Choir Practice

[Starts with a group of girls having choir practice]

Bowen: Okay, girls, let’s get started with ‘Oh Holy Night’ and a one, and a two, and…

Girls: [singing] Holy night,
the stars are brightly shining
it is the night of our dear savior’s birth

Deedee and Dana: Fall on your knees
and hear the angels’ voices
oh night, divine, oh night divine

Bowen: Yes. I felt like I was there.

Ego: Mr. David, why did Deedee and Dana get to do all the solos?

Bowen: Because art is not fair.

Dana: And maybe if you put your whole P word into it like we do, you’ve got a solo.

Deedee: Yeah, we put our whole P word in it.

Bowen: Oh, I almost forgot. We have a new student joining us today transferring. Everyone, this is Kayla.

Deedee: Hello, my lady.

Dana: Welcome to Christ Wound Hi.

Kayla: Thanks. I’ve never gone to an all girls school before.

Dana: It’s like a regular school by way better because we’re all sisters here.

Deedee: Yeah, we’re all synced up, so that’s pretty cool to like insane.

Dana: Yeah. The last line of mine is like, insane.

Deedee: I don’t have mine yet, but I act crazy just to be a part of it.

Bowen: Focus up. Kayla, how about you sing a little ‘Oh holy night’ for us so we can hear a ring?

Kayla: I haven’t practiced.

Bowen: And a one, and a two and…

Kayla: Fall on your knees,
hear the angels voices
oh night, divine, oh night divine

Bowen: Hello. I’ll tell her. That was Broadway. You’re the new Funny Girl.

Deedee: Where’d you transfer from? Heaven?

Dana: Deedee, snap out of it. She’s our competition. You can let her steal our solo.

Deedee: Right, right, right.

Dana: Mr. David, are we going to bring it back. And one and a…

Fall on your knees

Deedee: On your knees.

Dana: Oh, hear the angels voices

Deedee: Sing it like wow. Because Christ was born in a city.

Kayla: Oh, night. Divine.

Bowen: All right. I made my decision. And I’ve consulted with the gods plural.

Ego: We go to Catholic school.

Bowen: Grow up. The solo goes to Kayla.

Dana: No!

Deedee: Seems fair to me.

Kayla: Wait. I have an idea. Christmas is a season of togetherness. So why don’t we all do the solo together?

Ego and Sarah: Us too?

Bowen: Even me?

Kayla: All of us. And let’s put our whole P words into it.

Deedee: I love this woman.

All: Fall on your knees
oh hear the angels voices
oh night, divine, oh night, divine