Thanksgiving Baking Championship

Host… Alex Moffat

Stacy… Sarah Sherman

Mike… Simu Liu

Sandy… Heidi Gardner

Judges… Ego Nwodim, Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant

[Starts with show intro]

Male voice: We now return to the Thanksgiving Baking Championship.

[Cut to bakes and the host]

Host: Okay, Baker’s. Time is up. Today’s theme was giving thanks and you had two hours to create cakes based on what you’re most thankful for. First up is home Baker, Stacy.

Stacy: Hi, judges. I can’t believe I’m here.

Ego: We’re glad you are. Now tell us what you made today.

Stacy: Well, I always worried I would never have children. So, this year I’m thankful for my beautiful baby girl who turns three this Thanksgiving. So, my cake is bubblegum sponge covered in sweet vanilla fondant. And my little girl just had her first dance recital so she’s wearing a pink tutu made of Spun Sugar.

Pete: That is adorable. I’m dying.

Stacy: Thank you. I’m almost as proud of her as I am with the cake.

Ego: Oh, well. Let’s see it.

[Stacy shows the judges her cake. It’s bad.]

Stacy: Yeah, I messed up.

Pete: Whoa, Stacy. It looks like you had a little trouble there.

Stacy: Yeah, I messed up. I thought if I pretended to cry, you wouldn’t noticed that my cake was bad.

Aidy: Okay, so where did you go wrong?

Stacy: Yeah. I had trouble was her head. So, I turned into a diaper. And then I put a yellow legs on her. I don’t I don’t know.

Ego: Well let’s sample the cake.

[The judges taste the cake]

Pete: Okay, I’m getting a lot of mustard.

Stacy: Yeah, I do not know how to bake. I also do not have a daughter. I made that all up.

Host: Wow, you are a mess. Next up is home Baker and amateur rapper, Mike.

Mike: Hi, judges. Happy bakesgiving.

Pete: [eating the cake] Ay, cute pun. And Mike, I have to ask. You rap?

Mike: Oh, I really do. And if I may.

[rapping] My name is Mike and I’m here to bake
the make the cake, the–

Aidy: Wow! Got a little tongue tied there. But let’s hear what you’re thankful for.

Mike: Well, this year I’m most thankful for time with friends and family. So, in the spirit of abundance, I made two cakes. So, first is a pilgrim made from butterscotch pound cake and European buttercream. The second cake is a faux Turkey made with Angel Food and caramel icing. Save me a drumstick. Save me a drumstick.

Ego: Wow, two cakes. That’s a fast. Let’s see them.

[Mike shows the judges his cakes. They’re really bad.]

Mike: Yeah, I did it wrong.

Pete: Oh! Mike! What happened?

Mike: I think just total lack of imagination and ability.

Ego: Why did you give the pilgrim red lips?

Mike: I don’t know. I don’t remember doing any of this.

Host: Oh, that’s too bad. Next up is returning contestant, Sandy.

Sandy: Hi, judges. I pulled out all the stops today with my three layer fall Fantasia maple bourbon wedding cake.

[Sandy shows the judges her cake. It looks fantastic.] [the judges are whispering]

Aidy: Okay.

Host: Next up is Ralph.

Sandy: What? No! This is good.

Pete: Well, you said it’s three layers and this is only two.

Sandy: His cake is horrible and you didn’t even taste it.

Ego: Alright, Mike, can we taste you cake?

Mike: Really? Uh, yeah, sure. I guess.

[While Mike tries to cut the cake, the cake opens its eyes and screams]

Ego: Mike did your cake just open its eyes and scream. How’s it doing that?

Mike: I don’t know. I think my cake is so bad, I opened a portal to hell.

Pete: Well, we still need to taste it.

Mike: Of course, of course.

[Mike tries to cut another cake. The cake starts puking.]

Aidy: Mike., did the pilgrim just barf on the turkey?

Mike: I believe it did, ma’am. It’s squeamish, I guess.

Sandy: That’s so disgusting. That is not up to baking challenge standards.

[Mike’s cake turns towards Sandy and starts puking on her]

Oh my god! Ew!

Ego: Well, Sandy, you asked for that.

Mike: Argh! Should I go? I feel like I should go.

