The Race

Ian… Beck Bennett

Alex Moffatt

Chris Redd

Kevins… Kyle Mooney

Lindsay… Saoirse Ronan

Mrs. Routs…Saoirse Ronan

[Starts with Ian running somewhere in the office. He’s wearing a black suit. He crosses the hallway, passes many staffs and reaches to Alex and Chris. Alex is looking at the timer.]

Alex: Eight seconds flat.

Chris: Even better than last week.

Ian: Wow. I didn’t think I could get any faster.

[Kevins walks in]

Oh, I see you finally made it to work, Kevins. What happened? Did you walk here?

[everyone laughing]

Kevins: [sarcastically] Really funny, Ian.

[Kevins takes his seat. Lindsay is looking at him. She sits just at the next desk.]

Lindsay: Hey, you okay?

Kevins: Yeah. I’m fine.

[Mrs. Routs walks in]

Mrs. Routs: Good morning, everyone.

All: Good morning, Mrs. Routs.

Mrs. Routs: As you all know, it’s a big week for us. So I printed out some copies of– Oh, no! I left them down the hall.

[Ian suddenly starts running, comes back with the prints and gives them to Mrs. Routs.]

Wow! Okay, well, everyone take a good look at these and keep it up, Ian. That was fast.

Ian: Thank you, Mrs. Routs.

[Cut to Kevins and Lindsay]

Kevins: I hate him.

Lindsay: So he’s fast, big deal.

Kevins: You don’t get it. When you can run like that, you’ve got it all. Money, all of those.

Lindsay: Why don’t you race him?

Kevins: I haven’t run for years.

Lindsay: You used to run around the office all the time.

[Cut to video clip of Kevins running around the office and everybody clapping for him] [Cut back to Kevins and Lindsay]

Kevins: Yeah. But then this happened.

[Kevins shows Lindsay a hole on his pants.]

Lindsay: So you made it complete fool out of yourself once. Who’s to say you can’t run fast again?

Kevins: And risk getting another hole in my pants? I’d rather [bleep] kill myself.

[Mrs. Routs walks in]

Mrs. Routs: And one more thing, I’m gonna need someone to run down the hall and pick up the signed documents tomorrow.

[Lindsay stands]

Lindsay: Kevins will do it.

Ian: What?

[Others are laughing]

Kevins: [whispering] What the hell are you doing?

Mrs. Routs: Kevins? Huh, well, I’ll let you guys decide.

[Ian, Alex and Chris walk to Kevins]

Ian: Well, well, well. What have you gotten yourself into, Kevins? Why don’t you leave it to somebody who isn’t slow?

[Alex and Chris are laughing]

Kevins: Okay, Ian, you wanna get the signed documents? Why don’t we race for it? Winner gets the signed documents.

Ian: Alright, Kevins, after hours, reception, be there. That is if you’re not too busy being slow.

[Ian, Alex and Chris jog away.]

Kevins: What have I gotten myself into?

Lindsay: Listen, I’ll train you.

Kevins: What?

Lindsay: I used to run fast too. Well, before this happened.

[Lindsay shows Kevins two holes on her pants.]

Kevins: Oh!

Lindsay: I understand if you don’t want my help.

[Lindsay turns and walks away]

Kevins: Wait, Lindsay. Or should I say, coach?

[Cut to Kevins walking. It looks like he’s trying to run. Lindsay is looking at him looking at the timer.]

Lindsay: Faster. I think my work here is done.

[Cut to Ian and Kevins getting ready to race. Lindsay had a gun in her hand.]

Kevins: Good luck.

[Ian spits on Kevins’s face.]

Lindsay: Ready?

[Lindsay shoots the gun upwards and Ian and Kevins begin running. All the staffs are looking and cheering for the race. Kevins wins the race. As everybody are cheering for him, Kevins looks at Lindsay and waves. Lindsay disappears.]

Random creature: She was a ghost.

[Cut to everybody in the office. Mrs. Routs walks in.]

Mrs. Routs: Alright everybody, let’s jump right in. As you all know, Lindsay turned out to be a ghost, that’s neither here or–

Ian: [interrupting] There’s something I need to tell you. Kevins is gonna pick up the signed documents from own the hall. He’s the fastest man for the job.

Mrs. Routs: Oh, no need. I came in a little early and I got them myself.

Ian: Okay.

Kevins: Cool.

Ian: No problem.

Mrs. Routs: I don’t know exactly what we do here, but let’s get to work.

Saoirse Ronan Monologue

Saoirse Ronan

Leslie Jones

Kate McKinnon

Aidy Bryant

Beck Bennett

[Starts with SNL monologue intro] [Cut to SNL stage] [Band is playing music]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Saoirse Ronan.

