Mr. Reynolds… Kenan Thompson

Megan Thee Stallion

Molly Kearney

Devon Walker

James Austin Johnson

[Starts with Mr. Reynolds visiting his daughter’s country house. There’s Megan, Devon and their friends.]

Mr. Reynolds: My goodness, my goodness. I can’t believe my daughter lives in this beautiful house.

Molly: It really is so cozy.

Megan: Thanks everybody. I know it’s remote, but we love it.

Devon: And the schools are great, you know, if you decide to have kids one day.

Mr. Reynolds: One day? You need them now.

Megan: Dad Stop.

Mr. Reynolds: Well, I will not stop. I will never stop on that.

James: Well you guys, look out the window. There’s a deer in your woods.

Megan: Oh really? A deer? Where is it?

James: It’s right there by that pine tree.

[everybody goes to the window to have a look]

Molly: Oh, right. Cute.

Mr. Reynolds: Where is it? I don’t see it.

Devon:  It’s right by the pine tree, dad, look.

Megan: Awww. He a big one. Or is it a girl deer because it don’t have horns.

Mr. Reynolds: Where’s this deer you’re talking about?

Molly: It’s by the pine tree, Mr. Reynolds.

Mr. Reynolds: I know what it’s by. But where’s that?

Megan: It’s right there, dad. Do you see the two rocks?

Mr. Reynolds: I thought I was looking for a deer. Now I got to find rocks.

Molly: There’s two big round rocks, Mr. Reynolds.

Mr. Reynolds: Okay. Don’t yell at me. Just show me where the deer is that.

Megan: Do you see where I’m pointing?

Mr. Reynolds: Yes. At rocks.

Megan: Dad, bring your eyes by my hand and follow the arc of the point.

Mr. Reynolds: You know what? Nevermind. I don’t need to see it.

Megan: Dad just follow the arc of my point with your eyes to the deer.

Mr. Reynolds: I said it’s okay. I don’t really care.

Megan: But it’s right there. Just make your eyes go in line with the angle of my point.

Mr. Reynolds: [yelling] I said forget it. I don’t need to see no deer. Deers are boring anyway.

James: Oh my god. There’s a bunny riding on the back of the deer.

Mr. Reynolds: Oh now what? Where’s that happening now?

[There’s really a bunny on a deer’s back]

Devon: Aww, and the bunny has a tail.

Mr. Reynolds: Okay, and if I wanted to see that, where exactly would I look?

Devon: It’s walking straight towards us. See? Look.

Megan: Dad. Imagine a laser coming from my finger.

Mr. Reynolds: What?

Megan: Do you see the third clouds on the side of the sky?

Mr. Reynolds: The side of the sky?

James: It’s right there at 12 o’clock.

Mr. Reynolds: Was that east coast time or the west coast time?

Molly: There’s no difference.

Mr. Reynolds: Oh, just shut up.

Devon: The deers right there. You have to see it.

Mr. Reynolds:  Yeah, but I don’t and I don’t want to. Shoot. I think you’re making all this up.

Megan: Alright, daddy. It’s okay. Let’s just talk about something else.

James: Yeah, it’s not that great of a deer anyway.

Molly: Oh my god, it’s at the window, Mr. Reynolds. Look.

[It’s jus behind Mr. Reynolds, peeking in through the window.]

Mr. Reynolds: I will not. I have lost all interest in the deer.

Megan: But it’s right there waving at us.

[The deer is actually waving at them]

Mr. Reynolds: I don’t care is doing the Macarena.

James: For the love of God, just turn around and you’ll see it.

Mr. Reynolds: Okay fine. But it better be there.

[as Mr. Reynolds turns around, the deer ducks and hides]

You know, I’m gonna burn this whole house down.

Molly: It was right there. It just ducked down somewhere.

Mr. Reynolds: Yeah, y’all messing with me. Just like when you pulled my pants down at the Yankee game.

Devon: I didn’t pull your pants down. They were loose, they fell on their own.

Mr. Reynolds: Yeah, whatever. everybody always messing with me.

James: Oh my god.

[Megan looks around and jumps away being scared.]

Megan: Oh my god, daddy. The deer’s in the house.

[The deer is just behind the couch that Mr. Reynolds’s sitting on]

Mr. Reynolds: I don’t want to hear about no deer.

James: It’s right behind you.

Mr. Reynolds: Hue? Who is Hue?

Megan: Not Hue. You.

Mr. Reynolds: Will ya’ll please stop messing with me?

Molly: Mr. Reynolds, it’s got a knife.

