Thirsty Cops


Ego Nwodim

Pete Davidson

Paula… Kate McKinnon

[Starts with two cops pulling over Pete]

RuPaul: Um, sir. I’ma have to ask you to stand over here while we investigate the situation.

Ego: The way you were driving, you’re very lucky we stopped you when we did. Do you have any idea why we pulled you over?

Pete: Yes, I apologize officers. I know I shouldn’t have been texting while driving.

Ego: That’s right. While driving, you’re only permitted to use hands-free devices. But with me, [dancing] you can be very hands on.

Pete: What?

RuPaul: What my partner is trying to say is, you is a snack! And the two of us can make a meal.

Ego: Okay. And I haven’t eaten in eight months, if you know what I saying.

[Cut to Thirsty Cops intro] [Cut back to RuPaul, Ego and Pete]

RuPaul: You know, we need to ask you a couple of questions. Which way you heading, sir?

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Oh, I was just going to meet some friends.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

Ego: Yeah, but how you getting there? You headed straight?

RuPaul: Or is your journey more fluid? Not afraid to take a couple of queer turns along the way?

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Um, I don’t know, sir. We were just going to meet up at a sports bar.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

Ego: Okay, sports. So, you playing on my team.

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Yeah, but then we were thinking maybe Karaoke.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

RuPaul: Well, okay vocals! So, I’m still in the running.

[Cut to RuPaul, Ego and Pete]

Pete: Hey, look. Am I under arrest here? Or…

[Ego walking near Pete]

Ego: We just wanna make sure you’re safe. This neighborhood is famous for it’s [Ego showing Pete her booty] dangerous curves!

RuPaul: Yeah, baby! [RuPaul walks near Pete] And I’m like black ice. You gonna see me coming.

Pete: Um, what is happening right now?

Ego: Well see, I don’t like to put labels on things so soon, but I think we’re in a potential DUI to DTF situation.

RuPaul: Ha-ha. Okay, stand down officer! Okay, alright. Now, let’s read him his Miranda rights.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

Ego: My name is Miranda and I does it right!

RuPaul: You also have the right to an attorney. And if you cannot afford an attorney, then I don’t want nothing to do with you.

[RuPaul and Ego laughing] [Cut to Pete]

Pete: Okay. That was very funny.

[Cut to RuPaul, Ego and Pete]

RuPaul: Alright, license please.

Pete: Here you go.

[Pete passes his license to Ego]

Ego: Alright. [Cut to RuPaul and Ego] 6’1″. Brown eyes. Oh, oh! Look at that. He’s an organ donor.

RuPaul: Well, don’t just give it away. Make me work for it!

Ego: Hold on. Hold on. Look at this address. That’s a nice neighborhood. They got a Starbucks reserve over there.

[Cut to RuPaul, Ego and Pete]

RuPaul: Now, do you rent or own?

Pete: Um, I actually bought a condo about a year ago.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

Ego: Okay. He got assets! Ha-ha!

RuPaul: Equity! Equity!

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: What you’re doing here doesn’t seem legal. It seems a little inhumane?

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

Ego: In which humane? In this humane or in that humane?

[police siren] [Cut to everybody. Paula walks in.]

Paula: What seems to be the problem over here?

Pete: Oh, officer! Thank god! [Cut to Pete and Paula] These two are holding me here.

Paula: Okay, well, I’m gonna have to determine if there’s probable cause because you probably cause me to flood my she sheet.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

Ego: Oh! Paula, you nasty girl!

RuPaul: You nasty!

[Cut to Pete and Paula]

Paula: I’m gonna have to go ahead and call this in. Excuse me. Car 51 at dispatch. Subject is reckless-ly hot! Lil’ sweety bad boy. Puppy dog but bites! He will hurt me but you can’t break what’s already broken. Over!

Pete: Hey, so are you gonna let me go?

Paula: I wish I could. I wish I could. [Paula pats on Pete’s chest] Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make sure my dash cam got all this!

[Paula leaves]

Pete: Okay, look, you’ve had your fun. And to be honest, I didn’t hate everything you said, you know? Especially the sweetie bad boy stuff. But, um, I think it’s time I go.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

RuPaul: Okay, he is right. But because you were swerbing, we’re gonna have to give you a body test.

[Cut to RuPaul, Ego and Pete]

Ego: Yes, arms out, sir! Touch your nose with your right hand and now touch your nose with your left hand.