[Saoirse Ronan walks in and to the stage] [cheers and applause]

Saoirse Ronan: Thank you. Thank you so much. It is so great to be here hosting the St. Patrick’s day episode of Saturday Night Live. Just a few months early. Yes, I am very Irish and I have an extremely Irish name. Some would say too Irish. It’s Saoirse. It means freedom. But I’ve got a little problem. You see, it spells– well, it’s spelled wrong. It’s a full typo. S-A-O-I-R-S-E. You can see why people have hard time. You know, if you were a wheel of fortune puzzle, you couldn’t afford this. There’s just too many vowels. God bless, no one has been able to pronounce my name. Like, not even close.

[Leslie Jones walks in]

Leslie Jones: Hey, Cercie. Have a great show.

Saoirse Ronan: Oh! Thanks, Leslie. But it’s actually Saoirse.

Leslie Jones: Oh! Sushi?

Saoirse Ronan: No. It’s Saoirse, like an Ersha.

Leslie Jones: Oh! I got a cousin naming Ersha.

[Leslie Jones walks out]

Saoirse Ronan: Yeah, so you see what I mean? So, um, here’s an easy tune I made up as a little girl to help pronounce it.

[music playing] [singing] It’s Saoirse with an ‘er’,
not Cercie with an ‘or’,
coz Cercie goes with ‘or’, not ‘er’
it’s ‘shh’ instead of ‘iss’,
‘uh’ instead of ‘ii’,
simple as can be,
see, ‘Saoirse Ronan’

[music stops]

See? Easy. So easy.

[Kate McKinnon walks in]

Kate McKinnon: Hey, girl. How are you doing?

Saoirse Ronan: Oh, hey, Kate. You’ve come to sing the song with me?

Kate McKinnon: No. Honey, the song is not as helpful as you think it is. Okay? You might be the only person who can pronounce the name.

Saoirse Ronan: Oh, please, Kate. Just try the song with me.

Kate McKinnon: Oh, lovely bones. I can’t say no to you. Alright, let’s go.

[music playing]

Saoirse Ronan and Leslie Jones: It’s Saoirse with an ‘er’,
not Cercie with an ‘or’,
coz Cercie goes with ‘or’, not ‘er’
it’s ‘shh’ instead of ‘iss’,
‘uh’ instead of ‘ii’,
simple as can be,
see, ‘Saoirse Ronan’

Saoirse Ronan: Wow, Kate. You really got it there.

Kate McKinnon: Of course, I got it. I’m fluent in nonsense. It’s my sixth season. Do you know how many raccoons I’ve played in this show?

[Kate McKinnon walks out. Aidy Bryant walks in.]

Aidy Bryant: Well, hey there.

Saoirse Ronan: Aidy!

Aidy Bryant: You know, I just wanted you to know that I can say your name because I am also Irish. Just in the sense that my teeth are super soft and I think salt is spicy, and I always leave without saying goodbye.

Saoirse Ronan: Oh, okay. Well, let’s try this.

[music playing]

It’s– [Aidy Bryant walks out]

She’s gone. She’s gone. She really did the Irish goodbye there. Which just so you all understand is not an actual Irish tradition. It’s just quite rude.

[Beck Bennett walks in]

Beck Bennett: Hey, Sorges.

Saoirse Ronan: Oh! Hey, Beck, it’s atually–

Beck Bennett: You know, people mess up my name all the time too. So, I made up a little song on my own.

[music playing] [singing] It’s Beck with a B
and Beck with and E
and Beck with a C
It’s Beck!

Saoirse Ronan: That… was… It was lovely. Um, I don’t think you spelled that quite right, but well done. How about all just try on my song together? Yes?

[Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant join them]

Saoirse Ronan, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant: [singing] It’s Saoirse with an ‘er’,
not Cercie with an ‘or’,  (Beck with a B)

coz Cercie goes with ‘or’, not ‘er’ (Beck with an A)
it’s ‘shh’ instead of ‘iss’,
‘uh’ instead of ‘ii’, (Beck with a C)
simple as can be,

[Leslie Jones runs in]

Leslie Jones: It’s Ersha!

Saoirse Ronan: We have got a great show for you tonight. ULeslie Jones is here. So stick around and we’ll be right back.

Return Counter

Mikey Day

Luke Null

Kyle Mooney

Kenan Thompson

Leslie Jones

Saoirse Ronan

Chris Redd

Aidy Bryant

Cecily Strong

Pete Davidson

Heidi Gardner

Kate McKinnon

[Starts with some people in line at a mart’s return/exchange counter]

Mikey: Sir, I’m sorry, but we cannot accept any returns or exchanges without a receipt. Our store policy, man.

Luke: Man, that’s such a bull-crap. I’m sopping at Walmart from now on. That’s a better mart.

[Luke walks out]

Mikey: Okay, sir. You’re free to do that. Next in line, return or exchange?

