What’s Wrong with This Picture 2021

Elliott Pants… Kenan Thompson

Rebecca… Aidy Bryant

William… Chris Redd

Sandra… Carey Mulligan

[Starts with show intro]

Male voice: It’s time to play ‘What’s wrong with this picture’. Now, here’s your half vaccinated host, it’s Elliott Pants.

[Cut to the show]

Elliott Pants: Hey, everybody. I am your host Elliott Pants. And don’t tell people I only got my first shot. That’s my business. Anyway, welcome to the show. As always, the rules are simple. All you got to do is look at the picture and tell me what’s wrong with it. The winner gets a lifetime supply of KY jam. You tired of the jelly? Upgrade to KY jam. Alright. Are we ready to play? Rebecca?

Rebecca: Does a bear spit in the woods?

Elliott Pants: Spit? I don’t think so. No. Next up is William. How are you doing?

William: Not much.

Elliott Pants: You happy with that answer? [William nods his head yes] Already worried about this group. Alright, how about you, Sandra. Are you ready to play?

Sandra: Yes, my kind.

Elliott Pants: Not a fan of that. Alright, let’s just take a look at our first puzzle. [There’s a cartoon picture of a woman sitting on a chair at a doctor’s office. She’s holding a baby. The clock has A-B-C-D instead of Elliott Pants-Rebecca-William-Sandra.] Something is off in this picture. What could it be?

Rebecca: I got it.

Elliott Pants: Rebecca.

Rebecca: Her husband is bald and way too small.

Elliott Pants: That’s not her husband. That is a baby.

Rebecca: Well, agree to mis-agree.

Sandra: The mother only has one leg, so the baby flew out no problem.

Elliott Pants: Excuse me?

Sandra: Also, the doctor’s prank worked. He told her to wear a condom like a hat and now she has a baby.

Elliott Pants: No. William.

William: She wants to pick up the hitchhiker but her car is a bed.

Elliott Pants: That’s not a hitchhiker. That is a doctor.

William: Then why is his thumb out? Oh, never mind. I know why. I’ve had that done before.

Elliott Pants: Not even close. It has something to do with time.

Rebecca: Oh, the baby has been out for an hour but the doctor won’t stop explaining Wandavision.

Elliott Pants: Oh my god. Look at the doctor’s clock.

William: This robe is covering it.

Elliott Pants: I said clock.

Sandra: Are you mad at us?

Elliott Pants: Yes. You know I said clock. And it has letters instead of numbers. Alright, next picture. [There’s a cartoon picture of children playing in a swimming pool. There’s a shark fin in the swimming pool.] Something is very obviously wrong here. What is it? Sandra.

Sandra: I’ve heard it can happen but this is actually the first time I’m seeing. Titty head.

Elliott Pants: that is her bathing cap. Not a titty head.

Sandra: I said I never saw one.

Elliott Pants: Rebecca.

Rebecca: The one in the pink suit said that she was Elliott Pants8 on hinge, but I don’t know. The pig tails are a red flag.

Elliott Pants: Please don’t do that. William, what’s wrong?

William: I’m fine. Do I seem like something’s wrong?

Elliott Pants: With the picture?

William: Oh, there’s no dogs in it. I like dogs.

Elliott Pants: there is a shark in the water right there. Alright, next picture. [There’s a cartoon picture of four kids eating a pizza. There is a glass of milk that is filled top half.] It has something to do with a glass of milk. That’s only full at the top. Rebecca.

Rebecca: Well, that pizza is leftover from a porn set. But good for them for not wasting it. Yum.

Elliott Pants: I’ma talk to you after this.

William: They look like that because the mom just walked in wearing only a thong and heels. “Not bad for a 60 year old woman, Mrs. C.,” They were all being forced to say.

Elliott Pants: Look at the milk.

Sandra: First off, they’re holding the pizza from the side.

Elliott Pants: Okay. That’s something.

Sandra: Also, the boy in the striped shirt will grow up to kill his wife.

Elliott Pants: No. I told you the answer. Alright. Next picture. [There’s a cartoon picture of a person visiting a tombstone. The date on tombstone is 1950-1810.]

William: She just ripped one. After all, the sign told her to.

Elliott Pants: That is a tombstone. It doesn’t say rip one. It says RIP.

Rebecca: I know what it is. I can’t believe actually I didn’t see it. That’s Mrs. Doubtfire and she’s going to keep up her charade even though the whole family is dead.

