Movie Interview

Amy Lapore… Cecily Strong

Adam Perkins… Kyle Mooney

Sarah Wilner… Felicity Jones

Sam Stevens… Beck Bennett

[Starts with Fandango All Access video bumper]

[Cut to Amy Lapore in her set]
Amy Lapore: Hi, I’m Amy Lapore and you’re watching Fandango All Access. Fandango was just a website. Now look at us. I’m here with writer/director Adam Perkins.

Adam Perkins: Thank you for having me.

Amy Lapore: Adam, this week you joined a growing chorus of actors and directors speaking to Hollywood’s invaluable role in politics. You tweeted, “Now, more than ever we artists must rise up, dig deep, and create.” Can you say a little more about that?

Adam Perkins: Thanks, Amy. Yeah. People really responded to that. You know, in this political climate, artists have a responsibility to make good work, no matter the cost.

Amy Lapore: Also joining me are Sarah Wilner and Sam Stevens.

Sarah Wilner: Hi.

Sam Stevens: Good to be here.

Amy Lapore: They’re the stars of Adam’s new movie, ‘Hot Robot 3: Journey to Boob Mountain.’ Now, we know from the first Hot Robot movie that, Sarah, you play hot robot, bisexual robot exchange student from Sweden.

Sarah Wilner: That’s right, Amy. There’s so much about her story that resonates today because Hot Robot is an immigrant and also Hot Robot is a robot.

Amy Lapore: And Sam, you fall in love with Hot Robot as Danny Burke, A.K.A. Skidmark.

Sam Stevens: Yes. Um, it was great to dive back into Skidmark.

Amy Lapore: Now, it’s been said the Hot Robot movies dare to ask the question, “What if American Pie had robots?” In ‘Journey to Boob Mountain’, what’s changed?

Sarah Wilner: Amy, I think the actual world around us has changed in a very scary way. The third Hot Robot film has a duty to reflect that. That’s why Hot Robot’s boos have gotten bigger and pointier.

Sam Stevens: Absolutely. In Robot 1, Skidmark first catches Hot Robot’s eye–

Amy Lapore: By making a bong out of hamburger buns.

Sam Stevens: In the cafeteria of college. Right. Yes. Um, but in the third film, Skidmark and his buddy Tweezer go to the factory Double D4 20, to get all the Hot Robots to harness their boob energy.

Adam Perkins: Yeah. Obviously, there’s a lot of anger about the election in that choice, but also a lot of hope. You know, if we could all harness out boob energy, who knows what we could accomplish?

Sarah Wilner: Yes. Now more than ever, artists must speak truth to power. I mean, that’s what the whole horny grandma scene is about.

Amy Lapore: Um, you’re talking about the scene where the nerd robot loses his virginity to a bus full of grandmas?

Sam Stevens: Absolutely–

Adam Perkins: I think that–

Sam Stevens: Oops, please, go ahead.

Adam Perkins: No, no.

Sam Stevens: No, please.

Adam Perkins: Well, thank you. I think that scene is about all of us. I think the horny grandmas are storytellers.

Amy Lapore: I noticed that all the grandmas were played by twenty year olds. Was that deliberate?

Adam Perkins: Ah! Good eye, Amy. Yeah, it was an illusion to utopia where no women are discarded because all women are hot.

Sarah Wilner: Oh! Sorry, that just gave me chills.

Amy Lapore: Alright, guys. Let’s get serious for a moment. The day after the election, you guys had a shoot day. What was that like?

Sam Stevens: Whew! Hmm, that was a hard one.

Sarah Wilner: Ah! Adam, who was so strong the whole day said, “Guys, just put everything you’re feeling about the election into this scene.”

Amy Lapore: I think we have a clip of that.

[Cut to the clip from the movie]

Sam Stevens: Ooh! We made it to Boob Mountain. But will I ever see you again?

Sarah Wilner: [robot voice] Me not know.

Sam Stevens: What about one last boink?

Sarah Wilner: [robot voice] Boink initiated.

[Sarah Wilner raises her both feet straight above her.

[Sam Stevens is shocked]

[Cut back to the show set]

Sarah Wilner: That was November 9th.

Amy Lapore: Wow. Alright, guys, I have one more question. And this is for anyone. If you could say anything to president-elect Trump, what would it be?

Sarah Wilner: I think I would quote my character, Hot Robot. “Me may be robot, but me love Skidmark until me go sleep sleep, bye-bye.”

Sam Stevens: [sobbing] I’m sorry. I just imagined Obama saying that.

Amy Lapore: Thanks for talking with me today, guys. ‘Hot Robot 3: Journey to Boob Mountain’ comes out January 15th, exclusively on Samsung Gear VR.