Kyle: I’d like to return these [in loud voice] magnum condoms. Guys like me need bigger condoms. Do you see a bigger size?

Mikey: I don’t think so, man.

Kyle: [in loud voice] Dang, so the biggest condoms you sell are too small for me? I guess I’ll just have to go online to a bot guy website and see if I can find some there.

[Kyle walks out]

Mikey: Okay. Good luck with that. Next.

[Kenan walks front]

Kenan: Well, I hope that you have had a good life. You people have sold me a woman’s hand muff. Now that you’ve had your fun, kindly point me towards the men’s muff section please.

Mikey: Yeah, I don’t think we have those, sir.

Kenan: Oh, so you’re all sold out? Perfect!

[Kenan walks out]

Mikey: Hello.

[Leslie storms in]

Leslie: These diapers leak. Not to mention, my baby looks ridiculous in them.

Mikey: Um, these are adult diapers, ma’am.

Leslie: Man, what the kind of hell of an adult be dooking in his pants?

Mikey: I think when some people get older, it just happens. Either way, I’ll give you store credit, okay ma’am?

[Mikey hands Leslie over a paper. Leslie takes is angrily.]

Next please.

[Saoirse and Chris walk in]

Saoirse: Hi. I bought my boyfriend this men’s cologne because I thought he was a man. But he’s actually a bitch on the rags, so I’d like to exchange it for these tampons.

Mikey: Alright.

Chris: Babe, why are you doing this?

Saoirse: Because the man protects his woman.

Chris: Babe, a drunk guy spilled a drink on your shoe, I’m not gonna kick his ass for that.

Saoirse: Right, yeah. Because you’re a little girl who needs her tampons.

Mikey: [passing the tampons] Okay, you guys are all set.

Saoirse: Great, thanks. [to Chris] I’m leaving. Don’t follow me. [Saoirse walks away while Chris just looks around] [yelling] Are you coming?

Chris: Yes! I don’t know what to do, man!

[Saoirse and Chris leave]

Mikey: Next, ma’am. Hello.

[Aidy walks in. He has a parrot on her shoulder and it has pooped all over her shoulder.]

Aidy: Hello. I will not go into detail, but let’s just say that the brand of bird seed doesn’t agree with my parrot’s stomach.

Mikey: Yeah. I can see that. I can give you store credit.

Aidy: Okay. Wonderful. And can you just point me in the direction of women’s shirts, carpet cleaner and I guess, unfortunately, mouth wash.

Mikey: Oh, they’re all out in the store, ma’am. Thank you. Next.

[Aidy walks out. Cecily walks in taking a selfie video.]

Cecily: Okay, Facebook live.

Mikey: No, don’t.

Cecily: Get ready to watch a customer begging out her right.

Mikey: Ma’am. Stop doing–

Cecily: What? What? Can I talk?

Mikey: Can you just stop?

Cecily: Can I talk? Oh, can I talk?

Mikey: You come in here a lot.

Cecily: Coz y’all told me to test it, right? Watch, does this say goodbye to stains?

[Cecily opens a pan and tries to cover her shirt stain writing on it]

Look, stain. I’m stain. It ain’t doing nothing. Stain.

Mikey: You can’t rub it on mustard.

Cecily: And y’all trynna’ charge me $100?

Mikey: No, it didn’t cost $100.

Cecily: Oh, he calling me a liar. Facebook live. Say it again. It’s on Facebook live.

Mikey: No, I’m not calling you a liar.

Cecily: You know what? That’s racial discrimination. Find this man.

Mikey: Racial? You’re white!

Cecily: You don’t know that. Find this man! You going viral! You going– He going– You going viral!

[Cecily leaves]

Mikey: Okay. I’m not going viral. Next.

[Pete and Heidi walk in. Heidi has pregnant belly.]

Pete: Yo! These pregnancy test don’t work, man!

Mikey: Okay. Did you read the instructions?

Pete: Dude, yes. I’m not stupid. I read the instructions. I took it out, I peed on it, I waited 15 minutes and nothing happened.

Mikey: Oh wait, dude, you peed on it? No, she got to pee on it, man.

Heidi: I freaking told you, you freaking idiot! Now we’ll never know.

[Pete and Heidi storm out]

Mikey: [looking at Heidi’s belly.] Yeah. She’s pregnant, man. Um, you’re next.

[Cut to Kate at the doorway. She is an old lady on automated wheelchair.]

Kate: These jeans are too baggy. I look like an urban in them.

Mikey: Alright, can you just come up a little closer?

Kate: You’re the boss.

[Kate moves forward on her wheelchair and hits Mikey’s counter. Wheelchair’s airbag is triggered.]

Mikey: You did it again.

[Cecily walks in again taking selfie video]

Cecily: Oh, watch! Watch! Facebook live, he just killed that old lady. Y’all can see that? You’re going viral!