Pete: No, Mike, it’s anyone’s game. Ralph?

5: Well, it’s easy to look back at Thanksgivings of old. But what will Thanksgivings be in the future? Thanks to a new era of space travel, we may know sooner than we think. My cake is a tribute to that.

[5 shows the judges his cake. It looks like a penis ejaculating.]

Aidy: Okay. And the white stuff is like the re-entering the atmosphere?

5: Yes, ma’am. And the spunk is icing.

Ego: Looks like we have a tough decision to make.

Sandy: No, you don’t.

Simu & Bowen

Simu Liu

Bowen Yang

Andrew Dismukes

Sarah Sherman

[Bowen is just reading a book in his room. Simu comes in.]

Simu: Knock, knock.

Bowen: Simu, what’s up? My fellow, yellow, hello.

Simu: What?

Bowen: Nothing. I’m just nervous I think. I mean, this has never happened before. Right? Asian male host. Asian male cast member.

Simu: I know. It’s like we’re the Spider Man meme.

Bowen: Except you have abs and I have ibs.

Simu: Ibs?

Bowen: IBS. Anyway, Congrats, man. I Mean, the first Asian Marvel lead. That’s huge.

Simu: Oh, thank you. I almost can’t wrap my head around it. I mean, you get it, right? Like, first fully Asian cast member on SNL? It’s amazing.

Bowen: Oh, yeah, thanks. I just think it’s weird that people keep track of this stuff, though.

Simu: Oh, yeah, totally. I mean, [showing a big medal] I just got this first Asian man who moved from Canada to America named SEMA.

Bowen: I have one that says Bowen.

Simu: No way. Yeah, I always just forget to take my hat off.

[Andrew walks in]

Andrew: Hey, Bowen. I have an award for you. You are the first gay Asian cast member to mispronounce boutique.

Bowen: Is it not Bu-ti-kwa?

Andrew: No. Congrats.

Simu: Wow, Bowen, that’s so historic.

Andrew: And Simu, you were just named the first Asian man to deadpan on Splash Mountain.

Bowen: Wow, congratulations.

Simu: Thanks.

Bowen:  But seriously, Sang Chi was so good.

Simu: Thank you. Yeah, I guess they’re saying I’m the first Asian man to blow up a dragon from the inside. [showing a championship belt like of wrestling.]

Bowen: I got the same one too. But it means something else.

Simu: Anyway, don’t you think these titles are kind of ridiculous?

Bowen: Totally. Like the state of Michigan gave me the “good job parentheses Asian award”. I do not care!

[Cut to Bowen giving his award speech happy and excited]

Bowen at award ceremony: To every Asian on the planet. I did this for you.

Simu: I know. First Asian man to beat StarCraft II. I didn’t even go to the ceremony.

[Cut to Simu giving his award speech happy and excited]

Simu at award ceremony: Whoo! There’s no way this is true. But thank you so much.

[Sarah walks in with a flower bouquet.]

Sarah: Hey. Mr. Asian Panera. These are for you. [passing the flowers to Simu]

Simu: Oh, my god. For me?

Bowen: What is Mr. Asian Panera?

Simu: Oh, I guess I was the first Asian that you pick to a Panera or something.

[Cut to Simu when he was picked.]

Simu at the time: Yes! I did it! I did it!

Bowen: You know, it’s almost embarrassing. Like, I didn’t even tell anyone about being one of people’s sexiest man alive.

[Cut to Bowen calling his mom]

Bowen sobbing: Mom, I’m hot.

Simu: Weren’t you the first openly bottom guy on that list.

Bowen: I’m not open about that. Who told you that?

Simu: Sorry, I just guessed.

Bowen: Oh, nice. Good job.

[Sarah walks in again]

Sarah: Hey, I have another award for first Asian man to do a share impression on NBC. But it doesn’t say who it’s for.

[Bowen and Simu start doing the impression]

Sarah: Simu wins.

Simu: Yes!

Bowen: Congratulations. Just remember Simu, whatever first thing you do, I’ll always be gay.

Republican or Not

Benson Dubois… Kenan Thompson

Jim Lee… Simu Liu

Michelle Flynn… Ego Nwodim

Brady… Kyle Mooney

Lacey… Sarah Sherman

Cheney… Cecily Strong

[Starts with show intro] Male voice: And now it’s time to play Republican or Not? With your host Benson Dubois.

