Sam… Woody Harrelson

Kevin… Kenan Thompson

Ego Nwodim

Heidi Gardner

[Starts with a group of people in line to play Slingshot]

Kevin: Oh man, here we are. Come on. Y’all want to do the Slingshot?

Heidi: Oh my god, look at this thing. It’s so high.

Sam: Man. That’s way up there.

Kevin: Come on, it’s not that high. Let’s do it. Who’s coming?

Ego: Baby, you know I can’t get on that thing. I get so scared.

Kevin: Oh, come on. Please.

Heidi: Sam will go with you.

Sam: Me? Yeah, well, I don’t know. I mean-

Kevin: Yeah, come on, Sam. You can punk out in front of your girl.

Heidi: Yes, Sam. Kevin needs a partner. You’re brave, right?

Sam: Okay. I guess.

Attendant: Gentlemen, ready to fly?

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Attendant: We’re clear for takeoff.

Sam: This thing’s safe, right?

Attendant: Of course. It shoots you up 400 feet for three seconds. No problem, right?

Kevin: Sounds good to me.

Attendant: Yeah. Just 10 G’s right in your face. Hope you’re okay with that.

Kevin:  Doesn’t bother me at all, man. I’m a veteran. I was in the Air Force.

Attendant: Love that.

Sam: You know what? I want to get off.

Kevin: Get off? Man, it’s too late with that now, Sammy.

Sam: No, no, no, I really, really want to get off.

Kevin: Hey, he can’t hear you, man. Just get ready for the countdown. Oh, here we go. All right, it’s happening in 3-2-1. Oh my goodness. Oh my god, Jesus.

[Kevin faints]

Sam: Man, this is so high. Whooo! It’s like we’re birds. Hey Kevin, I think I can see my house. Kevin? You see it?

Kevin: Yeah, I got it. [wakes up] Ahh! [He screams for a while then faints again]

Sam: Hey man, you passed out? Kevin? Kevin?

Heidi: Oh my god. Did you see how fast they went up?

Ego: That was insane. It was so insane. I know. I know. I know. Okay, here they come, here they come.

[Sam and Kevin walk to them]

Heidi: Hey, you’re alive.

Sam: Ha-ha-ha.

Ego: How was it?

Sam: Crazy. I can’t believe I did that. They shoot you up so high.

Kevin: Yeah, that was pretty wild.

Ego: Was it fun?

Sam: Oh, actually it was. Man, I mean, that was a once in a lifetime experience.

Kevin: It sure was. Let’s go and get in the car now.

Ego: No, you know what, Kevin? I’ll do it.

Kevin: Oh you gonna do it?

Ego: Yeah. You’ll go with me right, baby?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Heidi: Go, girl. I love it.

Ego: I can’t believe we’re doing this.

Kevin: I can’t believe it either.

[Ego and Kevin walk to the seats]

Attendant: Glad to have you back.

Attendant: Looks like a returned customer. Very brave.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. Hey man, can we go up real soft and come down real gentle?

Attendant: No can do. This thing has only one speed.

Ego: Baby, we’re gonna be okay, right?

Kevin: I want to say yes. I guess we just gotta wait for the countdown. Alright, here we go. In 3-2. Ahhh! [screaming] No, no, no.

[Kevin faints]

Ego: Kevin? Kevin, you okay baby? Kevin? Oh my god. Talk to me. Kevin?

Kevin: [wakes up] Ah, I’m passing out. I’m passing out!

[Kevin faints again]

Ego: What do you mean passing out? You were in the Air Force.

Kevin: Yes, yes. I was only painting the planes though.

Ego: Kevin? Just calm down.

Kevin: Oh baby, I lost my job three weeks ago.

Ego: You lost your job?

Kevin: Oh my goodness. I’m 17 years older too, by the way. I ain’t tell you, I thought you daddy was gonna tell you. [faints again]

Ego: What? Kevin?

Kevin: [wakes up] Oh, I’m peeing. I’m peeing on everything. I’m peeing all over the place, honey. Oh, get me out of here.

Heidi: You know what? I wanna do it.

Ego: Oh good. Kevin will go with you.

Kevin: No. No, I’m done.

Heidi: Oh, this is fun.

Kevin: Why is nobody listening to me? Oh, I’m not ready for this. I’m not ready. Ah!

[Kevin faints again]