RuPaul: Now lick it and make it sizzo!

[Pete touches his finger on his tongue, then on his butt and then make the soun, “Shh”.] [RuPaul and Ego laughing]

Have a good night sir. [Cut to RuPaul and Ego] And promise not to text and drive.

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Yeah! Don’t worry. I know how to handle myself on the road now.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego]

Ego: Oh, oh, oh! You do? Prove it. If I’m your phone, then you get a text, what do you do?

[Cut to Pete]

Pete: Put you on my lap, faced down and set you to vibrate till I get home. Okay now.

[Cut to RuPaul and Ego laughing]

RuPaul: Oh!

Ego: Oh!

[Video pauses]

Male voice: This has been a message from Thirsty Cops.

Female voice: Don’t text and drive, baby!

The Library

Aidy Bryant

Mikey Day


Kate McKinnon

Ego Nwodim

Beck Bennett

[Starts with Aidy and Mikey speaking to children and their parents in a library]

Aidy: Hello San Diego public library. Well we’re so lucky today that a special celebrity guest is going to be joining us. We’ve asked him to read some books for us.

Mikey: Yeah, he’s so generous to donate his time. Not entirely sure what he has planned but we know he is gonna teach you all about reading. So, please welcome, RuPaul!

[RuPaul walks in. He has some colorful reading glasses in his hands.]

RuPaul: Hello, hello, hello. Wow, I’m so glad to be here. You know, reading is so important. I even brought everybody reading glasses.

Aidy: Wow, how fun. Thank you.

RuPaul: Now, I’ll show you how to read. Then you try. What’s your name?

[Cut to Kate with her daughter]

Kate: Um, her name is Katlyn.

RuPaul: Can she read?

Kate: She is starting to, yeah.

[Katlyn is wearing a reading glasses.] [Cut to RuPaul]

Oh, Katlyn sweetie, I bet you have plenty of washed up basic little friend that you cannot wait to read to fill. Am I right?

[Cut to Kate and Katlyn. Kate is confused.]

Kate: What?

[Cut to Aidy, Mikey and RuPaul]

Aidy: Okay, now this is a time where I don’t know what is happening. So, Ru, here’s some books that you can use.

RuPaul: Oh, great! Let’s read some books.

[RuPaul sits down and takes off his glasses. Then he picks up a red one and wears it.]

Oh! The library is open.

[RuPaul picks up a book and shows it to the kids]

Okay, first up, Eloise by Kay Thompson’s. [clears his throat] Oh, Eloise, you need to call the front desk and get a hot oil treatment for that broom on your head. And girl, Victoria Secret called, they want their wallpaper back. And what is she doing? Popping a fart? Got that leg all cranked out all nasty. Girl, please! Ha-ha-ha.

[RuPaul puts the book down and gets another book.]

Okay, up next, Madeline by Ludwig Betolbin (saying the name wrong). Ms. Madeline, I have bad news child. The Eiffel tower is not in the woods. Girl you better draw France right, bitch! Somebody tryina act like they’ve been to Paris. You ain’t never been there girl, uh-uh!

[Cut to the kids and the parents]

Ego: What is happening?

[Cut to RuPaul. She is holding another book.]

RuPaul: Alright. Next, The Secret of the Old Clock. Honey, I’ll tell you what the secret is. She been out there doing herself. Uh-huh! Somebody found out and she just grabbed some old random clock and was acting like she was fixing it. Good god, girl! Get a grip. She crazy!

[Cut to Aidy and Mikey]

Mikey: Okay, let’s pause. Um, I think people might be a little confused.

[Cut to RuPaul]

RuPaul: Well, I am reading these books, girls.

[Cut to Aidy, Mikey and RuPaul]

Aidy: Right. I believe that reading is like a drag term like work, or dancing, but for personalized insults.

[Cut to RuPaul]

RuPaul: Exactly! Reading is throwing shay. A brutal insult wrapped inside a glorious wordplay. You know what I’m saying? Reading is what? Fun-damental! Yeah.

[Cut to Aidy, Mikey and RuPaul]

Mikey: Oh, okay. I’m so sorry. When you put it like that, go right ahead.

[Cut to RuPaul]

RuPaul: Oh, thank you.

[RuPaul takes another book]

Harriet the Spy. Girl bye! Next!

[RuPaul put that book down and takes another one.]

