Through Donald’s Eyes

[Starts the video as Donald Trump’s point of view]

Female voice: Good morning, Mr. Trump.

[Donald Trump turns the TV on]

News reporter: Huge, huge success, fantastic. Victory, landslide, Fox News.

[Donald Trump changes to Fashion channel]

TV: In fashion, big loose suits and long red ties sold out big success–

[Donald Trump looks at the news paper. “False report, biased” on the front paper.] [Donald Trump looks at the mirror. He has huge hands] [Donald Trump looks at the TV. Title says ‘Hollywood Beauty Hates Trump.’]

TV: Trump is bad. Trump is lies. Trump can’t do anything.

[Donald Trump turns the TV off. He turns around, his staff are haunting him saying that everybody hates him.] [Donald Trump looks at his hands, they shrink into small hands.] [Donald Trump takes his phone out and tweets “Media stpuid, Trump is king, media is bad. Sad!”

[Melania Trump walks in]

Melania Trump: I love you, Donald. I’m a lucky woman. [Donald Trump’s hands grow back again] Melania look beautiful for you. I am a lucky woman.

[Mike Pence comes in]

Mike Pence: Mike Pence here. Work, job, very focus.

[Donald Trump is nodding his head] [Kellyanne Conway walks in with a man]

Kellyanne Conway: Sir, it’s Kellyanne. Your fan wants to meet you. Talk to your fan.

Fan: I voted for Trump. You will fix me. Thing you promised, thing you promised, [things start looking worry-some] I can’t wait for that thing you promised. Hollywood models are not your people. I am your people.

[Kellyanne Conway walks in]

Kellyanne Conway: Kellyanne will fix it. Mommy does everything. Mommy does it for you. Sleep now. Donny, sleep and dream your favorite dream. I love you.