Roach Product

Heidi Gardner

Ned… Charles Barkley

[Starts with Heidi cleaning her kitchen. She sees a cockroach walking there.]

Male voice: Let’s face it. You have a big roach problem. You’ve tried everything and sprayed harmful chemicals. But nothing seems work.

[Heidi throws away all the products that she had used before]

Until now.

[Cut to Ned. He is standing in front of waving American flag]

Ned: Hi, my name is Ned. I’ll get rid of your nasty roach problem fast and easy with my all new Ned’s Roach Away. And Ned’s, we know that only thing that can stop a bad roach is a good roach with a gun. [Cut to video of Cockroaches shooting guns at poster targets] That’s why I spent years personally training army of our own good roaches to take care and operate tiny AR-15 rifles to protect your home. For just $59.95, [Ned opens a box on Heidi’s table. An army of roaches with guns run out of the box] my roaches will patrol your cabinets, your stores and wherever those roaches like to hide.

[Cut to Heidi cleaning her bowl. A bullet flies pass her.]

Ned: The bang means it’s working. So forget about those sprays. Roaches just drink that stuff up like tequila. You might just as well put it in a pinata and throw those roaches a party. But when Ned’s roach awake, the party’s over.

[The army roaches shoot all the partying roaches]

Now, some people might say, “But Ned, won’t gun carrying roaches just add to my problem?” That’s so dumb, it makes me mad. My vet assistants make sure only the best high character god fearing roaches can carry guns. [Cut to roaches walking inside a dummy church]

It’s time to go to church.

And none of my roaches are gay.

[Cut to Heidi cleaning her plates. A bullet breaks her plate.]

And for really bad problem, you need Red’s Roach Away Max! With bump stock.

[There is shooting sound in the kitchen. They make holes on the cupboard doors.]

Coz my roaches are trained to teach their babies how to shoot.  Creating a cycle. For there’ll be gun carrying roaches in your home for good. So get Ned’s Roach Away assistant today. You don’t need pest control. You need pest solutions.

[a gun fires through Ned’s hat.]

Lady, your house is nasty!

Heidi: Sorry.