Oh, child! This girl is shaped like a BMW. Body Made Wrong. And what’s up with your foundation? Why you look so orange? And your body is green girl! Pop off!

[RuPaul picks up another book]

Oh! Bear got some over a busted overall. Who does she think she is? Oh, she thinks she Bo-hoe like Zooey Deschanel. Girl, you ain’t Bo-hoe. You a Bro-hoe! Be gone!

[Cut to the parents and the kids]

Ego: This is like, very education. Should we leave?

Kate: Absolutely… not! This is the most fun I’ve had since this girl blasted out of me.

Beck: Absolutely. This is so fun. Do me! Do me.!

[Cut to RuPaul holding a book]

RuPaul: Honey, you ain’t worth the crabs.

[Cut to Aidy and Mikey]

Mikey: Okay, I hate to interrupt here coz I can only imagine the feel that you’d have with me. Um, but I’m not sure this is useful to our kids.

[Cut to RuPaul]

RuPaul: Well, sir, these children spending their Saturday inside a library with RuPaul, a well time read is gonna save their little booties on playground. Right?

[Cut to Kate and Katlyn]

Katlyn: I wanna try.

RuPaul: Okay.

Katlyn: Library? More like strawberry!

[Cut to Aidy, Mikey and RuPaul]

RuPaul: Aw! Bless her heart. Well, you’re almost there, honey. Alright, may I continue?Of course.

Aidy: Of course.

[Cut to RuPaul]

RuPaul: James and the Giant Peach. Oh! That peach is giant and is juicy. Must be jelly coz jammed on shay. Okay, children. You go!

[The End]

Old New York Show

Madge… Aidy Bryant

Dickie… Kate McKinnon

Terry… RuPaul

[Starts with Old New York Show intro.] [music playing]

Madge and Dickie: [singing] Buy some and drink it, booze,
oh! Drink it. It’s the Old New York Show. With Madge and Dickie. Hello!

[Madge and Dickie sit down.]

Madge: Yes, and welcome to the Old New York Show with Madge and Dickie.

Dickie: I’m Dickie Saint Painters. And this is my life long friend and drinking companion, Madge Caddington Boot.

Madge: It’s true. Dickie and I have lived on 36th floor of the beautiful Saint Bevis Hotel.

Dickie: Overlooking a full authority bus hospital.

Madge: Yes. Now we broadcast this show from our shared room straight to the Hotel TV channel One!

Dickie: We’ve lived in this room for over 50 years.

Madge: Yeah, there’s a rule on the books from Giuliani that if we set foot outside, we have to give it up. So, we love Rudy!

Dickie: Oh, come back Rudy!

Madge: Yeah, you know, New York, it used to be different. But now, it’s changed.

Dickie: Madge and I lived through the most iconic period of New York history.

Madge: 1994! Oh, early to mid 90s.

Dickie: The Rudy day.

Madge: Every apartment was a dollar!

Dickie: No Red Docks!

Madge: Dignified! And you know what? Music was like, this. [snapping her finger fast] Never slow. It was New York.

Dickie: Oopsie, doopsie doop.

Madge: Oh!

Dickie: Now the sound of diamonds falling onto a mirror means it’s time to admire our bubbles. Two, three, four.

[music playing]

Madge and Dickie: [singing] Gold rings on an old hand
gold rings on an old hand

Dickie: That was fun.

Madge: That was good. Oh, sure, you bitch.

Dickie: Oh, shut up. Shut up. Now, it’s time to introduce our guest.

Madge: Twice now. Dickie and I have married the same man. That’s right, so please welcome Terry Tees.

[Terry walks in and hugs Madge and Dickie]

Terry: Oh! Oh, Madge. Dickie! Oh! You girls don’t look a day over 30.

Madge: Oh, thank you.

Dickie: Sweet.

Terry: You look a million days over 30!

Madge: We love you. We love you. You know, we first met Terry in the barged off bathroom where we were all shoplifting silk.

[Cut to Terry]

Terry: Ha-ha-ha. That’s right. The three of us were stuffing our blouses with other nicer blouses.

[Cut to Madge and Dickie]

Dickie: We were all putting on for three days, and when we left, we were friends for life.

Madge: Yes. Now, Terry, tell them what you do for living.

[Cut to Terry]

Terry: Well, by day I’m an unemployed shoe critic. By night, I’m an usher on Broadway where I yell at ladies to pee faster. And by morning, I’m asleep.

