of them had guns. And they were screaming horrible things like, “Trump for president.”

[Cut to James]

James: I think you were at one of your own rallies.

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: Martha, this black man is attacking me. Also, speaking of black men, you know who else should be in jail? Hillary Clinton. She has committed so many crimes, she is basically a black.

[Cut to Anderson Cooper]

Anderson Cooper: Secretary Clinton? Do you wish to respond to that?

[cut to Hillary Clinton]

Hillary Clinton: No, cool. Because as my best friend Michelle Obama once said, when they go low, you go high. God, I love that quote. Almost as memorable as when I said, “Trumped up trickled down economy.” Just a couple of equally famous quotes from a couple of equally lovable women.

[Cut to Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper]

Martha Raddatz: Alright, and now since everyone has been so good, it’s time for a special treat.

Anderson Cooper: That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen, [drums rolling] put your hands together for the one and only, Mr. Ken Bone.

[Cut to Ken Bone] [cheers and applause]

Ken Bone: You all ready for this?

[music starts playing and Ken Bone starts dancing.] [Cut to Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper]

Martha Raddatz: Oh my god, he is so cute.

Anderson Cooper: I really needed that right now.

Martha Raddatz: No, wait. Ken, you’re not gonna turn out to be a weird little creep or anything are you?

[Cut to Ken Bone]

Ken Bone: Maybe.

[Cut to Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper]

Martha Raddatz: God! We can’t have anything nice.

Anderson Cooper: Oh well. Well, we have time for one final question and it comes from Carl Becker.

[Cut to Carl Becker in the audience]

Carl: Good evening. My question is for Hillary. Tonight Donald Trump said you should be in jail. He said you have hate in your heart and he followed you around the stage like a shark. So my question is, what do you like about him?

[Cut to Hillary Clinton]

Hillary Clinton: Well, this one’s actually easy. Donald Trump and I disagree on almost everything but I do like how generous he is. Just last Friday, he handed me this election.

[Hillary Clinton starts showing some dance moves] [Cut to Anderson Cooper]

Anderson Cooper: Mr. Trump, one thing you like about Secretary Clinton?

[Cut to Donald Trump]

Donald Trump: I like that she’s a fighter and that she doesn’t give up. Which is why I need all my supporters to get out there and vote on election day, mark your calendars, write it down. Here is the day, it’s November 35th.

[Hillary Clinton jumps in.]

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: And live from New York, it’s Saturday night.


Aidy Bryant

Banessa Bayer

Malissa Villaseńor

Sasheer Zamata

Leslie Jones

[Starts with clips women dressed very nicely having fun]

Female voice: Beautiful, strong, gorgeous at any size. You’re a woman and you deserve clothes that fit and flatter. You are confident.

[Cut to Vanessa]

Vanessa: So confident.

Female voice: Prove them wrong. You rock.

[Cut to Melissa]

Melissa: I rock it.

Female voice: You rule the world.

[Cut to Aidy]

Aidy: Hell, yes I do.

Female voice: That’s why you shop at [growling] Chonk. [Aidy is confused] We know what women want. You wanna be glamorous. We know not every woman’s a runway model. hat’s why [growling] Chonk. [Vanessa and Melissa are confused] You’re a queen. You’re a goddess. You’re [growling] Chonk.

Aidy: I’m Chonk. Head to toe Chonk.

Female voice: No matter what size you are, you’ll still feel [growling] Chonk.

Vanessa: No.

Female voice: We’re the only store that accepts your unique body.

Sasheer: Unique?

[Cut to a little girl playing around]

Female voice: And try our twin girls department. Lil’–

[Aidy walks in and pulls away the girl]

Aidy: No. I don’t want this one. No.

Female voice: [growling] Chonk. Chonk. Chonk.

Leslie: You got one more Chonk, and that’s your ass.

Female voice: And for the guy in your life, visit our men’s store, ‘Normal clothes’.

[Cut to Bobby and Pete buying shirts]

Bobby: This shirt fit me.

Pate: Me too. I got everything I needed.

Bobby: Yeah. No problems here. Sweet.

Female voice: [singing] Every woman’s a [growling] Chonk!