[cut to Benson Dubois in his set] [cheers and applause]

Benson Dubois: Hello, and welcome to the show. The game is simple. We’re gonna meet some people, and our contestants have to guess whether they’re republican or not. Seems easy, right? Hello, contestants.

Jim Lee: Hi, Benson. I’m Jim Lee. And honestly, this game seems pretty straightforward. So I think I got this.

Benson Dubois: I bet you do. And how about you?

Michelle Flynn: Hello, Benson. I’m Michelle Flynn. I grew up in Ohio. So, I’ve been playing this game my whole life. Kind of an expert.

Benson Dubois: Sure you are. Let’s get started. Let’s bring out our first guest. [Brady walks in] This is Brady. Now he’s gonna make a few statements. Ring in as soon as you’re ready to guess. Republican or not? All right, Brady, give us our first clue.

Brady: I think Facebook is evil.

Jim Lee: Oh, wow. Because they’re spreading disinformation or because they’ve banned Donald Trump?

Benson Dubois: Not so easy, is it?

Jim Lee: Maybe we need another hit.

Benson Dubois: I would say you do.

Brady: I buy all my produce straight from a farm.

Michelle Flynn: Because you want to or because you have to?

Benson Dubois: I don’t know Miss Ohio. You the expert. Keep going Brady.

Brady: I respect pro athletes who stand up for their beliefs.

Jim Lee: Which athletes?

Michelle Flynn: And which beliefs?

Benson Dubois: Who knows? Could be her or him? No guesses? Okay, then give them the last clue. Brady?

Brady: God I hate cops.

[Michelle Flynn presses the ringer]

Michelle Flynn: Okay, he is not a Republican.

[wrong answer buzzer]

Benson Dubois: Oh, sorry. So close. But no, Brady is indeed a Republican.

Michelle Flynn: But but he said he hates cops.

Benson Dubois: Yes, but he was talking about these cops. [Picture of police holding Trump rally appears on the screen] Well, better luck next round. Let’s Meet Our second guest, Lacey. Lacey came here from Manhattan.

Jim Lee: New York City or Kansas?

Benson Dubois: I can’t say. Start the clock.

Lacey: On Twitter, my pin tweet is “My body my choice.”

Jim Lee: Okay, that’s a trick. She’s talking about vaccines, right?

Benson Dubois: Oh, if we only knew. Another hint Lacey.

Lacey: I support Caitlyn Jenner.

Michelle Flynn: In what way? Politically?

Benson Dubois: [eating popcorn] You’re doing great.

Jim Lee: And give us another clue.

Lacey: Okay. My favorite comic is Dave Chappelle.

Michelle Flynn: Starting when?

Benson Dubois: I love my job. All right, give them another one.

Lacey: Last month I went to a board meeting and complained about a book being taught in my daughter’s school.

[Jim Lee presses the ringer]

Jim Lee: Okay, I definitely know that one. She’s a republican.

[wrong answer buzzer]

Benson Dubois: No. Sorry.

Jim Lee: What? She was complaining about a book in her kids school.

Benson Dubois: That’s right. And that book, the Bible. Alright, before we bring out our next guest, let’s hear about today’s sponsors. Jimmy!

Male voice: Republican or not is sponsored by the city of Orlando, where Democrats visit and Republicans live. Orlando. Back to you, Benson.

Benson Dubois: Thank you, Jimmy. Alright, let’s bring out our next guest, Liz.

Liz: Good afternoon.

Jim Lee: Is that– I feel like I recognize her.

Benson Dubois: Maybe you do. Start the clock.

Liz: I’m a congresswoman from Wyoming. I’m endorsed by the NRA and have an 80% rating from the American Conservative Union.

Benson Dubois: Nobody wants to ring in?

Michelle Flynn: Yeah, I really want to. It seems so obvious, but this game is weird.

Liz: My name is Liz Cheney. I’m the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Benson Dubois: She’s the daughter of Dick Cheney.

Michelle Flynn: Okay. Y’all are being real tricky here, aren’t you?

Liz: I’m a Republican.

[Jim Lee presses the ringer]

Jim Lee: Republican. She just said she’s a Republican.