[Cut to Madge and Dickie]

Dickie: Now, we had some great times together in old New York, didn’t we Terry?

[Cut to Terry]

Terry: Oh, yes! Throwing costume jewelry off the Empire State building.

[Cut to Madge and Dickie]

Dickie: Falling off the side of the Staten Island ferry.

Madge: And, blowing all our cash betting on alley cats down in the gutter casino. Speaking of… two, three, four.

[Cut to Madge, Dickie and Terry] [music playing]

All: [singing] Gutter casino roulette
tiny tap table where the rats can bet

[Cut to Terry]

Terry: Hah! Now, that was old New York.

[Cut to Madge and Dickie]

Dickie: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, come back.

Madge: Yes, Rudy! We love you. You killed all the whores.

Dickie: You sent all the screegy men to hell.

[knocking sound]

Okay, the sound of a rat falling into a fryer, means it’s time for our big praying.

[Cut to Madge, Dickie and Terry. Madge is picking up the phone]

Madge: Yes. Yes. Terry, call room service.

Terry: Ha-ha-ha. Alright. Hello, room service? Do you have any turd soup?

Madge: Oh, you don’t? Well, that’s my favorite food.

Dickie: And now we’re gonna bomb the whole hotel.

All: Ha-ha-ha.

Terry: Hang up! Hang up!

[Cut to Madge and Dickie]

Dickie: I think they know it’s us but I don’t know how.

Madge: Yes. Yes. They can handle it. They gotta be tough. Why? Coz it’s New York city. City of trains, two, three, four.

[Cut to Madge, Dickie and Terry] [music playing]

All: G to the L to the One to the Q
took across town 7 till the uptown two.

[Cut to Madge and Dickie]

Dickie: There’s a puddle on my seat. What should I do?

[Cut to Terry]

Terry: Sit in it baby. It’s New York!

[Cut to Madge, Dickie and Terry]

All: And that’s how I think
I got pee in one blink
in New York

Madge: Oh! De Blasio! You wish, De Blasio! You wish!

Dickie: The sound of bed bugs stampeding out of electrical sockets means it’s time to go to bed.

Madge: They’re hungry for us.

[Cut to Terry]

Terry: Aw, hey! You mind if I crash? I- I can’t stay at my apartment tonight because it’s been a CVS for 20 years.

[Cut to Madge and Dickie]

Dickie: Yes!

Madge: Of course!

[Cut to Madge, Dickie and Terry] [music playing]

All: [singing] It’s the Old New York show!

[The End]

Family Charades

Chris Redd

Paul… RuPaul

Kate McKinnon

Frank… Beck Bennett

Kyle Mooney

Heidi Gardner

Sheila… Ego Nwodim

Kenan Thompson

[Starts with neighbors sitting in a hall after dinner]

Chris: You guys, dinner was amazing.

Paul: Is everyone in the neighborhood as nice as you?

Kate: Oh, you guys are sweet. We just wanted to give you a warm welcome.

Frank: Ay, you know, after dinner we normally play games.

Kyle: Yeah. You guys wanna play charades?

Everybody: Yeah.

Heidi: Okay. What are the teams?

Sheila: Should we do family versus family?

Kenan: Oh, well, more importantly, what are the stakes?

[Cut to Frank and Kate]

Frank: $1,000?

Kate: Frank!

Frank: Okay, well, too low? 5,000?

[Cut to everybody. Kate, Frank, Kyle and Heidi are sitting together as Barren family team. Chris, Paul, Sheila and Kenan are together as Johnson family team.]

Sheila: Okay. Alright, high stake charades. I like it. Alright, you guys go first.

[Cut to Barren family]

Kate: Alright, Barren family. Let’s lock in. I’m the start. Ready?

[Kate starts trying to tell her team using her actions only]

Kyle: Three words.

Frank: It’s a movie.

Heidi: Second word.

Kyle: Running.

Frank: Third word.

Heidi: Man. Running man!

Frank: Yes!

Kyle: Yes!

[The Barren family are celebrating] [Cut to Johnson family]

Paul: Don’t get too excited. The Johnson family is pretty darn good at charades.

Kenan: Yeah, that’s right. Sheila, why don’t you kick us all, babe?

Sheila: Yeah. Watch how it’s done. [Sheila stands to give her team hints] Three words.

Kate: No talking.

Sheila: Oh, you see. I didn’t interrupt you sis. So, let me have my round.