Substitute teacher

Leslie Jones

Dale Sweez… Lin-Manuel Miranda

Kenan Thompson

Mikey Day

Pete Davidson

Sasheer Zamata

Melissa Villaseñor

[Starts with school bell ringing. Leslie enters the classroom.]

Leslie: Alright, alright. Settle down. [yelling] This class has already ran out of another teacher! So we got you a substitute today. Also, what is that smell in here? Your changing bodies are popping out so much sweat and now you trying to cover it up with Axe body spray? It’s not working! You stinking little hot pockets. Anyway, your substitute teacher is here, so shut up and listen to this dude.

[Dale Sweez walks in and Leslie leaves]

Dale Sweez: Wad up, fam? My name is Dale Sweez. You can call me Dale or you can call me Sweez. Let’s take the mister [pointing at Kenan] out of the picture.

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey. Mikey is shaking his head.]

Kenan: [laughing] Oh, man! Not this guy.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Hey, let me ask you a question me ambre. You like hiphop? You like dope beats? Well, what if I told you that the greatest rapper of all time isn’t Tupac, isn’t Biggie, it’s actually–

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Shakespeare.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: It’s actually Shakespeare.

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Mikey: Yeah, dude. We know. You’re not the first well meaning sub to try and reach us through hiphop.

Kenan: Let me guess, you’re about to open your laptop and perform a rap version of “Hamlet’s to be or not to be”.

[Cut to Dale Sweez using his laptop]

Dale Sweez: What? No!

[“Hamlet’s to be or not to be” rap version plays on his laptop, but he immediately stops it.]

No, I wasn’t gonna do that.

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Oh, wow. You already recorded it. Very sad.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: This is actually mad inspiring. Coz I came in here thinking I was the teacher, but maybe you guys are gonna be the ones to…

[Cut to the students]

Students: To teach you.

Dale Sweez: Damn!

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Mikey: Yeah, we’ve been through this so many times, man! There was that divorce lady who used hiphop to teach us poetry

[Cut to Pete and Sasheer]

Sasheer: Yeah. And remember that white ballet dancer from last week?

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Kenan: Yeah. First we taught her hiphop. And then she taught us ballet, but for some reason she could only teach us ballet through hiphop.

Mikey: I would love just like a quiet math class.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Well, let me tell you my story. It just might surprise you.

[Cut to Kenan and Mikey]

Kenan: Not… likely…

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: I went out to Hollywood, did the whole actor thing. I was out there for over seven weeks. You know how many parts I got? Zero. You know how many auditions I went on? Over four. One day I said to myself, “Wait a minute Dale, what if the greatest part in the greatest movie is Dale Sweez in a real life.”

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Cool, man. Before you even started talking, I wrote down “Went to Hollywood, failed hard.”

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Whoa! My man! You just put the whole system on trial. And so am I. We’re gonna watch a movie today. But not a movie for them. A movie for you.

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Them? Who is them? And please be specific.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: A little movie called Straight Outta Compton.

[Cut to Sasheer]

Sasheer: We’ve already watched that six times. I know it by heart.

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: Let’s start over. Seems like you B boys and home girls got it all figured out, right? What about you, slugger? You’ve been pretty quiet over there. [Dale Sweez walks to Melissa and patts her shoulder] Maybe you don’t want anyone to know that you can’t read.

[Cut to Sasheer]

Sasheer: You think she can’t read? This is an AP English class.

[Cut to Melissa]

Melissa: I am quiet because I’m stunned and embarrassed for you.

Students: Oh!

[Leslie enters]

Leslie: What the hell is going on here? Are you trying to touch a student?

[Cut to Dale Sweez]

Dale Sweez: I’m trying touch all these students. Wait!

Leslie: Man, get out of here.

[Cut to everybody]

Dale Sweez: I will get out and I’m taking my class with me. Follow me young scholars, to the field. Question everything.

[Dale Sweez walks out alone] [Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: Yeah, that’s a hard pass.

[Cut to Leslie]

Leslie: [yelling] And it still smells in here you little boogers!

