Will Ferrell Gives an SNL Studio Tou

[Starts with Will Farrell in SNL studio]

Will Farrell:¬†Hi. Will Ferrell here, and I thought I would spend some time¬† giving you a tour of Studio 8-H.Let’s begin.

[Will starts walking forward]

Of course, right here is our page desk. All of our pages work very hard here. [Cut to members of page waving at the camera] [Cut to Will Farrell]

None of them are wearing pants.

Here’s some of the hosts that have been hosting, [Cut to frames of pictures of hosts hung on the wall.] some wonderful photography.

[Cut to Will Farrell]

Here we have cue cards. A lot of the cue cards are done in foreign languages just for the heck of it.

This is the famous ladder section right here.

[Cut to the ladders] [Cut to Will Farrell]

When everyone comes to “Saturday Night Live,” they want to know, “Where are the ladders kept?” This is, uh, Pete Davidson’s tattoo artist. I don’t like to bother him. Right back in that little… that little… nook right there is the ghost of Fred Armisen. That’s where he lives.

[Producer: Will, he’s still alive]

Oh, he’s still alive? Oh. I didn’t know that. Here we are, Studio 8-H. Look at it in all of its grandeur. You know what the capacity is? It seats 2,000 people. Can you believe that?

[Will Farrell concentrates to hear something]

And that — did you he– That’s the Studio 8-H owl. There’s a family of owls that live here. And it’s a wonderful population. They’re protected by the State of New York.

That’s our tour. I’m gonna go ahead and take, uh, a nap. I like to take a nap during rehearsal right — right where the monologue is delivered.

[Cut to Will Farrell lying on the SNL monologue stage]

Quiet, please. I’m trying to take a nap.