Mikey: No, I didn’t.

Cecily: He’s going viral.

Mikey: She’s not dead.

New Student

Mr. Nicetro… Kenan Thompson

Broady… Luke Null

Jacquelin… Saoirse Ronan

Aaron… Mikey Day

Randy… Kyle Mooney

Pete Davidson

William… Chris Redd

Janitor… Alex Moffat

Linch… Beck Bennett

[Starts with Mr. Nicetro speaking to the students]

Mr. Nicetro: Okay, class, before we dive into the unit review, I have cue the growns, rule breaks for midterm exam.

Students: Aw!

Mr. Nicetro: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Get it out now. Alright, first–

[New guy walks in]

New guy: Mr. C. Sorry I’m late. My dog ate my alarm clock. [throws his back pack to his classmate] Hold my back pack. [walks to Jacquelin] Mr. C, Kelly’s a thief. She stole my breath away.

Jacquelin: Go away.

New guy: Ha-ha. Ouch, that hurt my feelings. But you can make it up to me by taking me to the movie on Friday.

Jacquelin: No, for real. Just get out of my space.

New guy: Alright, cool. Turning me down. Must be lesbian.

[New guy lights up a cigarette] Hold this. [passes the cigarette to Brad] Oh, my god! Brad, is that a cigarette? [takes a puff] It is! It is a cigarette. Shame on you, Brad. I’ll take care of this, Mr. C. He’s a jerk.

[New guy looks at Randy] Oh, Finkle Stein. Let me have your yamaka-dot-kamaka. Mr. C, don’t give me any homework this week. It’s Rashishanika. Salam. [

New guy runs to Pete] Nerd-le-Stein. Nerd-le-dean. [grabs Pete’s lunch bag] Oh, what do we got here? A little bit of egg salad. Very good. I’ll do you a favor and throw that into trach.

[New guy reaches to William] Yo, yo, yo. What’s going on, my dude? What’s good? Oh, nice kicks! Damn, Jina!

[Janitor walks in]

Janitor: Bad time to get the trash?

New guy: Oh, it’s the Janitor. Question, is the first thing your wife says when you get home? You smell? Or you smell terrible? I’m kidding with ya. Now, Mr. C, enough foreplay. What do you say, we learn a little English lit?

[New guy takes his seat. He puts his feet on the table.] [Mr. Nicetro walks to New guy]

Mr. Nicetro: Shut up and get your feet out of the table.

New guy: Yes, sir.

Mr. Nicetro: Young man, in my 38 years as an educator, I have never seen anything as misguided and brazen as your behavior these last three minutes. Specially seeing as you are new here. And it is your first day at this school. None of us have ever met you. My name by the way is Mr. Nicetro. Not Mr. C. And the names you called them aren’t them either. Furthermore, this is an algebra 2 class, not English lit.

New guy: Oh, I’m sorry I had– I just wanted to make a splash.

Mr. Nicetro: Well, it was a belly flop. I think you owe everybody here an apology starting with the young lady you drooled over like a pig.

New guy: I’m sorry, Kelly.

Jacquelin: My name’s Jacquelin. And you’re right, I am a lesbian. It was really hard for me to come out. But you know, thinking about dating a guy like you makes me really glad I did.

William: My name is William, man! Not Lil D. Man, you said, “Yo, yo, yo,” I’m like, “Is this guy racist?” And then by “Damn Jina,” I was like, “Yeah.”

New guy: I’m sorry again. I just wanted to make the splash.

Aaron: Cool man. Hey, my name is Aaron. You called me Brad. I’m allergic to smokes. So I had to stick epipen into my leg after our interaction. So, thank you for that.

New guy: Oh, really. Dang!

Randy: For future reference, my name is Randy Goodman. Not Finkle Stein. And it’s Yamaka, not yamaka-dot-kamaka.

New guy: I was just trying to make everyone laugh. Also, I’m really sorry for whoever’s lunch I threw in the trash.

Pete: Oh, no worries, man. It’s not like I have a stomach issue and everything in that lunch was carefully picked out by a dietician. Killer joke!

Janitor: And that leaves me. I’m sorry your work isn’t up to your standards. And if you wanna let my wife know how bad I smell, she’s easy– She’s easy to find. Plot 199-J at New Haven cemetary.

[Janitor walks out staring at New guy]

Mr. Nicetro: Well, young man, today was not your day. But, perhaps, you’ll be able to move pass this socially. Now, what is your name?

New guy: Broady Cho.

[Jacquelin starts laughing]

Mr. Nicetro: Nope! Never mind. You’re doomed!

[Linch walks in. He is wearing a leather jacket.]

Linch: Oh, you’re starting without me?

Mr. Nicetro: Oh, Mr. Linch. How nice for you to join us.