Stranger Things

Ross Duffer… Mikey Day

Matt Duffer… Alex Moffat

Mike… Kyle Mooney

Dustin… Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lucas… Sasheer Zamata

Mom… Leslie Jones

Dad… Kenan Thompson

Will’s mom… Melissa Villaseńor

Eleven… Kate McKinnon

Jim Hopper… Beck Bennett

[Starts with Netflix: Behind The Scenes intro] [Cut to Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer in their set]

Ross Duffer: Hi, we’re the Duffer brothers. Our show ‘Stranger Things’ was the show of the summer.

Matt Duffer: In next season, we’re solving some of the first season’s biggest mysteries.

Ross Duffer: Like, where is the upside down?

Matt Duffer: Is Barb coming back?

Ross Duffer: And where is that black kid’s family?

Matt Duffer: Yeah.

Ross Duffer: Yeah.

Matt Duffer: It was a little overside on our part.

Ross Duffer: Oops.

Matt Duffer: So to knit this one into the bug before the blogs come after us…

Ross Duffer: Here is a sneak peak at Stranger Things season two.

Matt Duffer: Whooo!

[Cut to Stranger Things video bumper] [Cut to Mike, Dustin and Lucas on their bikes.]

Mike: Come on guys, this is the way to the upside down.

Dustin: Are you sure about this?

Mike: I don’t know. We gotta find Will.

Lucas: Yeah, Dustin, you’re such a baby.

Dustin: I’m not a baby. I’m just scared the monsters are gonna eat us.

Lucas: Whatever, I’m not scared of anything.

Woman’s voice: Lucas!

Lucas: Oh no. Oh god! It’s my parents.

[Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad walk in]

Lucas’s mom: Lucas! Where the hell have you been? We haven’t seen you in days.

Lucas’s dad: What makes you think you can be out this late? Kids in this town are getting snatched up by kidnappers.

[cut to Mike and Dustin]

Dustin: But it’s not kidnappers.

Mike: Yeah, it’s the demigorgan.

[Cut to Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad]

Lucas’s dad: A demi what?

Mike: It’s a monster and we’re looking for it.

[Cut to Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad]

Lucas’s mom: Lucas, I told you not to hang out with these little white kids.

Lucas: But we have to find the upside down.

Lucas’s dad: The what?

Lucas: It’s like the normal world but it’s scarier. And there’s danger at every turn.

Lucas’s mom: Baby, people who look like us already live in the upside down.

Lucas’s dad: Let me put it to you this way Lucas. You don’t have to go looking for scary stuff. It’s gonna find you.

Lucas: But Will’s in the upside down.

Lucas’s mom: Boy, I will beat your upside down.

Lucas: Okay. Yep, good point. Um, sorry guys. I’ve gotta go.

[Cut to Mike and Dustin]

Dustin: But Lucas?

Lucas’s mom: But nothing. You need to go home too. There needs to be a grown up with y’all.

Dustin: There is an adult, Will’s mom.

[Cut to Will’s mom, Mike and Dustin. Will’s mom is shaking and crying]

Will’s mom: [sobbing] It’s just that I– I wish I could– the lights. Oh, I don’t even know where I’m even supposed to start.

[Cut to Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad looking worried]

Lucas’s dad: Oh, na, this lady has lost her damn mind. Come on here Lucas. We’re taking you home.

[as Lucas’s dad is trying to hold Lucas, his hand is stopped] [weird sound]

What happened?

[Cut to Eleven standing beside Mike and Dustin]

Mike and Dustin: Eleven!

[Cut to Lucas, Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad]

Lucas’s mom: Man, who is this little creepy wood dude.

Lucas: Mom, she’s a girl. She has special powers and her name is Eleven.

[Cut to Eleven. Her nose is bleeding.] [Cut to Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad]

Lucas’s mom: Okay Eleven, I’m going to count to three and if you don’t let my husband go, I’m gonna take these five fingers across your scary ass. One… two…

[Eleven lets Lucas’s dad go.]

Mike: What happened? Did you lose your power?

Eleven: No, she really scared me.

[Jim Hopper walks in his police dress]

Jim: Oh, there you guys are.

[Cut to Lucas, Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad. They are scared of Jim.]

Lucas’s dad: [shouting] Oh! Monster!

