Blazer… Taran Killam

Wiz Khalifa

Kenan Thompson

Chief… Beck Bennett

Bobby Moynihan

[Starts with Blazer intro]

Male voice: Blazer! He gets the job done. Cleaning up the streets, one thug at a time. The best.

[Cut to Blazer interrogating Wiz]

Blazer: You ready to talk?

Wiz: Talk about what?

[Blazer punches Wiz]

Male voice: Unstoppable! He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

[Blazer jumps into an apartment through the window where Kenan is sitting]

Kenan: No, not again, Blazer!

[Blazer punches Kenan]

Male voice: Justice has a new name.

[Blazer is punching everybody but he stops when it’s a white guy.] [Video paused on TV] [Cut to Blazer and Chief in a police office]

Chief: So, you see why I gotta fire you, right Blazer?

Blazer: Coz I only beat up black guys?

Chief: Yeah, coz you only beat up black guys.

Blazer: Coz my partner filmed everything with his bodycam?

Chief: Yeah.

Blazer: Also coz I edited it altogether and added music and put it up on YouTube?

Chief: Yeah, all that. yeah.

Blazer: Well, had a good run while it lasted, didn’t we chief?

Chief: [smiles] We sure did. We sure did.

[Blazer and Chief laughing and shaking hands] [Video pauses on TV] [Cut to Bobby and Chief in the office]

Bobby: So, you see why you can’t be police chief anymore?

Chief: Because I may have lied of race based police brutality?

Bobby: Yeah.

[Cut to Blazer running over the walls]

Male voice: Blazer!

[Blazer falls]