Album Recording Session

Young Spicy… Young Spicy Walker

Ego Nwodim

Ana De Armas

Kenan Thompson

Young Spicy: Hey what’s up y’all? My name is Young Spicy and I’m a producer I’m about to release my first album – Jalapeno Jones. Yeah, thanks for helping us out today.

Ego: How you doin?

Ana: Hey, what’s good, Spicy?

Young Spicy: So basically we just looking for a new producer tag from our beats. So someone kind of sexy and cool.

Kenan: Yeah, so for example something like –

Female voice: Mike Quilt Naden.

Kenan: Or this one…

Female: Maybach Music.

Young Spicy: We’ve heard you to some beautiful voices, so we just need you to say something like “Young Spicy so Fago”.

Ana: Yeah, we can do that.

Ego: Okay, we got you Mr. Spicy.

Kenan: All right, I’m gonna go ahead and start to beat. You two take it away and then let’s get some lunch. Take one.

Ego: Okay, yeah, we’ll give you some options.

[beat playing]

Ooh, Young Spicy got that fire.

Ana: Da-da-da-damn Young Spicy is flaming hot.

Young Spicy: Yeah, yeah, exactly like that. Yeah, keep that going.

Ego: Oh Young Spicy, you stupid.

Ana: Oh, Spicy can’t read.

Ego: Damn Spicy, you illiterate.

Young Spicy: Okay, I love it. But just FYI, I can read. I’m a reader.

Ego: Okay, we got you, we got you.

Ana: Ooh, Spicy can read but he struggles with ma-ma-ma-ma-math.

Young Spicy: Alright, let’s stop. Let’s stop.

Kenan: Wow, I think we got it man. Let’s get some lunch.

Young Spicy: No, no lunch, alright? So y’all remember the assignment, right?

Ana: Yeah, we hear you. We’re good.

Ego: Yeah, but we artists. So we just responded to the vibes.

Young Spicy: Okay, let’s do a different vibe then. Okay? Maybe let’s do something like, “Ooh Spicy, these beats nasty.”

Ego: Okay. I see you.

Ana: Okay, cool.

Ego: All right.

Kenan: Alright, cool. One more take and we are getting gyros. Yeah. Tzatziki sauce on the side. Take two.

Ana: Okay, so like- Oh Spicy, you filthy for this.

Young Spicy: Exactly. Yeah. Let’s get a couple more like that. Yeah.

Ego: Spicy, why you sleep next to your laundry?

Ana: Oh, Spices don’t wash his pillows, he’s gross. Yeah.

Ego: Damn Spicy, you got that dark ring around your toilet. I’m uncomfortable here.

Ana: Da-da-da-damn Spicy, you live like this?

Young Spicy: Alright, let’s stop. Let’s actually stop. Okay, ladies, I’m begging you. Can y’all just say something like – “Ou, the ladies love Spicy,” something like that?

Kenan: Yeah, and after this take, I’m gonna give me a little hummus with the pita bread. Take three.

Ego: Damn Spice again, everybody pregnant.

Young Spicy: Okay, we’re getting closer. We’re getting closer. I dig that. Yeah.

Ego: Ou Spicy, the baby is yours for sure.

Ana: Da-da-da-da-damn Spicy, my water broke.

Ego: Damn Spicy, I’ma name the baby Delante.

Ana: Hey Spicy, I need you to drive me to the hospital in your 2001 Co-co-co-co-Corolla.

Young Spicy: No. No. No baby stuff. No baby stuff. And leave my Corolla out of this, alright? Just do something about like, talk about like, how like, Spicy gets you hot. Something like that.

Ego: Okay. Damnm Spicy got me sweating.

Young Spicy: Yes, thank you. Yeah.

Ana: Oh, I don’t usually sweat like this, I’m scared.

Ego: Da-da-da-da-damn Spicy, why the room spinning all of a sudden?

Ana: Damn spicy, all I had was one sprite, I shouldn’t be filled like th-th-th-th-this.

Ego: Oh, I think Spicy put something in my d-d-d-d-drink.

Ana: Sp-sp-sp-sp-Spicy needs to be on the watch list.

Young Spicy: Ay, cut that track. Cut that. Cut that and delete that. Delete that actually. You know what? Actually, let’s just call it a day. I’m good.

Ego: Okay, I mean listen-

Ana: Whenever. I mean, what we gave you was flago.

Ego: Yeah, you should just use the one about the ring around your toilet for real.

Kenan: Ay Spicy, can I try one?

Young Spicy: Bro, what?

Kenan: Please?

Young Spicy: Alright.

Kenan: Yeah, Spicy got that fire.

Young Spicy: Okay, I like that here.

Kenan: Yes, Spicy got that heat.