Lucas: Mom, dad, you don’t have to be scared. This is the police chief.

Lucas’s dad: We know.

[Cut to Dustin]

Dustin: It’s okay. He’s on our side.

[Cut to Jim and Eleven]

Jim: Yeah, these are some of my [looking at Eleven] closest friends.

[Cut to Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad]

Lucas’s dad: I don’t like the way that sounds.

[Cut to Jim and Eleven]

Jim: Anyway, I’m glad I found you. El, here’s your frozen eggos.

[Eleven eats eggos wildly] [Cut to Lucas, Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad]

Lucas’s dad: Okay, let’s go. These white people crazy.

[Lucas, Lucas’s mom and Lucas’s dad leave] [Cut to Stranger Things video bumper]

Mr. Robot

Elliot… Pete Davidson

Leslie Jones

Margot Robbie

Mikey Day

[Starts with Mr. Robot intro]

Narrator: Now on USA, Mr. Robot, [Cut to clips from the movie] the award winning techno thrilling series about the paranoid mind of the world’s greatest hacker. He has already hacked the world economy. But now, he faces his greatest challenge yet.

[As Elliot is sitting down using his laptop in a cafe, Leslie approaches him]

Leslie: Hey, man. You know computers?

Elliot: Yeah. Who are you?

Leslie: Oh well, that hurts. Leslie Jones? SNL? You gotta help me find out who hacked my pics. Who got all my nasties!

Elliot: Um…

Narrator: The victim of the summer’s biggest hack turns the tables with the help of TV’s most notorious hacker.

[Cut to Elliot and Leslie in an gaming arcade]

Leslie: I got my laptop right here in my willy bag. You do know Windows 95, right? Cool. That’s the cord. Plug that bad boy in and let it warm up for an hour.

Narrator: It’s a puzzle unlike any he’s faced before.

[Elliot is on his computer and Leslie is playing games]

Leslie: Yo dude, how you doing over there?

Elliot: Still trying to get the lay of the land. So many delta are here. [The desktop has so many shortcut icons]

Narrator: It’s a job for the whole f. society team.

[Cut to Margot speaking to Elliot]

Margot: What the hell, Elliot? Who is she? This is not safe. Why are you helping her?

Leslie: Yo bitch! [Leslie walks in] I do not need this right now. For real.

Margot: Okay. Yea, sorry. Sorry.

Narrator: A dive into the broken mind of an unstable genius, and the hacker she hired to help.

[Cut to Elliot and Leslie]

Leslie: Come on, put my password in. P-A-S-S–

[Elliot puts the password by himself]

Hey, you got it, dude! It was Password. Damn, you is good, dude!
[Cut to Mikey who is Elliot’s conscience]

Mikey: But you could be great if you didn’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Leslie: [to Mikey] Oh, well hello there.

Elliot: You can see Mr. Robot?

Leslie: So, is there a Mrs. Robot.

Elliot: No, he’s a ghost. He’s dead.

Leslie: Pfft! I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Narrator: With a startling conclusion you won’t believe.

[Elliot meets Leslie at the partk]

Elliot: Leslie, I found your hacker.

[Elliot passes an envelope to Leslie. Leslie opens the envelope and pulls out a photo.]

Leslie: Who is this bitch? Oh, that’s me!

Elliot: It seems you backed up your photos to your online website. I don’t know how you did it. It’s actually really hard to do.

Leslie: Well, I go a photoshoot with M-check magazine that I’m two days late for. So, thank you for this.

Elliot: [thinking] I should probably feel something right now but I dont’.

Leslie: Hold on man! Hold on, hold on man. [Leslie holds Elliot and pulls him to his left.] This just don’t feel balanced. Good god! Alright. Get some vitamins, man! Get some sleep. Y’all millennials don’t take care of yourself.

Narrator: Bi-ba-bu-bu-bi-bop. Mr. Robot

Margot Robbie Monologue

Margot Robbie

Kenan Thompson

Leslie Jones

Cecily Strong

Pete Davidson

Aidy Bryant

[Starts with SNL monologue intro] [Cut to SNL stage] [Band is playing music]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Margot Robbie.