Linch: Yeah, I’m sorry Mr. Nicetrum. You know, I lost track of time when I was writing in my diary about how much I love this class.

[Everybody cheers]

Mr. Nicetro: B! See Mr. Cho, that’s how it’s done. Come on, get in.

Floribama Shore

Kyler… Mikey Day

Trish… Saoirse Ronan

Pontoon… Luke Null

Epcot… Heidi Gardner

Quartney… Aidy Bryant

Justin… Chris Redd

[Starts with show intro]

Male voice: From the creators of Jersey Shore, MTV’s hot new show “Floribama Shore” brings the party to the Gold Coast. The co-eds are hot, the parties are jumping and it was all filmed in the middle of Hurricane Irma.

[Cut to Kyler.]

Kyler narrating: Sup? My name’s Kyler and I’m a piece of [bleep].

[Cut to Trish]

Trish narrating: My mama didn’t raise me to be afraid of no storm. She raised me to be a fearless Christian sex addict with gum diseases that you ain’t even heard of, player!

[Cut to Pontoon]

Pontoon narrating: Sup, y’all? My name’s Pontoon. And I used to carry around my dad’s ashes until I let go of him on a roller coaster. Oh-Wa-ah-ah-ah!

[Cut to Epcot]

Epcot narrating: My name’s Epcot. I was born in the Chinese part of Epcot center. My favorite food is gum.

[Cut to Quartney]

Quartney narrating: What’s up, weiners? My name’s Quartney with a Quart. I’mma freaking the sheets in the Benghazi. Truth are in the streets.

[Cut to Justin]

Justin narrating: Wait a minute, there’s a hurricane coming? We need to go, y’all!

[Cut to clips of people partying]

Male voice: A party’s brewing down south y’all. And there’s a 90% chance of drama.

[Cut to everyone chilling. Quartney walks in with cocktails.]

Quartney: Hurricanes for the hurricane, y’all!

[Cut to Epcot]

Epcot narrating: Hurricanes? Her a bitch!

[Cut to Epcot trashing Quartney’s cocktails]

Epcot: You’ve been getting on my damn nerves ever since we got to this house.

Quartney: You can’t talk to me like that!

Epcot: Oh, what are you going to do about it? Cry to you daddy?

Quartney: You don’t know my daddy.

Epcot: You don’t know… my daddy!

Epcot and Quartney: My daddy’s Hulk Hogan!

[Epcot and Quartney look at each other being emotional for some time, and then hug each other crying.] [Cut to Epcot and Quartney]

Quartney narrating: Hogan sisters reunited.

Epcot narrating: Have you ever met him?

Quartney narrating: No, I want to, though.

[Cut to Pontoon]

Pontoon narrating: At this point, seems like everybody in the house is coupled up. Trish is with Kyler. Epcot is with Kyler. And Quartney, I believe, is with Kyler. Justin’s freaking out coz his wife’s not answering the phone.

[Cut to Justin]

Justin narrating: Sharon, call me.

[Cut to Pontoon]

Pontoon narrating: But I’m not worried, y’all, because Trish said that she’d bang me… after Kyler.

[Cut to everyone praying at the table]

Male voice: Despite everything, this house is all about the love.

Trish: Guys, I think staying in here through the hurricane was the best decision we ever made.

Quartney: Yeah! Otherwise, I would have never met my long lost sister.

Pontoon: We’re falling in love. Y’all, this hurricane has taught me something important. When you find someone you love, never let em go. Trish, will you marry me?

[a ‘STOP’ sign board flies in breaking window and cuts Pontoon through his stomach. Everyone is panicking.]

Male voice: “Floribama Shore,” why do you make us do this?

Bachelor Auction

Mikey Day

Brandon… Beck Bennett

Melissa Villaseñor

Chad… Pete Davidson

Sylvia… Cecily Strong

Cecil… Kate McKinnon

Patty… Aidy Bryant

Leslie Jones

Peg… Saoirse Ronan

Kenan Thompson

John McEnroe

[Starts with Mikey hosting an auction. Brandon is standing with Mikey on the stage.]

Mikey: Going once. Going twice. Whoa, sold for a whopping $1,600. Congratulations to this lovely young lady at table six. You have won breakfast in a private tennis lesson with our head instructor Brandon.

Brandon: Heads up. I’m gonna make you sweat.

Melissa: At breakfast?

Brandon: No. The tennis lesson.

Mikey: Okay. You two, go see Dana to set that date. $1,600 is the biggest take so far in our Orange Park Acres Tennis Club bachelor auction. Remember, all proceeds from tonight go to our club youth traveling team. So, keep those bids coming. Our next tennis club bachelor works at the club pro shop. It’s Chad. [Chad walks in] You may know Chad from vaping in the parking lot. You’re bidding on a lunch with Chad. So, we’ll start the bidding at, I don’t know, fifty bucks. Sounds good, Chad?