Young Spicy: Okay.

Kenan: Despite his struggles with his reading.

Young Spicy: No.

Kenan: That’s not good? That’s not good?

Video Game Session

Stephen… Andrew Dismukes

Trace…Michael B. Jordan

Danny… Bowen Yang

Frank… Mikey Day

Marcello Hernandez

Stephen: Okay, guys, thank you for being here to lay down some voiceover for the much anticipated Street Fighter 6 game.

Trace: Excited to be here. Thanks.

Danny: Thrilled to be on board. Whoo!

Stephen: And thanks for coming in last minute, Danny. Our last actor Frank quit due to creative differences. And because I slept with his wife.

Marcello: Argh, actors.

Stephen: I know. So Trace, you’ll be playing Ken, a former US national fighting champ.

Trace: I’m totally in my element. I served for years.

Stephen: And Danny you are a martial artist seeking true strength, Ryu.

Danny: Whoo, love.

Stephen: All right, well, for this first take, let’s just get both of you recording efforts. Taking blows, landing hits, that kind of thing.

Marcello: I’m rolling.

Stephen: And action.

Trace: Uh, ugh, ah, hah, hai-yah, urghh.

Stephen: Yes, that’s great. Danny, let’s get the same from you.

Danny: Okay. Whoo! Wohoo! Ah-woo! Yay! Whoo!

Stephen: Let’s cut. Let’s cut.

Danny: That was really fun. Thanks for letting me play.

Stephen: Yeah, so I guess we were looking for more grunts, you know? You’re fighting, you’re in pain.

Danny: Oh, I see. [looking at Trace] So maybe do it like you’re fighting or you’re in pain.

Trace: Okay, got it. Got it. Got it.

Stephen: No, no, Trace. You don’t need to change what you were doing. But Danny, maybe it’s more aggressive, animalistic, that kind of thing.

Danny: Hmm, yes, Chef.

Stephen: All right. And Action.

Trace: Ugh!

Danny: Whoo!

Trace: Uh!

Danny: Aru!

Trace: Huuuh!

Danny: Woof!

Trace: Wouf!

Danny: Wouf! Wouf!

Trace: Hoof! Hoof!

Danny: Meow!

Trace: Oink!

Danny: Snake!

Trace: Ka-ka-doo-doo.

Stephen: Cut. Okay, no. Trace, don’t match what he’s doing.

Trace: Oh, okay. He’s just an amazing scene partner. So.

Danny: Thank you. And I was just taking your note. You said to do animals.

Stephen: Yeah, but I said a bunch of stuff before that.

Danny: Well, I have auditory recency bias. So you can’t say that to me. I could sue you.

Trace: Okay guys, guys. Please don’t fight. It reminds me of the war and of fighting.

Stephen: You know what? Let’s just move on. We need to get these quick verbal phrases to say during the fight. And action.

Trace: Take that.

Danny: Hey, I like your necklace.

Trace: What? This old thing? Thanks.

Danny: See? Kindness wins.

Trace: You’re right. Let’s not fight it.

Danny: Yay, I forgot to ask. What are your pronouns?

Trace: He/him.

Stephen: Cut.

Danny: I’ll tell him. Ken is he/they.

Stephen: Guys? We can’t use any of that.

Danny: Aww, that makes me sad. Is there a reason?

Stephen: Yes, it’s because no one sounds like that when they fight.

Trace: That’s actually not true. I mean, you remind me exactly as someone I served with in Iraq.

Danny: Oh, you went to Iraq? Where did you stay?

Stephen: Dan! Didn’t want to say this, but you just need to play a more hetero.

Danny: Okay, you should have just said that in the beginning. I got it. Let’s roll. Hey, brother, Ken, biceps looking huge.

Trace: You looking pretty swole yourself, bro.

Danny: I saw you changing in the locker room, but I was completely soft my dude.

Trace: How the hell do you know my name?

Danny: Hey, easy brother. My wife’s on this app.

Stephen: What are you talking about? This isn’t an app.

Danny: It’s a video game? Well, then brother. I’ll race you to the GameCube brother.

Stephen: What? Danny, Dan. Answered me honestly. Do you really think you would sound like this in a real fight?

Danny: Yes, I would brother.

[Frank walks in]

Stephen: Oh my god. Frank. What are you doing here?

Frank: I told you I’ll kill you for sleeping with my wife.

Trace: No. I’ll protect you. [pushing Frank] Ugh!

Danny: [hitting Frank] Whoo!

Trace: [slapping Frank] Ugh!

Danny: [pushing Frank] Meow!

Male voice: KO!

Stephen: Well, I’ll be damned. You two just saved my life.

Danny: No, Stephen, Ken and Ryu saved your life.