Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser

Han Solo… Taran Killam

Finn… Jay Pharoan

Princess Leia… Bobby Moynihan

Luke Skywalker… James Franco

Lando… Kenan Thompson

Tendra … Leslie Jones

[Starts with men flying future jets. It’s a Star Wars trailer.]

Male voice: There is an alliance of heroes. The new and the old.

[They have future weapons and space ships.] [Cut to the space ship war scene] [Cut to Han Solo]

Han Solo: I’m Han Solo. Captain of the Millennium Falcon.

[Cut to Finn]

Finn: I need to find Luke Skywalker.

Han Solo: What?

Finn: I need to find Luke Skywalker.

[Cut to Han Solo]

Han Solo: Alright. Wait. What?

Finn: Can you help me find Luke Skywalker?

Han Solo: Hold on! I’ll take the early bird special.

[Cut to Princess Leia with RFinnDFinn]

Princess Leia: Let’s see what we got here. I’m done with the menu. I don’t want the menu. I want to record– Hey, Han! How do you work this freaking thing?

[Cut to Luke Skywalker in a cave of the dessert]

Male voice: Luke! Luke

Luke Skywalker: I see there’s Devin’s in the forest. I must go.

[Luke Skywalker turns his equipment on. It becomes support walker of lasers.] [Cut to Han Solo in a space ship]

Han Solo: Joey!

Joey: I thought you’ll fix it.

Han Solo: Take your damn glider off!

[Cut to Lando looking outside from home.]

Tendra: Lando! Did you fix the dishwasher yet?

[Cut to Lando and Tendra]

Lando: Baby, please.

[Cut to Tendra]

Tendra: Get your ass in here and fix it.

[Cut to Lando and Tendra]

Lando: But I got on my cape. I shouldn’t have to do no dam chores.

Tendra: What?

Lando: Nothing.

Tendra: Damn what?

[Cut to Han Solo and Princess Leia walking in a corridor. BB-8 passes by.]

Han Solo: Hold on, hold on!

[Han Solo lets BB-8 cross.]

Han Solo: What the [bleep] was that?

[Cut to Luke Skywalker. He’s levitating the medicines and puts them to the weekly scheduled container.]

Luke Skywalker: I have a thyroid issue like my father before me.

[Cut to a ship flying on desert.] [Cut to Star Wars: The Force Awakens video bumper.]