Mr. Reynolds: What? [Mr. Reynolds looks around. The deer is really holding a knife. Mr. Reynolds being shocked, punches the deer down.]

Megan: Oh my god, daddy, you saved us.

Mr. Reynolds: That’s right. Pack your bags, girl. You move in back to the city. Out here fooling with these deers.

[sad music playing]

Megan: No. No, daddy. We love it out here. I know you worry about me but I promise we’re gonna be okay.

Mr. Reynolds: Well, you know I do worry. Maybe you right? Maybe my baby girl…

Molly: Oh my god. Mr. Reynolds, the deer is pulling down your pants.

Mr. Reynolds: Hey, get off my pants, you porno deer. What’s wrong with you? Everybody messing with me.


Heidi Gardner

Mr. Reynolds… Pete Davidson

Judge… Kenan Thompson

James Franco

Delivery boy… Chris Redd

[Starts with Heidi asking questions to Mr. Reynolds in the court]

Heidi: Would you remind the jury again of the make and model of your car?

Mr. Reynolds: Um, yes. I drive a 93, Toyota Corolla.

Heidi: Which witnesses say was never at the scene of the crime. Thank you. No further questions you honor.

Judge: Alright. Very well.

James: Your honor, the prosecution would like to cross examine the witness.

Judge: Well, the floor is your’s, counselor.

James: Mr. Reynolds, would you please remind me one more time about your whereabouts on the night in question.

Mr. Reynolds: Sure. Like I already said, I was at Venny’s having two slices of Za.

James: Ah! That’s what I thought you said. Well, I find that really interesting because I happen to have a menu from Venny’s pizza pizzaria right here. Let’s see if we can find ourselves a couple of slices of Za. [James looks at the menu he has brought] Cheese pizza. Pepperoni pizza. Ham and pineapple pizza. And that’s all she wrote, your honor. I rest my case.

Judge: Counselors, approach the bench.

[Heidi and James walk to Judge]

What the hell is going on?

James: I caught him in a lie. He said he was having Za. But there was no la-ZA-nia (lasagna) on the menu.

Judge: Excuse me?

James: He said he was having Za. But the menu I just read had no la-ZA-nia on it.

Heidi: You now Za is slang for pizza, right?

James: False. It’s lasagna.

Heidi: Your honor. Clearly, my colleague is confused.

James: You don’t make nicknames based on how things are spelled. You make them on how they sound.

Heidi: Even if that was the case, it doesn’t apply here.

James: Your honor, may I elaborate?

Judge: I’ll allow it. But I hope you’re going somewhere with this, counselor. For your sake.

James: It’s la-Za-nia. Za-nia. Za. Pizza… sa. See? la-Za-nia. Za-nia. Za. Sa, pizza. Za-nia. Za. Pizza… sa. la-Za-nia. Za. Pizza. Sa. Mr. Williams, what were you eating?

Heidi: I object.

Judge: Overruled. Mr. Williams. Please answer the question.

Mr. Reynolds: Za.

James: Ah! When the young man says he was having Za, he is speaking of lasagna.

Heidi: This is preposterous.

James: It’s not preposterous. [James pulls out a huge board where he has explained the pronunciation of lasagna and pizza.] Look! It’s pizza. Suh. Lasagna. Za. Lasagna. Pizza. Suh.  Lasagna. Za. Za. That’s in lasagna. Not pizza. Because that would be “Suh.” Pizza.

Judge: Counselor, you are playing a dangerous game.

James: [yelling] Your honor, two girls are dead. [throws the board away aggressively] And I’ve pinned killer. This young man, Mr. Za, lasagna, za-nia, za, za, za. Pizza. Suh. Suh, your honor.

Heidi: Your honor. It is pizza, suh. And it is lasagna, za-nia, za. But that has nothing to do with this case.

[a pizza delivery guy enters the court]

Delivery boy: Excuse me. Excuse me. I got a large ‘Suh’ here for Mr. Williams. That’s one large ‘Suh!’

Mr. Reynolds: Oh, right here, dude.

[the crowd goes “Ahh!”]

James: There it is!

Mr. Reynolds: Alright. I admit it. I ordered the ‘Suh’.

James: I knew it. Lasagna, za. Your honor, I re-rest my case.

Judge: Well, in light of these developments, I have found the defendant guilty.

James: And I guess I don’t need this picture of you at the scene of the crime. [James shows a picture of Mr. Reynolds committing the crime]

Heidi: Okay. You had that the whole time?

James: Yeah. I needed some real evidence. I can’t really bank on that Za thing.