Claire Foy Takes on Pete Davidson in an SNL Tradition | Season 44 Episode 7

[Pete and Clair are walking on the SNL stage]

Pete Davidson: You’re going to be up there Saturday?

Clair Foy: Oh, I can’t wait. [Cut to Clair] I’m so excited to host it.

Pete Davidson: Well, [Cut to Pete] before I finish the tour there is an SNL tradition that we have to do with every host. So–

Clair Foy: [Cut to Pete and Clair] What is it?

[Pete and Clair start having food fight in slow motion, having fun]


Heidi Gardner: Hey, [Heidi comes to the stage] what are you doing?

[Cut to Clair and Pete. Clair looks at Pete and says–]

Clair Foy: It’s an SNL tradition.

[Cut to Heidi, she is looking at all the mess]

Heidi Gardner: What tradition?

Pete Davidson: Alright. [Cut to Clair and Pete] I just wanted to have a food fight like in the movie.

Heidi Gardner: [Cut to Heidi] Well, that’s my lunch.

Clair Foy: [Cut to Clair and Pete. Clair is looking at all the food on the floor] All of this is your lunch?

Heidi Gardner: Yeah. So [Cut to Heidi] you owe me $413.

Pete Davidson: [Cut to Clair and Pete] Pay the woman.