Sesame Street with Taraji P. Henson

Cookie… Taraji P. Henson

[Starts with Sesame Street intro]

Male voice: This week on Sesame Street, the count is making cupcakes.

[Cut to Count Von Count counting cupcakes]

Count Von Count: Five, six and seven. Seven cup cakes. Ha-ha-ha.

[Cut to Elmo]

Male voice: Elmo’s got a new backpack. And Cookie is being a real monster.

[Cut to Cookie Monster]

Cookie Monster: Who? Me?

Cookie: No, me.

[Cookie from Empire walks in]

Cookie Monster: Wow, wow, wait a minute.

Male voice: From the hit show, Empire, it’s special guest Cookie.

[Cut to Ernie]

Ernie: Hey, Bert. I’ll change my apple for half of your sandwich.

[Cut to Bert and Ernie. Cookie from Empire walks in]

Cookie: No, uh-uh! He’s trying to play you. What you trying to do, big man?

[Cut to Ernie looking worried]

Ernie: But- but–

Cookie: B-B-B-But! Oh, now you can’t speak English?

[Cut to Bert looking shocked]

Male voice: Relationships will crumble.

[Cut to Cookie from Empire with Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus]

Cookie: You remember something, Snuffy, I knew this bird first.

Mr. Snuffleupagus: Can’t we all be friends Cookie?

Cookie: Snuffy, you need to stop rapping like you from the streets, coz you not about that life!

Male voice: And this week, Cookie is gonna get what’s her’s.

[Cut to Cookie Monster and Cookie from Empire]

Cookie Monster: You want to share me cookie?

[Cookie Monster shows Cookie a cookie]

Cookie: Oh, no baby, Cookie don’t share.

Male voice: No matter what the cost.

[Cut to Cookie from Empire and Murray Monster]

Murray Monster: Oh, no! I can’t find Elmo anywhere.

[Murray Monster looks at Cookie. She is wearing a red fur coat.]

Oh, wait a minute. Cookie, where did you get that red fur?

Cookie: Don’t you worry about it baby!

Male voice: Betrayal, revenge, sing-a-longs.

[Cut to Sesame Street characters singing with Cookie from Empire]

Cookie: Y’all are freaks. That’s good. I can mark at that.

Male voice: Sesame Street, starring Taraji P. Henson.

[Cut to Cookie]

Cookie: The P is for Puppet! Hmph!

[The end]