Chad: Okay.

Mikey: Alright. Do I hear fifty?

[Cut to the ladies]

Sylvia: Oh my god. There is something about that boy. $fifty.

Peg: 100.

Sylvia: 500.

Leslie: 1,000.

[Cut to Mikey and Chad]

Mikey: Wow, Chad’s a hit. Anything to keep those bids coming, man? You got any hidden talents, Chad?

Chad: Um, I made up the dance called ‘Doink Doink’.

Mikey: Alright, let’s see it.

Chad: Okay. [starts dancing] Doink Doink Doink Doink Doink Doink Doink Doink.

[Cut to the ladies]

Sylvia: Oh my god. The Doink Doink is amazing.

Peg: Yes. We have eyes, Sylvia.

Cecil: $5,000.

Sylvia: Oh, typical Cecil. Jump in the action’s hot.

Peg: $10,000, and I’ll raise myself to 15. I must have the Doink Doink.

Patty: Go home, ladies. Patty has come to play. Damn $30,000.

Peg: $50,000. And that’s a bargain.

Cecil: Look, I am willing to go to six figures, but I need more. What else does Chad bring to the table?

[Cut to Mikey and Chad]

Mikey: [to Chad] Um, any other talents, Chad?

Chad: Um, I could do an impression of Jim Carrey as the Grinch.

[Cut to the ladies]

Sylvia: Oh, Jesus, this place is going to explode.

Peg: $100,000. I don’t even need to hear it.

Cecil: What if it’s not good?

Sylvia: Of course, it will be good. It’s Chad, you cow!

Peg: Just shut up, all of you. Let Chad work.

[Cut to Mikey and Chad.]

Chad: Okay. Um, this is when he’s talking to his dog. [doing Jim Carry’s Grinch impression] Tomorrow’s Christmas. It’s practically here.

[Cut to the ladies. All of them stand.]

All ladies: $500,000.

Peg: $600,000. That sounded exactly like the Grinch.

Leslie: $700,000, and I didn’t even see the Grinch.

[Cut to Mikey and Chad]

Mikey: I feel like I’m in the upside down right now. Chad’s Grinch impression took us to 700 grand.

Chad: Oh, um, I can do a magic trick.

[Cut to the ladies]

Peg: It’s pointless ladies. There’s a reason you call me “Richy Bitch” behind my back. I get what I want.

Sylvia: Oh, quiet, Peg. Look.

[Chad is doing a stupid trick.] [Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: $10 million.

[Cut to Mikey and Chad]

Mikey: Ten million, going once, twice, sold to the mystery man in the fun coat. Um, who are you, sir?

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: It doesn’t matter. What matters is the lunch with Chad is mine. Have the boy cleaned and take him to my lodge.

[Kenan walks out] [Cut to Mikey and Chad]

Mikey: Sounds kind of creepy. Are you cool with that Chad?

Chad: Okay.

Mikey: Okay. Big hand for Chad. [Chad leaves] Alright, Chad. Alright, on to our big ticket item, we pulled a lot of strings to get him here. Get your check books ready for our next bachelor. Tennis legend, John McEnroe.

[John McEnroe walks in]

Tell us, what are they bidding on, Mr McEnroe?

John McEnroe: Alright. I’m offering a weekend stay at my stay, a.k.a. the Mac Shack. It includes a three hours tennis lesson from your’s truly, a mixed double’s match with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. And of course, unlimited selfies with me, John McEnroe, the bad boy of tennis.

Mikey: Whoa. Okay. The bad boy of tennis. Ladies, start that bidding.

[Cut to the ladies. They don’t look interested.]

John McEnroe: What? You gotta be kidding me. [yelling] I’m John McEnroe, man! What do you ladies want? You can bring Chad along. Is this what you want? [starts dancing like Chad] Doink Doink?

[Cut to Kenan]

Kenan: $20 million.

[Cut to Mikey and John McEnroe]

John McEnroe: Now that is more like it.

Mikey: Sold! $20 million.

American Girl Store

Jack Trask… Beck Bennett

Beth Runyon… Cecily Strong

Ben Hartley… Kenan Thompson

Thomas Dean… Mikey Day

Debbie Pritchard… Saoirse Ronan

Karen Kellers… Leslie Jones

Becca Simms… Heidi Gardner

Security… Alex Moffatt

[Starts with Action News 9 At Five intro]

Male voice: Action News 9, News At Five, Eye on Phoenix.

[Cut to Jack Trask and Beth Runyon in their news set]

Jack Trask: Good evening, I’m Jack Trask.

Beth Runyon: And I’m Beth Runyon. Out top story, chaos at the Canyon Gallery at a shopping center today as an underground gas main exploded giving shoppers at the American Girl store quite a scare. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.