[Margot Robbie walks in and to the stage] [cheers and applause]

Margot Robbie: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. It is so great to be here tonight hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. And it’s great to be here in America during this election. I mean this is how you guys really do it. [audience laughing] I mean it’s– It’s nuts! I mean like, everybody just lies. It’s crazy. Um, which is why tonight I am going to be Margot Robbie00% honest with you. And just in case I ever do lie, I will be fact checking my own monologue. But don’t worry, I never lie.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

I lie all the time. My name isn’t even Margot Robbie. It’s Margot Robert.

[Cut to main camera]

Now, some of you may know me from my movie ‘Suicide Squad’. [cheers and applause] Or, from my new indie film ‘The Millionaire’s Daughter’. [cheers and applause] Thank you. Thank you.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

It’s not a real movie. I just made it up to see if you guys could clap and you did.

[Cut to main camera]

But seriously, Suicide Squad was such a great movie to work on. Jared Leto stating character like the whole time which was so, so fun.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

Not fun, it was kind of uncomfortable.

[Cut to main camera]

Just, it was fun. And now I’m here hosting SNL. [cheers and applause]

Honestly, everyone has been so welcoming this week. Especially Lorne. On Monday he walked me through the whole week and told me he is huge fan of mine. That really meant a lot.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie is looking at the camera.]

I’ve never really met Lorne.

[Cut to main camera]

Lorne is the best. He is–

[Kenan Thompson walks in]

Kenan Thompson: Hey, Margot.

Margot Robbie: Kenan, hi.

[cheers and applause]

Kenan Thompson: Wow. Season premiere. How cool is this? Man, I was so excited last night, I could not sleep.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Kenan Thompson is looking at the camera.]

This is my 14th season. I slept like a baby.

[Cut to main camera] [Kenan Thompson walks out and Leslie Jones walks in]

Leslie Jones: Ay! Ay!

[cheers and applause]

I’m sorry to interrupt. I just have to say I am such a huge fan of your’s. I love you Kate Upton.

Margot Robbie: Oh. Um, Leslie, I’m not– I’m not Kate Upton. I’m Margot Robbie.

Leslie Jones: Oh! Oh, for real? I’m sorry. I’m really embarrassed.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Leslie Jones  is looking at the camera.]

I’m not embarrassed. I’ve done way worse. I called Kate McKinnon Kate Middleton for a year.

[Cut to main camera]

Well, Margot, here’s something I do know. You and I have the same birthday.

Margot Robbie: Oh, no way. July 2nd?

Leslie Jones: Yeah.

Margot Robbie: 1990?

[Leslie Jones is angry]

Leslie Jones: Yeah!

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Leslie Jones looks at the camera and leaves without saying anything.] [Cut to main camera] [Cecily Strong walks in]

Cecily Strong: That’s my girl, Margot.

Margot Robbie: You guys. Cecily has been my best friend this week. She’s really shown me the fancy side of New York. Last night we even went to the ballet.

Cecily Strong: We did.

[Cut to Fact Check camera. Margot Robbie and Cecily Strong is looking at the camera.]

We didn’t. We went to a bar called ‘Dukies’ and got wasted.

Margot Robbie: I fell into a toilet.

Cecily Strong: And I rode a mechanical bull.

[Cecily Strong turns around to another Fact Check camera[

It wasn’t a bull. It was a guy named Beef.

[Cut to main camera] [Cecily Strong leaves and Pete Davidson walks in]

Pete Davidson: Am, hey Margot. Hey.

[cheers and applause]

Hi. Well, my name’s Pete Davidson and um, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but people say I’m like, kind of the hottie of the cast.

[audience laughing] [Cut to Fact Check camera. Pete Davidson is looking at the camera.]

What? People say that.

[Cut to main camera] [Pete Davidson leaves and Aidy Bryant walks in]

Aidy Bryant: Margot, hey. Oh, man! It has been so fun having you here this week. Honestly, I think you’re my favorite host of all time.

Margot Robbie: Aw, Aidy that is so sweet.

[Margot Robbie and Aidy Bryant hug] [Cut to Fact Check camera. Aidy Bryant is looking at the camera hugging Margot Robbie.]