Kate: Okay. The one rule is that–

Sheila: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! I’m opening this and I’m reading this coz..

Chris: A book!

Sheila: Yes! Yes! Okay. So, we’re gonna skip the first word coz it’s just ‘The’, okay? Alright. Second word. Not big, rhymes with skittle.

Kenan: Little!

Sheila: Yes! Yes! That’s correct. That’s right! That’s right.

[Cut to Barren family]

Heidi: What’s happening?

Kyle: I– I don’t know.

[Cut to Johnson family]

Chris: What’s happening is you’re getting your ass whooped in charades.

Sheila: Okay! Okay! Third word. Purple rain, purple rain!

Paul: Prince! The little prince!

Sheila: Yeah!

[The Johnson family are celebrating]

Chris: Rolling baby!

Kenan: That’s my girl!

[Cut to Barren family]

Kate: There seems to be some confusion about the rules.

Frank: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe let’s just call that a practice round. There were some discrepancies in that round.

[Cut to Johnson family]

Paul: Well, y’all was trolling us.

Sheila: Um-hmm. And those who kept talking.

Kenan: Yeah, no talking. This is charades.

[Cut to Barren family become confused] [Cut to Johnson family]

Paul: That was practice. This is real. Okay?

[Paul stands up to give his team hints]

Alright. Um, four words. And it’s a movie. And the first word’s just a number. So, just keep that in mind, okay?

[Cut to the Barren family]

Kate: See, but you can’t do that though. You’re supposed to mime it. There’s no words.

[Cut to everybody]

Paul: Oh, okay. Got it.

[Paul shows his own face, then points at Frank]

Johnson family: 12 years of slave. Oh!

[Johnson family are celebrating] [Cut to Frank]

Frank: What about me made you think of 12 years of slave?

[Cut to the Johnson family]

Kenan: I mean, come on!

[Cut to Barren family]

Heidi: No, you guys don’t get it. You have to mime everything. Like for that last round, you should have gone. [Heidi is giving an example]

Paul: Arsenio Hall!

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: No. I’m looking for a movie.

[Cut to Johnson family]

Chris: A movie with Arsenio Hall. Oh! Come to America!

Kenan: Oh, man! We are like five to nothing!

[Cut to Barren family]

Kate: Okay. You’re also not allowed to point to anyone or anything in the room.

[Cut to Johnson family]

Sheila: Okay, I have literally never heard that.

[Cut to Barren family]

Kyle: These are standard rules. Go again. Try to follow them this time.

[Cut to Johnson family. Kenan walking forward.]

Kenan: Hey, y’all starting to look like some sort of losers. But I’m happy to try it your way. Alright, here we go. [Kenan mimes just like Heidi before]

Sheila: It’s not Arsenio Hall but it’s a movie.

Kenan: Um-hmm.

[Kenan starts giving hints. He acts like he’s laughing, crying and then using a calculator.]

Paul: Bad boys for life!

Kenan: Yeah!

Chris: Oh! Looking like a blow out, baby!

[Cut to Barren family]

Heidi: How did they possibly get that?

[Cut to Johnson family]

Sheila: Oh, girl, that was easy. He spelled it out. It was a movie that made you laugh, made you cry and afterwards made you google ‘When did Martin Lawrence get old as hell?

[Cut to Barren family]

Kate: Okay, I guess that technically counts as a point.

Kyle: That’s not how you play charades! You have to go word by word like this, [miming] Bad! Boys! For! Life!

[Cut to Johnson family. They are all laughing out loud.]

Kenan: What the hell was that?

Chris: Nobody knows. Okay, my turn.

[Chris stands up] [Cut to Barren family]

Frank: How come they just keep going?

[Cut to Johnson family]

Chris: Aite, here we go.

[Chris starts miming]

Sheila: A movie!

Chris: Uh-huh!

Paul: 14 words.

Chris: Yeah.

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: 14 words? This one’s gonna take forever.

[Cut to Johnson family]

Chris: No, it won’t. I’ll get in two seconds.

[Chris starts miming]

Sheila: Oh, he’s making Marlon Wayans face. Oh!

Johnson family: Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood!

Chris: Ah!

[Cut to everybody]

Kenan: Yeah! Ah!

Chris: Now, that’s enough to get our $5,000.

Kenan: Yeah, and this is our house now, so you all can leave.

Chris: Bye-bye.

Kenan: Bye-bye!


