Weekend Update: Serena Williams: Season 44 Episode 1

…..Colin Jost

…..Michael Che

Serena Williams…..Leslie Jones

…..Leslie Jones

[ Colin is sitting at newsroom desk with Michael. ]

COLIN JOST: Well according to a new study of cheetahs in the wild…

[ A female voice is heard interrupting Colin. ]

Serena: You owe me an apology! [ Serena, in a tennis outfit with a tutu, walks in front of the newsroom desk where Colin and Michael are seated. She is carrying a tennis racket. ]


Serena: You owe me an apology! I am not a cheater. I have never cheated in my entire life.

COLIN JOST: Wait, Leslie. I told you we’re not going to do the Serena Williams bit.

Serena: You are a liar and a thief! Say you’re sorry! You will never work at the news desk again!

COLIN JOST: Leslie, the story is three weeks old.

Serena: You will not take this from me!

[ Leslie breaks character from Serena and is now speaking as herself. ]

LESLIE JONES: Look Colin, I spent all summer getting my body in Serena shape so I’m going to play Serena on TV. Look at me. Look at me. [ Leslie does a twirl to show off her body. ] Yah, ha ha! I need that! Yas, yah! Okay, okay. Back to Serena.

[ Leslie gets back into character and continues as if she was Serena. ]

Serena: I want an apology!

COLIN JOST: Leslie, I’m not the…

Serena: Then don’t talk to me! Don’t talk to me.

COLIN JOST: Serena Williams everybody.

Serena: This moment is for Naomi Osaka. [ Leslie walks off the stage. ]