[Starts with a video clip of a unique bathroom sink that looks like a huge glass bowl]

Female voice: Am I too much? Oh, my god! I’m simply too much. I am gigantic. I feel overdressed and like I’m in everyone’s way. Why do I have to be such a statement? Look at the toilet, it’s just a toilet. I look like Zeus was christened in me. I feel like everyone thinks I need something from them. I’m the answer to a question no one asked. Nothing about me is instinctual. Will I make sense in the future? I’m just so… wide. I want one minute with a man who designed me. Just one minute to dive into that mind and understand whether–

[someone opens the tap and washes hands.] [gargling sound] [The tap closes] [sink breathes in]

Oh god, I’m so tired of my self. Am I the biggest sink in the world? I feel so… seen.