Levi’s Wokes

Mikey: My jeans tell me I’m a man.

Kate: My jeans tell me I’m a woman.

Kenan: They tell me I’m relaxed.

Pete: That I’m skinny.

Boy: A child.

Ryan: Yo! You don’t know me, jeans.

Leslie: I’m not a style.

Pete: I’m not a size.

Ryan: That’s not me.

Boy: I am not a child.

Heidi: I’m me.

Chris: I’m unique.

Mikey: I’m woke.

Kenan: Woke.

Leslie: Woke.

Mikey: I’m woke.

Kate: So, why aren’t my jeans?

Female voice: Now, they are. Introducing Levi’s Wokes. Sizeless, style neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that despises labels. Levi’s heard that if you’re not woke, it’s bad. So we made these.

Chris: Defining someone by their style, that’s offensive.

Pete: That’s why Levi Wokes have no style.

Leslie: What’s my size? Why don’t you try asking me about my accomplishments?

Heidi: My wokes are size me.

Kate: They fit everybody.

Kenan: Because they fit nobody.

Leslie: So what colors do they come in?

Chris: Colors?

Ryan: I’m triggered!

Mikey: This color.

Pete: Can you label this color?

Female voice: That is the color greb.

Chris: They not brown, but they not not brown.

Heidi: It’s a handful of colors. None of which are dominant.

Mikey: Just like our country. Oh, wait. Woke!

Leslie: Let’s talk pockets.

Pete: Pockets sold separately.

Mikey: Yo! Who says I have hands?

Kenan: You getting this yet? The jeans are woke.

Kate: Do they come on men’s and women’s?

Ryan: Nah!

Mikey: Do they come in person?

Ryan: What do you think?

Leslie: That’s why wokes got a uni fly.

Female voice: 180 degrees gender non-conformity.

Chris: My jeans let me decide how I go to the bathroom. Do your’s?

Kenan: What don’t you get? They Woke!

Pete: Woke.

Kate: Get Woke.

Ryan: Wear Woke.

Mikey: Yo, hold up. Are my wokes made in some factory by Indonesian kids?

Pete: Nah! They made right here in the USA–

Leslie: — by white kids.

Ryan: Wake up with Levi’s Wokes.

All: Woke.

Female voice: Levi Woke, available exclusively at Ross.