Danny DaVito… Bobby Moynihan

George Clooney…Taran Killam

[Starts with a message video]

Written: George Clooney & Danny DaVito for NESPRESSO.

[Cut to film studio. People are in line for coffee.]

Danny DaVito: What’s that?

George Clooney: Nespresso.

Danny DaVito: Is that coffee?

George Clooney: Yeah.

[George Clooney walks away] [Cut to George Clooney with his colleagues having his Nespresso. Danny DaVito walks in.]

Danny DaVito: I want in.

George Clooney: You ready?

Danny DaVito: For what? I just want a cup of coffee.

George Clooney: So it begins.

[Cut to a tailor shop. Danny DaVito is getting his measurements while George Clooney is sitting and having coffee.]

Danny DaVito: Hey, can I ask you something? What’s happening right now? Where are we? Why am I getting fitted for a suit.

George Clooney: Patience.

Danny DaVito: I just don’t get the logic. How does this help me get coffee?

[George Clooney raises his glass]

That’s not an answer.

[Cut to Danny DaVito and George Clooney in bar. George Clooney is smelling the scent of his wine.]

Is this a prank or something?

[George Clooney makes a face]

Just shut up.

[Cut to Danny DaVito and George Clooney having sushi]

What? Now we’re eating sushi? It’s like, the one thing that doesn’t go with coffee. We just went to an Italian restaurant. I’ve had like, three meals today. I’m so confused.

[Cut to Danny DaVito and George Clooney looking at an art at art gallery]

And how do we know each other? We in Batman together? No, right?

[George Clooney shakes his head no.]

Man was Keaton. Then, why me and you? I just–

[George Clooney just gestures showing his two index fingers] [Danny DaVito mocking George Clooney] Dang! What is that? Say something.

[Cut to Danny DaVito suited in a tailor shop talking on the phone]

Honey, I think there’s something with Clooney. We’ve been driving around aimlessly for hours. He’s barely speaking to me. And he won’t let me have any coffee.

George Clooney: You’re ready.

Danny DaVito: Okay, whatever you say, judge.

[drums rolling] [Cut to Danny DaVito and George Clooney walking on the street near studio. They’re both wearing suits.] [Cut to Danny DaVito getting his cup of coffee]


[A woman comes in wearing a beaver outfit. She opens the helmet and she’s an attractive woman.]

Kate: Is that coffee?

[Cut to Danny DaVito looking at the camera]

Danny DaVito: It’s Nespresso.

[music playing and Danny DaVito takes a sip] [Danny DaVito spits out the coffee]

It’s not bad.

Male voice: Nespresso. Whaaaat?