Jack Trask: Action 9’s Ben Hartley is live at the Canyon Gallery in downtown Phoenix. [Cut to Ben Hartley] Ben, quite a scene down there today.

Ben Hartley: You can say that again, Jack. I’m joined by Thomas Dean and Debbie Pritchard. Two customers who were inside the American Girl store when the explosion happened. My first question, obviously, are you children okay?

Debbie Pritchard: Um, yes, my daughter’s fine. She’s in the car with her dad.

Ben Hartley: And you, Mr. Dean?

Thomas Dean: Um, I don’t have children. I had just briefly popped in to the American Girl store to buy a doll for someone else. It was not for me. It was a gift.

[Ben Hartley looks at Thomas Dean awkwardly]

Ben Hartley: Okay. Um, was there any warning? Was there any warning right before the explosion happened? What happened?

Debbie Pritchard: Oh. Well, I was in line behind Mr. Dean who was buying his doll.

Thomas Dean: [interrupting] As a gift.

Debbie Pritchard: And he was arguing with the sales person saying his doll’s hairstyle looks sort of sloppy and not of the period.

Thomas Dean: [interrupting] Yeah, and then the explosion happened. It was just like a boom!

Debbie Pritchard: Yes! Exactly. And I actually need to thank Mr. Dean because my last thought before the explosion was, you know, “This grown man is alone in a doll store screaming about his doll’s hairstyle.”

Thomas Dean: [interrupting] I barely raised my voice. I wasn’t screaming.

Debbie Pritchard: And I thought it was weird.

Thomas Dean: [interrupting] Not if it’s a gift, though. Not if it’s a gift.

Debbie Pritchard: And I sort of instinctively hugged my daughter closer to me to protect her. And that actually saved her from some of the falling glass.

Ben Hartley: Wow! [looking at Thomas Dean] Well, thank god you were obsessed with your doll’s hairstyle, sir.

Thomas Dean: No. It was more that it was messy. Upper class girls in the 1920s were very put together. So I’m told. I was buying a gift. It was just so chaotic.

Ben Hartley: Yeah. I bet. Um, Jack and Beth, can you believe what you’re hearing?

[Cut to Jack Trask and Beth Runyon]

Jack Trask: No. I mean, it’s definitely his doll, right?

Beth Runyon: Jack! We’re joined now by representative of Canyon Rock gas, Karen Kellers. [Cut to split screen with Beth Runyon and Karen Kellers] Thanks for speaking with us, Ms. Kellers.

Karen Kellers: My pleasure.

Beth Runyon: Now, should residents be concerned by this?

Karen Kellers: There’s no reason to panic. Just because a grown man collects dolls, it doesn’t mean he a predator.

Beth Runyon: Um, Ms. Kellers, I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. I was referring to the gas main explosion.

Karen Kellers: Oh, yes. That’s very bad.

Beth Runyon: Well, okay. Thank you, Ms. Kellers.

[Cut to Jack Trask]

Jack Trask: Let’s check back in with Ben down at the scene. Ben?

[Cut to Ben Hartley. He is with Becca Simms.]

Ben Hartley: Yeah, Jack, Beth, I’m here with another eye witness, Ms. Becca Simms, an employee at the American Girl store. Can you tell us what happened?

Becca Simms: Yes. I work in the cafe where the doll owners can eat with their dolls. I was setting up a table for the gentleman you were just speaking with earlier, Mr. Dean and his doll, Christine Somersby.

[Thomas Dean runs in interrupting]

Thomas Dean: That wasn’t me. It was someone else.

[Thomas Dean runs out]

Becca Simms: No, no. It was him. He handed me a $20 bill and said, “Give us a table with a view. Christian’s new money. Not Trolly Trash.”

[Thomas Dean runs in interrupting]

Thomas Dean: Then the explosion happened. Just like, “Boom.” Do you remember the explosion?

Ben Hartley: Yeah, can you explain that?

Thomas Dean: Oh! It was just like a loud “Boom” of no where.

Ben Hartley: No, the phrase ‘Trolly Trash.’

Thomas Dean: Oh! Um, in the 1920s in Christian’s era, prostitutes would look for customers on trollies. So I’m told. It’s just a gift. Oh my god! This looks crazy!

Ben Hartley: Alright, Beth, Jack, I’m seeing an emergency service worker here. [Ben Hartley walks to Security] Sir, can you tell us about the situation inside the store?

Security: Um, sure. I mean, luckily, we have no injuries except for this little lady we found on the ground. [Security shows a doll] [Thomas Dean runs in]

Thomas Dean: She’s gonna be on TV. She might as well have a hat.

[Thomas Dean puts a hat on the doll and runs out.]

It’s a gift.

Security: Uh-huh. But the structural damage is extensive. Right now, it looks like the American Girl store is gonna be closed for eight months.