Aidy Bryant: Don’t worry Drake. You’re my baby forever. I love you.

[Cut to main camera]

Margot Robbie: Anyway, we have got a great season premiere for you tonight. The Weeknd is here. So stick around and we’ll be right back.

Live Report

Beth Runyon… Cecily Strong

Jack Trask… Beck Bennett

Neil McNabb… Kenan Thompson

Alexandria… Margot Robbie

Mat… Mikey Day

Reed Dodden… Alex Moffat

Karen Hoffstedder… Leslie Jones

[Starts with Action 9 News at Five intro]

Announcer: Action 9 News at Five intro: Eye on Tampa.

[Cut to Beth Runyon and Jack Trask in their news set]

Beth Runyon: Good evening, I’m Beth Runyon.

Jack Trask: And I’m Jack Trask. Our top story tonight, panic in downtown Tampa as the 70 foot wide sinkhole opened up in the Westfield shopping center parking lot.

Beth Runyon: Action 9’s Neil McNabb is live on the scene. Neil.

[Cut to Neil McNabb at the scene]

Neil McNabb: Thank you Beth. Quite a chaotic scene here. Emergency crews are working hard to assess the damage. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. Including these two shoppers.

[Alexandria and Mat walk in. Alexandria is a beautiful lady and Mat looks like old fashioned geek.]

Um, can you tell us what happened?

Alexandria: Yeah. Sorry, I’m still shaking. Um, I was walking towards my car and all of a sudden it sort of just felt like the ground is melting.

Mat: Yeah. Cars fell in. It was crazy. I’m just very happy my wife and I are okay.

[Neil McNabb is looking at Mat being shocked]

Neil McNabb: This is your wife?

Mat: Um, yes.

Neil McNabb: So, you two are married to each other?

Alexandria: Yes, sir.

Neil McNabb: I’m just making sure I heard that right. Hah! Well, close call here today for this multi-millionaire and his lovely wife.

[Mat is confused]

Mat: Um, I’m not a millionaire.

Neil McNabb: Oh, I apologize. I assumed you were a very wealthy man.

Mat: Yeah, I wish. She’s kind of the breadwinner in our house.

Alexandria: Aw! We’re a team. And if I felt weird about being the main income earner, I wouldn’t have married a puppeteer.

Neil McNabb: [yelling in shock] He does puppets? [coming back to sense] I’m sorry. I’m sorry I yelled. It’s just a lot happening.

[Cut to Beth Runyon and Jack Trask]

Beth Runyon: Folks, if you can hear me through the monitor there, did you see how many vehicles fell into the sinkhole?

Jack Trask: And also, sir, I’m wondering if you have famous parents or something?

[Cut to Neil McNabb, Alexandria and Mat]

Mat: Sorry, it’s a little loud. Um, you asked how many cars fell in? I guess seven or eight.

Alexandria: Including our Kia Sportage.

Neil McNabb: You drive this smoke show around in a Kia Sportage?

Mat: I’m sorry. Are you mad at me, sir?

Neil McNabb: No, I’m just little overwhelmed by the scene here today. Still a lot of unanswered questions. I’m live in Downtown Tampa with, I’m sorry, what’s your name?

Mat: Matshatt.

Neil McNabb: Your name is Mat Shatt?

Mat: Yes, Shatt with two Ts.

Neil McNabb: Doesn’t make it any better. And you married this woman whose name is?

Alexandria: Alexandria Kennedy Shatt.

Neil McNabb: She’s a Kennedy and she put a Shatt on it. Back to you.

[Cut to Beth Runyon and Jack Trask]

Jack Trask: I think with the last name Shatt, you go with Matthew, right?

Beth Runyon: Yeah, I don’t know. Um, joining us now via webcam, [Cut to split screen with Beth Runyon and Reed Dodden] is caltech seismology professor, Reed Dodden who’s an expert on sinkholes. Professor, what causes something like this to happen?

Reed Dodden: Well, it varies. Um, most likely they were childhood friends who grew up together and that blossomed into a romance overtime.

Beth Runyon: Professor, I believe you’re referring to the couple that was just interviewed. I was asking about the sinkhole.

