American Express Ad

Chris Hemsworth

[Starts with an SUV pulling over] [Chris Hemsworth walks out of the car and to his studio for movie shooting.]

Chris Hemsworth narrating: I wasn’t always Thor. When I got to Hollywood, I said I’d never make it as an actor. They said I was too tall, too blonde, my muscles were too big. It didn’t happen overnight for me. I bounced around Hollywood for days! And then someone stopped me in the street and said, “You gotta be Thor. Come with me.” At my audition they said, “Um, we’re looking for a Thor type. Not actual Thor.” Then everybody laughed. And then they gave me a check for $8 million. They also said I’d never be able to have sex with a woman because my penis was too large. But then, I had sex with a lot of women. So I guess, they can’t say that anymore. They said I never looked cool with sunglasses, but check this out! [Chris Hemsworth wears sunglasses] Boom!

Female voice: Wherever the journey takes you, there is American Express.

Chris Hemsworth narrating: This is my journey. If a jacked Australian with a perfect face can make it, anyone can.

[American Express logo appears in the middle of the video]