Pinx Period Underwear

[Starts with a woman speaking]

Amy: First dates. Am I right? I was actually excited about this one. So of course, I got my period today.

Ego: I want a period option that’s convenient and discreet. So I don’t have to worry about leaks, odors or anything.

Chloe: When I’m at work. I don’t have time to run back and forth to the bathroom. I want to be able to forget all about it.

Female voice: Now you can with pinks period underwear, the super absorbent period panties that can hold up to 12 hours of you know what? You’ll be covered all day long no matter what. And the only person who has to know you’re on your period is you.

Amy: Now my period is my little secret.

[a dog comes in barking and stars playing.]

Oh, a dog. Look at that.

Female voice: Finally, and underwear that’s as natural as you. Pinx period underwear is made of all organic materials and is way more eco friendly than tampons.

Chloe: I love not having to bring a bag of supplies wherever I go.

Ego: I love not having to think about it.

Amy: Now, I get to do me and Pinx does the rest.

[another dog runs in and stars playing]

Mikey: Wow. Dogs really love you.

Amy: I have a cheeseburger in my pocket.

Mikey: What?

Female voice: Eeveryone is different. [now there are so many dogs playing with Amy] Pinx has options for every level of absorbency. Like, regular, super, tremendous, and biblical.

Amy: They’re just a great pair of underwear that can hold everything. I love Sinx. Sorry, Pinx.

Female voice: So no more hiding, no more plastic and no more stress.

[A tiger is staring at Amy]

You should feel beautiful, human, attractive. Now you can walk proud. [All the animals at the zoo are staring at Amy] Have your period the way nature intended, with Pinx.

[the animals are making noise]

Amy: What do you want to do for dinner?

Mikey: I can’t hear you.

Amy: You wanna get dinner?

Mikey: I cannot hear you.

[Now, even the eagles are flying over Amy]

Amy: Oh my god, run.

Male voice: Pinx period underwear. This is the best idea we got.

Men’s Underwear Commercial

[Starts with clips of men working out and playing sports]

Alex: You’re a man.

Chris: Tough.

Kyle: Strong.

James: Rugged.

Chris: And you need underwear that’s the same.

Kyle: Not some designer junk that comes in a fancy little tube.

Alex: For my manly body, that ain’t gonna cut it. You might as well throw those underwear right in the trash.

Chris: And if you’re like me, you’re sick of throwing your underwear in trash.

Alex: Like, one time you make a little mistake, [doing squats] now you gotta throw your underwear in the trash again. What a rip off.

Kyle: Well, not anymore.

Female voice: Introducing Jake’s non-stick underwear for men. The only underwear that’s made with a high-tech ceramic coating you find in the world’s finest cook wear insuring maximum protection for you manly mistakes.

Chris: Coz you’re a man and you work hard for your money.

James: So, stop wasting it by putting your underwear in two plastic bags, tying it in a knot and throwing them in a very bottom of the bathroom trash every time you make a mistake.

Alex: With Jake’s non-stick underwear, my mistakes slide right off, right down my pant leg.

Kyle: And they’re easy to clean. Just wipe with a cloth or dry paper towel and they’re as good as new.

James: Now, the only thing you gotta worry about is putting those paper towels in two plastic bags along with your pants, sometimes your socks, tying them in a knot and tossing that out of your office window.

Alex: That’s way cheaper. So, no more itching in your board meetings.

Chris: No more hearing, “You know who make fun of your mistakes to her friends”.

Ego: [talking on phone] Girl, it was like somebody dragged this man in mud. Don’t make any sense. And he didn’t even notice.

Kyle: You shouldn’t have to buy a new underwear every time you get nervous at an important dinner.

Chris: Or you cough too hard.

Kyle: Or you got hit in the stomach.

James: Or your new protein powder doesn’t agree with you.

Alex: Or coz you had whiskey last night.

Chris: Or sometimes, nothing at all. It’s like you wipe real good for like, an hour. And nothing is on the paper. And then you go home, it’s a warsack test in the back of your pants.

Ego: [on the phone] He’s like a little boy.

Chris: I’m a man!

Female voice: Yes, you are. So, ask your doctor about Jake’s Non-stick prescription underwear for men.