[wrong answer buzzer]

Benson Dubois: No, sorry. Again. That is wrong.

Jim Lee: What? How?

Benson Dubois: The Wyoming Republican Party actually voted representative Cheney out this week for opposing Donald Trump.

Liz: But I am a Republican.

Benson Dubois: Ha-ha! You might tell everybody that, but it’s not what other Republicans say. Like it or not, you are the Rachel Dolezal of the Republican Party.

Liz: Well, I don’t care. I’ve been fighting for Republican values all my life.

Benson Dubois: Aw, that is so cute. We will see you on MSNBC in about a week. Let’s take a break. When we come back we’ll find out if these camouflage pants are Republican or not.

Jim Lee: Who’s wearing them? Guy playing paintball or Rihanna?

Benson Dubois: You still don’t get it?

New Military Weapon

Major… Simu Liu

Senator… James Austin Johnson

Secretary… Cecily Strong

Scientist… Mikey Day

[Starts with Madam Secretary and Senator visiting the military camp]

Major: Madam Secretary, Senator, thanks for making the time for us.

Secretary: Well, when you allocate $500 million of taxpayer money to develop a new weapon system, you find the time.

Senator: Yeah, we’re eager to see what you’ve been working on.

Major: Of course. My orders in heading this project were clear. Make America the technological leader in the battlefield. But Battlefield has changed, and so must our soldiers.

Secretary: Enough with the foreplay, Major. You’re gonna whip it out or what?

Major: Bit of a crude way to put it, but yes, yes. Imagine a soldier with undying loyalty, built in night vision, supersonic hearing, and the ability to track an enemy sent with Major5,000 times the accuracy of a normal human nose.

Secretary: You’re telling me you’ve made an AI driven robotic soldier with that kind of capability?

Major: Oh, even better. We made this.

[The curtain falls. There’s a guy with dog’s head.]

Secretary: Major, what am I looking at?

Major: Project Domino, subject MajorMajor9 C, also known as dog head man.

Secretary: You put a dog’s head on a human beings body?

Scientist: A dog’s head and neck, ma’am.

Secretary: Okay, and you want to send that thing into active combat?

Major: Oh, absolutely. Dog head man is an extremely well trained battlefield asset. In fact, he can assemble a Tech9 carbine combat rifle faster than any human soldier. Observe.

Scientist: And go dog head man.

[The dog head man can’t even assemble the rifle]

Senator: I just have one question major. Does this thing go to the bathroom on a toilet? Or does it go outside and you got to clean up after it?

Secretary: That’s your one question?

Senator: I think the American people would want to know.

Scientist: And time. [the dog head man has assembled the rifle.] 11 seconds. Good girl, dog head, man.

Secretary: Did you say good girl?

Scientist: Yes, it’s a female dog’s head on a human man’s body?

Major: Shall we begin prepping for mass production?

Secretary: Absolutely not. Where did you even get the parts to make this thing?

Major: Let’s not worry about that. I should also mention that dog had man is trained in over Scientist6 forms of hand to hand combat.

Scientist: I don’t know about you, ma’am. But if I saw this coming at me on the battlefield, if I saw this thing coming at me on the battlefield, I would drop my weapon and run away.

Secretary: Yeah. Well, of course you would. Look at you. Look, I’m sorry, but I don’t think the US military can get behind this project.

Major: How can you say that ma’am? Look at him. That is the finest soldier this country has ever produced.

Secretary: Really? Really major.? You think that thing can handle a high level mission? You think that they could’ve taken Bin Laden?

Major: Oh! Not only what dog head man have taken Bin Laden out. He would have eaten him too.

Secretary: Well, that’s the war crime.

Major: Oh, ma’am, I just don’t think you’re seeing the bigger picture here.

Secretary: I am. And it’s extremely disturbing.

Senator: Yeah, I have to agree. I have to agree. I’m not gonna sign off on this until I know where that thing goes to the bathroom.

Major: Look. If I didn’t believe this would save American lives, I would not have convinced my father to donate his body and his dog to this project. I mean, look what he’s doing right now. He’s defusing a bomb for God’s sake.

Scientist: Dog head man. Dog head man. He’s investigating his own body. It happens. Dog head man.

