Rap History

Lil’ Doo Doo… Pete Davidson

Corey Bonds… Kenan Thompson

Kenneth Moore… Chance the Rapper

Eddie Smith… Chris Redd

[Starts with video clips of hiphop culture in the streets]

Female voice: Hiphop has always been extremely competitive, specially between the generations.

Questlove: You know, you always gotta pay homage to the pioneers that put it down before us because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.

Common: It’s a respect thing. I’ve always been as student of hiphop.

Questlove: These new rappers coming out getting deals without even knowing the history of the game. It’s crazy.

[Cut to Lil’ Doo Doo. He has colorful hair, face tattoos, oversized sun glasses and blings.]

Female voice: Perhaps, there’s no better example of this than budding Soundcloud rapper Lil’ Doo Doo.

Lil’ Doo Doo: [rapping] Doodie gang, Doodie gang, Doodie gang, Doodie gang
wipe my butt with cocaine

Female voice: Who caused controversy recently when he claimed publicly that he’s never heard rap before 2009.

Lil’ Doo Doo: Ah, my influences? Sometimes I listen to old school hiphop, you know. Like, Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, sometimes Nick Cannon. You feel me?

Interview: What do you think about Run DMC?

Lil’ Doo Doo: Um, I think Hillary Clinton should have won.

Female voice: Lil’ Doo Doo’s attitude rubbed many hip hop pioneers the wrong way. Most notedly late 70 rappers, the Soul Crush Crew.

Corey Bonds: Man, all that ink on his face must be sleeping into his brain. Dissing the old school in the Soul Crush Crew.

Kenneth Moore: That child know nothing about hiphop. I don’t even recognize the new junk.

Eddie Smith: Boy, looking like that? He would not have made it back in my day.. where it all started. Let me take you back, 1978, the Bronx, New York.

Corey Bonds: Broken glass. Rats and roaches. Abandoned buildings. We had to dress tough. Not like this clown here.

[Cut to old picture of Soul Crush Crew. They were wearing funky outfit for that time.]

Kenneth Moore: I’m Kool Kenny Blade.

Eddie Smith: Chief Bronco.

Corey Bonds: And I’m DJ Grand Wizard Karate.

Kenneth Moore: And together, we are the Soul Crush Crew.

Corey Bonds: Rough!

[Cut to Lil’ Doo Doo laughin]

Lil’ Doo Doo: What the [bleep] was that, bro?

Kenneth Moore: We looked good.

Eddie Smith: All leather, everything.

Corey Bonds: Chains, spikes, fingerless gloves.

Kenneth Moore: And absolutely, no underclothes.

Corey Bonds: Fur coat. Pearls. Broaches. Pillbox hat. Tough stuff.

Eddie Smith: See, we was a group. So, we had to match. My thing was Indian head dresses and chaps because I’m Chief Bronco.

Corey Bonds: I always wore karate pants because my beats was kicking.

Kenneth Moore: And I never wore drawers. Swinging.

[Cut to Questlove]

Interviewer: You heard of Soul Crush Crew?

Questlove: Soul Crush Crew? Um..

[Cut to videos of Soul Crush Crew]

Kenneth Moore: Singing about popping pills and sipping lean. Please! These drugs are frying your brain.

Eddie Smith: The only drugs we ever did was reefer with a little bit of crack in it.

Corey Bonds: I bet this chump don’t even have a DJ.

Kenneth Moore: All our raps was clear and concise. And everything made sense.

[music playing]

Eddie Smith: Dibby, dibby, dabba, dabba, dibby
Dibby, dibby, dabba, dabba, dibby

Common: They’re the only rappers that I know that are pro crack.

Kenneth Moore: To the beat y’all, you don’t stop
I like my reefer with crack rock

Corey Bonds: Rough!

[Cut to Lil’ Doo Doo]

Lil’ Doo Doo: Alright, turn that off! This is ridiculous.

[Corey Bonds, Kenneth Moore and Eddie Smith walk in to confront Lil’ Doo Doo]

Kenneth Moore: What? You’re ridiculous.

Eddie Smith: Your raps are ridiculous.

Corey Bonds: Well, look at this chump. I bet you don’t even got a DJ.

Interviewer: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Let’s take five minutes, everyone. [Cut to video bumper. Plays sound of smoking drugs.] [Cut to Lil’ Doo Doo, Corey Bonds, Kenneth Moore and Eddie Smith]

Lil’ Doo Doo: Yo, I talked to these dudes. We cool now. You feel me? We smoked some weed.

Eddie Smith: With a little bit of crack in it.

Lil’ Doo Doo: Ha-ha.

Corey Bonds: Rough!