[Thomas Dean runs in again]

Thomas Dean: Does that include a salon in the second floor?

Security: Whole building.

Thomas Dean: Ah!

[Thomas Dean walks out]

Ben Hartley: Well, thank you for talking with us. Jack, Beth, back to you in the studio.

[Cut to Jack Trask and Beth Runyon]

Beth Runyon: Well, quite an ordeal for those customers down there.

Jack Trask: Oh, he’ll be fine. There’s another American Girl store in Tempi.

Beth Runyon: Jack! We’ll be right back.

Aer Lingus

Brianna… Cecily Strong

Coleen… Saoirse Ronan

Alex Moffat

Kate McKinnon

Captain… Kyle Mooney

Maiv… Aidy Bryant

[Starts with Brianna speaking on airplane’s speaker]

Brianna: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard to flight 192 from Dublin to Cork, making connections to New York city. Now, before we’re in the air, we want to go over some safety features on Air Lingus.

Coleen: Yes. But even before that, we know what Air Lingus sounds like.

Brianna: Yes. We can’t go through a flight without someone making an Air Lingus comment.

Coleen: You know, about the word that sounds like, nothing any more about it.

Brianna: And to the word we’re talking about, it sort of rhymes with Ronan and it’s about female bits and what she can do to em’. But we’re not saying anymore about it.

Coleen: It’s low hanging fruit, literally. And that is definitely the last we are saying about that.

Brianna: And the word was conalingus.

Alex: How long do you reckon we’ll be on the runway? What’s the delay then?

Brianna: I heard it was a dog.

Coleen: Oh, here’s the lady with the orange sticks now. maybe she has more information.

[Kate walks in.]

Kate: Folks, we’ve got a dog on the runway. It’s got sad eyes. So, we’re gonna have to wait. We’re going to let dog choose when he’s ready to move. It’s his will. It’s his story. Not ours. Do you understand?

[Kate walks out]

Coleen: Good then, right. Let’s do our safety presentation. Do all of you have your pamphlets? If so, just pull them out now.

Brianna: Okay, number one. Mind your children please.

Coleen: Yes. They need to be underneath your seat at all times.

Brianna: And toddlers need to be stored neatly in the overhead for the entirety of the flight.

Coleen: Whose dog is this? [pointing at a dog] Come here. [Coleen carries a dog] Whose dog are you?

Brianna: Oh! That’s the captain’s dog. [banging cockpit door] Captain. Panky’s out here.

Captain: What’s that?

Coleen: It’s Panky, your dog. He’s out here.

[Captain opens the door]

Captain: Panky, you’re a bad boy, aren’t ya? Ha-ha-ha. Thank you.

[Captain walks inside the cockpit with his dog]

Brianna: Sorry. Folks, that was our captain Piwi Riley. That’s his nickname.

Coleen: Yes. Because something on his body is giant and he’s ashamed of it. And that’s all we’re going to say about it.

Brianna: And that part of his body is his penis.

Coleen: Okay. So, now that you’ve met our captain, let us introduce ourselves. I’m Coleen.

Brianna: And I’m Brianna. In the back we have Maiv, and now she’s going to tell us a bit about the menu.

[Maiv walks in]

Maiv: We’ve got fingerling potatoes. We’ve got purple potatoes. And we got salmon. I’m sorry, I misread that. The salmon is also potato. Thank you.

[Maiv walks out]

Brianna: Okay, Maiv, get back to the back now.

[Cut to Kenan. He is holding a dog.]

Kenan: Um, excuse me. Will I make my connection to New York city? And also, here’s a strange dog that has jumped into my lap.

Brianna: And is he bothering you, sir?

Kenan: Not really. He’s kind of sweet.

Coleen: Aw, it sounds like you made a new friend.

Kenan: Yeah. So, am I to make that connection to New York? Or–

Brianna: You know what? Here comes the lady with orange sticks.

[Kate walks in with a dog]

Kate: Alright, the dog on the runway was the captain’s dog. I knew it was him by his soul and the information on his tags.

Coleen: Oh, that’s Mupes. Isn’t it?

Brianna: Oh, what a funny coincident? It was the Mupes, the captain’s dog on the runway. [banging cockpit door] Captain, Mupes back. Guess he was at the runway.

Captain: Who?

Coleen: Mupes, your dog.

[Captain opens the door]

Captain: Mupes? Wow!

Brianna: He was on the runway.

[many dogs run out of the cockpit door]

Captain: Oh! Oh my dogs! Did you see that? Oh my god! Did you see them run out?

Brianna: I will send them in now.

Coleen: Folks, as you can see, the captain’s dogs have run out of the cockpit.

Brianna: Folks, it’d be a great deal of help if you can grab a dog by the passage. We can just load them back into the cockpit.

Coleen: Oh look. Maiv’s got her fit loud.