Secretary: While he’s still eating his sandwich?

Scientist: Good. Good, dog head man. Red wire. Good. He’s cutting the detonator wire first. Good.

Secretary: He’s just licking it.

Major: Ah, whatever. You guys went into this wanting to hate it. So, nothing we could say can change your mind. Guess we’ll close the project down and let China take the lead and dog head man soldiers.

Secretary: Whoa! Whoa! China is working on one of these? Well, why didn’t you say so? Get mass production started immediately.

Major: Oh, yes, ma’am. We’re gonna need to find a lot of animal shelters that look the other way.

Karaoke AllStars

Misty… Chloe Fineman

Rob… Kenan Thompson

Bowen Yang

Ego Nwodim

Neal… Pete Davidson

Finance Guy… Simu Liu

[Starts with channel intro]

Male voice: You’re watching Wilmington Cable Access. Up next is Karaoke Recap.

[Cut to Karaoke Recap show. Misty and Rob are at the bar singing and dancing.]

Misty: [singing] I found you miss new booty
get it together and bring it back to me.

Hello. Wow, welcome to karaoke recap here at Bixbie’s Bar and Grill in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Rob: Yes, thank you for coming to my bar. It’s been a long week of drunken singing.

Misty: And we’re just going to show you some of the highlights. Some of y’all sounded like a regular Jesse Timbre-cake. I’m your host, Mr. Barefoot, along with Bixbie’s owner Rob, who has an announcement.

Rob: Oh, yeah. Just a reminder. This equipment is rented. Karaoke rule number one, you must respect the microphone. Do not tap the mic. Do not swing the mic. If you drop the mic, I will drop you.

Misty: Thank you, baby. Now it’s time for our favorite segment, karaoke all stars where we look back at the week’s most special performances.

Rob: Let’s start with our bad choice all stars. These are folks who just picked the wrong song.

Misty: First up, Guy who was doing great until the high notes came in.

[Cut to Bowen singing]

Bowen: [singing] take on me oh no

[he sings worse with high notes]

take me up, help me
I’ll be gone

Rob: Let’s not forget woman who’s been overserved singing “Su Soppa Layla”.

Ego: [singing] Su Soppa Layla
Su Soppa Layla
Su Soppa Layla
Su mama mayja

Rob: Isn’t that a little loose with that Mike? If it breaks I gotta go to get a new one from Radio Shack. You know how hard it is to find a Radio Shack these days? A store whose number one seller is wires?

Misty: Oh, Rob. Your little grumpy. Alright, our next Karoake all star is someone who comes here by himself and always does the same song. It’s mad world by Neal, the quite guy in the hoodie.

Neal: [singing very bad] All around me are familiar faces
worn out places
worn out faces

Misty: You know, I gotta be honest, that guy’s given off real Columbine vibes.

Rob: Alright. Let’s keep going with our next All Star, guy who must have chosen the wrong song. But wait a second.

Chris: Yo yo, yo, check it
must know the beat y’all
Y’all know what it is, ha-ha-ha

[singing bad] Since you’ve been gone
I can’t breathe for the first time

Misty: Um, man. He was so talented. Man, he was better than Justin Bubay.

Rob: Justin?

Misty: Bubay. You know him? He’s sung that “Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy”.

Rob: Oh, Justin Bieber. Misty, I love you but you’re starting to worry me. Let’s move on to tonight’s cringe all stars.

Misty: Oh, these are the rough ones. Okay. First we have couple who thought it’d be fun to sing like Homer and Marge Simpson.

[Cut to a couple singing line Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson.]

Rob: It’s not really music. It’s not really music. It’s not really comedy. It’s basically nothing. Speaking of nothing, our next all stars are two German tourists trying their best.

[a couple singing in German accent]

Misty: Yeah. I don’t know what they said but I did like her energy. I did.

Rob: Our next cringe all star comes here every weekend straight from the office. It’s finance bro trying to get laid.

Finance Guy: What’s up? This one’s dedicated to all the ladies in the house. I don’t like the song, but I know you do.

[singing] You are my fire
the one desire
believe I make a lot of money, when I say
I began the dogecoin, I want it that way
tell me why…

Misty: I’m gonna say it makes me regret sleeping with him those seven times.