Waitress… Chloe Fineman

Chris Redd

Kyle Mooney

Kandis… Aidy Bryant

Heidi Gardner

Mary… Cecily Strong

Beth… RuPaul

[Starts with a waitress handing over the check to a group in a restaurant.]

Waitress: Okay, guys. No rush. Just gonna leave the check.

Chris: Well, thank you.

Kyle: Hang on, birthday boy. You’re not paying a dime.

[Cut to Kyle and Kandis]

Kandis: Yes. Let’s all of us, the rest of us, we’re gonna split it. Is that okay with everyone?

[Cut to Chris and Heidi]

Heidi: Oh, well, I didn’t have wine. Oh, but you know what? Who cares? It’s fine.

[Cut to Kyle and Kandis]

Kandis: Yeah, it’s just easier if you’re okay with that. I mean, and since we all have places to go, I think.

[Cut to Chris and Heidi]

Heidi: Um, no. It’s totally fine.

[Cut to Mary and Beth]

Mary: Excuse me! Now the last thing I want is you call a fuss. But I cannot sit here and silence for one more moment while this unequal, unjust action unfolds!

Kandis: Mary, Beth, is there a problem?

Mary: Remind me, what is your name again?

[Cut to Kandis]

Kandis: Seriously? I’m your supervisor. It’s Kandis.

[Cut to Mary and Beth]

Beth: Well, Kandis, I think you ought to ask yourself if you’re a supervisor or a taker of advantages of people.

[Cut to Kyle and Kandis]

Kyle: I’m sorry. I’m not following.

[Cut to Mary and Beth]

Mary: Well, let me draw a map for your thoughts then. You are storming on a woman to pay for wine that she did not have.

Beth: And further most, expect her to quietly sit and roll over like a prostitute from the Amsterdam district, I think not!

[Cut to Kyle and Kandis]

Kyle: You two haven’t spoken a word all night and now you’re like, mad?

[Cut to Chris and Heidi]

Chris: Honestly, I can pay. I have a real birthday party to go to. So?

[Cut to Mary and Beth]

Mary: No one’s going anywhere. Because this situation has become un-tonable!

[Cut to Kyle and Kandis]

Kyle: Actually, I am gonna go because my babysitter leaves at eight whether I’m there or not.

[Cut to everybody. Kyle leaves.]

Beth: Well, fine! He left. But that’s the only one who leaves this table. Because the rest of you will stay and hear what you need to hear. Lock the doors!

[Cut to the waitress]

Waitress: You got it!

[Cut to Kandis]

Kandis: What?

[Cut to everybody]

Mary: You’re going to hear the story of this woman that you’ve all decided as too pathetic to be cheated with dignity!

Heidi: Whoa!

Beth: Because every night this woman goes home to nothing and nothing!

Mary: Empty apartment. Empty bed. Empty head. And now you predators want to empty her purse as well.

Beth: She want to Sephora on her lunch break to get eyelashes put on top of her own eyelashes.

[Heidi is getting embarrassed]

Hoping beyond all reason that maybe someone would become a true friend, she has none.

Heidi: Oh, my god!

[Heidi tries to stand but Mary and Beth push her back to the seat]

Mary: And again, might I remind you that she makes much less than everyone at this table.

Heidi: I do?

[Cut to Kandis]

Kandis: Yes, but they weren’t supposed to tell you that.

[Cut to Mary, Beth and Heidi]

Heidi: Okay, also, I have friends.

Mary: [interrupting] Bop-bop-bop! Kandis, don’t worry about Kandis. Why don’t you leave Kandis to me.

[Cut to Kandis]

Kandis: Seriously guys, I will pay the whole bill. It’s no big deal.

[Cut to Mary, Beth and Heidi]

Mary: Oh! Shall we all applaud queen Kandis? The queen of kindness and generosity?

[Cut to Kandis]

Kandis: I wasn’t trying to be–

[Cut to Mary, Beth and Heidi]

Beth: And I want the entire restaurant to hear this.

[Cut to everybody in the restaurant]

Everyone turn to me! This woman who you so easily throw away like trash, do you know what she did today? Do you know what she did that none of you took the time to notice but us? She has been silently releasing wind at this dinner and said nothing because she didn’t want to miss a moment or steal any of the birthday attention.

Everybody: Wow!

Mary: Yes! So next time you decide that it’s okay to take advantage of the advantage-less, remind yourself that they’re but for the grace of god go you!

