Sports Announcer

Dale Worthy… Beck Bennett

Chrissy Smith… Cecily Strong

Laslo Holmes… Chance the Rapper

Skjei… Alex Moffat

Tim Hayward… Mikey Day

[Starts with MSG network intro]

Male voice:¬†You’re watching MSG network, home of the Knicks and Rangers.

[Cut to Dale Worthy and Chrissy Smith in their set]

Dale Worthy: Welcome back, Rangers fans. Dale Worthy here in the booth with Crissy Smith. It’s the end of the second period down on the ice and the Rangers lead the Oilers, 3-2.

Chrissy Smith: Our regular rinkside reporter Paul Hanley is out today on diaper duty. He and his lovely wife Joan welcomed their first child, a healthy future Rangers fan named Cole. Congrats to them.

Dale Worthy: Luckily, [Cut to split screen between Laslo Holmes and Dale Worthy and Chrissy Smith] Laslo Holmes who usually covers the Knicks for us here at MSG is filling in for Paul while he’s out. He’s down there rinkside now. How are you doing down there, Las?

[Cut to Laslo Holmes]

Laslo Holmes: In a word, cold. It’s very cold all around here. I’m just playing. I’m having fun here at the hockey game. Lots of fun hockey going on. Lots of white dudes on skates running into each other at full speed. I don’t get it. No, I’m just messing around. Very different from working at the Knicks games. Much colder.

[Cut to split screen with Laslo Holmes and Dale Worthy]

Dale Worthy: Las, what’s your impression of the game so far?

Laslo Holmes: Well, Dale, the story of the game is one of the main guys on the Rangers, don’t know how to say his name. It has like thirty letters in it, none of them are vowels. He’s playing great which is crazy because he got in a full fistfight in the first minute of the game. But hey, as they say in hockey, let’s do that hockey. I miss the Knicks. I’m just kidding. Laslo Holmes, very cold, rickside, Rangers versus Oilers.

Dale Worthy: Now, Las, I wanna talk bout this Ranger offense.

Laslo Holmes: You should do that.

Dale Worthy: I meant with you, Las. Now, they came out of the box with an aggressive offense we haven’t seen from then in a while.

Laslo Holmes: That’s what’s up.

[Chrissy Smith takes Dale Worthy’s place]

Chrissy Smith: From down there on the ice, who do you think really made a difference in the first period?

Laslo Holmes: Definitely the hockey players, Chrissy. They were the ones who got all the scores. Then you’ve got the goalie, wearing every pad in the world and a baseball glove. He’s working very hard too. It’s so cold here.

Chrissy Smith: Hey Las, I see one of the players there. I wonder if you could get a few questions in.

[Cut to Laslo Holmes]

Laslo Holmes: Great. Um, let’s talk to him. [Skjei walks in] Come on over here, dude. Okay, I’m here with– can you turn around so I can get that name? [The jersey has ‘Skjei’ printed on it] Yes, that is S, a K and a J all next to each other. So, that’s a no. I’m here with my main man. And I got to know, in the next period, how are you going to do that hockey?

Skjei: Well, you know, we just got to keep up the pressure up and stay out of the box.

Laslo Holmes:¬†That’s what’s up.

Skjei: And we’re going to watch the icing calls. Coach said we were icing so much we could open a bakery. Ha-ha-ha.

Laslo Holmes: I do not get that.

Skjei: Yeah. But we really just got to play smart and keep moving the puck and avoid those five minutes majors.

Laslo Holmes: This man has said it all. Let me ask, are you also cold as hell?

Skjei: Um, no. I’m kind of hot, actually.

Laslo Holmes: Yes. I’m very cold. So that’s the story here in hell. Back to you guys in the booth.

[Cut to Dale Worthy and Chrissy Smith]

Chrissy Smith: Well, the story of the game has been the power play. Here with a closer look is out play by play analyst Tim Hayward who joins Las, rinkside.

[Cut to Laslo Holmes and Tim Hayward]

Tim Hayward: Hey, Chrissy. You said it, two of the three ranger goals came while the Oilers were shorthanded.

Laslo Holmes: That’s what’s up.

Tim Hayward: Let’s take a look at one now. [Cut to the replay of the game] Rangers on the power play here. We can stop that. There is Shattenkirk at the point. And watch Buchnevic find that open ice in the middle lane there.

Laslo Holmes: Um, and Dale and Chrissy, it was here when I saw something that was very interesting. Can we punch in on that. [Laslo Holmes zooms in to the audience. Kenan is rooting the the game.] There is a black hockey fan. He doesn’t look cold at all. So, I will be talking to him in the post game show and find out exactly what’s going on there.

[Cut to Laslo Holmes and Tim Hayward]

Tim Hayward: Anyway, the Rangers scored a goal there. Dale, Chrissy, back to you.

[Cut to Dale Worthy and Chrissy Smith]

Chrissy Smith: Thanks Tim. Las, do you have any thoughts on if the coach is going to stick with his strategy of keeping those line changes pretty short?

Laslo Holmes: No.

Chrissy Smith: Alright. Well, thanks, Las.

[horn honking]

Dale Worthy: And there’s the horn. And you know what that means.

Laslo Holmes: I do not.

Dale Worthy: It’s time for the third period. We’ll check back in with Las later who will be covering every Rangers game for us while our regular rinkside commentator Paul is back from Paternity leave.

Chrissy Smith: Paul, we’ll see you in six months.

Laslo Holmes: Six months?

Dale Worthy: Third period starts now.

Laslo Holmes: When did we start doing paternity leave?