Rob: Alright, time to look back at our cringy all stars, my Pony by Ginuwine sung by a father and daughter.

[Cut to a father and daughter singing]

Daughter: If you’re horny, let’s do it 

Father: Ride it, my pony

Daughter: You’re doing great, dad.

Father: You too, hun.

Rob: Yeah. Um, you can’t unsee that.

Misty: No you can’t. No you can’t. Alright, time for our final karaoke all star. It’s girl who claims her friend signed her up but we all know the truth.

[Cecily walks in acting shy]

Cecily: Jessica? No. Who put my name in? You guys. I don’t even know what song you picked. Are you serious? Jessica? What–

[suddenly begins to sing]

And I will always love you

Jessica, seriously?

Rob: Well, that’s it. That’s it for this week’s karaoke recap. Take us out Misty.

Misty: [singing] I found you miss new booty
get it together and bring it back to me.

911 Call

Ego Nwodim

Mikey Day

Cecily Strong

Alan… Simu Liu

Helen… Aidy Bryant

Kenan Thompson

[phone ringing]

Ego: 911. What’s your emergency?

Mikey: Oh, yes. Hi. I think I might be dead.

Ego: You think you’re dead? Sir?

Mikey: Yes. I’m at a Friendsgiving party and I smoked some marijuana. And I ODed. And now I’m dying or I believe myself to be dead. So, can you send the hospital to here please?

Ego: Okay, sir. You cannot OD on marijuana.

Mikey: No, but I did because when I breathe, the air goes down into my stomach like food, not like breathing air. So, I believe I’m dying. Will I be like this forever, ma’am.

Cecily: Jesus Christ, Arthur. Who did you call? Hello.

Ego: Hello ma’am. This is 911 Emergency Services.

Cecily: Oh! I am so sorry, miss. Myself and some other professors from Crembly college are having a little get together. And we smoked a joint one of my grad students gave me.

Mikey: You tell her I’m dead?

Cecily: We’re fine. Just some nerdy lit professors who can’t handle their weed. Okay, goodnight huh.

Ego: Good night, ma’am. [phone ringing] 911, What’s your emergency?

Alan: Hello. My name is Alan and I am dead.

Ego: Now, sir, are you at the same Friendsgiving get together with the gentlemen who just called?

Alan: Oh, yes, yes. You must come here, but I’m not where time is. Will, you still be able to come here even though I’m not where time is.

Ego: Well, sir, I promise you you’re fine and you are where time is. Have you ever smoked marijuana before?

Alan: Yes. Once at Counting Crows concert in 1992.

Ego: Okay. So, the weed of today is much stronger. And that’s why you’re having this reaction.

Alan: Oh, are you mad at me?

Ego: No, sir. Is there someone who’s more mellow that I can speak to?

Alan: Oh, yes. Yes. My wife Helen’s right here.

Helen: Yes.

Ego: Is this Alan’s wife?

Helen: Well, I was but I’m dead now.

Ego: Great. Okay, you too.

Helen: Does everyone know we’re high? Do people know?

Ego: I do.

Helen: Oh my god. You guys. Everyone knows. [hangs up the phone]

Ego: Old people gotta stop smoking weed. [phone ringing] Hello, 911. What’s your emergency?

Alan: Yes. Are you still mad at me?

Ego: I never was sir.

Alan: Okay, well, could you please send the hospital to here please?

Ego: Sir, I’ve never done this in my 10 years as a 911 operator, but I’m hanging up on you. Goodnight. [phone ringing] Yes.

[Kenan is speaking from under the table]

Kenan: Yes. Hello, is this 911?

Ego: Yes, sir.

Kenan: Wonderful. Send every ambulance in the world to me, please.

Ego: Did you smoke marijuana at this friendsgiving too?

Kenan: Yes. And my head feels tight on my head. But if I remove it, my ideas and memories will escape. I need help with this. Come now. Thank you. Goodbye.

Ego: Grown adults taking up my damn time. [phone ringing] 911. What’s your emergency?

Cecily: Hi, sweetie.

Ego: Let me guess. You’re dead. I can’t keep taking these calls from you all. There are real emergency we need to deal with.

Cecily: Well, I got one for you. I put a book in the oven instead of a turkey. And now my kitchens on fire. Classic stoner move.