Shondra and Malik

Vanessa Bayer

Shondra… Leslie Jones

Malik… Kenan Thompson

[Starts with video clips of New York streets] [hip hop music playing] [Shondra & Malik video bumper]

Vanessa: I’m just saying be careful out here. You don’t need that stress.

Shondra: Man, ain’t nobody worried about Malik. It’s going to be what it’s going to be. [a car is coming over] Here comes this fool now.

Vanessa: We’ll take it down the block. I don’t want to be involved.

[Vanessa walks away] [The car pulls over and Malik comes out.]

Malik: Shondra! What I’d told you about being on my block?

Shondra: Man, this ain’t your block. And you ain’t the only one allowed to make money out here, Malik. You think you can just roll up on me by yourself?

Malik: Yo, I ain’t never along. [showing his handgun]

Shondra: [laughing] You ain’t saying nothing. What’s good then? [Showing her handgun]

Malik: Oh, so that’s how you want it?

Shondra: It’s whatever, fool.

[Vanessa walks in]

Vanessa: Hey, cops.

[police car drives by]

Malik: Ya, aite! You lucky it’s hot out here.

Shondra: No, you lucky.

Malik: We’re gonna see about that. Don’t let me catch you on this block again, Shondra. It’s going down.

Shondra: Whatever.

Malik: It’s going to be a problem.

[Malik gets in the car but the engine doesn’t start.]

Shondra: Ay! Ay, you’re flooding it, man.

Malik: I’m not.

Vanessa: Sounds flooded, babe.

Malik: Come on, up!

[the engine starts]

Yeah! There it go. There it go. You know what? [Malik gets out of the car again] Like I said, don’t let me catch you on this block again, alright? Don’t let me catch you slipping.

Shondra: You ain’t going to never catch me slipping, homey.

[Malik gets in the car]

Malik: That’s all I gots to say. I’m out.

[the engine breaks] [Cut to Shondra looking at the engine bonnet for Malik]

Malik: So what you think it is? The starter or the alternator?

Shondra: I don’t know, man. But this belt is pretty worn out. You need to get it changed.

Malik: Well, can’t you just get it going for now?

Shondra: That’s what I’m trying to do. Go get in the car and try to see if it will start.

Malik: Alright.

[Malik gets in the car. The engine starts.]

Yeah. Yeah.

Shondra: Alright. Yeah, man!

Malik: I appreciate that. I appreciate that. But this don’t change nothing. [a lot of smoke is coming out of Malik’s car] If I see you out here again, it’s gonna be a problem.

Shondra: [looking at the car] Dude, it’s smoking.

Malik: That’s me? I’m doing that?

Shondra: Yeah. That’s you.

Malik: Wait a minute. Okay now, this is P, this is reverse–

Shondra: What are you doing? Put it in drive, dude!

Malik: I am putting it in drive. Wait, that’s D, right?

Shondra: Man, you is stupid. Whose car is this?

[Malik turns the car off]

Malik: What? Man, you stupid. Especially if I catch you on my block again, you know what I”m saying?

Shondra: Man, you know what homey? You’re going to have to do what you gonna do, because– Ah! Ah! [putting her hand on her chest]

Malik: What’s wrong? What’s the matter?

Shondra: It’s my chest, man.

[Vanessa walks in]

Vanessa: Hey, that’s probably your heart. You’ve got to stop it with that stress.

Shondra: I think I need to go to the hospital. Somebody call me an ambulance, man.

Malik: I can run you over there.

Shondra: What? No! Not in this raggedy car, you can’t even get it started.

Malik: Man, ambulance is gonna take too long. Come on, I’ll take you over there now. [to Vanessa] Yeah, help me get her in the car.

Vanessa: Alright.

Malik: Here we go.

[Cut to everybody in the car]

Malik: Come on! [the engine doesn’t start]

Shondra: I told you we should have called an ambulance.

[the engine starts]

Malik: Ah! Yeah! So you ain’t think it was going to start. Just hang on.

Shondra: You know what, Malik? Thanks man. If I don’t make it–

Malik: Come on, man. Don’t talk crazy, man, I got you, your’e going to be alright.

Vanessa: Does anyone smell gas?

[The car bursts into fire.]