Circus with Kyle

Kyle Mooney

[Starts with 1 with a mic on a circus stage but there is no audience]

Kyle: Dude [mumbling] jaw drop. Clowns, it’s funny faces and animals walk around. It can wild and sometimes sweet. It’s circus. Let’s talk to some people and see what it really is, the most fun thing they’ve ever had. Hey, [mumbling] I think I’m gonna have fun we’re doing this one.

[Cut to a video bumper of “Circus with Kyle”] [Cut to 1 interviewing a little girl]

Kyle: Ready for big circus to come to your town?

The girl: Yes.

Kyle: What’s [mumbling] [The girl is scared and hides behind her dad.]

Ay, that’s okay.

[Cut to a video bumper] [Cut to a dad helping his son to answer Kyle]

Dad: What are you here to mainly to see?

The boy: The circus.

Dad: Yeah, I know. The circus. But what part of the circus?

The boy: I don’t know.

Dad: What’s your favorite part of the circus?

The boy: I don’t know.

Dad: Well, what did you like before? Like, when you were young? Now you’re an old man.

Kyle: It’s okay. It’s okay.

[Father and son slowly walk away from 1]

Some things are better [mumbling] not really get involved in.

[Cut to a video of clowns dancing in a line. 1 is also in the line.] [Cut to 1 interviewing a little boy.]

Kyle: It’s like watching a great–

Boy’s mother: It’s like watching the circus.

[Cut to a video bumper] [Cut to 1 asking a young boy]

Kyle: You think it’ll be one of the most daring flight of the night? Take the clowns, the rest of the night. That’s your left?

The boy: Um, not really.

Kyle: Oh, yeah? Um, I guess I never really– I guess I never really thought of it that way.

[The boy is silent and doesn’t speak] [Cut to a video bumper] [Cut to 1 asking a little boy]

Kyle: So, we were thinking someday we’d see you up there.

The boy: How would it be impressive like go up there one day?

Kyle: I think you have– I think you got it in you. I think in fact we’re all rooting for you.

The boy: I doubt that.

[Cut to a video bumper] [Cut to 1 talking to two kids]

The boy: Is this your microphone?

Mom: Yes.

The boy: Oh!

Mom: No, let him hold it and you just talk.

Kyle: It kind of lacks professionalism. Just answer the question.

The boy: I don’t know a thing.

Kyle: Yeah. That’s a- that’s a- That’s a waste on that one. It’s just not even [mumble] [Cut to a video bumper] [Cut to 1 walking to a guy who has a light sword.]

Kyle: Hey, looks like you got pretty good swings over there.

The boy: I don’t want to.

[Cut to a video bumper] [Cut to 1 with a clown]

Kyle: I’m looking at you [mumbling]

The clown: Oh yeah. I just keep on going. I got so much energy. Whooo! Yeah, it’s great.

Kyle: This is kind of awkward.