Beth: And Kandis, just so you know, and so your children will know, tonight is the night the lights went out in Georgia.

[The other people are clapping] [Mary and Beth leave] [Cut to Kandis]

Kandis: So, I guess they’re not gonna pay?

[Cut to Heidi]

Heidi: No, they left. And they’re temps, right?

[Cut to Chris]

Chris: Yeah, just for a week!

[The End]

Chad & RuPaul


Dante… Mikey Day

Chad… Pete Davidson

[Starts with RuPaul posing for photo shoot]

Dante: [taking pictures] Oh, just like that. Switch it up. Oh! Ah! Yes! Oh, gorgeous girl.

RuPaul: Hold on! Dante, can we stop?

Dante: What’s wrong, Ru? You look gorgeous.

RuPaul: I know I do. But, me on another cover of Drag magazine? I mean, it’s redundant!

Dante: Who else would it be, girl? You are Drag!

RuPaul: I mean, that’s the problem. Where is the next generation? Drag needs someone new. Someone like… [looks away] Like that. Who are you?

[Cut to Chad carrying a reflection board.]

Chad: Chad!

[Cut to RuPaul]

RuPaul: Everyone, take five! Leave me with the future of Drag.

Dante: Okay. Um, I guess we’re taking five.

[Everybody leaves except RuPaul and Chad] [RuPaul walks to Chad]

RuPaul: Um, that face! Those cheekbones! These eyes. There’s something dynamic about you boy!

Chad: Okay!

RuPaul: Have you ever done drag?

Chad: Nah! Just weed and pills.

RuPaul: There’s a queen inside of you, Chad. All she needs is a crown. Get my jest?

Chad: Ha-ha, jest.

RuPaul: Time to get you work, bitch! Let’s go. Step one, the tuck. No bulge, no bump. The junk goes in the trunk.

[Chad walks out wearing nothing but a white underwear.]

Oh, Chad! You need to tape it down and back. Not up and front.

Chad: Oh, my bad!

RuPaul: That said, you have a magnificent penis.

Chad: Oh, thank you.

RuPaul: Step two, the look.

[Chad walking wearing women’s dress]

Oh! How do you feel?

Chad: Gay!

RuPaul: Perfect! Now, the look is incomplete without the–

[Chad is shaking the breast part of the dress.]

Chad! Leave the chicken cutlets alone, child! You gonna pop your tug!

Chad: Okay!

RuPaul: Now, Chad! We need to beat–

Chad: Off?

RuPaul: Chad, we need to beat your face. For the gods! Step three, the face.

[Cut to RuPaul putting some make up on Chad. Chad is wearing fake breasts.]

May I?

Chad: Okay!

RuPaul: Oh, that is definitely your color, Chad! Now, pop your lips like you’re about to kiss.

[Chad pouts and then starts sticking his tongue out]

Wow! Wow! Wow! Chad, darling! I’m a married man.

Chad: You’re a man?

RuPaul: Did you not know that?

Chad: No.

RuPaul: Huh! The look is only half the battle. Now, you need to own it. Baby, it is time to feel the fantasy, like this.

[RuPaul posing with glamour]

Hah! Now, you’re turn, Chad!

[Cut to Chad all looking like a woman]

Find a song that speaks to the new you. You know, the queen that you really are. The time has come for you to lipsync for your life!

Chad: Okay!

[RuPaul leaves the stage and Dante goes up.] [Chad starts dancing awkwardly in hiphop beat]

RuPaul: Work it girl! Oh, you gonna do that? Ha-ha! I love it! Oh! You’re goddess. You’re perfection! 10. 10’s across the board. Now, let me see you sissy that wob.

[Chad falls on the table]

Oh, [bleep] ! Oh, my goodness! Are you okay, Chad?

Chad: All good.

RuPaul: Chad, no, that wasn’t good, honey. Look, I can mold you into the next RuPaul and if you wanna be the best, you gotta be willing to work your padded ass off! So, I’ll ask you one more time, Chad. Do you want to be the greatest Drag Queen in the world?

Chad: Nah!

RuPaul: Then you should turn and walk away.

Chad: Okay! Bye RuPaul.

[Chad walks away] [Cut to RuPaul. Dante walks in.]

Dante: Should I go–

RuPaul: Shh! Some horses were born to run wild!

[Cut to Drag magazine with Chad on it’s cover page.] [The End]