Reed Dodden: Oh, it’s pretty much always underground water.

[Cut to Beth Runyon and Jack Trask]

Beth Runyon: Okay. Neil, any sign of water damage down there?

[Cut to Neil McNabb, Alexandria and Mat]

Neil McNabb: Oh, absolutely. If you could just pan down a little bit, Rick?

[The camera shows the ground they are stepping on. Mat is wearing red Crocs slippers.]

You’ll see that there’s mud and– Oh my god!

[Neil McNabb is pointing at Mat’s Crocs]

Mat Shatt is wearing Crocs and socks. He’s married to the lord’s mistress and he’s wearing Crocs with socks. [yelling] Sending it back to you in the studio.

[Cut to Beth Runyon]

Beth Runyon: Okay, well, we’ll update you as the situation develops. We now turn to Karen Hoffstedder with sports. [Cut to split screen with Beth Runyon and Karen Hoffstedder] Big game this weekend.

Karen Hoffstedder: Yeah, the Bucks is playing the Broncos. Okay, I got two theories. [Cut to Karen Hoffstedder] One, this dude Mat is packing a tree trunk in his pants. Or two, he kidnapped her and she got Stockholm Syndrome.

[Cut to Neil McNabb, Alexandria and Mat]

Alexandria: I’m sorry. We can still hear you. And for the record, I’m with my husband because he is one of the strongest men I’ve ever met. Most men would be mad at the world if they were born with just testicles and no penis. Not my Mat Shatt.

Neil McNabb: [shaky voice] Neil McNabb reporting live from a world that no longer makes sense.

[Cut to Beth Runyon and Jack Trask]

Beth Runyon: Thank you, Neil. Quiet a situation in Downtown Tampa.

Jack Trask: Yeah. And there’s that sinkhole too.

Beth Runyon: Jack! We’ll be right back.

[Ends with Action 9 News at Five outro]

Weekend Update Leslie Jones

Colin Jost

Leslie Jones

[Starts with Colin Jost in his set]

Colin Jost: There’s an inspirational video that’s gone viral called ‘It’s never too late’, which claims you’re never too old to follow your dreams. Here to comment is our own Leslie Joes.

[Leslie Jones slides in]

Leslie Jones: Thank you, Colin. Great to be here.

Colin Jost: How are you feeling, Leslie?

Leslie Jones:  Oh, Oh, Colin. Oh . Man, I’m 48 and last month I tore my ACL playing a Ninja in a comic sketch. My whole life I wanted to be a Ninja, but my 48 year old knee was like, “Bitch, you is not a Ninja.” The only thing you do good in black pajamas is watched the chill. But the video made me realize that you can achieve your dreams at any age. Did you know that Harrison Ford at 30 was a carpenter? Vera Wang didn’t design her first dress until she was 40? Even Captain Crunch joined the Navy at 50. All I’m saying is that you youngs are just running around here trying to be somebody when you don’t even know who you are yet. You know what happened to Oprah at Leslie Jones3? She got fired. Imagine firing Oprah.

Colin Jost: Yeah. Well that was a mistake.

Leslie Jones: No, it wasn’t because she wasn’t Oprah. She was just some Leslie Jones3 year old punk who needed to get fired, so she could become Oprah. Sometimes you got to fail to succeed. I did.

Colin Jost: Well, okay. What were you doing at Leslie Jones3?

Leslie Jones: Man, I don’t know. The first part of my twenties is like a sexual blur. Then I was fired from some temp jobs, UPS, but I’m glad I got fired. Lorne Michaels created SNL 41 years ago, but maybe if he had got fired like Oprah, he wouldn’t still be working the same damn job. Also, our generation is just much healthier now. You know, we’re the new old. My dad didn’t hydrate. He drank scotch. My dad didn’t exercise. He drank scotch. People will take care of themselves now. You know, we do politely. We got Jamie Lee Curtis keeping us regular. We you yoga.

Colin Jost: You do yoga? Well, namaste. And also, what’s your favorite position?

Leslie Jones: Downward facing Colin. I just wanna know where you’re staying, Jost.

Colin Jost: Leslie Jones, eveyrone.