Elliott Pants: The date says the person died before they were born. Alright, this is your last picture and your last change. [There’s a cartoon picture of a woman getting a haircut. She has long hair in real, but in the mirror, she has a short hair.] Sandra.

Sandra: Oh! The hair cuts don’t match.

[right answer bell]

Elliott Pants: Oh my god! That’s right.

Sandra: And Reggae John is cutting hair now? So, that’s why he left Bridgerton.

Elliott Pants: Okay. That’s it. The KY jam is coming with me because I deserve a good night. Alright, I’m Elliott Pants. Goodbye.

Hip-Hop Carolers

Kyle Mooney

Alex Moffat

Sandra… Heidi Gardner

Jennifer Lopez

Chris Redd

Kenan Thompson

Pete Davidson


[Starts with three people in a Christmas decorated house]

Kyle: Yay, that gingerbread house looks amazing.

Alex:  Uh-huh, our best one yet, pal.

Heidi: All right, who’s ready for dinner?

[door knocking]

Alex: Huh, are we expecting someone?

Heidi: Ah! You know what? It is probably those adorable kids who come around singing Christmas carols every year.

[door knocking]

Alex: Wow! Anxious little guys.

[Alex opens the door]

Jennifer: Merry Christmas.

Chris: May we enter?

Alex: Wait, what?

[four unknown people enter the house]

Alex: Um, Sandra, [cut to everybody] are these the Carolers you were referring to?

Heidi: Obviously not.

[Cut to Kyle, Alex and Heidi]

Kyle: Are you guys going to rob us?

[Cut to the Christmas carolers] Jennifer: No. We’re not robbers. We’re carolers.

Speaker 6: Hip hop carolers. Specially late 90s, early 2000s.

Chris: Yeah! Groups like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, The Fugees, and City High.

Pete: Plus Christmas.

Chris: Now, I’m reading the room right now and I got the feeling some people don’t know who in the hell City High is.

[Cut to Kyle, Alex and Heidi confused]

Jennifer: But they ‘bout to know. [cut to the carolers] Hit it.

[music playing]

Speaker 6: Now, this song is about one very special Christmas boy.

[The carolers are singing about Home Alone movie]

Chris: What do you think about that?

[Cut to Kyle, Alex and Heidi confused]

Alex: Am, I think you set up the song like it was going to be Jesus, but that was was about Kevin McAllister in Home Alone.

[Cut to the carolers]

Speaker 6: Right! My man gets it!

Pete: Donations! Donations! [Pete walks forward] [Cut to Kyle, Alex and Heidi]

Heidi: Just give them some money so they go away.

Alex: Sure, sure. Guys, that was dynamite. [Cut to everybody] Here’s 20 bucks. Okay?

Jennifer: We don’t do it for the money. [Cut to the carolers] We’ll take it though.

Chris: And to thank you, we’re going to give you another Christmas carol. Hit it!

[music playing] [The carolers are singing about Home Alone movie] [music stops]

Pete: Donations! Donations!

[Cut to Kyle, Alex and Heidi]

Alex: Nah! I think you’re all set. Great job. Merry Christmas.

[Cut to the carolers]

Pete: Hey, don’t worry. We’re leaving.

Jennifer: After one more Christmas carol.

[Cut to Kyle, Alex and Heidi]

Kyle: None of these are Christmas carols.

[cut to carolers] [music playing] [The carolers are singing randomly] [Cut to Kyle, Alex and Heidi confused]

Heidi: Okay, no! Okay! [music stops] No! We’re not going to do this, alright? You guys did not even rehearse this one.

Alex: Hmm. Yeah, guys. Time to go.

[cut to carolers]

Jennifer: Most definitely.

Chris: Yo! DaBaby, you ready?

[Cut to everybody] [DaBaby walks from the inside of the house with a black baggage]

DaBaby: Yeah, what’s up? I’m ready.

Alex: Sorry, who the hell is this?

[Cut to everybody]

Chris: This is my boy, DaBaby. He’s been robbin yáll while we been caroling.

Kyle: You said you weren’t robbers.

Chris: We didn’t He did, for us!

[Cut to DaBaby]

DaBaby: Yeah, I’m like Robinhood. I rob the rich, and take it back to the hood.

Chris: Merry Christmas, y’all!

[Cut to everybody]

Jennifer: Merry Christmas!

[the carolers leave]

Speaker 6: Hey, can I use yáll bathroom real quick?

Heidi: No. But it’s Christmas!