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  Season 14: Episode 6

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November 19th, 1988

John Lithgow

Tracy Chapman


G.E. Smith

Tom Davis

Al Franken

Conan O'Brien

The Oprah Winfrey Show
Recurring Characters: Oprah Winfrey.


John Lithgow's Monologue
Summary: John Lithgow makes sarcastic comments about Thanksgiving and plays a guitar tune with G.E. Smoth.

First Hosted: 85d.

Long White Beard

St. Bernard's Church
Summary: A priest (John Lithgow) solemnly hears confessions from dog parishioners.

Master Thespian
Recurring Characters: Master Thespian, Baudelaire.

Tracy Chapman perform "Mountains O' Things"
Bio: Tracy Chapman (1964-). Singer-songwriter; romantically involved with author Alice Walker in the mid-1990's.

Also Performed: 89i.

The Pat Stevens Show
Recurring Characters: Pat Stevens, Margaret Thatcher.

Weekend Update with Dennis Miller
Recurring Characters: Jimmy Stewart.

The Alamo
Recurring Characters: Tarzan

Tracy Chapman perform "Freedom Now" & "Baby, Can I Hold You"

Keister Family Thanksgiving
Recurring Characters: Marge Keister, Don Keister, Susan Keister.

Skeleton Phobia


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