SNL Host Don Cheadle and Alex Moffat Are Buddy Cops | Season 44 Episode 13

Don Cheadle

Alex Moffat

[Starts with Don Cheadle and Alex Moffat running in the backstage in a police uniforms] [They high-five]

Narrator: He’s tough.

[Cut to Don Cheadle pointing the gun]

Don Cheadle: Freeze!

Narrator: He’s no nonsense.

[Cut to Alex Moffat falling and then pointing the gun]

Alex Moffat: You’re busted bud.

[Cut to Don and Alex exercising] [Cut to Don and Alex sitting and having snacks]

Walkie-Talkie: Dispatch. We’ve got a 1033 on Howard Street.

Don Cheadle: On it. [Don and Alex run to their duty] [Alex comes back and tries to finish their snacks]

Don Cheadle: Partner!

[Cut to Don and Alex running] [Cut to Alex jump to the SNL stage and trying to flip and hold the gun] [Cut to Alex and Don on SNL stage. Alex shoots up.]

Don Cheadle: Why would you do that?

Alex Moffat: What’s up?

Narrator: And together, [Cut to Don and Alex coming out of the door] they have absolutely no authority whatsoever within the walls of 30-rock.

Don Cheadle: Wait, what? [Cut to Don Cheadle] You said whoever hosts the show gets to run security.

Alex Moffat: Oh, no! [Cut to Alex Moffat]I was just suggesting we do a buddy cop sketch or something.

[Cut to Alex and Don]

Don Cheadle: Oh, we both have a working gun.

Alex Moffat: Needo, huh?

[Cut to the security approaching Don and Alex]

Security: Hey, drop the weapons.

Alex Moffat: Run!

Don Cheadle: We have the guns, why are we running?

Alex Moffat: Trust me on this. Also, I don’t think you’re hosting anymore bud.

Don Cheadle: What?

Alex Moffat: Ah, you’ll find out.