President Barbie

[Starts with three girls playing with their toys]

Female voice: You know our little girls can go as far as their imaginations will take them. Like outer space.

Girl: [holding a rocket toy] Left off!

Female voice: The streets of Paris.

Girl: Bonjour.

Female voice: Or a magical world they created all on their own.

Girl: This is how you get to the castle.

Female voice: And to show how just far we’ve come, Mattel is proud to introduce President Barbie. [The barbie is wearing blue suit and has hair like Hillary Clinton] The first barbie commander in chief.

Girl: Oh, neat.

[The girl looks at the barbie and puts it aside]

Female voice: Oh! Don’t you play with her? She’s a girl just like you.

Girl: Yeah, but girls don’t have to play with dolls. We can play with whatever we want.

Female voice: That’s true. You don’t have to play with dolls. But it would be great if you played with this doll right now.

Girl: I like legos.

Female voice: [mocking] I like legos. That’s what you sound like. Ooh! But look, president barbie even comes with accessories like sunglasses and a smart phone with Snapchat. Do you like her now? Huh? Do you?

Girl: Feels like she’s trying too hard.

Female voice: She is trying hard. Because there used to be a time where barbie couldn’t even be president.

Girl: I wasn’t alive then.

Female voice: Good for you.

Girl: I just don’t like her. She’s too stiff.

Female voice: I bet you would like president barbie if she smiled more too.

Girl: Yeah.

Female voice: Wow, you really don’t get it, do you?

Girl: Hey, do you know what would be fun? If we played with that old broom over there.

[The girls throw the barbie on the floor and starts playing with the broom]

Female voice: That is what they go with? Ah! We need to rethink this whole thing.

[Mom enters]

Mom: Hey, girls. Why aren’t you playing with President Barbie?

Girls: Coz we don’t have to.

Mom: Uh.

Female voice: President Barbie. No fun, definitely a president.